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Claudia Jordan Wings Kordell Stewart Dating Ep with Waffle Wars: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: January 25th, 2015 in Claudia Jordan, Kordell Stewart by LALATE

Claudia Jordan Wings Kordell Stewart Episode with Waffle Wars: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Claudia Jordan is not dating Kordell Stewart. But she is in love with her waffles. Yet, the RHOA star on Sunday ignited another #CJGate, and this time on the menu is not Top Ramen. It’s waffles. On Sunday, Jordan told news that the best waffles for an RHOA star are Waffle House. And just like that, Jordan waffled, then telling news that Roscoe of Los Angeles has the best waffles. Somewhere, those anti-Team Pretty members are taking notes for the reunion show.

Claudia Jordan is that overly expressive RHOA cast member that has everyone talking, sometimes for better and sometimes for the worse. Tonight Claudia Jordan – Kordell Stewart dating ignites RHOA. But even before that, CJ has ignited a three oven waffle war, set off between RHOA fans of iHOP, Waffle House and Roscoes.

Ironically, one Top Ramen cast member this season accused Jordan of not being qualified for RHOA because she’s not from the south, not raised on southern food, and has never been a Georgia Peach. Well tonight that noodlish-critic might have new foodie ammunition against Jordan. Claudia just told news the the best waffles are not from the Ssouth but Los Angeles. Oh, the RHOA shame of it all!

Jordan started her latest CJGate aka WaffleGate earlier today. She tweeted to news “I want abs. but Waffle House won’t let me be great.” And with that, fans accused Jordan of not respecting the international flavors of IHOP. But within one hour, Jordan waffled about her waffles. “Waffle House or Roscoes Chicken and Waffles? No contest! It’s Roscoes all day! Cheese eggs, wings, their yams and lemonade are bomb!” One of Jordan’s friend Aisha Thalia threw a sarcastic shade at Jordan. She replied “lol you meant scrambled tofu I’m sure with fruit and veggies”.

Kordell Stewart, Claudia Jordan Dating? Dr Jackie Walters Visits RHOA

Posted: January 22nd, 2015 in Claudia Jordan, Dr Jackie Walters, Kordell Stewart, RHOA by LALATE

Kordell Stewart, Claudia Jordan Dating on RHOA? Dr Jackie Walters  Visits

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Are Kordell Stewart and Claudia Jordan dating on RHOA? Tonight, Kordell Stewart and Claudia Jordan prep for a date. But beyond that, nothing further happens, LALATE can report. While RHOA leads fans to believe that Claudia and Kordell dating, it does not extend past this scene. But the impact of this scene is still bothering someone else: Porsha Williams. Williams has tried continually since her divorce to imply that Kordell Stewart was gay. Meantime, Dr Jackie Walters visits RHOA. She discusses Todd’s procreation hopes in a hilarious scene.

Kordell Stewart is interested in dating Claudia Jordan, he reveals on a RHOA scene tonight (in preview of Sunday’s telecast). But there is more to this than shown. Rather, Peter Thomas, Cynthia Bailey’s husband, is set to open Bar One Charlotte on RHOA this week. And his partner is Kordell Stewart. Peter in fact was filmed approaching Kordell about the business opportunity last season.

The grand opening party was held last year. And at the time, Claudia, Demetria, Kenya and Cynthia all attended. That attendance is what first tipped off viewers to believing that Claudia was joining the cast. During one scene, Kenya Moore says to Claudia “you have clear chemistry I think you go out on date”. Kordell Stewart tells Claudia “let me get your information”. And they exchange the information. And he kisses her on the cheek and poses for an Instagram pictures.”

Also in the scene, Todd and Kandi visit Dr. Jackie from ‘Married to Medicine’ “to try and figure out why they haven’t gotten pregnant yet.” When Dr Jackie asks Todd if he needs something to help give a specimen, he says “Yeah, give me some 2Chainz!”

Meantime, Claudia is still perplexed by Porsha and NeNe’s conduct this season. “So THIS was the reason for my confusion when we were at Kandi’s house over why she was so dismissive with me. Then to tell Porsha that I’m in some way thirsty? Hmmm after seeing how all this unfolded, the only thing I’m thirsty for is the real TEA about why she gave up this gig, because we all know Ms. Leakes is about her coins! And NeNe I heard you loud and clear — you said you have nice feet and skin. Hey, you got me on the feet thing (mine are hideous) but please explain to me your definition of “good skin.” “

Kenya Moore, Kordell Stewart Not Dating, RHOA Visits Puerto Rico: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: August 27th, 2014 in Kenya Moore, Kordell Stewart, RHOA by LALATE

Kenya Moore, Kordell Stewart Not Dating, RHOA Visits Puerto Rico: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – A fake Kenya Moore, Kordell Stewart dating story surfaced today in MediaTakeOut. Luckily, RHOA’s stars are not vacationing where cellphone reception is down.  Expect them to jab back at this false MTO tale. LALATE can report that not only are Kenya Moore & Kordell Stewart not dating, but Peter Thomas is not bankrupt and Cynthia Bailey is not pregnant, two other false reports from MediaTakeOut this month.

Kenya Moore posed for pictures with Cynthia Bailey and Claudia Jordan last night. And Porsha Stewart and her group posed in separate pictures as well. LALATE can report that the women are vacationing in a coastal town this week, filming a RHOA vacation. Walls, bays, and waterways posted by the cast on IG suggest that the town might be Puerto Rico.

But in recent weeks, Kenya Moore & Cynthia Bailey have been on the receiving end of false reports by MediaTakeOut, while Phaedra Parks and Porsha Stewart have been on the receiving end of glowing compliments from the same site. MTO has been posted several stories praising Phaedra Parks current “look”, but also claiming that Bailey is looking larger and exhibiting a baby bump in her midsection.

The latest false MTO report takes the Sports One opening, at which RHOA cast were there, and from that grows a fake tale. Of note, some RHOA readers will remember that MTO once notably ran a picture of Kenya Moore’s “boyfriend”, carrying a duffle bag, and claiming that it was stuffed with oil “money”. The guy in the picture was Brandon DeShazer. A new season of RHOA debuts on Bravo this fall. For more on what is happening in RHOA this fall click HERE.

Porsha Stewart Flatine Music Video: Cordell Moore Fuels Allegations

Posted: May 5th, 2014 in Cordell Moore, Kordell Stewart, Porsha Stewart by LALATE

Porsha Stewart Flatine Music Video: Cordell Moore Fuels Allegations

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Porsha Stewart’s Flatine Music Video 2014 debuted today May 5, 2014. And once again Porsha Stewart is pushing a Kordell Stewart abuse allegation. The music video features Porsha Stewart playing herself opposite a husband played by an older man. The husband role is played by actor Cordell Moore. In the music video, Porsha details Cordell’s abuse and his filing for divorce over the internet.

Porsha Stewart’s Flatine music video is pushing the boundary of artistic expression and alleged claims of domestic dispute. In the video, Porsha Stewart details a life much like that she claims that she led with former husband Kordell Stewart. Porsha is shown meeting her music video husband “two years earlier”, according to the video. Then one year into the video, Porsha finds that Cordell Moore is allegedly flirting with someone on his cellphone.

From there Porsha details a deteriorating relationship. Finally, Porsha awakens during the night from a phone call received from a friend. Porsha goes to her computer. And on social media, Stewart finds that her husband has filed for divorce. When she goes upstairs to confront Cordell about the divorce, he is talking on his phone. When he sees his wife, he throws her to the ground near a balcony.

The real Kordell Stewart has yet to comment on the music video. No word if Porsha’s next video will star Peter Parks or Apollo Bailey. You can see it HERE.

Kordell Stewart, Porsha Stewart Beard Allegation Strikes RHOA

Posted: March 11th, 2014 in Kordell Stewart, Porsha Stewart by LALATE

Kordell Stewart, Porsha Stewart Beard Allegation Strikes RHOA

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Porsha Stewart, Kordell Stewart “beard” allegations struck RHOA last Sunday. Porsha started the discussion with the RHOA women, whose existence on the show is judge one another, and even former co-stars, even if they do or don’t know them. This week, the judgment continued as Kenya Moore asked Porsha if Kordell was her beard, and then took to BravoTv to continue a similar discussion.

Kenya Moore tells RHOA viewers why she inquired about the subject on RHOA Sunday. “When a woman states she married a man to ‘erase’ his ‘tainted’ celebrity, I hear ‘I was his beard.’ I’ve heard half a dozen accounts on what her marriage was, and it’s clear Porsha can’t keep up with her own statements.” Kenya further tells viewers that she wanted to truth. Moore of course has never been friends with Porsha on the show. But she says emphatically “But I do care about the truth.” She adds “damage was already done in the beginning of her divorce…. They were married less than 2 years and have both moved on.”

But for viewers, it appears that Porsha has not moved on. Stewart has been accused of regenerating Kordell storylines this season while not delivering any unique storyline of her own, and while fending off negative reaction to her “Underground Railroad” remarks. Kenya remarks however “Now that she has to make a way for herself, I wish her well. Whether it’s a short-term marriage as theirs was, or a serious relationship, all teach us how to choose better partners. Hopefully, for the right reasons next time around.”

The question is why was Peter Thomas injected into this discussion, and why did Kordell come back to the film this scene in the first place? “My conversation with Kordell was completely different,” Peter told the RHOA cast. Kordell has not had positive things to say about Porsha. “She’s so disrespectful … she would leave five to 10 days at a time. Some people want some things they cannot get … I can’t let [..someone else] come in and destroy what I created.”

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