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Kim Richards Says Harry Hamlin Cheated on Lisa Rinna of RHOBH? EXCLUSIVE

Posted: March 3rd, 2015 in Harry Hamlin, Kim Richards, Lisa Rinna by LALATE

Kim Richards Says Harry Hamlin Cheated on Lisa Rinna of RHOBH? EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – What did Kim Richards say about Harry Hamlin, what did Kim say about Lisa Rinna and her husband, and did Harry Hamlin cheat on Lisa Rinna of RHOBH? Tonight, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills explodes with the big OMG moment of the season., LALATE can exclusively report. Kim Richards allegedly says that Harry Hamlin cheated on Lisa Rinna, or claims that Harry is still cheating on Lisa Rinna. For Housewives shows, it’s not out of the ordinary. And for RHOBH, it’s par for course.

Kim Richards purportedly says Harry Hamlin cheated on Lisa Rinna. Hamlin never cheated on Lisa Rinna, Lisa R tells news But tonight the bombshell of the season explodes. Kim Richards’ comments about Harry Hamlin have been dominating previews for the new episode all week long. Kim says “you are sick as your secrets!” And that comment is apparently directed at Hamlin and Rinna. Lisa is shocked. Ironically, just this week, Lisa told news that Hamlin initially joked that if she joined RHOBH he would divorce her. Harry clearly knew what would happen if Lisa R joined a show which last season featured a Mauricio-Kyle faux cheating scandal as well.

In advance of tonight’s episode, Lisa R has been preparing her fans. And she has been coming for Kim as well, calling her a “dumb a-”. Overnight, Lisa tweeted “Sometimes you have to close your eyes, count to ten, take a deep breath, remind yourself, that you wouldn’t look good in prison stripes and just smile at that dumb a- and walk away. ” Lisa also tells news “Kim continues to constantly * at her sister in the airport and create a scene, which is only the beginning for lots more craziness to come!”

Lisa V meantime is preparing her fans for the storm. “Go figure. Until next week, my darlings, brace for the storm.” Vanderpump says that the tensions were too much. “London, it worked out perfectly–well the logistics did. The trip? Not so much. You can see the tension between the group–like a pot simmering, then the lid is put on, and next week everything boils over.” Meantime, which of these three cast members could be over after this season? Click HERE to find out. For more, see the below video.

Kim Richards Leaving RHOBH, Kyle Richards to Return? EXCLUSIVE

Posted: March 3rd, 2015 in Kim Richards, Kyle Richards by LALATE

Kim Richards Leaving RHOBH After 2015 Season? EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Is Kim Richards leaving RHOBH after the current 2015 season? Kim Richards’ future with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is highly in doubt, LALATE can exclusively report. But if Kim Richards returns to RHOBH next season, major changes would be in store for the original cast member. Kim Richards could be either leaving the Housewives, returning in a downgraded capacity, of may have to undergo some production changes for the next season, LALATE can add.

It remains uncertain if Kim Richards is leaving RHOBH currently. But all indications appear that Kim Richards could leave RHOBH if certain things do not happen for next season. After the end of the 2014 season, many longtime fans of Richards thought she would not be returning for another season. At the time, Kim’s entire storyline were training a dog and sending a daughter to college. That works maybe on another network like Animal Planet. But not on BravoTV. Neither storyline works in the current landscape of reality TV which is far more escalated in drama than a dog and its leash.

This season has dramatically changed for Richards when issues about her condition prompted tensions between cast members. While those tensions provided compelling programming, there are other problems behind the scenes. Richards’ personal life has drawn production into litigation. Producers are being sued – whether wrongfully or not – by a Richards house guest who was allegedly attacked by Kim’s dog. Then, Kim’s dog attacked Kyle Richards’ daughter close to the wrapping of production. And, Kim’s former trainer allegedly sued her for nonpayment, claiming that she allegedly did not train the dog properly and did not pay him. There is too much striking Kim, and little coming from her by way of storyline. On camera, Richards has – once again – delivered no fresh storyline this season.

LALATE can also report that there appears to be a huge disconnect between Richards and the perception of housewives as a franchise. Housewives are expected to embrace new business endeavors, use the platform to achieve major new landmarks in their professional life. They are expected to repeatedly and consistently book major talk shows, not just once the show airs, but during the series run.

Housewives are not likely to be kept on any show if they are perceived as receiving a six figure check, and not going out to promote the show – on their budget – by making in person appearances and major talk show appearances. The franchise is about platform, professions, and promotions.

In the last three seasons in which Richards’ future on the show has been in doubt, Brandi Glanville – despite her critics – has really pushed her career forward in TV and print. Kyle Richards has expanded her retail business while her husband’s real estate agency has grown dramatically. Lisa Vanderpump has rolled out new beverage products and a new venue. And newcomers – like Lisa Rinna – have repeatedly co-hosted major TV shows.

For now, the perception is that Kim Richards is not out there promoting the show as much as she can. Coupled with litigation now drawing production into mix, Richards may have to make major changes with her approach to the show if she is to return for another season. For more, see the below video.

Kim Richards RHOBH? Kyle Richards Goes Claudia Jordan-ish on Brandi Glanville

Posted: February 10th, 2015 in Brandi Glanville, Claudia Jordan, Kim Richards by LALATE

Kim Richards? Kyle Richards Goes Claudia Jordan on Brandi Glanville

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – What is wrong with Kim Richards, is Kim Richards drunk again, and what happened between Kim and Kyle Richards? Kyle Richards has been writing BravoTV blog posts for years. They have been heated. But in recent years, fans of Bravo’s HW shows have watched the tensions on screen escalate. This month, Claudia Jordan on RHOA delivered one of the most scathing BravoTV posts in recent memory against NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams. Now, Kyle Richards on RHOBH is going even beyond Claudia Jordan on RHOA. In arguably her most directed post ever, Kyle Richards calls Brandi Glanville a work of fiction who has systematically, season to season, made up lies to hurt other cast members.

Claudia Jordan this week calling out NeNe Leakes using not only ammunition from this season by prior HW seasons. While Jordan just joined the show last summer, she apparently has not missed the show’s prior seasons. Claudia evoked lines from the show’s first two seasons to call out alleged hypocrisy by NeNe and Porsha about allegedly bedding married men for purses and cars.

Now, Kyle Richards is doing the same with two key words: Adrienne Maloof. Yes, Kyle is going there is her latest attack against Brandi, claiming that, from Maloof to Lisa Vanderpump to now Kyle’s family, Brandi Glanville has a history alleged TV lying for fame. Kyle says of Brandi that “Her comments to Kim in Season 2 about using m–th which were 100% NOT TRUE…How did she think Kim’s kids would feel about that? Or bringing up the lies in tabloids on camera last season. What about my children? Or what she said about Adrienne and her children?”

Kyle continues to tear into Brandi like a bag of Top Ramen. Kyle adds  “Brandi’s mean comments about others are always lies designed to hurt. Lisa Rinna was commenting on something she actually SAW with her own eyes. What we ALL saw. Not a fabrication designed to hurt Brandi. Brandi needs to stop with the lies and deflecting and be more cautious with her own actions and reckless words, if she’s that concerned what people may say about her.” At least for BravoTV this year the shows have become far more heated online at BravoTV.com blogs posts than even on camera.

Kim Richards in Hospital on RHOBH: Not Drunk, Reaction to Pills

Posted: January 27th, 2015 in Kim Richards by LALATE

Kim Richards in Hospital on RHOBH: Not Drunk, Reaction to Pills

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – “Kim Richards is in the hospital”, RHOBH viewers are told before tonight’s episode. Previously fans were left guessing if Kim Richards was drunk, was Kim Richards on pills, and what is wrong with Kim? Since last week’s episode, Kim Richards has assured news that at no time during these last few episodes was she drunk. But she admits she took someone else’s pain pills and got a reaction from there. Meantime Lisa Rinna is not really buying that story.

Kim Richards was in the hospital last August 2014. That visit headlines tonight’s RHOBH episode. Kim tweeted the above image at the time. But even then she did not tell fans why she ended up in the hospital. Before tonight’s episode, she gives yet again a vague answer. “In the next episode you will see that I end up in the hospital with major injuries due to being sick, but because of my history, some people will automatically assume one thing, even though they have seen nothing but strength and courage in my sobority for the last three years.” She quotes herself and says “I have nothing to hide from anybody.” She adds “I’m glad I’m able to tell my side of the story here. Despite all the AWKWARD drama between Kyle, me, and Brandi, I just want to focus on staying healthy, strong, and happy for myself and my loved ones!”

Kim says it is difficult filming HW because there is alcohol everywhere, being consumed by a huge cast. “From the limo to the spa to the wine tasting, there was literally alcohol everywhere in this episode. But I am so strong in my sobriety today and know how to handle situations like this. I removed myself from the situation and was fine the whole trip.”

But she doesn’t mind the alcohol around her until people focus on her. “It was AWKWARD only because the people made the situation awkward by constantly checking in on me. While I am appreciative of everyone’s concern, I just want them to trust me”.

So what is wrong with Kim at Game Night? She once again took someone else’s prescription pills. If this sounds familiar, it should. “I had been struggling with bronchitis and pneumonia for weeks. I went to the doctor several times because I was in so much pain, so I really was in no shape to go to the spa day or poker night.” She adds “And I definitely didn’t want to go out when Monty came back to the house before poker night after being gone for a couple days. I just wanted to stay at home with him, but I had to go to Eileen’s with the girls. I took the pain medication from Monty thinking it can get me through the pain I was experiencing. Little did I know, it just made me kind of out of it!”

Kim says this time she has learned her lesson. “But seriously, if I knew the medication was going to affect me in a negative way, I would have NEVER taken it. Careless decision on my part—lesson learned!”

Kim Richards RHOBH Wine Tasting Gets Brandi Glanville, Kyle Richards Feud

Posted: January 20th, 2015 in Kim Richards, RHOBH by LALATE

Kim Richards RHOBH Wine Tasting Gets Brandi Glanville, Kyle Richards Feud

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Kim Richards RHOBH wine tasting tonight prompts a Brandi Glanville, Kyle Richards feud as well. Why did Bravo send Kim Richards to a wine tasting tonight? Kyle Richards is furious that her sister is put in an awkward position. And while no one is saying Kim Richards is drunk, BravoTV is claiming that Kim is acting weird. “Kim Richards isn’t acting quite like herself and things get heated between Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards”, Bravo says of the scene.

Kim Richards enters the wine tasting and is welcomed with a Mango drink, almost big enough for anyone to get a sugar attack from as well. “Welcome to the tasting, get yourself some food, and then we are going to get yourself some tasting for you. The chef prepared you a mango juice”. But the mango drink is far too super-sized for normal consumption.

But it’s the wine that is angering Kyle.”This has been a huge misunderstanding. It is one thing to have lunch and have it paired with wine. But to have an casual wine testing? I would never want to put my sister in that position.” Kim says she is fine. But she is unhappy. “It is a little awkward to sit at the bar with all of you while you all taste wine. So no matter what I do it is awkward.”

And the wine tasting host is not helping, asking Kim to smell the wine. “So we are going to start with the wine that is to your left here. And we are going to try to evaluate these wines. There are different things that you can look at to distinguish. We want to swirl the wines. For me this a fruity wine. you want to smell it?”, the woman says to Kim. “I’m not a drinker any more”, Kim replies. Brandi giggles. So who was behind setting this horrid scene? Find out tonight on Bravo.

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