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We love your comments! Post away. But before you post, you need to read the following.

Your comments may delay before posting or never post if the following happens:

> Comments that are prohibited include but are not limited to those that (1) disparage this website, (2) spam this website, (3) direct traffic elsewhere, (4) include website addresses or url links, (5) promote hate or unlawful conduct, (6) use multiple aliases, (7) use inappropriate language or punctuation, (8) disparage authors, readers, or commentators, or (9) violate the Terms of this site. Repeated violation can result in you being blocked.

> Comments are delayed before appearing live if they include certain keywords.

> Comments may be edited to fit site formatting or for other reasons.

If you are new to commenting, be logical. Don’t post contact information, inappropriate language, excessive punctuation, or hate towards other posters or authors.

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