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Phaedra Parks, Porsha Stewart Throw RHOA Shade at Claudia Jordan: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: August 26th, 2014 in Claudia Jordan, Phaedra Parks, Porsha Stewart, RHOA by LALATE

Phaedra Parks, Porsha Stewart Throw Shade at Claudia Jordan - EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Phaedra Parks and Porsha Stewart made clear today where the split is for RHOA 2014 next season, LALATE can exclusively report. RHOA fans had a treasure hunt today on IG as Claudia Jordan and Porsha Stewart posed in far different pictures, with different allies, but the same sort of shade. So who are still friends, does Nene talk to Kenya, where is Apollo Nida, and what happened to Phaedra?

LALATE can report that the cast of RHOA are filming in a U.S. tropical location today that appears to be possibly the streets of Puerto Rico. If you look carefully, you can see the license plates.

But within moments of each other, the two RHOA teams sent IG shade that was very easy to read. First, Claudia Jordan, Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey posed as one team. They ironically dressed much the same in stunning long head-turning dresses, showing lots of face, lots of glamour, and lots of beauty.

Then, Nene Leakes, Porsha’s Stewart, Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks posed in a different picture, far more casual, and definitely not runway quality. While the Jordan-Moore group posed in front of spot of stunning architect, Kandi and Phaedra posed in front of what appears to be an eating establishment.

Jordan captioned her IG pic “Beautiful colors right?” But Porsha who had none of that, throwing IG shade right back at Jordan captioning her picture “Out and about with these beauties”.

Porsha Stewart & Rihanna Named as Fashion Leaders: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: August 11th, 2014 in Porsha Stewart, Rihanna by LALATE

Porsha Stewart & Rihanna Named as Fashion Leaders: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Porsha Stewart has been named “Style Maven of the Year”. But it is Rihanna today who is named by the W Magazine as fashion’s current trendsetter as well, LALATE can report.
Porsha Stewart and Rihanna are named as fashion’s leaders this month, but by two very different groups. W Magazine’s September covergirl is singer Rihanna. In a statement to LALATE today, W Magazine reports that “Rihanna, fashion’s wildest child, who proves time and again that rules are meant to be broken, graces the cover of W’s September issue.” The Magazine proclaims that Rihanna is currently the “World’s Wildest Style Icon”.

The magazine’s editor describes Rihanna’s impact on fashion currently. “Rihanna came [to the shoot] with her own mental mood board, channeling the power of Grace Jones and the sophistication of Josephine Baker,” editor-in-chief Stefano Tonchi indicates to news.

So how did Rihanna prepare for her photo shoot? The magazine tells LALATE that “The singer, who no longer has an instagram account to serve as her inspirational outlet, was eager to let loose with fur, wild make up, and extravagant accessories for W.”

Meantime, Porsha has been named a fashion leader as well, just not by a national magazine. Rather the Bronner Brothers International Hair Show in Atlanta honored her as “Style Maven of the Year.” Porsha told news “I want to Thank #BronnerBrothers & Atlanta for Honoring me with the Style Maven Of The Year Award!” Porsha accepted her “Maven” award wearing the above outfit.


Porsha Stewart Takes Her “Tour” to St Louis: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: July 25th, 2014 in Porsha Stewart, St Louis by LALATE

Porsha Stewart Takes Her Tour to St Louis: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Porsha Stewart is taking what she calls her “Tour” to St Louis tonight. Porsha Stewart has been linked to one basketball player and one football player this RHOA upcoming season. And now Stewart is heading to St Louis, near the Cardinals stadium.

Stewart tweeted news moments ago “Headed to you St. Louis” adding “Meet me at The Marquee tonight.” And she called her stop the “Porsha Fan Tour”. As of 12:30 PM PST, there has only been one retweet of her message from her fans on her “tour”.

Porsha will headline a night in which she is credited as “Porsha Williams”. As previously reported exclusively on LALATE, Stewart moments after her divorce was finalized applied for trademark protection, not for “Porsha Williams” but for “Porsha Stewart”. Oh Porsha. The trademark was to cover musical work and related musical appearances like tonight. Stewart, or Williams, in the possible trademark snafu used Phaedra Parks’ own trademark attorney.

But tonight, Porsha is heading to Cardinals country. However, she has been linked to one Philadelphia Eagle and one Miami Heat player this month. Stewart has refused comment on both dating report but has made her dating life and her boyfriend chatter a topic of discussion on her morning radio show. Many RHOA fans have responded positive to her radio appearance and have said that it has brought out a comedic side of her Chrissy Snow like persona. For now, it remains unclear what other stops are on her “tour”, or if Porsha is just flying back to the ATL after the weekend, ending her “tour” after one night.

Porsha Stewart Boyfriend 2014 LeSean McCoy Joining RHOA? EXCLUSIVE

Posted: July 22nd, 2014 in LeSean McCoy, Porsha Stewart by LALATE

Porsha Stewart Boyfriend 2014 LeSean McCoy Joining RHOA? EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Did Porsha Stewart’s boyfriend 2014 LeSean McCoy surprise Norris Cole of the Miami Heat? Days ago, LALATE exclusively reported of hints that Porsha Stewart’s new boyfriend 2014 might be Norris Cole of the Miami Heat. Within seven days, did Porsha Stewart join a different team? No she did not join Team Twirl. But she may have changed sports. A new report claims that Porsha Stewart is now dating a NFL player not a basketball player. And the latest candidate for Porsha Stewart boyfriend 2014 is LeSean McCoy of the Philadelphia Eagles. Are they engaged, did he buy her the Rolls Royce? LALATE can report that if the new Mr. Porsha is McCoy than you should expect to see him next season on RHOA.

LeSean McCoy is fueled not just Porsha Stewart’s own media splurge in recent days but her current radio tv role. Her co-hosts went on the offensive to ask their co-star why she is linked to two different men, in two different sports, in two different weeks. But Porsha’s reaciont to LeSean McCoy was far more definitive, certainly more than her facial reaction when looking for the Underground Railroad.

This week, DishTV asked Porsha about her dating situation. Addressing the Eagles, her costar asked Porsha “you like a Philadelphia Eagles”? The not-so-ready for ESPN Porsha said “they have a chance this year.” Her co-stars then asked her if one of the members of the Eagles, LeSean McCoy, is now making a move to become the future Mr. Porsha. Porsha was asked “has any player on the Philadelphia Eagles [dated you]“, does his name rhyme with Chips A-hoi?” When Porsha said she did not know what they were talking about, her costars asked “LeSean McCoy!”

Porsha, coughing, laughing, and turning around, said “you gonna just gonna blast like that? I thought we were cool.” She added “I did not confirm that.” He co-star responded “But if you don’t confirm then you don’t blast that.”

Porsha Stewart Boyfriend Norris Cole Gave Rolls to Rival Kenya Moore? EXCLUSIVE

Posted: July 17th, 2014 in Kenya Moore, Norris Cole, Porsha Stewart by LALATE

Porsha Stewart Boyfriend Norris Gave Rolls to Rival Kenya Moore Bentley?

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Did Porsha Stewart’s boyfriend Norris Cole of the Miami Heat give Porsha a new Rolls Royce to rival Kenya Moore’s Bentley next season on RHOA? Norris Cole of the Miami Heat has yet to comment on LALATE’s exclusive asking if he Porsha Stewart’s new boyfriend. LALATE first reported indications that Porsha’s new boyfriend might be Norris Cole of the Miami Heat. But now, LALATE can also report that next season of the Housewives might turn out to be more like VelocityTV. Yes, Porsha is expected to be driving a Rolls Royce from her mystery NBA Prince, while Kenya Moore will be driving a Bentley from her mystery African Prince. Watch out, because Bravo is about to be gone with the autostrada fabulous, okay.

Kenya Moore is still not identifying her African Prince. Porsha Stewart, however, took real issue with that Moore-mystery last season. This season, Stewart has promised viewers that she will not reveal her boyfriend until cameras start rolling, and she gets her paycheck. But when they coins are delivered, she assures fans that she won’t be hiding her man any longer. But if Porsha doesn’t reveal secret Prince, who is gonna check her boo? In a recent interview, Andy Cohen asked Porsha if a TMZ report about her dating an African dictator were true. Porsha said the TMZ report was false. But Stewart said that she had a serious boyfriend. After that interview she told news “If I’m signed again with Housewives, then of course I’ll share the situation, but til then, you’ll have to wait and see.”

Last season, Kenya Moore debuted her stunning new Bentley. Porsha also took issue with Moore’s new ride. So Andy Cohen recently asked Porsha if her boyfriend had given her a brand new Rolls Royce. After a series of answers, Porsha confirmed to Cohen that her boyfriend has gifted her a new Rolls Royce. “I really haven’t said yet who I’m dating… there is someone special. I’m not ready to say yet…. But, I can tell you this, I’m loved.”

Porsha Stewart Gets Wrong Name from Trademark Office? EXCLUSIVE

Posted: July 16th, 2014 in Porsha Stewart by LALATE

Porsha Stewart Gets Wrong Name from Trademark Office? EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Porsha Stewart can’t deduce a lion from a tiger. And now perhaps Porsha is getting a bit confused once again. In spring 2013, Porsha Stewart finalized her divorce from Kordell Stewart and quickly began telling press that she would like to only be called “Porsha Williams”. In the months followed, Porsha began registering a series of new projects under “Porsha Williams”. Documents obtained exclusively by LALATE from ASCAP and BMI reveal that in recent months Porsha has registered roughly a half dozen songs under “Porsha Williams”. It’s an impressive musical effort for Williams.

So it’s only logical that Porsha would register “Porsha Williams” for trademark protection. Many housewives from Lisa Vanderpump to Countess Luann have registered trademarks under their own name for upcoming branded products. The registrations are “1b” which are intent to use in commerce. Porsha decided to do the same, LALATE can report. But when she turned to a Georgia attorney to help her, Porsha told the trademark office that she doesn’t want a trademark for “Porsha Williams”. She only wants one for “Porsha Stewart”.

LALATE can reveal that roughly a half year after Porsha’s divorce from Kordell was finalized, and while Porsha was beginning or had begun to registered five songs with BMI under “Porsha Williams”, Porsha told the trademark office that she wanted to protect “entertainment services in the nature of live musical performances” only for “Porsha Stewart”, not for “Porsha Williams”. Her registration is filled with musical references, like “non-downloadable musical performances, musical videos, related film clips, photographs, and other multimedia materials featuring a reality television personality and musical performer”, all for Stewart, not Williams.

So, what else was Porsha’s attorney registering that year with the trademark office? He handled the “Donkey Booty” registration for his client Phaedra Parks. For now the trademark switch to “Williams” is an easy fix. But apparently no one has thought about that either.


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