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Hollywood Divas EPs Carlos King, Todd Tucker Debut TVOne Series: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: October 8th, 2014 in Carlos King, Hollywood Divas, Todd Tucker by LALATE

Hollywood Divas EPs Carlos King, Todd Tucker Debut TVOne Series: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Hollywood Divas Executive Producers Carlos King and Todd Tucker revealed moments ago just a bit into the making and development of their new show debuting tonight on TVOne. Fans of Real Housewives of Atlanta will enjoy tonight’s telecast. King was brought into revamp RHOA several seasons ago as its new head Executive Producer. From there the show got a faster, funnier and fresher pace and brought in a much broader audience than the show originally had. Tonight King delivers his unmatched ability of reality TV storytelling coupled with entertainment to TVOne. The first five minutes reveal that it’s a heartfelt, gritty to the bone tale of Hollywood lows and highs.

Carlos King told fans moments ago what happened in development of Hollywood Divas. King shared a IG video of him stating “So you see Todd and I interviewed over a hundred girls for the show and we selected five that we thought took what it takes to tell the story of a Hollywood Diva”. King is taking an unprecedented pride in his project. He tweeted one message from associate reading “After witnessing the blood, sweat and tears poured into this project, last night was the perfect culmination! And tonight we all get to celebrate a project that I’m most proud of!”

Of course, Iggy Azalea got in on the action. “Hollywood Divas? I’m here for it TV!” she tweeted. And of course, Kandi Burruss sent her love and support to husband Todd and Carlos who captured everything from her lions to the shoe tossing at her wedding. “I’m so proud of [them]. Hollywood Divas the show they executive produced for #TVone premiers tomorrow night at 10!”

Hollywood Divas: Mama Joyce Blasts Site Promoting Todd Tucker Show, EXCLUSIVE

Posted: October 8th, 2014 in Hollywood Divas, Mama Joyce, Todd Tucker by LALATE

Hollywood Divas: Mama Joyce Blasts Site Promoting Todd Tucker Show

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Hollywood Divas premieres tonight on TVOne. Among the show’s executive producers is Todd Tucker, Kandi Burruss’ new husband. TVOne turned to website MediaTakeOut today to promote the show’s premiere by featuring a homepage takeout advertising campaign for Hollywood Divas (see above left). The specialized ad campaign is a bleed that appears behind all articles on the homepage. And among the articles that Todd’s TV show advertisement is appearing with is a story slamming Mama Joyce (see above right). LALATE can exclusively report that, at the time that Todd’s new show turned to MTO to promote Hollywood Divas’ debut, Mama Joyce came for MTO (without her shoe). And Kandi is not happy either. Kandi Burruss and her mom put the site on blast, just as the Hollywood Divas ad campaign ran for Todd’s show, stating that an October 5 report about Joyce is untrue.

Hollywood Divas turned to MediaTakeOut today to run a specialized background ad campaign that is running today October 8, 2014. The ad for Todd’s new show runs in the background of a story this week featuring Todd, Sharon, Kandi and Mama Joyce’s faces. The site is running a “world exclusive” “breaking news” story entitled “Police And Ambulances called To The Set Of Atlanta Housewives . . . Todd’s Mom And Kandi’s Mom . . . Got Into A fight fight”. The story claims “Mama Joyce called [Todd's mom a name] and before she could even finish it – Sharon gave her a two piece”

Kandi and Mama Joyce are happy for Todd’s new show Holllywood Divas. But Kandi Burruss took issue with the MTO report about her mother hours before it began to promote Todd’s show. While not mentioning it by name, Burruss wrote “My mom wanted everybody to know that she did not fight Todd’s mom. Mama Joyce has spoken.”

Mama Joyce was furious. As MTO is promoting Todd’s new show, it is purportedly printing untruths about Mama Joyce, so the RHOA star claims. “Now yall know ain’t nobody’s two-piece ya Mama Joyce and live to tell the story. On October 4 I was picking out flowers for my son Patrick who would have been 46 this past Saturday but God called him home 24 years ago. So the last thing on my mind are these lies going around about me and Sharon Tucker getitng into a brawl again. There was no fight or an ambulance called.” Joyce added “As my daughter Kandi Burruss would, we flight about the drama and so should you. Goodnight”. So why did Todd Tucker’s show turn to a site to promote his show in the background, while it is falsely running a story about Mama Joyce in the foreground? Tucker has yet to comment.

Todd Chrisley to Battle Todd Tucker, Ken Todd In Fall Ratings? EXCLUSIVE

Posted: July 31st, 2014 in Ken Todd, Todd Chrisley, Todd Tucker by LALATE

Todd Chrisley to Battle Todd Tucker, Ken Todd In Fall Ratings? EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Could Todd Chrisley and NBC Universal have a Todd Tuesday showdown this fall? LALATE can report that, if Bravo and USA Networks stay with their history of timeslots and programming rebroadcasts, Todd Chrisley could likely battle Todd Tucker and the RHOA cast, or Ken Todd and the RHOBH cast, during first air or rebroadcast nights this fall.

Todd Chrisley and Chrisley Knows Best could return to a Tuesday night 10 pm EST, 7 pm PST first run timeslot. Recently LALATE reported that Todd believes season two kicks off in October. A fan asked “I miss your show… Is it ever going to come back or am I missing it already?” Todd replied “October, thanks.”

Meantime, RHOA is returning to Bravo this fall on Sunday nights. But its rebroadcast night is likely to be on/around 6 pm on Tuesday nights as well. Recently one fan asked NeNe Leakes “when is season seven of RHOA coming back?” Leakes replied “Usually November”. Kenya Moore was asked the same question as well. Kenya said “November”.

It is likely that USA will rerun Todd Chrisley’s show on Tuesday night at 6 pm PST. And it is likely that Bravo will rerun Todd Tucker and RHOA on Tuesday night at 6 pm as well. However, if RHOA does not re-air in that timeslot, then the alterative could be RHOBH, which first runs on Monday night. For now, the NBC Universal family of networks – which includes USA and Bravo – are expected to have a full plate of Todds come this November on Tuesday nights.

Porsha Stewart Lions, Tigers Strike Kandi Burruss Todd Tucker Wedding

Posted: July 7th, 2014 in Kandi Burruss, Porsha Stewart, Todd Tucker by LALATE

Porsha Stewart Lions, Tigers Strike Kandi Burruss Todd Tucker Wedding

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Porsha Stewart’s Lions and Tigers comment struck Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker’s wedding last night on BravoTV.com. Porsha Stewart’s footage at the Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker wedding on Sunday was limited. But BravoTV left the best for last. In just a split second, BravoTV featured Porsha arriving and commenting about how much she loved the “tigers” at the entrance to Kandi’s wedding. When Porsha’s sister told her that those were not “tigers” but “lions”, Porsha looked baffled and confused. The mere few second appearance became one of the biggest social media trending topics last night, with the hashtag “Oh Porsha”. The Chrissy Snow of RHOA is back in full force.

Porsha Stewart went speechless last night when her own sister told her that a male lion is not a tiger. Kandi and Todd had debated for weeks about having caged lions at the entrance to their wedding. When guests arrived, the two animals gave them side eye. Then inside, Mama Joyce continued with her own side eye.

Earlier in the season, Kandi told Todd she didn’t know what is the difference between how a female and male lion looks. And she explained it as simply a “Porsha moment”, with Kandi claiming that she knew the difference but forgot. But last night, did Stewart not really know the difference between a tiger or lion.

Stewart since RHOA’s filming has ended has changed her hair from blonde, to black, to now blue. But last night, the woman who couldn’t find the train stop for the underground railroad was baffled about animal species as well. Later on WWHL, Andy Cohen told Kandi that the network had received complaints from viewers asking why did Kandi need to have a caged animal used for TV filming. Burruss defended her decision.

Todd Tucker, Kandi Burruss Prenup, Dress: Did Bravo Pay for Kandi’s Wedding?

Posted: July 6th, 2014 in Kandi Burruss, Todd Tucker by LALATE

Todd Tucker, Kandi Burruss Prenup, Dress: Did Bravo Pay for Kandi's Wedding?

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Does Todd Tucker sign Kandi Burruss’ prenuptial agreement, what is with that bizarre Kandi Burruss feather wedding dress by Reco Chappel, and where is Kenya Moore and NeNe Leakes? Meantime, did Bravo pay for Kandi Burruss’ wedding to Todd Tucker? Tonight the Kandi Burruss Wedding spinoff ends with a Todd Tucker prenup dispute going down to the line.

Does Todd Tucker sign Kandi’s prenup? Yes, tonight Todd appears to sign what is described as an allegedly one-sided prenuptial agreement. The prenup is depicted on the “reality” show as being one-sided, in favor of Kandi. Everyone tells Todd Tucker not to sign it. But he does. And Todd signs the agreement before a videographer? The entire scene is so over the top that many are going to be left guessing how much of it was staged or faked for TV. Todd doesn’t even know the attorney he meets to sign the prenup with.

When Todd Tucker and Kandi got married, there was a sea of news stories claiming that Todd allegedly refused to sign the prenup down to the final minute. But where those stories planted to promote the show, or was the dispute very real?

Then, after Todd signs the prenup, all eyes turn to Kandi Burruss’ wedding dress. The bizarre Reco Chapple creation dominated social media debate when it was first revealed to news several months ago. Tonight, Reco and all his feathers head to Kandi’s wedding, after Reco was seen mocking Mariah Huq’s own use of feathers on Married to Medicine.

Meantime, did Bravo pay for Kandi’s wedding? Most production companies get products provided for free in exchange for on-air credits during wedding specials. Most venues arrangements are provided for free to Bravo. Last year on Tamra’s OC wedding, the Palms, the Venetian and other establishments were depicted in Las Vegas. Generally those establishments are believed to provide food and reservation arrangements for Bravo gratis in exchange for on-air appearances depicting their brand, location, and setting.

But when it comes to a wedding, where the budget can be hundreds of thousands of dollars, or more, the details are far more guarded. Last year, in closing credits for Tamra’a OC Wedding, venues and providers got the first credit from Bravo before even crew and cast. Several of the venues depicted in Tamra’s wedding have done arrangements with Bravo before in previous years and this year after Tamra’s wedding. For example, both the wedding hotel and the restaurant that Tamra and Heather Dubrow met on Tamra’s OC Wedding have been used by Bravo before.

Finally where is Kenya Moore and Nene Leakes? Nether have yet to comment if they were invited to the wedding.

Todd Tucker Prenup to Wrap-up: Star & Carlos King Finish Hollywood Divas

Posted: June 22nd, 2014 in Carlos King, Hollywood Divas, Todd Tucker by LALATE

Todd Tucker Prenup to Wrap-up: Star, Carlos King Finish Hollywood Divas

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Todd Tucker goes from prenup to wrap-up this weekend. On Bravo’s “Kandi’s Wedding” tonight, fans will be left guessing “did Todd Tucker sign the prenup” and “do Todd and Kandi get married”? But off camera, Todd Tucker and Carlos King wrapped up production this weekend on their new show, Hollywood Divas.

Todd Tucker and Carlos King shared executive producing credits on Kandis Wedding. Tonight, Todd leaves viewers guessing if he marries Kandi. Fans are also left to ponder if Todd signs Kandi’s prenuptial agreement. But in a hilarious move, Bravo books a familiar attorney to appear on camera with Todd discussing the prenuptial. The same attorney so far has been seen representing Nene, Porsha, and now Todd over different seasons of Bravo shows.

Meantime Todd and Carlos celebrated wrapping production on Hollywood Divas Season One this weekend. Todd tweeted “We did it. @kingdomlos it’s amazing what you can accomplish with team work!!! I appreciate you partner.” Todd also wrote “It was a great experience working with this strong, beautiful, inspirational group of women. @kingdomlos this show is going to be something special.”

Carlos shared a similar message with fans. “It’s a wrap. Last day of filming on Hollywood Divas…this cast, their story and how everything unfolds will definitely keep you tuned in. Can’t wait to present this show to the world! Kingdom Reign Ent at its finest. Much love to the cast, crew and my biz partner @todd167 . Let the games begin.”

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