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Dog the Bounty Hunter Threatens to Sue Lyssa Chapman Mgr: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: June 9th, 2013 in Dog Chapman, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Duane Lee Chapman, Lyssa Chapman by LALATE

Dog the Bounty Hunter Threatens to Sue Lyssa Chapman Mgr: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Dog the Bounty Hunter is threatening to sue Baby Lyssa Chapman’s manager. What isn’t Lyssa Chapman on the new CMT Dog and Beth series, what happened between Duane Lee Chapman and Dog, and what went on between Dog and his family at the end of the A&E series? Onthe final season of A&E’s Dog the Bounty Hunter series, the Chapman family was in turmoil. Duane Lee on tv was vowing to quit, Leland was furious, and Dog and Beth were at odds with the three siblings. For months, Dog the Bounty Hunter fans have been asking for clarity as to what happened between Dog and Baby Lyssa. Now, LALATE can exclusively report that Beth Chapman and Dog Chapman are threatening litigation against Lyssa’s manager and warning her publisher.

LALATE has exclusively obtained this weekend a letter sent from attorneys for “Dog” Chapman and Beth Chapman threatening to sue Baby Lyssa Chapman’s manager. But the tensions don’t end there. So why is Dog Chapman warning of a possible lawsuit against his own daughter’s manager?

Several months ago, LALATE exclusively reported that Lyssa Chapman would be bringing to press a new book from Howard Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster. On May 7, Howard Books released Lyssa’s memoirs “Walking on Eggshells: Discovering Strength and Courage Amid Chaos.”

In the weeks that followed, LALATE also exclusively reported that Lyssa would not be joining Dog and Beth in their new CMT show, but would soon be the star of her own reality series. During that time, Lyssa also shared with followers online her upcoming appearances to promote her books. Among them purportedly was a stop at the Country Music Festival.

Now, Dog and Beth have retained counsel to contact Lyssa’s book manager, Martin Literary Management. The attorney for Dog and Beth claims in his letter “We are litigation counsel for Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman and Beth Chapman. We are writing regarding your outrageous and tortuous conduct in connection with promoting Lyssa Chapman’s book Walking on Eggshells (“Book”).”

The letter asserts that allegedly “Her [Lyssa's] conduct, at your [Martin’s] direction, subjects you, your agency, and her publisher to significant liability for defamation, tortuous interference with contract, and international infliction of emotional distress among other causes of action.”

In another passage of the two page letter, Dog and Beth Chapman discuss the use of the “Chapman” name in promoting Lyssa Chapman’s own book. “In addition, your efforts to have Lyssa attend the County Music Awards and glom on the Chapmans’ celebrity has not gone unnoticed. The CMT Network has been made aware of your unauthorized use of the Chapmans’ name and/or likeness in connection with the television series and will take all appropriate actions to protect its intellectual property rights.”

Lyssa’ publisher Howard Books / Simon & Schuster, her manager Martin Literary, CMT and the Chapmans have yet to comment about the matter.

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Lyssa Chapman Reality Show 2013 Coming to TV

Posted: May 17th, 2013 in Lyssa Chapman by LALATE

 Lyssa Chapman Reality Show 2013 Coming to TV

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Lyssa Chapman new reality show 2013 has inked Kim Kardashian producers, Bunim Murray. Fans have been asking what happened Baby Lyssa Chapman, and is the former star of Dog the Bounty Hunter joining the new reality show Dog and Beth? No, says Lyssa in a news interview today.

Recently LALATE reported that Lyssa Chapman will be headlining media stops to promote her new book. Her upcoming memoir, Walking on Eggshells, will follow her life from age 15 up until the present. But for Dog the Bounty Hunter fans, several questions have remained unanswered since the A&E show ended and Dog and Beth started. Among them are what happened between Dog and Duane Lee Chapman, and will Lyssa Chapman be rejoining Dog in his new reality show.

The NYPost asks her today “Any other projects you’re working on?” Lyssa replies that she is working on a new reality show with a veteran production company that has done the Kardashian shows and all the Real World (MTV) programs. “I currently have a reality show in development with Bunim Murray.”

Baby Lyssa Chapman Pictures Set 3
Baby Lyssa Chapman Photo 9
Baby Lyssa Chapman Photo 10
Baby Lyssa Chapman Photo 11
Baby Lyssa Chapman Photo 12

But she admits the show won’t be another bounty hunter program. “This show is completely different from what I’ve done on camera before, but I am so excited about it!” While she doesn’t give a title or premise to the new show, she does tell news today the following. “Through the show, we have the possibility of empowering even more lives and I can’t wait to get started.” No air date has yet to be indicated to news.


Lyssa Chapman Arrested in Dog the Bounty Hunter Dramatic Episode

Posted: January 26th, 2012 in Dog Chapman, Dog the Bounty Hunter, Lyssa Chapman by LALATE

Lyssa Chapman Arrested in Dog the Bounty Hunter Dramatic Episode

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Lyssa Chapman gets arrested in the Dog the Bounty Hunter new dramatic episode this week. Lyssa Chapman was arrested in March 2011, an arrest that dominated news at the time. But until last night, Bounty Hunter fans had never seen the Chapman Family’s reaction to Lyssa being arrested, and their reaction to seeing her mugshot photo across national news.

After Lyssa Chapman (photos below) was arrested, Lyssa was initially confronted by Leland. Sitting in the backseat of the family’s Mercedes, Lyssa listens as Leland and Beth tell what happened the night before. Beth exclaims “every … f-ing news channel is calling”. Lyssa confessed to Beth and Leland that she blacked out, woke up in the jail, and doesn’t remember anything from that night.

Lyssa says “I don’t remember anything. I woke up in the jail cell.” Leland says Lyssa’s conduct wasn’t just bad prior to the arrest but also after the arrest. Leland states “All the cops when I was bailing you out Lyssa, they were all telling them you were telling them ‘f- you’ and calling them all kinds of names.”

Baby Lyssa Chapman Pictures Set 1
Baby Lyssa Chapman Photo 1
Baby Lyssa Chapman Photo 2
Baby Lyssa Chapman Photo 3
Baby Lyssa Chapman Photo 4

Beth and Leland then told Lyssa that she is lucky she didn’t get injured or given more charges. Beth says “you were lucky you were not tasered by those officers.” Leland adds “you were too drunk because you were breaking out other people’s windows fighting with the police.”

Baby Lyssa Chapman Pictures Set 2
Baby Lyssa Chapman Photo 5
Baby Lyssa Chapman Photo 6
Baby Lyssa Chapman Photo 7
Baby Lyssa Chapman Photo 8

Beth then confronts Lyssa with even worse news. “The cops said you were the most disrespectful person they had arrested in quite some time.” Leland added “you are lucky they didn’t charge you with resisting arrest and assaulting a police officer.”

Back at home, Dog is furious but also in tears. “Come here Lyssa.” “Dog, I don’t know what happened, I blacked out.” Dog responds “I turn on the TV, your mugshot is there. I look at those photos there and it says ‘dog’s daughter’.” He adds “again I can’t do this. I cannot do this. I cannot. you are going to have to be suspended for a little bit.”

Baby Lyssa Chapman Pictures Set 3
Baby Lyssa Chapman Photo 9
Baby Lyssa Chapman Photo 10
Baby Lyssa Chapman Photo 11
Baby Lyssa Chapman Photo 12

Lyssa Chapman was arrested on Kawaihae Street in Hawaii Kai at about 3:30 AM on March 16, 2011. She was charged with criminal property damage and harassment. At the time, news reports claimed that no one came to pay Lyssa’s $400 bail immediately. The arrest was weeks after her divorce from husband Brahman “Bo” Galanti. For more about Lyssa’s arrest, click HERE.


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