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Shahs of Sunset: Is Lilly Ghalichi Leaving Show? Shah Joins RHOM Star

Posted: February 11th, 2014 in Lilly Ghalichi, Shahs of Sunset by LALATE

Shahs of Sunset: Is Lilly Ghalichi Leaving Show? Star Joins RHOM Alum

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – What happened to Lilly Ghalichi, is Lilly Ghalichi leaving Shahs of Sunset, and why did she team up with another possible “former” Bravo star this month? Fans of Lilly Ghalichi are voicing their support in hope that she does not exit Shahs of Sunset after this season. But for now, it remains unclear why she appeared in far less scenes this season on Shahs than her co-stars. And when Lilly recently teamed up in a public photo opportunity with another possible “former” Bravo personality, fans became even more puzzled.

Last year, LALATE was the first to exclusively reported that Joanna Krupa of RHOM is trying to make the move to another Bravo show amidst fears that RHOM has run its course. Since that LALATE exclusive report, countless other news outlets have started to ask the same both of Krupa and Bravo. But the Krupa and Bravo have remained silent about the matter.

But by all indications, Bravo wishes to keep Krupa on staff, but is still not sure where to put her. Meantime, Krupa and another Bravo personality with potential contract uncertainty took to the streets of, where else, Beverly Hills in recent days. Lilly and Joanna appeared in Beverly Hills just weeks after fans first started to ask if Lilly has prepared to exit Shahs after this season.

“I didn’t blog last week because I don’t really have much to say with what’s going on other than I am extremely turned off by and disappointed in the group,” Lilly has said. “Either way, I am in full force work mode. I am 30 years old now, and the last thing I want to do is stir up drama, or be involved with people that enjoy starting drama. Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

For now, Lilly Ghalichi has yet to tell news if she is leaving Shahs. But she admits that she is not into stirring up drama, which appears expected of a Bravo personality. Nevertheless, Lilly delivered a great document-intensive reunion telecast last season filled with monthly bikini earning reports, DMV title reports, and more.

Asa Soltan, Political Refugee Status Detailed on Shahs of Sunset

Posted: February 11th, 2014 in Asa Soltan, Diamond Water, Shahs of Sunset by LALATE

Asa Soltan, Political Refugee Status Detailed on Shahs of Sunset

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Why is Asa Soltan a political refugee, can any of the Shahs of Sunset return to Iran, and why were Reza and Asa not able to enter into Iran on Shahs of Sunset? Tonight the Shahs of Sunset season finale kicks off on Bravo. But last week, Bravo delivered a stunning trip by Asa Soltan to the Iran border with cast member Reza Farahan. While the scene delivered heartbreak and stunning portrayals, some viewers were left a bit confused by Bravo why Asa is a political refugee and not other members of Shahs of Sunset.

Asa Soltan eventually explained to viewers that her family fled Iran as political refugees because of her father’s service in the Navy. While the comment was made clear during the telecast, other viewers wanted more explanation about the same, namely why were Asa’s family members still living there and able to travel in and out. “What actually happened that Asa and her family can’t go back to Iran?” asked one viewer. “Why are her relatives allowed to live there but not her and her mother & father. Just saying they are political refugees doesn’t explain [for viewers]“.

Added to the confusion was Lilly’s comment to Asa in an earlier episode. “Traveling to Iran is not dangerous”, Lilly fumed at Asa. “Nobody is going to throw you in jail [Asa] because your grandpa did this or your uncle did that. Nobody cares.” Lilly Ghalichi eventually did not make the trip, Asa and Reza went to the border, but they did not go in.

Asa eventually told news “For other people in our crew it might be easy to go back to Iran. But for me, my mom and Reza it is impossible. Me and my mom are political refuges and Reza is gay… My dad was a sea captain in the Iranian Navy and he has literally sailed these seas several times.”

Reza Farahan, Adam Neely Boyfriend 2014 Engaged: Model to Shahs

Posted: February 11th, 2014 in Adam Neely, Reza Farahan, Shahs of Sunset by LALATE

Reza Farahan, Adam Neely Boyfriend 2014 Engaged: From Model to Glee

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Reza Farahan and boyfriend Adam Neely are engaged. But what does Adam Neely do for a living, and where are Adam’s modeling photos online? Tonight the Shahs of Sunset 2014 reunion answers questions like who is GG dating, who is GG’s new boyfriend 2014, do Mike and Jessica get engaged, and what happened to Asa Soltan’s Diamond Water.

LALATE exclusively reported in 2012 that Adam Neely, a former JC Penny runway model, was dating Reza and would be joining the Shahs of Sunset cast. Tonight, Shahs fans learn that Reza and Adam are still dating, still together, engaged, and anxious for an upcoming wedding.

Adam Neely Pictures Set 2
Adam Neely Photo 5
Adam Neely Photo 6
Adam Neely Photo 7

Tonight Reza proposed to Adam, while sitting down. Adam is asked where he and Reza met. “We met at the gym. We were chit chatting about stupid things and before you know we were hanging out.”

Reza comes back from the other room and gives Adam a gift tonight. “Why are you giving me something?” Adam replies. “What is this?” MJ says with no filter “there is a price tag on the bottom.” Adam opens it up and says “it is a little ring”. Reza then asks Adam if he will marry him.

Adam Neely Pictures Set 1
Adam Neely Photo 1
Adam Neely Photo 2
Adam Neely Photo 3
Adam Neely Photo 4

On Model Mayhem, Adam’s old modeling page features credits from Hug Boss, Ralph Lauren and JC Penny. He writes “Here to explore the modeling life for fun and profit. Fitness and High Fashion are up there on my list.” And while Mike shows some skin this season, Adam is not doing that anytime soon. “Please respect, no… gratuitous nud–y.”

He hasn’t been active on the site since 2012. That same year, Adam became a post production assistant on Glee for one season. By 2012, he joined filming for Shahs.

Shahs of Sunset: Asa Soltan Reveals Diamond Water, Refugee Issue

Posted: February 4th, 2014 in Asa Soltan, Diamond Water, Shahs of Sunset by LALATE

Shahs of Sunset: Asa Soltan Reveals Diamond Water, Political Refugee

BEVELRY HILLS (LALATE) – Asa Soltan of Shahs of Sunset leaves behind her Diamond Water business tonight to travel to Iran. But why is Asa Soltan a political refugee, what did Asa’s father do for a living, and why can’t Reza go back to the homeland? Tonight Shahs of Sunset reveals more about the childhood of its stars Asa and Reza as they make a dramatic trip.

Asa tells Reza a shocking revelation while vacationing overseas. She learns from a hotel employee that “There is a flight you can take to this border town. You can take a bus. And go to the border of Iran.” Reza is confused. “Theoretically we can or, that you actually can?”

Asa then tells Reza that you actually can make the trip and that she, her mom, and Reza, along with Bravo’s production crew, will make the journey tomorrow. It remains unclear how many production staffers from Bravo or Ryan Seacrest’s company made the trip. But by all indications, it appears that it was limited. “Tomorrow. We go. I don’t know what it is like. Me and my mom are going to look at Iran, see the border, spell the air and be like at the border.”

But why can’t Asa go back to Iran? “For other people in our crew it might be easy to go back to Iran”, she tells Bravo viewers. “But for me, my mom and Reza it is impossible. Me and my mom are political refuges and Reza is gay.” Later in the episode, Asa reveals more about her dad. “My dad is was a sea captain in the Iranian Navy and he has literally sailed these seas several times. And he has told me stories about it when I was growing up.”

Reza is shocked and delighted. “I didn’t know that it is possible to take a journey to the border of Iran. Although there is a risk to it, but I have to do it… I am going to there, and unleash, and get it all out. I never thought I would lay my eyes on it ever again. Oh my God.”

Diamond Water Asa Launch on Shahs: Jessica Rescues Mike

Posted: January 14th, 2014 in Diamond Water, Shahs of Sunset by LALATE

Diamond Water Asa Launch on Shahs: Jessica Rescues Mike

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Diamond Water by Asa Soltan gets launched on Shahs of Sunset this month. But it was too much vodka that was being poured that night, according to Reza. Eventually Jessica saved the night, Mike’s girlfriend, so claims Reza. Jessica pulls Mike from the party before the water flowing is not just from the Diamond Water but also from Mike’s eyes.

Diamond Water is intended to bring health and happiness to its consumers. So in pure Bravo irony, the Diamond Water launch instead evoked teeth grinding and pounding chests to its patrons Mike and Reza. Reza tells viewers that Mike allegedly “rolled in as drunk as a wino.”

If you arrive at a Diamond Water party, wouldn’t your first drink be actually Diamond Water? Apparently not so for the Shahs. “His first demand as he entered the room, after he took his bow, was for a vodka and red bull”, says Reza.

In fact Jessica tells Mike to drink some Diamond Water to sober up. But Mike doesn’t want any of Asa’s Diamond Water. Mike wants more vodka. “He was pounding drink after drink and after several f— Reza comments and “let me feed you fatty.”

Eventually there was no healthy living in the party. Rather there was “flaring nostrils and the teeth grinding, than anything else”, says Reza. “From that point on, it became about damage control. I had caused enough of a ruckus and wanted to end it. Luckily Jessica came to the rescue and took Mike home. At that point he was going from rage to tears, he wanted to hit me AND cry on my shoulder. I’m thankful that neither happened and that we’d attempt to have a conversation at a later date when Mike was able to articulate a thought. “

So where can you buy Diamond Water by Asa, how much does Diamond Water cost? For more about her product lick HERE. Reza says of the product “I have to take a moment and give props to my girl Asa, she actually made it happen. She turned her dream into a reality, and as far as I’m concerned, Diamond Water is already a success, regardless of the number of bottles sold. Unfortunately, that night wasn’t just about Diamond Water. There were so many issues in the group that they trickled right into the party, pardon the pun.”

GG, Sean Sette: Shahs of Sunset Break Up Strikes MJ Feud

Posted: January 14th, 2014 in GG, Shahs of Sunset by LALATE

GG, Sean Sette: Shahs of Sunset Break Up Strikes MJ Feud

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Are GG and Sean still together on Shahs of Sunset, do GG and Sean Sette break up on Shahs, and what happens to the MJ feud with GG? Tonight GG claims boyfriend Sean is being influenced by MJ. But eventually GG and Sean breakup after constant reference to the Shayan kissing matter.

Tonight on Shahs of Sunset, GG goes after MJ’s hat, literally. GG is tired of MJ’s many purported faces. “Oh, you like you are going to forgive Reza? I can’t take it anymore. She attempted to mess up my relationship with Sean. She is now trying to mess up my relationship with my sister.”

GG claims MJ is obsessed with gossip. “She goes into everyone’s business talks junk.”

Then the tensions escalate. “Are you done?” fumes GG. MJ replies “you are still drunk” to which GG replies “are you ever sober?” GG fumes “oh go call my sister. She is the only shady girl who gets along with you. Because shady loves shady. Call my sister!” And then comes the hat flopping. “How did I put my hands on you?”

“You touched my hat” fumes MJ. “Your hat or you?” MJ has had enough. “You are the lowest. I am done with you.” And GG remarks “I though Reza was the lowest. Then it was Mike. Now it is me.”

Last winter LALATE spoke with GG exclusively. “So do have a new boyfriend this October 2013, or are you just dating?” She replied “I am dating someone now, but because I’ve had a lot of drama the past year I’m going to lay low right now as far as talking about my love life.”

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