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Vivica Fox Tweets The Apprentice in New Kenya Moore Cellphone Twitter Feud

Posted: January 30th, 2015 in Celebrity Apprentice, Kenya Moore, Twitter, Vivica Fox by LALATE

Vivica Fox Tweets The Apprentice, Kenya Moore Cellphone Twitter Feud Round 2

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Vivica Fox tweets the Apprentice this week in a new series of Kenya Moore allegations. On Monday, fans will learn if Vivica Fox’s Twitter Account sent that Celebrity Apprentice tweet about menopause, if Kenya Moore “stole” Vivica A Fox’s cellphone, and who gets fired. But LALATE can exclusively report that the Vivica Fox Kenya Moore tweets about the Apprentice are becoming even more heated this week. At issue is a series of allegations by Vivica Fox that Kenya Moore has allegedly surgically enhanced her rear since appearing in the Miss USA competition. Kenya Moore fired back at the allegations as baseless, and threw allegations about Fox’s own appearance.

Vivica Fox tweets about the Apprentice this week invoked Phaedra Parks. Fox is reigniting Phaedra’s claims that Kenya Moore bought something at Home Depot. This week, Vivica Fox was not just retweeting Phaedra’s RHOA quotes but also using purported “before and after” pictures of Kenya Moore. In one Vivica Fox tweet, Fox uses an image of Kenya is the Miss USA competition. Then she puts it next to Kenya Moore decades later. The tweet implies that Kenya enhanced a notable body part. “No plastic surgery right?” Fox jabs.

But anyone that has the complete use of their eyes can see that Moore in the purported “after” photo is a much older, heavier woman than a young beauty queen competitor. And Moore is bigger in the front not just the back.

Vivica A Fox Cellphone Tweets
Vivica A Fox Cellphone Tweet 1
Vivica A Fox Cellphone Tweet 2
Vivica A Fox Cellphone Tweet 3

Moore fired back. “Throwback Thursday screen shot of me from #1994 in the Miss Universe pageant!” Moore used the hashtags “original face”, “original body” but added “just 30 lbs lighter LOL I’m not mad but why are they? … Celeb Apprentice … By the way I made top 6 finalist and I think 4th overall. Not too shabby.” Moore in essence silenced Fox’s silliness by explaining that in 1994 Moore was 30 lbs lighter than she is now in 2015 and that as a grown woman her body parts have changed. Of note, Moore’s front and backside grew as she matured, not just her backside as Fox’s falsely claims.

As previously reported exclusively on LALATE, Vivica’s phone is believed to have been borrowed by Moore on CA, that Moore is believed to have sent the tweet from Vivicia’s phone, and that Moore never stole anyone’s cellphone but purportedly used it to send a tweet from their Twitter account. For more about PhoneGate click HERE.

Best Super Bowl Ads 2015: Vivica Fox Twitter, Kenya Moore Plug Apprentice

Posted: January 29th, 2015 in Celebrity Apprentice, Kenya Moore, Super Bowl, Twitter, Vivica Fox by LALATE

Best Super Bowl Ads: Vivica Fox Twitter, Kenya Moore Plug The Apprentice

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Did Vivica Fox tweet the Apprentice, what was Vivica A Fox’s Twitter message about menopause state during The Apprentice, and did Kenya Moore steal Vivica Fox’s cellphone? Generally when you think about Best Super Bowl Ads 2015 you think about talking cars, Budweiser Clydesdale horses, and a bag of Doritos chips. Ironically this week, Vivica Fox tells news that Kenya Moore allegedly thinks of herself as “all that and a bag of chips”. But LALATE can exclusively report that NBC is going to do everything in their best powers to make #PhoneGate, the Vivica Fox tweet “scandal”, the big commercial plug for the network on Superbowl Sunday.

The Best Super Ads 2015 this year won’t be feuding women in the boardroom. But expect Phonegate to be the biggest viral stick of dynamite to hit Celebrity Apprentice in recent memory. LALATE can report exclusively that Monday numbers for The Apprentice (NBC) vs The Bachelor (ABC) showed Apprentice gaining social media reaction against the ABC reality show. And that hit a new high when the episode ended with the #Phonegate tease. LALATE can further report that Team Twirl and Team Fox should expect these longtime foes to get at least one Super Bowl plug this Sunday by NBC. As fans are aware, NBC has the Super Bowl this year. And their major Network push will include Apprentice the next night. And while everyone is tired of DeflateGate, all indicators suggest that everyone can’t get enough about PhoneGate.

Vivica A Fox Cellphone Tweets
Vivica A Fox Cellphone Tweet 1
Vivica A Fox Cellphone Tweet 2
Vivica A Fox Cellphone Tweet 3

The Vivica Fox tweet on the Apprentice reads “this menopause is killing me. I can’t think straight. I’m acting a d- fool half the time. [My age] 50 is just isn’t s-y.” The tweet was sent from Vivica Fox’s Twitter account while filming The Celebrity Apprentice on April 10, 2014 at 1:53 pm local time. The next Vivica tweet read “[I] was trying to hold my tongue yall but I can’t stand a lying trick. Game on trick!” That tweet was followed up with “FYI, my last tweet was in response to making it clear that I do believe 100 percent that Kenya [Moore] stole my phone! Trick Chick.”

LALATE has exclusively reported before that fans should expect to learn that no one stole Vivica’s phone, that the phone is purportedly so old that no purpose would ever want it. But fans should also expect to learn that possibly Kenya Moore did use Vivica’s phone, and did send the tweet out during Apprentice taping. By the end of taping, Kenya never stole anyone’s phone. The question is whether Phonegate will steal the big plug for NBC this SuperBowl Sunday.


Vivica Fox Tweet on The Apprentice, Twitter Account Strikes Kenya Moore

Posted: January 27th, 2015 in Celebrity Apprentice, Kenya Moore, Twitter, Vivica Fox by LALATE

Vivica Fox Tweet on The Apprentice, Twitter Account Strikes Kenya Moore

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – What did Vivica Fox tweet on The Apprentice, did Vivica A Fox’s Twitter Account send a Apprentice tweet, did Kenya Moore steal Vivica A Fox’s phone, and who gets fire? LALATE on Sunday reported exclusively about the allegations striking Kenya Moore; that Kenya Moore purportedly “stole Vivica A Fox’s cellphone”; and that Kenya Moore sent a “Vivica Fox tweet on the Apprentice” from Vivica’s phone. Now LALATE can tell you more about what will erupt next Monday.

The Vivica Fox Tweet on The Apprentice, and exclusive details about the “PhoneGate”, have been known about LALATE since it happened. But as cast has told news, it remained a mystery for months if the episode would even air. Last night, fans learned that the episode is not only airing but is also going to be a huge part of the season’s conclusion. Now LALATE can exclusively report that fans of CA should expect to see Donald, Vivica, Kenya and Phone Gate during the Super Bowl. Since NBC has the Super Bowl this year, expect to see promos about this “Phone Gate” during the Super Bowl commercials for Celebrity Apprentice.

Vivica A Fox Cellphone Tweets
Vivica A Fox Cellphone Tweet 1
Vivica A Fox Cellphone Tweet 2
Vivica A Fox Cellphone Tweet 3

So what happened? LALATE can exclusively report that a Vivica A Fox tweet during The Apprentice taping was sent out from Vivica’s Twitter account. LALATE can also report that the tweet read that Vivica was battling menopause. What is Vivica Fox’s age? Fox is 50. Later thereafter, another tweet was sent out stating that the prior tweet was sent by Kenya Moore through Vivica’s Twitter account without Vivica’s permission. Vivica then wrote that Kenya is a “trick” and wrote “game on”.

So what happened behind the scenes? LALATE can report that during filming of CA lots of items were missing and reappearing all the time, almost to the point of comedic suspicion. Clipboards used by cast would come and go. And then there was Vivica’s phone. LALATE can report that Vivica’s handset was purportedly so old that no one would ever “steal” the phone. The word “steal” here means to take and keep. So did Kenya steal Vivica’s phone, aka take and keep it? Absolutely not.

But did someone pick up Vivica’s phone, send the menopause tweet, and then proceed with their challenge? LALATE believes that on Monday fans will learn that Kenya Moore borrowed Vivica’s phone, Kenya sent the tweet to win the completion, and then went on her day leaving the phone for Vivica. No one stole Vivica’s phone on the show, but someone borrowed it to send a tweet.

Donald asks Vivica next week in the boardroom “Vivica did you tweet that out?” She replies “absolutely not! My phone was stolen.” Donald asks “who do you think stole it?” Vivica points at Kenya “That one!” Donald replies “we really have reached a new low.”

ZunZuneo Cuban Twitter Launched by US Government Intelligence Revealed

Posted: April 3rd, 2014 in Cuba, Twitter, ZunZuneo by LALATE

ZunZuneo Cuban Twitter Launched by US Government Intelligence Revealedl

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – ZunZuneo or ZunZuneo.com a Cuban Twitter launched by US Government Intelligence has been uncovered today. Joe McSpedon led a team to launch a dubbed “Cuban Twitter” with the ZunZuneo website as an attempt to create “smart mobs”. The site became so popular, however, that government funding was not able to keep its operations growing. Eventually, ZunZuneo was shut down.

The ZunZuneo Cuban Twitter investigation revealed today exclusively by AP has prompted no comment by US intelligence officials. But the ZunZuneo effort was reportedly launched in 2011 as a social media website in Cuba. The plan was to launch the website with mainstream news stories. But, once the website and mobile platform got popular, ZunZuneo would push far different type of news stories, namely “content aimed at inspiring Cubans to organize ‘smart mobs’”.

And what does “ZunZuneo” mean? ZunZuneo was chosen as the name of the effort because ” ZunZuneo” is Cuban slang for a hummingbird’s tweet, reports Time.com.

Quickly, ZunZuneo grew in popularity. It attracted 40,000 Cuban Twitter users. And its funding was handled by companies set up in the Cayman Islands. But the entire effort was paid and managed by the U.S. Agency for International Development.

One agency document claimed that the Cuban Twitter sought to “renegotiate the balance of power between the state and society.” Eventually the company reportedly grew too fast without enough funding, the report claims. Intelligence reportedly started a company named MovilChat to pay for the operation. Funding was reportedly paid out of the Cayman Islands’ Bank of N.T. Butterfield & Son Ltd.

Tweeter Twitter Stock Confusion Prompts TWTRQ Halt Today

Posted: October 4th, 2013 in Twitter by LALATE

Tweeter Twitter Stock Confusion Prompts TWTRQ Halt Today

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Tweeter Twitter stock confusion prompted a trading halt today of the stock “TWTRQ”. Tweeter Home Entertainment is not Twitter. But confused buyers were purchasing a bankrupt home video company instead of Twitter.com today. Regulators quickly stepped in and halted trading.

CNBC was alerted viewers all today about the confusion. But it wasn’t until much later that the confusion prompted a trading halt. After news of a Twitter IPO was announced, people started buying the stock TWTRQ. How did they get so confused?

Twitter’s stock will be listed at “TWTRQ”. But confused consumers believed that Twitter was already trading today, apparently very cheaply, and began to buy up the wrong stock at less than a dollar. Instead of buying the growing new media company of Twitter (TWTRQ), they bought a bankrupt old media company Tweeter (TWTRQ). “Trading [of Tweeter Home Entertainment] is halted because FINRA has determined that an extraordinary event has occurred or is ongoing that has had a material effect on the market” regulators told news.

Tweeter Home Electronics grew one thousand percent today on the news. Regulators claim that some consumers wanting to buy into Twitter’s IPO early didn’t get the stock symbol right, didn’t know that Twitter has even chosen an exchange to trade on yet, and didn’t comprehend that Twitter’s IPO price certainly won’t be under a dollar.

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