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Kenya Moore to Tamar Braxton: I Still Got My “Original” Face – EXCLUSIVE

Posted: October 20th, 2014 in Kenya Moore, Tamar Braxton by LALATE

Kenya Moore on Tamar Braxton: At Least I Got My Original Face - EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Kenya Moore, Tamar Braxton feud erupted on WWHL last night. Kenya Moore told Team Twirl clearly that she did not come for Tamar Braxton. But after Tamar tried to drag Kenya and her crown, Moore threw shade, dot com, all over Twitter last night. And in the end, Kenya delivered some Moore Family Values as well.

Kenya Moore was the topic of discussion on WWHL thanks to a question by Andy Cohen to Tamar last night. Andy asked Tamar her thoughts about “Gone with the Wind Fabulous”, Moore’s 2013 song. Tamar respond “She sings?”

Tamar continued. “No shade! No shade! I think I heard it in the club one time. I didn’t know that was a serious record. Ok well, I can’t lie she’s not my favorite. My favorite is NeNe. She’s a great girl. Something about the thirst of it all. The pageant thing kind of reeks.”"

After saying that Kenya’s crown “reeks”, Moore had enough. “I’m thirsty but you are talking about ME. So who is the thirsty one? I’ll wait.” Moore retweeted one comment “well you know the only ones that talk ish are the ones that are jealous.” Kenya said of Tamar “Yes I can’t help if I outshine u”. Moore finally came for Tamar in her final jab of the night. “Night night Team Twirl [. I'm] going to wash my ORIGINAL face and go to bed.”

Kenya Moore Films Movie with Vivica A. Fox Former Co-Star: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: October 19th, 2014 in Kenya Moore, Vivica A Fox by LALATE

Kenya Moore Films Movie with Vivica A. Fox Former Co-Star: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Kenya Moore is filming a new movie with Vivica A. Fox former co-star, LALATE can exclusively report. Kenya Moore and Vivica get into an epic battle on Celebrity Apprentice (NBC) next season. But now, Kenya’s winning continues, inking a new movie alongside Vivica’s former co-star. And in Hollywood, sometimes life (and well casting) is separated by six degrees. LALATE can also report that is the case for Kenya and her new producer as well.

Kenya Moore’s RHOA Executive Producer is Carlos King. Recently, on TVOne, Carlos debuted his new series Hollywood Divas led by Elise Neal. Since that filming has wrapped, Elise is set to play the role of “Coffee Black” in “The Fright Night Files”. The projected was released Saturday. The movie which also stars Lynn Whitfield and Karreuche Tran is produced by Keith Neil.

But here comes the six degrees. Keith Neil is now producing a film that features Kenya Moore. And in that upcoming project, Moore will appear opposite Pooch Hall. Ironically, Hall just wrapped production on Carter High, set to be release in 2015. And in Carter Hall, Pooch appears opposite Kenya Moore’s Celebrity Apprentice co-star Vivica A Fox. No word what Pooch thought of filming with Kenya compared to Vivica.

NeNe Leakes Wants Kenya Moore, Claudia Jordan’s RHOA Peaches Revoked

Posted: October 17th, 2014 in Claudia Jordan, Kenya Moore, NeNe Leakes by LALATE

NeNe Leakes Wants Kenya Moore, Claudia Jordan's RHOA Peaches Revoked

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – NeNe Leakes wants Kenya Moore & Claudia Jordan’s RHOA peaches revoked and made into peach cobbler. NeNe Leakes has previously told Andy Cohen that she wants Kenya Moore on the show and says that Kenya is good for the show. But today, for the second time this month, NeNe Leakes told news that Kenya Moore and Claudia Jordan in her mind should not be on a reality show about wives of Atlanta since they are both single women who moved to the city. Leakes of course is originally from New York and appeared on the series at a time that she too was single.

NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks have been battling Kenya Moore and Claudia Jordan through the press this week. The less vocal Cynthia Bailey has been throwing shade at Parks, calling her a gremlin. But Leakes delivered a familiar verbal lashing at Moore and Jordan this week.

Leakes called Jordan a “fool.” NeNe claims that Jordan only got a peach this season on the show because in her mind she acted more foolish on television that other contenders. “Just goes to show as long as you act a big ol’ fool, you’ll get a check”. Jordan this week called Parks a “liar” and said that she has been acting froggy. Jordan added “I had my peach before I ever spoke on this woman.”

Leakes disagrees. She claims that Bravo gave Jordan because she acted the most foolish role next season. Leakes also claims that RHOA should only feature women from Atlanta, not people who moved their recently or just for the show. Leakes has lived virtually her whole life in Atlanta. As reportedly exclusively in 2013, Moore moved to ATL for her first season on the show, and eventually sold her Los Angles house during last season’s filming.

NeNe Leakes to Kenya Moore: Girl, You are Trying to be Me 2.0

Posted: October 16th, 2014 in Kenya Moore, NeNe Leakes by LALATE

NeNe Leakes to Kenya Moore: Girl, You are Trying to be Me 2.0

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – NeNe Leakes has a message for Kenya Moore. Nene tells news this week that she thinks Kenya Moore is trying to be NeNe 2.0, whatever that exactly installs. NeNe this week told talk show hosts that she thinks Kenya Moore is stealing her look, her friends, and even her way of talking. Kenya has no comment, nor dust, for Nene.

Whether it’s Instagramming, hanging with Cynthia Bailey and Marlo Hampton, or cashing those Donald Trump checks from Celebrity Apprentice, the self-proclaiming “girl bye” originator says that Kenya Moore has morphed into NeNe Leakes 2.0. Leakes said her comments with more distain than humor, however, suggesting a personal frustration, and or insecurity, about the matter.

Days ago, Leakes called Kenya “evil”. But this week on “The Real” Leakes claimed that Moore lacks originality. “I have actually met some people that, you know, want to be you. You know what I mean? They just all of a sudden… they start posing like you, they start using the language you use, you know what I mean?”.

Kenya didn’t send for Nene. But Nene still went on a swagger jacker accusation. She claimed that Kenya was then “start taking pictures like you take ‘em and start hanging out with the people you used to hang out with. You know, and start trying to use your glam people. You be like, ‘Okay so… I know you really want to be me but girl bye.’ ”

Kenya Moore, Claudia Jordan Battle Phaedra Parks RHOA War – EXCLUSIVE

Posted: October 16th, 2014 in Claudia Jordan, Kenya Moore, Phaedra Parks by LALATE

Kenya Moore, Claudia Jordan Battle Phaedra Parks RHOA War - EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Kenya Moore and Phaedra Parks have been at war on RHOA for several seasons. But yesterday newcomer Claudia Jordan was shocked to see that she is not entrenched in a RHOA war that she claims that she never saw during filming. Claudia Jordan says she was horrified to learn that Parks allegedly slammed her during media promotions for the season of RHOA even though she claims no such tensions allegedly occurred during filming.

Claudia Jordan late Wednesday began coming for Parks after she claims that Phaedra allegedly slammed her in media appearances. “I will never start mess with anyone. I merely respond when necessary. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt out the gate & expect the same.” Jordan claims that she was not a foot soldier in the Kenya Moore – Phaedra Parks battle that predated Jordan’s joining RHOA. Jordan tweeted “Shout out to @KenyaMoore for keeping her $20k Promise.”

But Jordan made clear she was another person’s supporter yesterday: Angela Stanton. “#Team Angela Stanton How you like dem apples?”, Jordan tweeted. Jordan then retweeted a link to Stanton’s book.”

Jordan then offered a series of comments that did not mention Parks by name. But it was clear that Phaedra was the subject of her remakes. “I have no respect for someone who smiles in my face then pops off and feels froggy a thousand miles away. Is that what we doing now? Loser”. Parks participated in a media appearance in Los Angeles this week. Jordan remarked “And that’s all I got to say about THAT. Back to the fabulous life”. That fabulous life included a night of mechanical b-ll riding for the Instagram cameras. No comment from David Beador about the footage.

LALATE can report that the women have been recently filming testimonials. Historically, RHOA testimonials get impacted as RHOA cast members start learning what co-stars are saying about them off camera. While the housewives might love their Instagram filters, there won’t be any filter this season on RHOA.

Kenya Moore, Christina Aguilera Twitter Fans Feud Erupts: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: October 11th, 2014 in Christina Aguilera, Kenya Moore by LALATE

Kenya Moore, Christina Aguilera Twitter Fans Feud Erupts: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – What did Kenya Moore say about Christina Aguilera? A Kenya Moore, Christina Aguilera twitter fan feud erupted Friday and is far from over, LALATE can report. The Twirl versus the Voice shade-trade started late Friday with a peculiar question that came out of nowhere. And now Saturday, some Xtina fans want to Xtinquish someone’s twirl.

Kenya Moore does not like Christina Aguilera. But how would anyone have know that? Out of nowhere at roughly twenty-four hours ago, one fan asked Kenya Moore “thoughts on Xtina?” That was the whole question, not a word more. But Moore shot back fast. “She tried it with me once with an old boyfriend so not a fan LOL”. Moore’s comments are not exactly clear. So who was the alleged boyfriend?

The questioner was shocked by the answer. “Really, oh my, Christina Aguilera?” By Saturday morning, the fury has spread. “I’m rooting for you [Kenya], but it was a huge mistake to talk wrong abt X. You just summoned the fury of her fan base”, said one Twitter user to Kenya Moore. And then all Twitter-dragging started. “Leave Xtine alone!” fumed one fan at Miss USA.

One fan gave Kenya Moore a warning of what was coming over the horizon. “Some of us love them both so it’s all good. But yeah, some xtina fans have made people shut their accounts”. And then it got worse. Comments for Moore included “Nobody even knows you”. Discussions about Kenya prompted some Aguilera fans to refer to Kenya with “and she is?” with one adding “who is that?”

Yet, based upon BravoTV’s history, expect “Kenya Moore Christina Aguilera Feud” to be on the front page of BravoTV.com by Monday and the topic of discussion on WWHL by the end of the week. Aguilera has yet to comment about the allegations.

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