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Launched August 2007, Santa Monica headquartered LALATE today is the nation’s top 1,000 most read news organization online daily. Today, LALATE is not only the fastest growing news organization online, but also the most trusted, with offices in two states, delivering comprehensive 24/7 breaking and exclusive world and national news covering politics, sports, entertainment, health, banking and more. If a story breaks, stay with LALATE  for the latest.

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Editor in Chief: Maria Stabile
Supervising Editor: James Triburn
West Coast Editor [Santa Monica, CA]: Patrick Simon
Midwest Editor [St Louis, MO]: Sarah Levelle


Entertainment Desk: Lucy Paresh

Sports Desk: Luke Willis

National Desk: Terrence Wilt

Jared Schmidt
Jessica Mathrow


LALATE is a proud member of the St Louis, MO Press Club.


LALATE is produced by the family that brought the first television show to the internet in the late 1990s following a tradition of showing including All in the Family, Carol Burnett Show, and the Jackie Gleason Show, a family that has always valued the reader or audience before themselves.

“The news is about the reader, not about us. Our readers are coming to LALATE because they love our stories. Broad, comprehensive, fair, positive, and not salacious. That’s what people want and that’s why America’s have turned to LALATE. ”

Whether its unprecedented coverage of the presidential election, entertainment reporting without negativity, positive support of artists, or a thirst to deliver good and in depth journalism, LALATE has reached top 1,000 website in the U.S. because of something its fans enjoy.

From reps for the Jonas Brothers, to Ashlee Simpson, to Ashley Tisdale, to Heidi Montag, to a Super Bowl Celebrity Red Carpet event with 50 Cent and Paris Hilton, industry leaders, magazines, venues, tv shows, and more are turning to LALATE to get their message about major celebrity news, breaking exclusives to the world of entertainment hourly.