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Madison Hildebrand: What Happened to Madison on Million Dollar Listing?

Posted: November 5th, 2014 in Madison Hildebrand by LALATE

Madison Hildebrand: What Happened to Madison on Million Dollar Listing?

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – What happened to Madison Hildebrand on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles? Tonight, Madison Hildebrand shocks fans by returning to the show that he left. The season of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles 2014 started with no Madison, no explanation about his exit, and angry viewers. It appears that producers, still filming at the time, took notice of LALATE’s reports noting viewers outrage about Madison’s absence. Tonight, Madison returns to MDLLA. But LALATE can report that there are more updates in store after the program.

Madison Hildebrand returns to Million Dollar Listing (6 pm PST) tonight on BravoTV. But Madison just told news that he has more surprises ready, online. “Getting ready for a #comeback, 2nite! @bravotv #MDLLA – dishing some Info.”

So is Madison returning to the show next season? He tweeted moments ago “Can’t wait to share some news which is very exciting to me..any guesses?” He tells news that he will be tweeted a major announcement(s) tonight. It’s not clear if it will be at 9 pm EST or 9 PM PST, but it appears to be Pacific Coast Time.

Madison won’t be saying much on the show, describing the appearance as a cameo. But if you follow his Twitter feed, you will get a big reveal tonight instead. Most fans want him back on the show, or back on some BravoTV show, ASAP. And perhaps their wishes will come true.

What Happened to Madison on Million Dollar Listing? Ryan Serhant Joins Show

Posted: September 10th, 2014 in Madison Hildebrand,Ryan Serhant by LALATE

What Happened to Madison on Million Dollar Listing? Ryan Serhant Joins Show

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – What happened to Madison Hildebrand on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, and is Ryan Serhant replacing Josh Altman next season? Madison Hildebrand has been thanking fans for their kind wishes since he, on his own choice, left the show. And while Altman is not leaving at all, the show will get a familiar face next week, LALATE can report. Mr. Skinny Pants himself Ryan Serhant is joining MDL-LA next week.

What happened to Madison on Million Dollar Listing? Madison originally told fans via BravoTV “As an original cast member of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, I have made the decision to leave the show to focus on new and exciting endeavors.” He added “Sharing my life, career, relationships and challenges over the past six years has been an unbelievable journey and I loved every minute of it.”

Since then on Twitter, Madison has made clear he left the show, on his decision, per his wishes. Meantime, Altman is going to be in for trouble next week. Ryan tweeted moments ago “Make sure you watch @valvallovesla on my team in LA as she graces our screens in Million Dollar Listing LA in an all new episode TONIGHT!!! And then tune in again next week to see myself and @sam_realla take on @joshflagg1 ???? @theserhantteam_la”.

Serhant has been filming shows not just for BravoTV but also the South Pacific and film festivals. He tells news this week “The only moment I got to sit down today between showings, pitches, and filming, was…in Times Square. A real estate broker’s office is anywhere, even if it’s in the middle of complete chaos in one of the busiest cities in the world. As insane as this moment was (I’m yelling into the phone so the person can hear me), I can’t help but think about the first time I ever stepped into Times Square – the lights, the noise, the smells, the heat – everything was so big! The roads were huge!”

He also remembers his first thoughts about the rush. “I remember being so overwhelmed with sensory overload and seeing a guy on a cell phone and imagining what is could possibly be like to be that guy. To live in New York. To rush through Times Square like it was nothing because I had work to do. Today I was that guy. And this photo reminds of my little kid self and how awesome NYC is.” Ryan adds “The colors and the sounds and the smells are beautiful. I am so fortunate to be able to even feel annoyed at the chaos while talking on my cell phone in the middle of Times Square because that chaos is energy and that energy is the life that pumps everyone full of motivation and determination to fight every single day. Maybe there was a little kid walking by me…thinking about what he is going to be when he grows up. Maybe he doesn’t want to be a real estate broker but I bet he decided that he wanted to wear tight pants and double monk Prada’s with no socks.”

Madison Hildebrand Survives Funny Dangerous Selfie: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: September 3rd, 2014 in Madison Hildebrand by LALATE

Madison Hildebrand Survives Dangerous Selfie: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Madison Hildebrand reveals to fans that he had a great Labor Day Weekend. But he admits that his weekend had one surprise when he survived a dangerous selfie. The exit of Madison from Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (MDLLA) has launched a cult movement of fans asking for Bravo to bring Madison back in his own show. Fans have been exclaiming “what happened to Madison Hildebrand on Million Dollar Listing”, “why did Madison leaving MDLLA”, and what is Madison doing now?

When asked by fans on Twitter about his exit from MDLLA, Madison Hildebrand tweeted “#itwasmychoice”. But it was not Madison’s choice to survive a selfie-near-injury over the weekend. Madison laughs “Almost had a serious injury taking this selfie [with] hroughkevinseye beach cruising”. Madison’s selfie featured him on a bicycle on what appears to be Hermosa Beach’s oceanfront bike path.

Fans have been sending Madison’s their reaction to news that he is not one Million Dollar Listing anymore. One fan wrote “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles without Madison Malibu is like the Jackson 5 without Michael. Come back Madison!”. One asked him “Madison Malibu I miss seeing you on MDLLA. Hope life is treating you well xo”. He replied “Life couldn’t be better.” One added “I miss seeing you on MDL, Madison Malibu please come back.”

Some were a bit harsher with their words. “I wish the major d-bag…. had quit Bravotv’s MillionDollarListingLA instead of that sweetheart Madison Malibu “. For Hildebrand now, business is booming, life is great, and selfies are sometimes dangerous.

Madison Hildebrand Million Dollar Listing Exit Upsets Fans: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: August 27th, 2014 in Madison Hildebrand,Million Dollar Listing by LALATE

Madison Hildebrand Million Dollar Listing Exit Baffles Fans: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Why is Madison no longer on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles? Last Wednesday, BravoTV viewers asked what happened to Madison Hildebrand on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, where is Madison, and why is Madison gone but Josh Altman is back. LALATE can report that viewers are not reacting positively to the exit of Madison from MDLLA. And as predicted on LALATE earlier this summer, they are also upset that there was no departure scene filmed for Madison that featured his exit on-camera.

The latest “what happened to Madison Hildebrand” controversy bares a striking resemblance to another issue of contention between viewers and Bravo in recent months. In December viewers asked “What happened to Destin and Rachel on Millionaire Matchmaker?” Bravo fans were left in confusion over the absence of beloved stars Destin Pfaff and Rachel in the then new season of Millionaire Matchmaker. Viewers were upset that producers for Millionaire Matchmaker featured no on-air exit by the longstanding cast members, wrapping their role on the series and depicting their departure.

Departure scenes have historically delivered record ratings to networks. But those departures are usually filmed during the contractual season of their appearance. In the case of Bravo, which contracts season to season, when a cast member leaves, there is no footage and also no contract to record their departure.

So when Madison decided to leave MDLLA, there appears to have been no departure footage filmed by BravoTV. Madison nevertheless is doing well. “Well that was a [great …] a day. Inspections at my $3.6M @ 8am, a $2.8M listing appnt in #Westlake, & #celebrity client showings until 7:30pm”, he tweeted this week. When one viewers asked “I miss seeing you on#MDLLA. Hope life is treating you well”, he replied “Life couldn’t be better.” Similarly, when another one viewer wrote this week “I guess @Bravotv thinks it takes 2 Brits to equal 1 @MadisonMalibu”, Madison replied “Xo.”

Madison Hildebrand – What Happened on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles?

Posted: August 20th, 2014 in Madison Hildebrand,Million Dollar Listing by LALATE

Madison Hildebrand: What Happened on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – What happened to Madison Hildebrand on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles, where is Madison, and why is Madison not on MDLLA 2014? Several months ago LALATE exclusively reported that Madison Hildebrand was leaving Million Dollar Listing. Tonight, BravoTV is leaving viewers guessing if a Madison exit will be portrayed on air, or not.

The query about what happened to Madison Hildebrand is the latest for BravoTV. In the last two years, the network had had a poor track record with exiting longstanding characters. When Patti Stanger’s Destin and Rachel departed her show, there was no explanation. BravoTV came under fire for giving no explanation on air, within the confines of Stanger’s show, as to Destin and Rachel’s departure. Stanger’s only explanation was dropped in a quick WWHL question.

So will the network make good tonight and at least depict a departure by Madison? Since Madison’s exit, Josh Altman told local news that he is happy Madison Hildebrand left the show because in his opinion Madison was “boring” and not helping the show. Others might have preferred it was Altman who left MDLA, not Madison.

On June 19, Madison first indicated news that they would be leaving the show. “Big news coming soon. Makes me happy, sad, excited and emotional to think about….bite your tongue for a few more days”. Then, Madison has also shared news that he was spending the summer living in the City near West Hollywood.

Eventually, BravoTV designated January 23 as the press date for the show. That day, the new cast changes were announced, the new season debut date was reveal, and Madison announced his departure. “Hello #MDLNY @FredrikEklundNY @luisdortiz @RyanSerhant – wish u many more great seasons! As u know, I made the decision to leave #MDLLA #love.” Madison tweeted a thank you message to his fans. “BIG NEWS! I’ve made my decision 2 leave #MDLLA & focus on exciting, new endeavors. BIG thx 2 my fans, family & @Bravotv 4 ur support! #happy”.

For now, Madison will be greatly missed.

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