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Dolphins vs Raiders 2014 Score: Derek Carr Battles Difficult Half

Posted: September 28th, 2014 in Dolphins, Football, Raiders by LALATE

Dolphins vs Raiders 2014 Score: Derek Carr Battles Difficult Half

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Dolphins vs Raiders 2014 (live score results below) are currently in the final minute of the first half of their NFL Football game. And Oakland is having real issues. Current score is a horrible 24-7 for Derek Carr.

Today’s Dolphins vs Raiders 2014 game features the 0-3 Raiders looking for a win. But they may have to continue looking after today. They are 0-1. So far they are struggling against the 1-2 Dolphins, that are 0-1 on the road, before today. Raiders DE Justin Tuck says the film from the last few games is embarrassing. Tuck told ESPN “We had a good chance to beat a good team on the road and it didn’t happen for us. If we play the type of football we know we can play, we can beat anybody. It was disheartening that we didn’t come out of here with the win, but it is something that we can build on.” Tuck added “We’ve got a lot of games left to play, and that is our mindset.”

Tannehill has delivered four touchdown passes for Miami this season but with two interceptions. He has a mere fifty-seven percent completion rate delivering 624 yards. Carr in turn has three touchdown passes, three inceptions this season. He has completed 588 yards passing with a sixty-three percent completion rate.

Miller leads Miami rushing so far this season. But teammate Moreno has one touchdown run in twenty-five carries producing 138 yards. McFadden in turn leads Raiders rushing with one touchdown run in thirty-four carries producing 111 yards. Wallace in turn leads Miami receiving. He has two touchdown catches, delivering 211 yards, in seventeen total receptions. Jones for the Raiders meantime has 189 yards, two touchdown receptions, and fifteen total. For live score results of this and all other NFL games today click HERE.

Raiders vs Patriots 2014 Score: Tom Brady Trails Before Half

Posted: September 21st, 2014 in Football, Patriots, Raiders by LALATE

Raiders vs Patriots 2014 Score: Tom Brady Trails Before Half

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Raiders vs Patriots 2014 (live score results below) are approaching halftime in today’s NFL Football game for 9/21/14. Current score is 3-0. Eight minutes remain in the first half.

Today’s Raiders vs Patriots 2014 game features the 0-2 Raiders taking on the 1-1 Patriots. The Raiders are 0-1 on the road, and the Pats are 0-0 at home. The game is airing on CBS in select markets. So can the Raiders actually beat the Patriots and Tom Brady today? Carr so far this season has three touchdown passes, two interceptions. He has a sixty-four percent completion rate with 414 yards. Brady in turn has two touchdown passes, no interceptions, and a mere fifty-six percent completion rate. Brady has only passed for roughly four hundred yards this season.

Tom Brady tells EPSN this week that he is not happy with the Pats’ passing game so far this season. “Our passing game hasn’t been stellar to this point. We have to keep going after it. Guys will get opportunities to get more balls, and I need to do a better job of finding those guys when they’re open.”

When asked about Raiders’ Derek Carr, New England coach Bill Belichick told ESPN this week “He’s an athletic guy back there,” said. “He can certainly get the ball down the field. We know he’s a smart kid.”

On receiving, Jones has two touchdown catches for the Raiders this season. He has twelve receptions producing 146 yards. Edelman in turn has one touchdown as does Gronkowski. Edelman has twelve catches, producing on hundred seventy-six yards. For live score of this and all other NFL games today click HERE.

Raiders vs Jets 2014 Score: Derek Carr Delivers 12 Yard TD Pass

Posted: September 7th, 2014 in Football, Jets, Raiders by LALATE

Raiders vs Jets 2014 Score: Derek Carr Delivers 12 Yard TD Pass

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Raiders vs Jets 2014 (live score results below) just got its first points of the game. After Jets’ Nick Folk hit a field goal, Raiders quarterback Derek Carr gave Oakland the lead. Current score is 7-3. Action is underway in the second quarter.

Today’s Raiders vs Jets 2014 game featured an impressive drive by Derek Carr today. He delivered a six play drive, that lasted twenty-eight yards and three minutes. It ended with a twelve yard touchdown pass to Rod Streater. It followed a forty-five yard field goal by the Folk. Nine minutes remain before halftime.

So far, Carr has passed for fifty-three yards. He is seven of eight with no interceptions and one touchdown. Geno Smith has one interception, no touchdowns, and is nine for eleven. He has paused for ninety-seven yards. So far the Raiders’ rushing game is slow. Jones Drew leads with just eight yards on four carries. Johnson, however, has twenty-one yards on four carries for the Jets; Geno has sixteen yards on four carries.

On receiving, Streater has thirty-seven yards on three catches, producing that one touchdown. And Cumberland has a strong forty-two yards on just three catches for the Jets, with no touchdowns. So far, the Jets have 148 total yards in the first half. But the Raiders have sixty-seven. For live score results today click HERE.

Seahawks vs Raiders 2014 Score Ends Football Preseason

Posted: August 28th, 2014 in Football, Raiders, Seahawks by LALATE

Seahawks vs Raiders 2014 Score Ends Football Preseason

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Seahawks vs Raiders 2014 (live score results below) head to the field in the final NFL preseason game tonight August 28, 2014. Seattle is 2-1 in the preseason, and the Raiders are 1-2. But what TV channel is the Seahawks vs Raiders game on tonight?

Tonight’s Seahawks vs Raiders 2014 game (start time 7 pm PST) features two teams looking to end strong this preseason. Seattle lost to the Broncos but beat the Chargers and the Bears. After today, Seattle’s Football 2014 season starts on Thursday September 4, 2014 with a Seahawks vs. Packers game, start time 8:30 pm EST on NBC. Tonight’s game, in contrast, will air live on the NFL Network.

After last Friday’s win over the Bears, Peter Carroll praised his team’s offense. He told ESPN “The entire offensive group is just executing at a good clip right now. Russell is really committed to what is happening. We’ve got a really nice receiving corps where the guys are all making their plays and a lot of guys are contributing to it.” Carroll also told news “We have good guys to go to, and they really believe in what we’re asking them to do. I think we’re just hitting at a pretty good clip right now. Hopefully we can keep it going.”

The Raiders in turn fell in their preseason opener against the Vikings, beat the Lions, and fell to the Packers. After today, the Raiders Football 2014 season starts on Sunday September 7 with a Raiders vs Giants game, start time 1 pm EST on CBS. After the loss to the Packers, Matt Schaub told ESPN “We better be close to being ready for the regular season here shortly. Got off to a good start … and then you know, we sort of stubbed our toe a few times there, especially in the second quarter.” For live score results today click HERE.

Raiders vs Packers 2014 Score Prompts Primetime Football Battle

Posted: August 22nd, 2014 in Football, Packers, Raiders by LALATE

Raiders vs Packers 2014 Score Prompts Primetime Football Battle

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Raiders vs Packers 2014 (live score results below) delivers a primetime football game tonight. And unlike the other NFL preseason games being played this evening August 22, 2014, this one heads to a national network. So what channel is the Raiders vs Packers 2014 game on, and what is the start time?

Tonight’s Raiders vs Packers 2014 game has a start time of 5 pm PST and will air live on CBS, officials remind news. Both teams are coming off of 1-1 starts in the preseason. The Raiders opened the preseason with a 10-6 loss to the Vikings. Since then, they have beaten the Lions, by one points. After today, the team returns to primetime next Thursday to battle the Seahawks on the NFL Network. Meantime, the Packers started their preseason with a loss to the Titans. Since then they have beaten the Rams. After today they return next Thursday with a final preseason battle against the Chiefs.

After last week’s win, Raiders coach Dennis Allen told ESPN “There are a lot of things we have to learn from, but it’s a lot better to do that after the win.” In that game, Butler lead team receiving with four catches, producing one touchdown and seventy-four yards. McFadden, in turn, led team rushing with twenty-six yards, on eight carries, producing one touchdown. And McGloin and Carr split passing duties.

Meantime, Mike McCarthy was pleased with his Packers win over the Rams. “The offense got off to a great start,” he told ESPN. “I really liked the production that we were able to get done in the first two series.” For live score results tonight click HERE.

Lions vs Raiders 2014 Score Delivers Football Preseason Game

Posted: August 15th, 2014 in Football, Lions, Raiders by LALATE

Lions vs Raiders 2014 Score Delivers Football Preseason Game

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Lions vs Raiders 2014 (live score results below) delivers a NFL preseason battle tonight August 15, 2014. The Raiders lost their opening preseason match last week while the Lions won their football game. But what channel is the Lions vs Raiders football game on tonight?

Officials tell news that the Lions vs Raiders 2014 game (start time 7 am PST) will not air on a national network. Rather it will be carried only in local markets. The game kicks off from Oakland, CA tonight. Last week, the Vikings beat the Raiders, while the Lions narrowly defeated the Browns.

Previously, the Lions delivered a 13-12 win over the Browns. In that game, Nate Freese caught a thirty-seven yard field goal in the first quarter. Then in the second quarter, he delivered a thirty-two yard field goal. In the third quarter, the team went scoreless And in the final quarter, Corey Fuller deliver a twenty-one yard touchdown pass, thrown by Kellen Moore.

Meantime the Raiders had a lackluster start in their season opener. Final score was 6-10. In that game, Oakland failed to score in the first half. Then in the third quarter, he still could not put up points. Finally in the fourth quarter, Matt McLoin delivered a ten yard touchdown run for the Raiders, the team’s only touchdown of the game. For live score results tonight click HERE.

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