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EPL Table 2014 English Premier League Standings Rankings | Soccer En Vivo Live Score Results Today

Champions League Results 2014, Europa Leauge Results 2014, Draw Results 2014, Cruz Azul, Manchester United

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Dancing with the Stars 2014 Results Tonight Prompts Elimination April 21 2014

Who Got Eliminated on Dancing with the Stars Tonight? Live DWTS Results Tonight 4-21-14

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UEFA Champions League 2014 Results Today Deliver April 23 Semifinals

Posted: April 23rd, 2014 in Champions League, Soccer by LALATE

UEFA Champions League 2014 Results Today Delivers April 23, 2014 score en vivo today 4-23-14 Semifinals

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – UEFA Champions League 2014 Results heads into day two of the semifinals today April 23, 2014. Yesterday, the Atlético Madrid vs. Chelsea’s April 22 leg one semifinals futbol game ended in a 0-0 draw. Next week, the two teams return for their second leg.

Today’s UEFA Champions League 2014 Results today follows a stunning surprise yesterday in the Atlético Madrid vs. Chelsea game. The match ended in a scoreless draw. But the game statistics were far more compelling. Atlético had seventy-seven percent on time of possession, compared to Chelsea with thirty-three. Atlético had nine shots on target goal attempts, Chelsea only four. Both teams drew the same number of fouls and roughly the same number of corners. But Atlético had thirteen additional goal attempts, that went wide, compared to Chelsea’s mere three.

Today Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich (en vivo live score results below) heads to the field for their leg one match. Start time is 11:45 am PST. Before today’s game, Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola Bundesliga told his team’s news site about his preparation for the semifinals. “In 27 games we conceded 13 goals and then seven in our next three matches after that, so our focus dropped a bit because we had already won the league.”

In addressing his team’s league results and UCL results this season, Guardiola also told his team’s news site that “Normally, when you win a title, you lose your desire and focus a little – you lose this zeal.” He added “That is why I am so proud of my team, because last year they won everything and the coach changed and they accepted my little changes and this year we have won the Bundesliga, we are in final of the cup and semi-finals of the Champions League.” For live score results this week click HERE.

PSG vs. Evian TG 2014 Score Prompts Ligue 1 Table Battle

Posted: April 23rd, 2014 in PSG, Soccer by LALATE

PSG vs. Evian TG 2014 Score Prompts Ligue 1 Table Battle live soccer results today

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – PSG vs. Evian TG 2014 (live score results below) delivers a Ligue 1 Table Battle today. The soccer game for April 23, 2014 features two soccer teams coming off of recent mixed results. But PSG with a modified lineup today is looking for a big win.

Today’s PSG vs. Evian TG 2014 soccer game (start time 9:30 am PST) features PSG coming off of three wins in their last five soccer games. They delivered two losses during that time. Evian in turn has two wins, two draws and one loss. The game features PSG holding seventy-nine points in the Table, seven points ahead of second place Monaco. Evian however has a different situation. They are sporting thirty-eight points, only five points out of the relegation zone.

Paris St Germain head Laurent Blanc was asked this week about his future with PSG. He told his team’s soccer news site “What is said with the directors, I keep to myself. Don’t expect anything about me, about next season. Of course, as coach I hear what is being said, but I don’t read the papers much. I know that what is important is what the directors are saying. Be patient. We’re here to talk about the Evian game.”

For today, Blanc says that PSG is focused on getting a big win. “We’re doing our jobs as professionals, respecting the teams that we’re going to play. I don’t know when we’re going to celebrate this win but there is a match tomorrow and we have to prepare for it.” Blanc added “We’ve got two key matches against Sochaux and Evian. After those, we’ll see. Evian are a team we must respect. We must take the points”

Meantime, Evian’s boss Pascal Dupraz told his team’s news site the importance of staying in the Ligue 1 and earning a Wednesday soccer win.”Our ambition is to stay in Ligue 1 for a fourth consecutive year. We’re preparing for two games, since after Paris, the champions elect, we will be at home to St Etienne, who are in a very enviable fourth place. No predictions (for the PSG game) are favouring us. What is certain though is that we’re not going there to visit the capital or admire the Parc des Princes, a magnificent stadium. As we always do, we’ll go there to get a good result, because we need one.” For live score results today click HERE.

Atlético Madrid vs. Chelsea 2014 Score Prompts UEFA Champions League Results

Posted: April 22nd, 2014 in Atletico Madrid, Champions League, Chelsea, Soccer by LALATE

Atlético Madrid vs. Chelsea 2014 Score Prompts UEFA Champions League Results ucl soccer football live today april 22, 2014

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Today’s Atlético Madrid vs. Chelsea 2014 soccer game (en vivo live score results below) delivers the first of four UEFA Champions League semifinals results. Officials remind news that the UCL games now head into the semifinals which will feature two legs. Leg one games start this week and leg two concludes next week. Atlético Madrid has been one of the big powerhouses in the Champions Leagues soccer results since the Round of 16. But after dominating the EPL Table and English Premier League Table football games in recent weeks, can Chelsea deliver a big today?

Tuesday’s Atlético Madrid vs. Chelsea 2014 game for April 22, 2014 (start time 11:45 am PST) is the squads’ first leg round. The second leg soccer game heads to the field on April 29, 2014. Chelsea previously defeated PSG in the quarterfinals while Madrid eliminated Barcelona. Madrid delivered a 1-2 aggregate final score in that round and a 1-5 aggregate score in the round of 16 before that.

Overall Chelsea has three wins and two losses in their last five soccer games. Madrid in turn has four wins and one draw in their last five soccer matches. Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho however had few words for his team’s news site this week following that loss to Sunderland in the EPL Table. “Today and tomorrow and also Wednesday are Champions League days and if you want to speak about the Premier League you have 19 teams in England that you can speak with,” Mourinho said.

The Chelsea boss also told news “Chelsea today and tomorrow is Champions League and we are only available to speak about Champions League. We are lucky to be involved in the Champions League, so we are lucky that in the next two days we don’t think about the Premier League and what’s happened and what is going to happen because now we only think about tomorrow.” For en vivo live score results today click HERE. And for all UCL results this week and next click HERE.

UEFA Champions League Results 2014 Today: UCL Prompts Semifinal Scores

Posted: April 22nd, 2014 in Champions League, Soccer by LALATE

UEFA Champions League Results 2014 Today: UCL Prompts Semifinal Scores april 22, 2014 live score results

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – UEFA Champions League Results 2014 today get underway as the UCL semifinals scores and games start Tuesday April 22, 2014. Official remind news that the UEFA Champions League semifinals soccer games starting today 4-22-14 feature two legs this round. The first leg of soccer action is today and tomorrow. Then the second leg continues next week.

UCL action (live score results below) gets underway today as Atlético Madrid vs. Chelsea 2014 head to the field Tuesday April 22, 2014 for first round action. They return to the field on April 30, 2014 for second round action. The other lineup is Real Madrid vs. Bayern Munich, kicking off tomorrow in first leg action on April 23. They return then for second leg soccer play on April 29.

Atlético Madrid split their quarterfinals games after Barcelona. Real Madrid did the same, allowing two goals while scoring three. Chelsea delivered the closest of the quarterfinals games, advancing against PSG despite a 3-3 aggregate final score. And Bayern Munich eliminated Manchester United, scoring four goals but allowing two.

In the Round of 16, Real Madrid impressed news by scoring nine goals but allowing only two. Bayern Munich, in contrast, had a strong opponent in the Round of 16, namely, Arsenal. Bayern delivered a 1-3 aggregate final. As reported previously on LALATE, Atlético delivered strong early rounds. In their Round of 16, they beat Milan with a 1-5 aggregate final score win. The winner of these semifinals rounds advance to the finals on May 24, 2014. The finals will feature only one leg of action. For live score results this week click HERE.

Louis van Gaal Becoming Manchester United New Manager 2014?

Posted: April 22nd, 2014 in Manchester United, Soccer by LALATE

Louis van Gaal Becoming Manchester United New Manager 2014?

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Who will be Manchester United’s new manager 2014, who will become the new boss of Man U, and who will replace David Moyes and Man United? Louis van Gaal is reportedly likely to become Manchester United’s news manager and replace David Moyes. Laurent Blanc and Juergen Klopp are also on the short list of possible Manchester United new managers, claims reports. But for now Ryan Giggs will be Man United’s new interim coach.

It could be weeks until Manchester United’s new manager 2014 is confirmed to news, some reports indicate. So far the short list includes Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone, ESPN reports. PSG head and former United star Laurent Blanc is also included.

Recently reports claimed that Juergen Klopp could become Manchester United’s new head. Borussia Dortmund disputed the same BVB director of communication Sascha Fligge said in a news statement to ESPN “Juergen Klopp already dismissed rumors linking him to Barcelona on our official homepage on Saturday. We’ve already had this last year, but it’s final, even if some people don’t want to believe it.”

Meantime all eyes are on Louis van Gaal getting hired at Manchester United. Before Tim Sherwood was hired at Tottenham, Van Gaal was rumored to make that move.

Van Gaal, after having led Ajax, Barcelona and Bayern Munich says that he is ready to coach in the EPL Table. “I am mostly interested in England because I have been a coach in Spain, Germany, in the Netherlands so I think England is the next step in my career. It could be another club [other than Spurs], it depends on the vacancies because Spurs were already [in touch] with me.” He added “I prefer to be focused on this World Cup and now there’s another coach [Sherwood] so as coach, you cannot say ‘I go to that club or that club’, it depends on circumstances.” For more about today’s Man U developments click HERE.

David Moyes Fired by Manchester United: EPL Table Shakeup at Man U

Posted: April 22nd, 2014 in EPL Table, Manchester United, Soccer by LALATE

David Moyes Fired by Manchester United: Man U Delivers EPL table Shakeup soccer football coach football

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – David Moyes has been fired at Manchester United in an EPL Table shakeup. David Moyes was fired Man United after nearly an entire season of rumors about his firing. Moyes delivered Manchester United a dreadful January of EPL action. In recent weeks, Moyes had shown some improvement. Some supporters thought that Moyes could rebound the team next season. But there won’t be another season for Moyes.

David Moyes’ firing at Manchester United follows an atypical EPL Table season for Man U. The team was in first place with a thirteen point spread last season. This season, they have been struggling to hold a seventh place rank at some points in the English Premier League Table. Moyes repeatedly told news that he had the support of club officials.

In fact United officials went on the record to dispute reports at the time that they were looking for Moyes replacements. It appears today that such was in fact the case. Manchester United said in a news statement today “Manchester United has announced that David Moyes has left the club. The club would like to place on record its thanks for the hard work, honesty and integrity he brought to the role.”

Just days ago Moyes told news “We want to try and perform better in the bigger games than what we have done. It will be important for us to show the level of what we have got.” Moyes also told his team’s news site “I think we have got the level and we are not as far away as many people would have us and I have no doubt it will improve. We want to show we are still in there fighting.”

He added “We will do everything we can to win. We go out to win every game, not just the derby game. Obviously it means a lot more to the supporters and the city if you win a derby game….For this Barclays Premier League game we’ll do everything we possibly can to get the [injured] players back.” And who is replacing Moyes? For that story click HERE.

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