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Mama Joyce, Kandi Burruss Mom, Becomes RHOA’s Best Value: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: November 23rd, 2014 in Kandi Burruss, Mama Joyce by LALATE

Mama Joyce, Kandi Burruss Mom, Becomes RHOA's Best Value: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Mama Joyce, Kandi Burruss’ mom, has now in two seasons has become the Best Reality Actor For The Buck, LALATE can report. Last Sunday, Mama Joyce’s new mansion, her dreams that Todd Tucker is infertile, and her claims that Mama Sharon is a former woman of the streets, caused Joyce to become the only RHOA cast member to trend nationally on Twitter for roughly forty-five minutes. Last season, Mama Joyce lifted the series’ ratings during the first half of the season. This season, Mama Joyce is back with a vengeance. And if reports are correct about Mama Joyce and NeNe Leakes’ RHOA salaries, Joyce has become hands down the Best Reality TV Actor For The Buck, for Bravo, and if not for basic U.S. cable.

Mama Joyce last Sunday said she was not happy with one mansion, that she wanted a second mansion, that she dreams her son-in-law is infertile, and that she vows to bite Mama Sharon if she returns to the ATL. That level of reality TV ridiculousness made Mama Joyce become the only RHOA cast member to trend virtually the entire episode on Twitter. Carlos King, the show’s EP, noted the same at the time.

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For Mama Joyce, it’s nothing new. Last season, her massive feuds with Carmon (whom she claimed was sleeping with Todd), Mama Sharon (whom she claimed is a former woman of the streets), and virtually anyone who crossed her path, made Mama Joyce become the single driver of ratings of RHOA. BravoTV experienced record RHOA ratings last season during the first half, as Kandi Burruss prepared for her wedding. But it was singularly all Mama Joyce’s doing.

And how much did Mama Joyce get paid for drawing massive record ratings? She claimed she got paid nothing at a time while NeNe Leakes was purportedly paid $1 million dollars without any major storyline. Joyce took note at the time. “I do. Look, I haven’t gotten a penny from Bravo” Joyce told Ebony. “They got me [as] the main person and I done trended on [Twitter] two weeks in a row and every d–mn thing.”

Last year, Emma Stone topped Forbes’ 2013 List Of The Best Actors For The Buck. But there is no such list for Reality TV Actors, LALATE can report.

Kenya Moore and D’Banj Pictures Set 2
Kenya and D’Banj Photo 5
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So what is the return on value for a mother who singularly lifts her show’s ratings in excess off a 3.5, for free? Last year, Forbes said of Stone “for every $1 the studios paid Stone for her last three movies, we calculate that they earned back $80.70.” Because Joyce got no money from Bravo, and delivered the entire franchise’s ratings, there is no way to value her incredible contribution to the network. But LALATE contends Joyce could easily get $750,000 next season.

Compared to NeNe Leakes, who wants fans to believe that she is paid $1.5 million per season, Mama Joyce’s salary might be as little as five thousand dollars per episode. Despite that, last Sunday, Joyce appeared in more scenes than any other RHOA personalities. And with Joyce believe to have received still moderate compensation, she still retains the Best BravoTV value.

Mama Joyce Mansion from Kandi Burruss: Fans Want Her Classes – EXCLUSIVE

Posted: November 19th, 2014 in Kandi Burruss, Mama Joyce by LALATE

Mama Joyce Mansion from Kandi Burruss: Fans Want Her Classes - EXCLUSIVEl

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Mama Joyce’s mansion from Kandi Burruss trumped all other storylines on RHOA last Sunday. Mama Joyce was the sole member of RHOA that trended online virtually the entire hour of the show’s first run broadcast, LALATE can report. And now, Kandi Burruss could have a new business. How do you buy multimillion dollar mansions at a fraction of the price and watch them appreciate in just a few years? It’s not a new storyline on Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis. It’s the life of Kandi Burruss. And now, after revelation that Kandi is the secret Donald Trump real estate guru of BravoTV, fans are urging the hit maker to hold real estate seminars, LALATE can report.

When you think of Mama Joyce and Kandi Burruss, you think of music, shoes, and personal toys. But now, fans are shocked there is another side to the RHOA businesswoman: real estate guru. You can’t call Kandi as Bravo’ best house flipper (sorry Jeff Lewis) because she doesn’t sell her homes. But after Sunday’s episode, LALATE revealed that Kandi has now picked up not one but two mega mansions in Atlanta for a fraction of the prize, done renovations, and got assets substantially below market price.

Her first home was named around the roughly $300,000 range in foreclosure. She put roughly two hundred thousand into that, and now the home is purportedly worth close to $1.5 million or greater. But Kandi has done it again this time with Mama Joyce. That prompted viewers following LALATE’s report this week to urge Kandi to hold real estate classes on how she kills it in real estate.

For now, Kandi is simply happy that her mom lives down the street. ” It would be easier for me to stop by and check on her. She is getting older, so the closer the better.” And how is Mama and Todd doing? She tells BravoTV ” It’s better. She hasn’t been talking badly about him anymore. They are cordial to each other.” For more about the new house click HERE.


Kandi Burruss’ Mama Joyce House: Nabs 2nd Cascade Heights Mansion, EXCLUSIVE

Posted: November 17th, 2014 in Kandi Burruss, Mama Joyce by LALATE

Kandi Burruss' Mama Joyce House: Nabs Cascade Heights Mansion Foreclosure?

LOS ANGELES (EXCLUSIVE) – The Kandi Burruss home purchase of Mama Joyce turned heads on RHOA last night. But why did Kandi buy Mama Joyce a seven bedroom mansion, and how much money did Kandi spend on her mother? Kandi Burruss last night told viewers that she bought a house for Mama Joyce down the street from her own house, which would put Mama Joyce mansion possibly in Cascade Heights, LALATE can report. Moreover, the house is believed to have been Kandi’s second foreclosure bargain purchase this decade, following her own house purchase several season earlier.

Kandi Burruss’ purchase of a Mama Joyce “seven bedroom mansion” might have left fans of RHOA shaking their heads last night. But get ready with a high kick, because this Million Dollar Listing Atlanta was a purportedly a bargain. Reports claim that Kandi may have stole the house. That home purportedly in Cascade Heights was featured heavily during a RHOA confrontation between Kenya Moore and Walter Jackson, three seasons ago.

At the time, in the middle of a downturned economy, Kandi bought her palatial eight thousand square foot mega mansion in foreclosure. The house is believed to have been bought for about $300,000. At the time, Kandi’s own house was purportedly worth over a million dollars. Burruss on RHOA told viewers that season that she was able to afford the home because of the economy’s change and because she got it at a bargain. Now with the real estate market booming, Burruss’ mansion, after two hundred thousand dollars of renovations, could be worth three to five times what she paid for it.

And is Miss Trump Burruss at it again? Apparently, Kandi stayed inside Cascade Heights for the Joyce purchase. LALATE believes that Kandi paid in the three hundred to four hundred thousand range for the house if it nabbed in foreclosure. A similar home on the market right now in the community boasts 1.31 acres, five bedrooms, a massive 7,000 square feet of living space and sale price of $364,000. And like Kandi said last night, this home’s gardens are beautifully manicured.

Mama Joyce 7 Bedroom Mansion Upstages RHOA Ep 2 – EXCLUSIVE

Posted: November 17th, 2014 in Mama Joyce by LALATE

Mama Joyce 7 Bedroom Mansion Upstages RHOA Ep 2 - EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Mama Joyce’s 7 Bedroom mansion was the viral hit from RHOA Episode 2 last night, LALATE can report. When it came to viewer reaction, social media was outraged that Apollo Nida lied to Kenya Moore. But the ratings draw, once again, was Mama Joyce. A 7 Bedroom mansion for a single mother, who already has a house, and allegations that her son in law is not fertile, prompted “Mama Joyce” to trend on Twitter for roughly fifty minutes of the 60 minute telecast last night. And she did it with both shoes on.

Mama Joyce is back with two shoes to the pedal, LALATE can report. The entire RHOA 6 season’s early episode ratings were groundbreaking for the network. But was not the result of Nene Leakes or Kandi Burruss. It was all the doing for Miss Joyce. And yet, BravoTV did not pay her a single penny for the 2013 season, so she claimed.

Last night, Mama Joyce was back with a vengeance getting paid by BravoTV and bringing the numbers. And while there were seemingly bigger “OMG” moments last night, Mama Joyce drew the ratings for eighty percent of the hour. After that, Kenya Moore brought the numbers.

Viewers were left shaking their head that a mother, who drives a brand new Audi SUV, and has a free house given to her by her daughter, know wanted a second house. And it was not a model house

It was a mansion, featuring seven bedrooms, enough space to take off your shoes everywhere, and something that Fredrik would high-kick about any day of the week. Joyce during the episode claimed that Todd Tucker might not be fertile, and continued to claim that Mama Tucker has a checkered past. But in the end, it was Joyce that was trending, by herself, and being tweeted about by the show’s EP as well.

Hollywood Divas: Mama Joyce Blasts Site Promoting Todd Tucker Show, EXCLUSIVE

Posted: October 8th, 2014 in Hollywood Divas, Mama Joyce, Todd Tucker by LALATE

Hollywood Divas: Mama Joyce Blasts Site Promoting Todd Tucker Show

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Hollywood Divas premieres tonight on TVOne. Among the show’s executive producers is Todd Tucker, Kandi Burruss’ new husband. TVOne turned to website MediaTakeOut today to promote the show’s premiere by featuring a homepage takeout advertising campaign for Hollywood Divas (see above left). The specialized ad campaign is a bleed that appears behind all articles on the homepage. And among the articles that Todd’s TV show advertisement is appearing with is a story slamming Mama Joyce (see above right). LALATE can exclusively report that, at the time that Todd’s new show turned to MTO to promote Hollywood Divas’ debut, Mama Joyce came for MTO (without her shoe). And Kandi is not happy either. Kandi Burruss and her mom put the site on blast, just as the Hollywood Divas ad campaign ran for Todd’s show, stating that an October 5 report about Joyce is untrue.

Hollywood Divas turned to MediaTakeOut today to run a specialized background ad campaign that is running today October 8, 2014. The ad for Todd’s new show runs in the background of a story this week featuring Todd, Sharon, Kandi and Mama Joyce’s faces. The site is running a “world exclusive” “breaking news” story entitled “Police And Ambulances called To The Set Of Atlanta Housewives . . . Todd’s Mom And Kandi’s Mom . . . Got Into A fight fight”. The story claims “Mama Joyce called [Todd's mom a name] and before she could even finish it – Sharon gave her a two piece”

Kandi and Mama Joyce are happy for Todd’s new show Holllywood Divas. But Kandi Burruss took issue with the MTO report about her mother hours before it began to promote Todd’s show. While not mentioning it by name, Burruss wrote “My mom wanted everybody to know that she did not fight Todd’s mom. Mama Joyce has spoken.”

Mama Joyce was furious. As MTO is promoting Todd’s new show, it is purportedly printing untruths about Mama Joyce, so the RHOA star claims. “Now yall know ain’t nobody’s two-piece ya Mama Joyce and live to tell the story. On October 4 I was picking out flowers for my son Patrick who would have been 46 this past Saturday but God called him home 24 years ago. So the last thing on my mind are these lies going around about me and Sharon Tucker getitng into a brawl again. There was no fight or an ambulance called.” Joyce added “As my daughter Kandi Burruss would, we flight about the drama and so should you. Goodnight”. So why did Todd Tucker’s show turn to a site to promote his show in the background, while it is falsely running a story about Mama Joyce in the foreground? Tucker has yet to comment.

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