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Cocktail Cove Indiana!

Posted: January 13th, 2009 in Crimes, Marcus Schrenker, Michelle Schrenker by LALATE

Cocktail Cove Indiana

Cocktail Cove Indiana is where Marcus Schrenker lives. But good luck finding a map of Cocktail Cove to located Marcus or wife Michelle Schrenker.

Cocktail Cove Indiana is the name of the community where Marcus lives, the nickname that is. The estates over look a reservoir and because boaters on the water often have a drink in hand the community has been dubbed “Cocktail Cove” .

Marcus Schrenker Pictures
Marcus Schrenker Photo 1
Marcus Schrenker Photo 2
Marcus Schrenker Photo 3

In fact the community is quite relaxed. But reports say neighbors often had a “tense relationship” with Marcus Schrenker.

Says reports, Marcus “Schrenker has two sides — one very cordial and generous, the other threatening and litigious — and that many in the neighborhood had run-ins with him and “didn’t care too much for him.”

Another reports  says of his home in Cocktail Cove:

“He bought luxury automobiles, two airplanes and built a 10,000-square-foot house in an upscale neighborhood full of million-dollar homes known as “Cocktail Cove”. ”

Michelle Schrenker!

Posted: January 13th, 2009 in Crimes, Marcus Schrenker, Michelle Schrenker, Nation by LALATE

Michelle Schrenker

PHOTO! Michelle Schrenker is the ex wife of Marcus Schrenker who crashed a Piper Malibu plane (picture above). Assets of Marcus Schrenker, Michelle Schrenker, and Heritage Wealth Management Inc. were frozen just days before that plane crash.

Here are newly released pictures of Marcus Schrenker. Unconfirmed reports claim the woman picture is Michelle.

Marcus Schrenker Pictures
Marcus Schrenker Photo 1
Marcus Schrenker Photo 2
Marcus Schrenker Photo 3

Now reports suggest that Michelle Schrenker’s ex husband faked his death with that plane crash, bailing out safely, and then disappearing.

Heritage Wealth Management encompassed several companies that gave financial advice to clients. Yesterday, LALATE broke first all the stunning events surrounding Marcus’ disappearance, and then the details about Heritage.

Now the Indiana’s secretary of state (where Heritage was licensed) reports they already were investigating possible securities violations. New details reveal Schrenker’s home was searched on Dec. 31. Items looked at by investigators included several computers.

But if that’s not strange enough, Michelle and Marcus Schrenker divorced just days before the searches. Then, last Friday, a Maryland judge issued a half million judgment against Marcus. On Sunday, Marcus Schrenker allegedly faked a plane crash. On Monday, the Indiana Securities Division received order freezing assests of:

- Marcus Schrenker
- Michelle Schrenker
- Heritage Wealth Management.

Initial reports said Marcus was in custody. Those reports have been corrected.

Says additional reports : “[Marcus Schrenker] whose financial management business is under investigation faked a life-or-death emergency in his private aircraft before secretly parachuting out and letting his plane crash in the Florida panhandle, authorities said Monday.”

Marcus Schrenker!

Posted: January 12th, 2009 in Crimes, Marcus Schrenker, Michelle Schrenker by LALATE

Marcus Schrenker

Marcus Schrenker is in police custody about that Piper PA 46 Plane  (photo above). Did Marcus Schrenker try to fake his death in a plane crash?

Pilot Marcus Schrenker is now under investigation for that bizarre plane crash. Marcus Schrenker’s Piper PA 46 plane crashed, he was then found alive, then he disappeared.

Marcus Schrenker Pictures
Marcus Schrenker Photo 1
Marcus Schrenker Photo 2
Marcus Schrenker Photo 3

As LALATE first broke earlier, the believed death of Marcus Schrenker had resulted in a manhunt for his body. But now many questions remain unanswered.

Says reports: “Police say Marcus Schrenker intentionally abandoned his plane, put it on auto pilot over Birmingham and safely parachuted to the ground.

According to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office, Schrenker walked up a police officer at a store in Childersburg and said that he had been in a canoeing accident. …. Unaware of the plane crash in the Florida panhandle, the officer took Schrenker to a hotel in nearby Harpersville.”

When the officer heard about the accident, he went back to get Marcus Schrenker. He was gone! Marcus Schrenker had check in with a fake name and used cash.

The FAA and NTSB are investigating.

*** UPDATE – Initial local reports that said Marcus Schrenker is in custody have been corrected. His whereabouts are still unknown.

Piper PA 46 Crash!

Posted: January 12th, 2009 in Crimes, Marcus Schrenker, Michelle Schrenker by LALATE

The pilot of that Piper PA 46 crash is alive! Marc Schrenker, the pilot of the Piper PA 46 plane crash, is alive, found in East Milton, Alabama.

The Piper PA 46 was just 100 yards from a house at the time of its crash.

Says reports:

“Communication with Schrenker was then lost, and a military aircraft was sent to search for the aircraft, Tsubooka said.”

Marcus Schrenker Pictures
Marcus Schrenker Photo 1
Marcus Schrenker Photo 2
Marcus Schrenker Photo 3

“The military aircraft witnessed the Piper go down about one mile north of Peter Prince Airport in Santa Rosa County, Tsubooka said. The plane was bound for Destin. It had taken off Sunday from Anderson, Ind.”

But additionally:

Local law enforcement says “he is wanted on fraud or embezzlement charges in connection to his former employer.”

No comment by the pilot. Federal aviation officials are investigating.

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