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Kim Richards in Hospital on RHOBH: Not Drunk, Reaction to Pills

Posted: January 27th, 2015 in Kim Richards by LALATE

Kim Richards in Hospital on RHOBH: Not Drunk, Reaction to Pills

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – “Kim Richards is in the hospital”, RHOBH viewers are told before tonight’s episode. Previously fans were left guessing if Kim Richards was drunk, was Kim Richards on pills, and what is wrong with Kim? Since last week’s episode, Kim Richards has assured news that at no time during these last few episodes was she drunk. But she admits she took someone else’s pain pills and got a reaction from there. Meantime Lisa Rinna is not really buying that story.

Kim Richards was in the hospital last August 2014. That visit headlines tonight’s RHOBH episode. Kim tweeted the above image at the time. But even then she did not tell fans why she ended up in the hospital. Before tonight’s episode, she gives yet again a vague answer. “In the next episode you will see that I end up in the hospital with major injuries due to being sick, but because of my history, some people will automatically assume one thing, even though they have seen nothing but strength and courage in my sobority for the last three years.” She quotes herself and says “I have nothing to hide from anybody.” She adds “I’m glad I’m able to tell my side of the story here. Despite all the AWKWARD drama between Kyle, me, and Brandi, I just want to focus on staying healthy, strong, and happy for myself and my loved ones!”

Kim says it is difficult filming HW because there is alcohol everywhere, being consumed by a huge cast. “From the limo to the spa to the wine tasting, there was literally alcohol everywhere in this episode. But I am so strong in my sobriety today and know how to handle situations like this. I removed myself from the situation and was fine the whole trip.”

But she doesn’t mind the alcohol around her until people focus on her. “It was AWKWARD only because the people made the situation awkward by constantly checking in on me. While I am appreciative of everyone’s concern, I just want them to trust me”.

So what is wrong with Kim at Game Night? She once again took someone else’s prescription pills. If this sounds familiar, it should. “I had been struggling with bronchitis and pneumonia for weeks. I went to the doctor several times because I was in so much pain, so I really was in no shape to go to the spa day or poker night.” She adds “And I definitely didn’t want to go out when Monty came back to the house before poker night after being gone for a couple days. I just wanted to stay at home with him, but I had to go to Eileen’s with the girls. I took the pain medication from Monty thinking it can get me through the pain I was experiencing. Little did I know, it just made me kind of out of it!”

Kim says this time she has learned her lesson. “But seriously, if I knew the medication was going to affect me in a negative way, I would have NEVER taken it. Careless decision on my part—lesson learned!”

Kim Richards RHOBH Wine Tasting Gets Brandi Glanville, Kyle Richards Feud

Posted: January 20th, 2015 in Kim Richards, RHOBH by LALATE

Kim Richards RHOBH Wine Tasting Gets Brandi Glanville, Kyle Richards Feud

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Kim Richards RHOBH wine tasting tonight prompts a Brandi Glanville, Kyle Richards feud as well. Why did Bravo send Kim Richards to a wine tasting tonight? Kyle Richards is furious that her sister is put in an awkward position. And while no one is saying Kim Richards is drunk, BravoTV is claiming that Kim is acting weird. “Kim Richards isn’t acting quite like herself and things get heated between Brandi Glanville and Kyle Richards”, Bravo says of the scene.

Kim Richards enters the wine tasting and is welcomed with a Mango drink, almost big enough for anyone to get a sugar attack from as well. “Welcome to the tasting, get yourself some food, and then we are going to get yourself some tasting for you. The chef prepared you a mango juice”. But the mango drink is far too super-sized for normal consumption.

But it’s the wine that is angering Kyle.”This has been a huge misunderstanding. It is one thing to have lunch and have it paired with wine. But to have an casual wine testing? I would never want to put my sister in that position.” Kim says she is fine. But she is unhappy. “It is a little awkward to sit at the bar with all of you while you all taste wine. So no matter what I do it is awkward.”

And the wine tasting host is not helping, asking Kim to smell the wine. “So we are going to start with the wine that is to your left here. And we are going to try to evaluate these wines. There are different things that you can look at to distinguish. We want to swirl the wines. For me this a fruity wine. you want to smell it?”, the woman says to Kim. “I’m not a drinker any more”, Kim replies. Brandi giggles. So who was behind setting this horrid scene? Find out tonight on Bravo.


Kim Richards Dog Kingsley: Pitbull Lawsuit Prompts RHOBH Firing Fear

Posted: November 7th, 2014 in Kim Richards, Kingsley by LALATE

Kim Richards Dog Kingsley: Pitbull Lawsuit Prompts RHOBH Firing Fear

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Kim Richards’ dog Kingsley is now prompting a new lawsuit against Richards. Richards’ pitbull Kingsley allegedly mauled a second victim earlier this year, during production on RHOBH. At the time, Kim Richards allegedly told the victim not to mention the purported mauling because Richards allegedly claimed that BravoTV would immediately fire her. In the months that followed, the alleged mauling victim made repeated demands to Richards to pay her medical bills. And despite that, Richards reportedly refused. The details revealed today in a news interview on Radar Online features the alleged victim and her attorney telling news that they will sue Kim Richards next week and make very clear that Real Housewife is allegedly unrealistic when it comes to purported victims.

Will BravoTV fire Kim Richards? Earlier this week, reports claimed that Kim Richards’ dog Kingsley caused prompted production trouble for Evolution Media during two seasons of filming. Days ago, Kim Richards went on the attack herself, blaming Kyle Richards’ daughter after Kingsley’s last attack. But today, another victim is coming forward. And the allegations are for more horrific.

The latest victim claims Kingsley mauled her before he attacked Kyle’s daughter. The alleged mauling left the victim with serious injuries. After the alleged attack, Kim Richards allegedly told the victim not to discuss the matter in public. Then Kim allegedly stated that such details would result in BravoTV firing her from RHOBH. The victim, however, waited for Kim Richards to pay her medical bills. Months went on and Richards, who drove a top of the line Bentley convertible last season, allegedly refused to pay the victim’s bills. The victim now tells Radar that she will file suit against Richards because of her purported refusal to compensate her.

Kim Richards: Lisa Vanderpump Fakes Friendship on RHOBH

Posted: March 24th, 2014 in Kim Richards, Lisa Vanderpump by LALATE

 Kim Richards: Lisa Vanderpump Fakes Scenes for RHOBH

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – Kim Richards tonight accuses Lisa Vanderpump of faking scenes for RHOBH. Kim Richards tonight in the RHOBH Reunion Part 2 claims that Vanderpump might project an interest in her cast members during filming, and especially testimonials, for RHOBH. But off camera, Kim claims Lisa allegedly has zero interest in her cast members. So who is Kim Richards dating, who is Kim Richards’ latest boyfriend 2014? Don’t ask Lisa that question because, according to Kim, Vanderpump has little interest in her cast members outside the show.

Kim Richards launches a Yolanda Foster-like accusation against Lisa in tonight’s RHOBH Reunion Part 2. In it, Kim claims Lisa is a fake friend for purposes of filming, telling viewers one thing but doing another thing when filming isn’t airing.

Kim fumes “I missed a whole big chunk of my life and my children’s lives. And I’m sorry if I missed a party or two. I have spent two years rebuilding my life.” Lisa defends herself and denies Kim’s claims. “I have never made a big deal about it. I have never made a deal that you missed Pandora’s wedding.”

When asked when she was not a good friend to Kim, Brandi Glanville claims “You could make a montage [of it]. Kim further fumes “I always her you say, ‘I am so supportive of Kim, such a good friend to Kim, I have always been there for you’. But I have never seen you be there for any of us.”

Kim’s accusation is the same as that pushed by Brandi, Kyle Richards and Foster tonight. They collectively claim that Lisa says one thing on camera to create a storyline but doesn’t act that way when cameras aren’t rolling.

Lisa says it is just not true. She tells Kim “Just before we want to Puerto Rico I heard you were upset that your son had broken his leg. And I called.” Kim denies the same.

Yolanda Foster, Ken Todd Battle: Kim Richards RHOBH Future Uncertain

Posted: March 10th, 2014 in Ken Todd, Kim Richards, Yolanda Foster by LALATE

Yolanda Foster, Ken Todd Battle: Kim Richards RHOBH Future Uncertain

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Yolanda Foster and Kim Richards’ future on RHOBH after this season remains in doubt, LALATE can report. After several successful seasons, the RHOBH cast will undergo and overhaul this year, LALATE has been reporting. Kim Richards’ storyline is believed to have run its course. And Yolanda Foster perception of filming the show appears to be changing. Foster’s through her husband has called her fellow housewives “a bunch of clowns” and claimed that she is ready for her own show.

Tonight, Yolanda Foster and Ken Todd feud. And the battle then turns to a dispute over David Foster. Yolanda tells Ken in the season finale that David would never hang out with Ken.

Yolanda tells “Ken, can you stay out of this. We are having a girls talk. And again you are getting involved with this.” She adds “I don’t appreciate it.” Ken replies “If your husband was here…” and she interrupts and replies “… if he was here, he would not get involved.”

Scheana Marie Jancan Old Pictures Set 1
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 1
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 2
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 3
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 4

Ken questions why David does not film with him. “Well one day, your husband might come and we could have a chat.” And then Yolanda shoots back and states “Do you think my husband would hang with someone like that who attacks someone’s wife in public?” Ken replies “Well have your husband tell me that.”

Scheana Marie Jancan Old Pictures Set 2
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 5
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 6
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 7
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 8

David has told news that Yolanda is only doing RHOBH to get her “own” show. “She’s doing it for a specific reason, and her reason is that she wants to have a … lifestyle and fitness show. She’s very good at it and she’s very good at giving advice.” David further states that “The Beverly Hills show, like she says, is just a bunch of clowns trying to make a living.”

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