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Lee Najjar
  • Kim Zolciak Engaged to Lee Najjar?

    ENGAGED? A Kim Zolciak engagement to Lee Najjar? Big Poppa’s  believed identity as Lee Najjar was broke first online by LALATE...

    lalateAugust 22, 2009
  • Kim Zolciak Big Papa!

    Who was Kim Zolciak’s Big Papa? Was it Lee Najjar, Jared Najjar’s father? Real Housewives of Atlanta with Kim Zolciak is...

    lalateJuly 30, 2009
  • Real Housewives of Atlanta 2!

    Who was Big Papa? Big Poppa lovin Kim Zolciak is back for Real Housewives of Atlanta 2! LALATE first exclusively broke...

    lalateJune 23, 2009
  • Kim Zolciak Joe Francis!

    Kim Zolciak has a new Big Papa, Joe Francis?! Kim Zolciak and Joe Francis Girls dating? What would Lee Najjar think?...

    lalateJanuary 26, 2009
  • Tameka Foster Raymond Real Housewives?!

    Tameka Foster Raymond, Usher’s wife, will join Real Housewives of Atlanta, says online chatter. Really? Tameka Foster Raymond will join Real...

    lalateJanuary 13, 2009
  • Kim Zolciak Bikini!

    PHOTO!S Kim Zolciak’s bikini pictures! Kim launches Kim Zolciak Online with, yes, bikini pictures. Kim in a bikini is hot. Zolciak...

    lalateJanuary 5, 2009
  • Big Papa Real Housewives Atlanta!

    Who is Big Papa on Real Housewives of Atlanta? Lee Najjar? Kim Zolciak reveals Big Papa of Real Housewives Atlanta has...

    lalateNovember 25, 2008
  • Kim Zolciak Big Papa SPLIT!

    Kim Zolciak and Big Papa have split! Kim Zolciak and Big Papa have broke up, the break up revealed by the...

    lalateNovember 23, 2008
  • Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion, VIDEO!

    VIDEO! Who was Big Papa on Real Housewives of Atlanta finale tonight? Real Housewives Atlanta Big Papa for Kim Zolciak was...

    lalateNovember 19, 2008
  • Jared Najjar Kim Zolciak Big PAPA

    Who is Kim Zolciak’s Big Papa? Is it Lee Najjar, is he Jared Najjar’s father? Who is Jared Najjar? And have...

    lalateOctober 22, 2008