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Kordell Stewart, Claudia Jordan Dating? Dr Jackie Walters Visits RHOA

Posted: January 22nd, 2015 in Claudia Jordan, Dr Jackie Walters, Kordell Stewart, RHOA by LALATE

Kordell Stewart, Claudia Jordan Dating on RHOA? Dr Jackie Walters  Visits

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Are Kordell Stewart and Claudia Jordan dating on RHOA? Tonight, Kordell Stewart and Claudia Jordan prep for a date. But beyond that, nothing further happens, LALATE can report. While RHOA leads fans to believe that Claudia and Kordell dating, it does not extend past this scene. But the impact of this scene is still bothering someone else: Porsha Williams. Williams has tried continually since her divorce to imply that Kordell Stewart was gay. Meantime, Dr Jackie Walters visits RHOA. She discusses Todd’s procreation hopes in a hilarious scene.

Kordell Stewart is interested in dating Claudia Jordan, he reveals on a RHOA scene tonight (in preview of Sunday’s telecast). But there is more to this than shown. Rather, Peter Thomas, Cynthia Bailey’s husband, is set to open Bar One Charlotte on RHOA this week. And his partner is Kordell Stewart. Peter in fact was filmed approaching Kordell about the business opportunity last season.

The grand opening party was held last year. And at the time, Claudia, Demetria, Kenya and Cynthia all attended. That attendance is what first tipped off viewers to believing that Claudia was joining the cast. During one scene, Kenya Moore says to Claudia “you have clear chemistry I think you go out on date”. Kordell Stewart tells Claudia “let me get your information”. And they exchange the information. And he kisses her on the cheek and poses for an Instagram pictures.”

Also in the scene, Todd and Kandi visit Dr. Jackie from ‘Married to Medicine’ “to try and figure out why they haven’t gotten pregnant yet.” When Dr Jackie asks Todd if he needs something to help give a specimen, he says “Yeah, give me some 2Chainz!”

Meantime, Claudia is still perplexed by Porsha and NeNe’s conduct this season. “So THIS was the reason for my confusion when we were at Kandi’s house over why she was so dismissive with me. Then to tell Porsha that I’m in some way thirsty? Hmmm after seeing how all this unfolded, the only thing I’m thirsty for is the real TEA about why she gave up this gig, because we all know Ms. Leakes is about her coins! And NeNe I heard you loud and clear — you said you have nice feet and skin. Hey, you got me on the feet thing (mine are hideous) but please explain to me your definition of “good skin.” “

RHOA 7 Ratings Strong as Thicker Than Water Ratings Surge: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: January 21st, 2015 in RHOA, Thicker than Water by LALATE

RHOA 7 Ratings Strong as Thicker Than Water Ratings Surge: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – RHOA 7 ratings were strong Sunday, as Thicker than Water ratings surged, LALATE can report. Moreover, with two telecasts of RHOA Sunday, even the second broadcast of the Housewives delivered stellar numbers. But the one result that everyone is looking at is the Ben Tankard family reality show, which posted big results Sunday evening.

RHOA 7 Sunday ratings at 8 pm EST posted a 3.192 ratings share. The show also led the 18-49 ratings demographic, posting a 1.4. No other show on that night came in at a 1.4 demographic share with the exception of UFC Fight Night. Also impressive was the RHOA 10 pm hour. During a rebroadcasting of RHOA, the Bravo hit posted a .962 ratings share with a .4 demographic. At the 11 pm hour, WWHL posted a .885 ratings share with a .3 demographic

But the real surprise was Thicker than Water. Airing at the 9 pm time slot, the show with a RHOA lead-in of 3.192 posted an impressive 1.374 with a .6 ratings share. Of his family, Ben Tankard writes on BravoTV.com this week “On a more positive note, I could not be more proud of my sons. Marcus and Tish are pregnant and thinking about sticking around at least until the baby comes, and Benji and Shanira are house hunting…how cute.” Tankard added “It looks like they have found a nice place that fits their budget, however, I don’t know what makes me happier: the thought of Marcus and Tish moving in or the thought of Ben and Shanira moving out. Will Tankard Palace soon be a full nest or an empty nest? The doors to the Tankard Palace are revolving doors…stay tuned to see what happens.”


Roger Bobb’s Gocha Shades Demetria McKinney Post RHOA Cheating Ep: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: January 7th, 2015 in Demetria McKinney, Gocha, RHOA, Roger Bobb by LALATE

Roger Bobb' Gocha Shades Demetria McKinney Post RHOA Cheating Ep: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Roger Bobb’s former love interest Gocha continued to shade Demetria McKinney even after Sunday’s episode, LALATE reported earlier this week. Now Gocha is still dropping more shade Demetria, LALATE can report. Roger Bobb allegedly cheated on Demetria McKinney, Gocha claimed during BravoTV’s RHOA episode Sunday. But since then, the war of words has grown. Demetria McKinney claims Gocha is after fame. And Gocha, who had already appeared in other reality shows before, claims that Demetria still does not know her man. LALATE however believes strongly that production clearly knew what was going to be revealed in the scene, before it was filmed.

The Roger Bobb cheating allegations prompted Demetria McKinney denials since Sunday’s episode. But countless viewers of the show took issue with a woman’s choice to keep her man a secret for eight years per his requests. Now, Gocha is shading the pair. Gocha tweeted / retweeted today “She said she knows his type.. Lol clearly she doesn’t.”

Gocha is receiving praise from some viewers. “My dawg gonna always keep it real whether you like or not love always”, the fan wrote. They added “we need more women like you we don’t play the side chick role.”

But the shade was not done there. One fan wrote to Gocha “I love a liar like I love a used scratched off lottery ticket!” When one wrote “she got embarrassed. Roger Bob is wrong. How did u feel about her revelation ?” Gocha replied “love is blind.”

So was Demetria in alleged denial? One viewer believes so, writing “sometimes denial can make us feel like a warm furry coat & we get comfortable wearing it!” Gocha retweeted and added “I agree and that’s ok just be honest about it”. But Gocha has also delivered strong words for Demetria. “Lol after admitting on the show they were together ..she’s continuing to make a fool out of herself .. Poor thing”. For more about Roger Bobb this season click HERE.

Kenya Moore Celebrity Apprentice, RHOA, WWHL Sets Record? EXCLUSIVE

Posted: January 4th, 2015 in Celebrity Apprentice, Kenya Moore, RHOA by LALATE

 Kenya Moore Celebrity Apprentice, RHOA, WWHL Sets Record? EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Kenya Moore may set an NBC Universal TV record tonight. Kenya Moore is set to appear on three NBC Universal programs in just one night. Moore tonight returns with the shade, the twirl and the thirst on RHOA. Then she joins Andy Cohen for her second WWHL appearance this season. Later tonight, Moore debuts on the revamped Celebrity Apprentice. And while Brandi and NeNe might be throwing some side eye tonight, Moore could be singularly helping ligy ratings of three franchise shows on two networks in just a three hour period.

Kenya Moore returns to RHOA tonight as the women try to put aside their differences. LALATE can exclusively report that the RHOA season will end on a high note for Moore featuring her role as a writer, director and producer. Fans will see Moore prepping her first TV project, shot on location in Altanta. Moore recently wrote “I’m excited to get back to what I do best, which is acting and producing. Prior to RHOA I was a working actor for well over twenty years. I’m excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. Stay tuned for MOORE to come!”

Then Moore returns to WWHL tonight. Moore is not being paired with a hostile co-star like last time. Previously Moore even took to Twitter during WWHL’s telecast to tweet “is she coming for me”.

Finally, Moore debuts Celebrity Apprentice tonight. Moore is battling for Detroit Public Schools. But someone else has still not written their check. “I am also still hopeful that NeNe makes the $20,000 donation to the Detroit Public Schools Foundation as she promised. Now that would be an amazing gift to the children of Detroit who need all the help they can get!”, Moore recently wrote.

Claudia Jordan Won RHOA Housewife Peach at First BravoTV Meeting

Posted: December 12th, 2014 in Claudia Jordan, RHOA by LALATE

 Claudia Jordan Won RHOA Housewife Peach at First BravoTV Meeting

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Claudia Jordan was not officially given her RHOA Housewife Peach until later during the 2014 season filming, BravoTV executives have claimed. But a new report this week revealed that Claudia Jordan won her RHOA Housewife Peach at her first RHOA production meeting. She was reportedly that good right out of the gate. The shocking revelation does not come from a production spy or crew member. Rather it comes from the show’s own executive producer, Carlos King.

Claudia Jordan won her RHOA peach at her very first meeting. Although it may have taken nearly a season of filming to convince executives back in New York, the show’s executive producer tells news that Jordan was superb. In an interview with Sister 2 Sister magazine this week, King says that Jordan’s filming left him shocked. “The secret to selecting a great reality TV cast is really honing in on who has the best story. When I cast for Hollywood Divas I interviewed over 75 Black actresses. We selected the five who had the best story and who obviously look nice on camera and we really hone in on their story lines and personal lives.”

King added “We determine who has the best story that’s relatable to the masses. When the viewers watch television, they want to see somebody they can relate to. Each of those girls represents an actress that already exists in Hollywood. That was the formula for that show.”

King says the approach was no different this season for RHOA either. And that’s where Jordan hit it out of the ballpark. “That’s pretty much the goal. For “Real Housewives of Atlanta” this season, Claudia Jordan is the new housewife. I was the one who met with her fist and said, ‘You are absolutely housewife material.’”

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