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Todd Tucker’s Dad Battles Kandi Burruss’ Mama Joyce

Posted: June 17th, 2014 in Kandi Burruss, Mama Joyce, Todd Tucker by LALATE

Todd Tucker Dad Battles Kandi Burruss' Mama Joyce

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Todd Tucker’s dad battled Kandi Burruss’ Mama Joyce last Sunday on Bravo. And now Kandi Burruss is telling news that Todd Tucker’s mother is still upset with Kandi over that “your dad was a pimp” scene. Two Sundays ago, Mama Joyce left viewers asking if Todd Tucker was raised by a pimp and a woman of the streets. Mama Joyce had said to Kandi “You didn’t know the game, they know the game. What I’m saying is Todd was raised by a pimp and a pros–te.” And now Kandi is speaking out about those comments.

Todd Tucker’s dad was not a pimp and his mom was not a woman of the streets. Todd’s father died when Todd was a child. But Tucker, who executive produces his own show, featured Mama Joyce, in his own house, disrespecting his own deceased father on camera. Many viewers have been left asking when did Kandi and Todd hear this footage, and why did they eventually let it air. Todd has been upset with the comments and his mother too. But in the same breath, Todd and Kandi have been celebrating how high their TV ratings are from a show in which two families call each other names for roughly the entire hour.

Since the “pimp” scene, Bravo spoke to Kandi. The network asked her “Why did Todd’s warning about Momma Joyce rub you the wrong way?” Kandi replied “I just didn’t like what he said. I don’t take it well when people say I’m warning you as if it’s a threat… I don’t like threats.”

Kandi has been accused of not standing up to her mother. Now Todd sits back as his mother gets insulted, Kandi watches as Todd’s mother throws her hand into Mama Joyce’s face, and Todd doesn’t say anything when his mother calls Mama Joyce a “b-tch”. Last Sunday, Todd and Kandi let their parents go at it, didn’t curb their conduct, and later relished in the ratings in a show based upon disrespect in-laws. And it all happened on Fathers’ Day.

Mama Joyce Fights Todd Tucker Mother Miss Sharon on Kandi Wedding

Posted: June 15th, 2014 in Kandi Burruss, Mama Joyce, Sharon Tucker, Todd Tucker by LALATE

Mama Joyce Fights Todd Tucker Mother Miss Sharon on Kandi Wedding Tonight

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Mama Joyce fights Todd Tucker’s mother Miss Sharon on “Kandi’s Wedding” tonight. Miss Sharon takes a hand smack at Mama Joyce and the angry sisters can’t break it up. Then, Sharon has a message for Mama Joyce tonight; Joyce has met her match.

The Mama Joyce Miss Sharon fight erupts after a sit down meal. Kandi Burruss is back with her red plastics cups, again, to entertain as two families try to have a civilized meal of scrambled eggs and one side. Mama Joyce is wearing her best stone washed denim jacket. And Mama Joyce’s sisters are in attendance ready to wave their arms at the slightest inclination that Joyce is going to get heated.

Sharon tells Kandi “Your momma got the problem not me.” Kandi is upset. Mama Joyce says “I’m talking about me staying at my daughter’s house.” Kandi replies “you would be welcomed if you were nicer.” Mama Joyce answers to Kandi “it would not have been a tense situation; you assumed it is a tense situation.”

But then Sharon Tucker comes for Joyce. “When you come in, you speak. I know everything about you. You know what I want you to do, I want you to button it!” Mama Joyce is accused of setting Todd up. Sharon fumes “You going to have a stroke calling somebody a d-n liar.” She adds “I am not gong sit through all this negativity. She is giving me the hand. Now what does that mean.”

Joyce is furious. “She telling a d- lie if he say that I set Todd up.” And while those are all fighting words, the trouble starts when Sharon points her finger at Joyce. Mama Joyce leaps to her feet. “Put your finger down!”

Sharon is not listening. “I am not putting my d-mn finger down!” Then Sharon calls Mama Joyce “a b-tch”. Kandi starts smiling, Todd is saying nothing, and the show which they both executive produce, continues to film. Kandi and Todd, who have been gloating about their ratings, sit back as their two mothers insult each other on national television, on Father’s Day no less. Finally Kandi says “Todd get your mama.” Sharon fumes “Take me out of here.” By then, Bravo got the footage they needed. No word if Kandi and Todd will brag about how high their ratings are after tonight’s episode with their parents acting this way.


Todd Tucker Father, Mother: Miss Sharon Furious with Kandi Burruss Spinoff

Posted: June 15th, 2014 in Kandi Burruss, Mama Joyce, Sharon Tucker, Todd Tucker by LALATE

Todd Tucker Father, Mother: Miss Sharon Furious with Kandi Burruss Spinoff

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Was Todd Tucker raised by a pimp and a woman of the street? Todd Tucker’s father and mother are called every day in the book by Mama Joyce tonight on “Kandi’s Wedding.” Todd Tucker has always wanted to executive produce a show. And this month, he does so with Kandi’s Wedding in which his mother calls Mama Joyce names, Joyce calls his mother a former woman of the street and his deceased father a pimp. If it seems bizarre that anyone produce a show in which their own families hurl such outrageous allegations at each other, Kandi and Todd have been posting gleeful comments about what a ratings success their show is.

While Todd Tucker has a ratings success with Kandi’s Wedding, his mother is furious with the show, so claims Kandi. Todd’s mother “Mama Sharon” aka “Miss Sharon” is furious with Kandi Burruss’ spinoff show and specifically Kandi herself, the Housewife tells news this week. Todd Tucker and Kandi Burruss executive produced this spinoff show in which Mama Joyce calls Sharon a former woman of the street. Kandi tells news that Sharon was not told by Kandi about Mama Joyce’s comments ahead of airing. And when those comments were broadcasted this month on Bravo TV, Sharon went through the roof and blamed Kandi, Burruss claims.

Mama Joyce said to Kandi in a filmed scene, not a private testimonial, “You didn’t know the game, they know the game. What I’m saying is Todd was raised by a pimp and a pros–te.” Clearly Kandi knew the comment was filmed and expected to air. But Kandi tell news that Miss Sharon allegedly did not know about the comments before broadcast on TV. Kandi didn’t tell Sharon ahead of this month.

Sharon was also accused by Joyce of basically being a glorified predator. Joyce claims that Sharon raised Todd to search out rich women to latch onto and marry for money. Joyce states “Only because you’re my daughter and I just wish it had been somebody else’s daughter that they latched onto.”

Kandi was insulted by the comments. She said that Mama Joyce made it feel as though no one would want her but for her money. “You don’t think that highly of me because you think, clearly, the only thing I got to offer is some money.” But doesn’t Kandi have any thoughts for Sharon?

Meantime, Todd has issues with Carmon. “I wasn’t surprised that Carmon took my critiques so personally. She has a problem separating the business and the personal when it comes to her job. That’s why I think it’s not a good idea to hire friends or family to work directly for you”. Another episode of the Tucker Burruss name calling returns tonight on Bravo, for Father’s Day.

Mama Joyce Took Restraining Order out on Kandi’s Dad Titus Burruss

Posted: June 3rd, 2014 in Kandi Burruss, Mama Joyce, Titus Burruss by LALATE

Mama Joyce Took Restraining Order out on Kandi's Dad Titus Burruss

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Did Mama Joyce take a restraining order out on Kandi’s dad Titus Burruss? Last Sunday, RHOA viewers were told, and Kandi learned for the first time, that Mama Joyce got a restraining on Kandi’s dad, prevented him from seeing a young Kandi, changed Titus’ locks, and locked him out of their home. Mama Joyce claimed Titus cheated. Last season on RHOA Mama Joyce claimed that Todd Tucker was cheating with Carmon.

Mama Joyce took a restraining order against Kandi’s dad when she was young. Kandi never knew that until now, Titus reveals. Meantime, Carmon says that she too is done with Mama Joyce. Kandi tells BravoTv.com “Carmon says that Todd was being mean for no reason, and she felt like he was speaking for me. She was like, if you wanted to fire me, you should’ve done it and not send Todd to do your dirty work. I did not ask Todd to do anything for me. If I wanted to fire her, I would’ve told her. She just got sensitive and over reacted.”

When asked if Kandi and Carmon are still friends, Kandi tells BravoTv.com “She still works for me… LOL! I told her she could work for me as she looked for something else, but it doesn’t seem like she’s looking for anything, LOL! That’s what happens when your friends work for you.”

Meantime, Mama Joyce thinks life is a game of chess. Apparently Mama Joyce likes Lisa Vanderpump. Doing her best Brandi Glanville, Mama Joyce says “Life is chess, every consequence has a consequence.” She adds “Once you get the queen then the game is over. Check mate.”

Mama Joyce: Todd Tucker’s Dad was a Pimp for a Living

Posted: June 3rd, 2014 in Kandi Burruss, Mama Joyce, Todd Tucker by LALATE

Mama Joyce: Todd Tucker's Dad was a Pimp for a Living

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Mama Joyce says Todd Tucker’s dad was a “pimp” and that Todd Tucker’s mom was a working woman. How did Todd Tucker’s father die, what did Todd’s dad do for a living, and what does Todd’s mom do for a living? Todd Tucker is co executive producer of Kandi’s Wedding. And with that role he ironically lets Mama Joyce deliver allegations at his family. But, when Kandi is asked about Todd’s dad, she too doesn’t have any explanation.

While some are wondering why Mama Joyce claimed that Todd’s dad was a pimp, others are wondering why Todd and Kandi produced a show with such allegations. As reported on LALATE earlier this today, Todd and Kandi’s spinoff did not post stellar ratings for their debut despite horrific family allegations, even a bit too much for RHOA’s low standards.

Mama Joyce says that Kandi is naive how people from the “streets” play their game. Of Todd’s mom, Joyce says “She know the game.. You didn’t know the game, they know the game. What I’m saying is Todd was raised by a pimp.”

Mama Joyce claims that Todd’s parents allegedly raised Todd to search out women for money. “Only because you’re my daughter and I just wish it had been somebody else’s daughter that they latched onto.”

Kandi has since commented to BravoTv about the remarks. “My mom was so wrong for this comment. Todd’s father died when Todd was about 3 or 4. I have no idea why my mom would say that.” But when asked why did Joyce say this about Todd’s dad, Kandi didn’t have much of an explanation. “She claims she heard that from someone, but you would have to ask her.”  Doesn’t Kandi know what Todd’s dad did for a living?

Last Sunday Kandi told news “You don’t think that highly of me because you think, clearly, the only thing I got to offer is some money.” In another scene Joyce tells her sisters that “Todd was taught by the best, his daddy was a pimp.” Joyce says of herself “I h—stled in a different way. Some people h—stle being out on the streets until 2 am in the morning.”

Mama Joyce Boyfriend 2014: Kandi’s Mom Introduces New Man to Todd Tucker

Posted: June 2nd, 2014 in Kandi Burruss, Mama Joyce, Todd Tucker by LALATE

Mama Joyce Boyfriend 2014: Star Takes New Man to Todd Tucker Party

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Mama Joyce’s boyfriend 2014 was revealed last night, but not on Bravo TV. Mama Joyce is dating and has a new boyfriend 2014 (photos below). In fact she is so confident in her man, that Mama took him to a party thrown by Todd Tucker.

Last night, Todd and Kandi Burruss hosted a debut party for their wedding spinoff. During the last season on RHOA, Mama Joyce told viewers that short people with big heads should not date each other. When meeting Phaedra Parks, Joyce questioned why Phaedra introduced Kandi to Todd. “He’s little, he’s short, he’s got a big head.”

Phaedra defended Todd on RHOA. But Mama Joyce was ready with her shoe, of a comment. “Kandi’s short. Hello, two short people with big heads. You don’t introduce two short people with big heads!”

Recently Kandi told Andy Cohen that Mama Joyce is dating. But she did not reveal who. Last night, photographer FreddyO.com snapped some pictures of Mama Joyce’s man. The two were embracing on the red carpet for Todd’s party. And consistent with Mama’s remarks about dating, the guy is not short. And while Mama called Todd “cheap” last season, in close-up pictures, Mama’s new boyfriend appears to be wearing a very expensive Rolex watch. For pics of the boyfriend via FreddyO.com click HERE and HERE.


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