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Married to Medicine Mariah Huq Leaves Show, Stays as EP? EXCLUSIVE

Posted: October 31st, 2014 in Mariah Huq, Married to Medicine by LALATE

Married to Medicine Mariah Huq Leaves Show, Stays as EP? EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Married to Medicine’s creator and executive producer Mariah Huq could be leaving the show’s in front of the camera role for season three but ramping up her production role on the series, LALATE can exclusively report. Married to Medicine has been in turmoil since Mariah Huq and husband tweeted their displeasure about the show’s production company during the season 2 finale. Since then, LALATE has written exclusively about Mariah far more vague references to the fate of the show, casting, her role, and the program’s future. But this week, new twists have developed.

Married to Medicine and Mariah Huq have yet to tell news if she is leaving her role on-camera for season three. But it appears likely that Married to Medicine will ramp up Huq’s role and credits behind the scene for season three. Huq created the show, filmed multiple pilots of the show herself, copyrighted the show and pitched it originally. It’s her baby. Yet during season one she got no creator or EP credit, a production disgrace for a talented author.

In season two, Huq got a shared EP credit but still no creator credit. LALATE believes that, after reunion for season two aired, Mariah flew from Atlanta to Los Angeles to meet with the show’s production company to discuss her roles with the show for season three. The discussions are believed to have not resulted in complete satisfaction to Huq and her team. Before the flight, during her visit to LA, and after her return, Huq did not mention where, or with whom, she was meeting. But most LALATE believes that she was attending LA negotiations with the production company over her season three roles.

The Huq meetings happened after a series of tweets by Mariah and her husband furious with the season finale’s footage. Mariah had originally seen the show as a platform to promote the virtues of doctors and doctors’ wives. The show was not to be a campy, watered down housewives program. But the finale was to feature more of her new business.

Huq tweeted displeasure that her business’ launch footage was allegedly cut down dramatically by production editors in the finale. Both her and her husband were also extremely unhappy about one scene in which she walks out of her testimonials and is still microphone, and she is seeing from behind. She said that she was promised the very messy clip would not air. But it did, and it clearly was used to make Huq look negative for viewers.

Viewers adore the show, adore Mariah on the show, and hope she returns to her role on camera. But in recent days, Married to Medicine is said to have entered production for its new season. And what did Mariah just recently tweet? She shared the above image which reads “respect yourself enough to walk away from anything no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy”. The image and caption appear to have been customized and authored by Huq who appears with her family walking away, into the distance. And as reported last season on M2Med, Mariah IS the owner of Married to Medicine. So don’t worry about that EP coinage. But as Huq has told viewers before, happiness has no value.

Mariah Huq of Married to Medicine Prepares New 2nd Series: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: October 7th, 2014 in Mariah Huq, Married to Medicine by LALATE

Mariah Huq of Married to Medicine Prepares New 2nd Series: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Mariah Huq, executive producer, creator (and yes owner, thank you) of Married to Medicine could be in store for major coinage, enough to squeeze those lemons from the ATL to the NYC. Mariah is working on a secret second series to follow up her blockbuster series Married to Medicine, LALATE can exclusively report. With Huq set to be the show runner, and to potentially opt for self production of the series, Huq is ready to drive that chariot down through programming circles once again.

LALATE can report that Huq has been preparing for several months on her new second series. Huq has been vocal in explaining how development of Married to Medicine took several years, with her shooting the pilot episode several times. But now Huq this time is keep it real, but not putting it on blast. Mariah recently tweeted “Someone I have the utmost respect 4 said 2 keep moving full steam ahead but remember loose lips sinks ships”. Mariah added “so I’ve mute as h-ll lately lol”. No need to visit ATL’s Publix produce department with your chariot, because she will not be throwing tomatoes at you.

So what is Mariah being hush about? The second series is expected to be filmed in the ATL as well. Huq during the season finale of Married to Medicine 2014 took to Twitter and was deeply critical of the production company that she aligned with on that series. But this time, there will be changes. “I have trust issues… think I been burnt way to much.. gotta pray for a more trusting spirit or a better spirit of discernment. #real”, she recently tweeted.

Mariah has been working out a lot recently and slaying it in the gym to the meet and greets. While Mariah’s body has been looking amazing, she still admits the temptations. “I ditched CrossFit today for Waffle House decided to unleash my inner fatgirl..Carb Craving I just need 1 lil bite of a waffle & fixins! Side Eye I’ll work it off tomorrow.”

In the end, life is not about coinage for Mariah. “So blessed to know how rich I am & it has nothing to do with coinage!” And she is sending wishes for others overseas. “This Ebola outbreak gives me the chills. Praying for all the sisters & brothers in Africa facing this Epidemic. It’s really getting crazy.”

Mariah Huq Owns Married to Medicine, at Least Majority Stake – EXCLUSIVE

Posted: July 24th, 2014 in Mariah Huq, Married to Medicine by LALATE

Mariah Huq Owns Married to Medicine, at Least Majority Stake - EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Mariah Huq has ownership of Married of Medicine, she tells fans finally. And LALATE can report Mariah Huq has at least majority ownership stake in the show. The “who owns Married to Medicine” has been the not-so-interesting BravoTV query of the month. But finally, Huq has broken her silence, somewhat. The rest however LALATE has pieced together through side-eye comments and copyright registrations.

Mariah Huq says that she will not reveal any details further. But in making her statement, she basically answers everyone’s questions with the use of two words: “my ownership”. Mariah tells news this week “Regardless of what was said on the Reunion each and every one of the ladies know I am invested in this show, and they have known my position from day one. I have apologized for many things, but I will not apologize for withholding intricate details about my ownership.”

Huq’s ownership of course could partial, majority, or complete. But for now Mariah is sticking with “my ownership” as her official statement on BravoTV. But LALATE previously revealed exclusively that Huq owns a series of copyrights, that pre-date the show, of similar themes as addressed in the show. The deposits for those copyrights have not been revealed to news. Mariah further tells fans this week “I address the topic of how much ownership I have, a cute little sentence, so hopefully they can put my position to rest..Because I would never question any of the doctors about how much of their practices they own..smdh ?#?Catch? As women we do need to do better of respecting each other’s journeys.”

Mariah of course hints that the show’s production company might be only minority stake owners of the show and that she owns the majority stake. “Of course you have to come back here and leave comments since they have shut down the comments section. .lol (sideEye) I bet no person has ever questioned any one of my male producer counterparts about such ‘privileged’ info. Smdh.?#?Nosey? ?#?Messy? ?#?DoubleMinority? ?#?DoubleTheWork? ?#?NeverBeenGivenAnything?.”

The reason why Mariah is not revealing the details of ownership is presumed a confidentially agreement between the parties. And no, Quad is not a party to that contract so she wouldn’t know one way or the other firsthand.

Mariah Huq: Who Owns Married to Medicine? Quad Webb Doesn’t Know

Posted: July 17th, 2014 in Mariah Huq, Married to Medicine, Quad Webb by LALATE

Mariah Huq: Who Owns Married to Medicine? Quad Webb Doesn't Know

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who owns Married to Medicine, does Mariah Huq own Married to Medicine, and did Mariah get Kari Wells fired? Tonight, the Mariah Huq Quadd Webb fight continues. And while Quad is throwing accusations, Mariah (at least in edited footage) is not giving big responses. But Mariah says Quad does not know what her contract says.

Quad last Sunday and against on BravoTV now claims that “Mariah lead everyone to believe that this is her show but, it’s not. The show is produced by Purveyors of Pop and distributed by Free Mantle and aired on Bravo TV. She does not sign our checks, nor does she have the power to hire nor fire anyone on this show. She likes to put stories out hoping that they catch on like an avalanche. I must admit, I was in the dark too.” Quad’s accusations are stunning. “She is not creating story lines, directing scenes nor editing footage. But I salute her for negotiating her vanity title.”

Quad, Gregory Mugshot Pictures Set 1
Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 1
Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 2
Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 3
Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 4

Mariah says Quad does not know what she is talking about. Mariah shot and re-shot the pilot multiple times for several years before it was sold. Moreover, just because Mariah is not an editor nor director does not mean she does not own the show. For now, the feud between Mariah and Quad continues. For now, Mariah has few words about the matter. “Don’t forget to sip more tea with us on Thursday for the second part of the Reunion when things get real heated. Honey, all I can is I was sitting pretty and poised in my beautiful #Dolce&Gabanna Dress and #Giuseppe shoes, watching all h-ll break loose. It was #Deep&Dangerous #SideEye. “

Dr Simone Whitmore, Toya Harris Fight Strikes Married to Medicine Reunion

Posted: July 17th, 2014 in Married to Medicine, Simone Whitmore, Toya Bush-Harris by LALATE

Dr Simone Whitmore, Toya Harris Fight Strikes Married to Medicine Reunion

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – As promised, a Dr Simone Whitmore, Toya Bush Harris fight strikes the Married to Medicine reunion tonight. Why does Simone think Toya is broke? The Married to Medicine Reunion Fight erupted last Sunday. And yet, it did not draw ratings. Tonight the fight continues. But will viewers turn off to turn in and a new timeslot?

Simone says she is shocked by Toya’s conduct. “I am glad and sad you were able to see the backstage break where Toya came into my dressing room to start some mess. She came in our dressing room to argue about the things she over heard outside the door (eavesdropping at its finest).” Simone says that Toya lost it. “So the next thing I know we are arguing again in my dressing room with my son present and she wants to call out that I am a bad mother for bringing my son to New York and having him in the dressing room. Now I know she didn’t think she would be able to throw a VERBAL jab at me and not get a VERBAL jab right back. And I guess my verbal jab was like Floyd Money Mayweather because she stormed back into my room in rage.”

Quad, Gregory Mugshot Pictures Set 1
Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 1
Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 2
Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 3
Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 4

Simone is upset that Married to Medicine is getting to be known for violence, because of Toya. “When I signed up for this show, I never thought with accomplished, educated women there would be physical violence. I knew we would have multiple disagreements, because this is what happens when strong minds and opinions get together. I expected debates and disagreements but PHYSICAL VIOLENCE??? When Toya had her fight last year with Mariah I chalked it up to an aberration, which was caused by something very personal”.

Quad, Gregory Mugshot Pictures Set 2
Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 5
Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 6
Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 7
Quad, Gregory Mugshot Photo 8

Simone says that you will never see her fight on the show. And she will never be friends with Toya every again. “You were able to see for your own eyes, Toya came back to my dressing room ready to fight. I am glad there were so many people in the room to pull her back as she tried to attack me.” Simone further adds “After this event, I realized that Toya can’t handle verbal jabs and her only retaliation is to fight. So her fight last year and an attempt to fight this year might be her norm. I’m not sure why she references Detroit when she’s trying to fight when I know plenty of people from Detroit who don’t fight when a verbal disagreement arises. So Toya ‘Hitman Hearns’ doesn’t have to worry about me trying to be her friend ever again because I am not going to fight.”

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