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RHOA Reunion 2015 Taping: Does Porsha Williams Get Invited? EXCLUSIVE

Posted: February 23rd, 2015 in Porsha Williams, RHOA by LALATE

RHOA Reunion 2015 Taping: Does Porsha Williams Get Invited? EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – The RHOA Reunion 2015 reunion taping is just a few weeks away. But who gets invited to the Real Housewives of Atlanta 2015 Reunion taping, does Porsha Williams get invited, and will Todd Tucker confront Mama Joyce in the RHOA 7 Reunion? LALATE can exclusively report that several details about the reunion have not been solidified. But the network has a lot of possibilities for their biggest reunion taping ever. Yet, there is one ratings-grabber that is being held in a back pocket. And yes, there “ain’t no mountain higher” for this one.

The RHOA Reunion 2015 will feature Porsha Williams, LALATE can exclusively report. But Williams is unlikely to get a Peach-worthy seat, aka a seat during the entire taping. Rather, Williams is expected to join the ladies midway through the taping to confront the entire “who is Porsha Williams’ boyfriend”, and “does Porsha Williams have a Sugar Daddy”? Demetria McKinney may or may not join the women. It remains unclear what Demetria would add to the taping since her storyline was very limited this season and has played out.

LALATE expects that BravoTV will keep its unusual format of bringing in the men later in the taping. But this season, the men of the ATL have played a far less significant role than in previous seasons.

However, the million dollar question, LALATE can report, is whether Mama Joyce and Todd Tucker will confront each other in the reunion. Leading up to the pass of Miss Sharon, there were reports that Miss Sharon was still irate with Mama Joyce for her disgusting comments about her Sharon and her late husband, and that Miss Sharon was considering legal action against Joyce. Joyce never apologized. There were also a series of comments by Joyce about Sharon’s funeral thereafter.

To date, it remains unclear if Mama Joyce has ever apologized to the Tucker family for her Miss Sharon comments. If there was ever a time that such an apology should occur, it would be during the RHOA 7 Reunion, on-air, before the audience in which she made her comments in the first place. If Joyce joins the reunion and still does not apology, it remains unclear if she will ever be seen in a positive light by viewers going forward. And viewers are growing tired of Kandi Burruss’ excuse that her mother can say whatever she wants to say because of her age, and because she is stubborn. Viewers are not happy with Burruss’ constant excuses for Joyce. Meantime, someone is getting a crossover. That video is below.

Cynthia Bailey, Claudia Jordan Ink Huge BravoTV RHOA Crossover: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: February 20th, 2015 in Below Deck, Claudia Jordan, Kenya Moore, RHOA by LALATE

Kenya Moore, Claudia Jordan Get Big BravoTV RHOA Crossover: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Nene Leakes and Phaedra Parks are not setting sail this week. But Kenya Moore, Claudia Jordan and Cynthia Bailey are. Rather than being joined by Mr. Chocolate this week, the women of the ATL are twirling with Captain Lee of Below Deck. And moments ago, the group took to the high scenes, LALATE can exclusively report.

BravoTV did not hire NeNe and Phaedra to wear bikinis and tan on a luxury liner in the Bahamas in their real hair. Rather they turned to their RHOA co-stars Moore, Jordan and Bailey. LALATE first exclusively reported that the threesome of Team Pretty are not filming RHOA this week. Rather they are filming an episode of Below Deck Season 3.

RHOA Crossover Pictures
Captain Lee Photo 1
Captain Lee Photo 2
Captain Lee Photo 3
Captain Lee Photo 4

And moments ago the women took to the sea. In the words of Miss USA, “Get ready to hold onto your weaves”. Production was delayed because of rough weather, LALATE can report. Captain Lee told news today “Blowing 30 knots sustained. Charter on board, indoor and at the dock. No bueno.” Then when asked by a fan, Captain Lee said that the charter would be detailed until today. “Perhaps in the am. Hoping, looks promising.” The above image comes from Claudia Jordan. On IG, Jordan has been sharing images of the production and even tag’ing them #RHOA. On Twitter, Captain Lee has referred to the RHOA women as simply “Charter on Board” guests. UPDATE: The crossover will feature Cynthia and Claudia, but NOT Kenya Moore.

Kordell Stewart, Claudia Jordan Dating? Dr Jackie Walters Visits RHOA

Posted: January 22nd, 2015 in Claudia Jordan, Dr Jackie Walters, Kordell Stewart, RHOA by LALATE

Kordell Stewart, Claudia Jordan Dating on RHOA? Dr Jackie Walters  Visits

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Are Kordell Stewart and Claudia Jordan dating on RHOA? Tonight, Kordell Stewart and Claudia Jordan prep for a date. But beyond that, nothing further happens, LALATE can report. While RHOA leads fans to believe that Claudia and Kordell dating, it does not extend past this scene. But the impact of this scene is still bothering someone else: Porsha Williams. Williams has tried continually since her divorce to imply that Kordell Stewart was gay. Meantime, Dr Jackie Walters visits RHOA. She discusses Todd’s procreation hopes in a hilarious scene.

Kordell Stewart is interested in dating Claudia Jordan, he reveals on a RHOA scene tonight (in preview of Sunday’s telecast). But there is more to this than shown. Rather, Peter Thomas, Cynthia Bailey’s husband, is set to open Bar One Charlotte on RHOA this week. And his partner is Kordell Stewart. Peter in fact was filmed approaching Kordell about the business opportunity last season.

The grand opening party was held last year. And at the time, Claudia, Demetria, Kenya and Cynthia all attended. That attendance is what first tipped off viewers to believing that Claudia was joining the cast. During one scene, Kenya Moore says to Claudia “you have clear chemistry I think you go out on date”. Kordell Stewart tells Claudia “let me get your information”. And they exchange the information. And he kisses her on the cheek and poses for an Instagram pictures.”

Also in the scene, Todd and Kandi visit Dr. Jackie from ‘Married to Medicine’ “to try and figure out why they haven’t gotten pregnant yet.” When Dr Jackie asks Todd if he needs something to help give a specimen, he says “Yeah, give me some 2Chainz!”

Meantime, Claudia is still perplexed by Porsha and NeNe’s conduct this season. “So THIS was the reason for my confusion when we were at Kandi’s house over why she was so dismissive with me. Then to tell Porsha that I’m in some way thirsty? Hmmm after seeing how all this unfolded, the only thing I’m thirsty for is the real TEA about why she gave up this gig, because we all know Ms. Leakes is about her coins! And NeNe I heard you loud and clear — you said you have nice feet and skin. Hey, you got me on the feet thing (mine are hideous) but please explain to me your definition of “good skin.” “

RHOA 7 Ratings Strong as Thicker Than Water Ratings Surge: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: January 21st, 2015 in RHOA, Thicker than Water by LALATE

RHOA 7 Ratings Strong as Thicker Than Water Ratings Surge: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – RHOA 7 ratings were strong Sunday, as Thicker than Water ratings surged, LALATE can report. Moreover, with two telecasts of RHOA Sunday, even the second broadcast of the Housewives delivered stellar numbers. But the one result that everyone is looking at is the Ben Tankard family reality show, which posted big results Sunday evening.

RHOA 7 Sunday ratings at 8 pm EST posted a 3.192 ratings share. The show also led the 18-49 ratings demographic, posting a 1.4. No other show on that night came in at a 1.4 demographic share with the exception of UFC Fight Night. Also impressive was the RHOA 10 pm hour. During a rebroadcasting of RHOA, the Bravo hit posted a .962 ratings share with a .4 demographic. At the 11 pm hour, WWHL posted a .885 ratings share with a .3 demographic

But the real surprise was Thicker than Water. Airing at the 9 pm time slot, the show with a RHOA lead-in of 3.192 posted an impressive 1.374 with a .6 ratings share. Of his family, Ben Tankard writes on BravoTV.com this week “On a more positive note, I could not be more proud of my sons. Marcus and Tish are pregnant and thinking about sticking around at least until the baby comes, and Benji and Shanira are house hunting…how cute.” Tankard added “It looks like they have found a nice place that fits their budget, however, I don’t know what makes me happier: the thought of Marcus and Tish moving in or the thought of Ben and Shanira moving out. Will Tankard Palace soon be a full nest or an empty nest? The doors to the Tankard Palace are revolving doors…stay tuned to see what happens.”

Roger Bobb’s Gocha Shades Demetria McKinney Post RHOA Cheating Ep: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: January 7th, 2015 in Demetria McKinney, Gocha, RHOA, Roger Bobb by LALATE

Roger Bobb' Gocha Shades Demetria McKinney Post RHOA Cheating Ep: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Roger Bobb’s former love interest Gocha continued to shade Demetria McKinney even after Sunday’s episode, LALATE reported earlier this week. Now Gocha is still dropping more shade Demetria, LALATE can report. Roger Bobb allegedly cheated on Demetria McKinney, Gocha claimed during BravoTV’s RHOA episode Sunday. But since then, the war of words has grown. Demetria McKinney claims Gocha is after fame. And Gocha, who had already appeared in other reality shows before, claims that Demetria still does not know her man. LALATE however believes strongly that production clearly knew what was going to be revealed in the scene, before it was filmed.

The Roger Bobb cheating allegations prompted Demetria McKinney denials since Sunday’s episode. But countless viewers of the show took issue with a woman’s choice to keep her man a secret for eight years per his requests. Now, Gocha is shading the pair. Gocha tweeted / retweeted today “She said she knows his type.. Lol clearly she doesn’t.”

Gocha is receiving praise from some viewers. “My dawg gonna always keep it real whether you like or not love always”, the fan wrote. They added “we need more women like you we don’t play the side chick role.”

But the shade was not done there. One fan wrote to Gocha “I love a liar like I love a used scratched off lottery ticket!” When one wrote “she got embarrassed. Roger Bob is wrong. How did u feel about her revelation ?” Gocha replied “love is blind.”

So was Demetria in alleged denial? One viewer believes so, writing “sometimes denial can make us feel like a warm furry coat & we get comfortable wearing it!” Gocha retweeted and added “I agree and that’s ok just be honest about it”. But Gocha has also delivered strong words for Demetria. “Lol after admitting on the show they were together ..she’s continuing to make a fool out of herself .. Poor thing”. For more about Roger Bobb this season click HERE.

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