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  • Ashley Kerekes – @theashes Twitter Account Brings Confusion, Notoriety

    BOSTON (LALATE) – Ashley Kerekes in choosing @theashes as her Twitter account never thought it would bring her international notoriety. Ashley...

    lalateNovember 29, 2010
  • Adrianne Curry Twitter PHOTOS

    LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Twitter photos of Adrianne Curry surprised fans today. Adrianne Curry posted Twitter pictures of herself, even one...

    lalateJune 26, 2010
  • Hayley Williams Twitter PIC!

    PHOTO! Here is that Hayley Williams twitter pic making news, a twitpic scandal photo that Hayley Williams called “hacked” shortly after...

    lalateMay 28, 2010
  • Paul Pierce Twitter BROOM!

    Paul Pierce’s Twitter account got “accessed” last night. Paul Pierce’s Twitter post about a broom and three others were not by...

    lalateMay 19, 2010
  • John Calipari Returns to Kentucky!

    John Calipari is returning to Kentucky. John Calipari used Twitter to announce his return confirmation moments ago. “I want to address...

    lalateMay 14, 2010
  • Bill Simmons Twitter CelticsChants!

    Bill Simmons’s Twitter account CelticsChants is a hit. Bill Simmons Twitter @CelticsChants is exactly what the name suggests. It hopes to...

    lalateMay 14, 2010
  • LeBron’s Elbow Twitter!

    LeBron James’ elbow has a twitter page. Not, LeBron. Rather, LeBron’s elbow. The elbow has been twittering up press today and...

    lalateMay 5, 2010
  • Carmen Winstead DEATH

    The tragic death of Carmen Winstead aka Jessica Smith is spreading today. But is the Carmen Winstead death in a sewer,...

    lalateMarch 25, 2010
  • Croll Twitter!

    A Frenchman by the Twitter nickname Croll has been arrested. Twitter’s “Croll” broke into Obama’s and Britney Spears’ Twitter account claims...

    lalateMarch 25, 2010
  • Kim Kardashian Air Marshall Twitter!

    Kim Kardashian is a Private Eye who exposes Air Marshall’s identities, twitters Kim. Kim Kardashian’s Air Marshall twitter exploits are putting...

    lalateFebruary 18, 2010