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NeNe Leakes Can’t Sue Kenya Moore, Claudia Jordan for RHOA? EXCLUSIVE

Posted: January 28th, 2015 in Claudia Jordan, Kenya Moore, NeNe Leakes by LALATE

NeNe Leakes Can't Sue Kenya Moore, Claudia Jordan for RHOA? EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Can NeNe Leakes sue Kenya Moore and Claudia Jordan for comments they write in their BravoTV.com posts and during the filming of RHOA? In winter 2013, LALATE obtained an excerpt of the RHOA employment contract. How did LALATE get it? It came from Kim Zolciak. You can a copy if you want too, thanks to Kim. If that contract provision still exists, then Claudia Jordan and Kenya Moore might want to hand a gold star to Kim on this one.

NeNe Leakes purportedly sent a letter to Kenya Moore and Claudia Jordan allegedly threat of litigation over statements said during RHOA. Moore posted an IG of the purported Leakes letter that takes issue with what Kenya wrote / said during RHOA. So can one RHOA cast member sue another RHOA over comments during filming and promoting the show?

The key provision is paragraph 19 (a) of True Entertainment’s Standard Terms and Conditions Employment Agreement between and RHOA stars. In 2013, fans will recall that Kandi Burruss sued Kim Zolciak. The case highly covered on LALATE at the time made a shocking revelations. Kim’s attorney put excepts of her True employment contract into public record even though it’s a confidential agreement.

Kim’s attorney wrote in his briefs “In order to appear as a character on Real Housewives of Atlanta, each participant must enter into a Talent Agreement. The Talent Agreement sets forth compensation, exclusivity, term and certain other restrictions including an agreement not to sue fellow cast participants regarding matters that occurred on the show.” Kim asserted that “Plaintiff [Kandi Burruss is prohibited] from filing suit against Real Housewives show participant Zolciak-Biermann.” And while Kim hides the Talent Agreement from public viewing, she exposed to the public the secret Bravo provision that allegedly no RHOA Housewife can sue another RHOA Housewife. Twirl on that.

Kim in 2013 cites Bravo’s True employment agreement, at paragraph 13. “Artist … releases each of the Release Parties from an all claims … arising out of or resulting from, or by reason of Artist’s participation in connection with the Series… Artist also agrees not to sue or institute any other legal proceeding against any of the released Parties based on any of the Released Claims hereunder. As used above, the term ‘Released parties’ shall mean and refer to Producer, the network all television stations… the other participants in the Series”.

It remains unclear if the True contract has changed from 2013 to the present. But if it hasn’t, Kenya and Claudia have one thing to note; Kim won her motion and threw Kandi’s case (filed Phaedra Parks) out of court. And if you are wondering, the True contract is a New York contract, not a Georgia one; that was noted by Phaedra at the time.

Vivica Fox Tweet on The Apprentice, Twitter Account Strikes Kenya Moore

Posted: January 27th, 2015 in Celebrity Apprentice, Kenya Moore, Twitter, Vivica Fox by LALATE

Vivica Fox Tweet on The Apprentice, Twitter Account Strikes Kenya Moore

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – What did Vivica Fox tweet on The Apprentice, did Vivica A Fox’s Twitter Account send a Apprentice tweet, did Kenya Moore steal Vivica A Fox’s phone, and who gets fire? LALATE on Sunday reported exclusively about the allegations striking Kenya Moore; that Kenya Moore purportedly “stole Vivica A Fox’s cellphone”; and that Kenya Moore sent a “Vivica Fox tweet on the Apprentice” from Vivica’s phone. Now LALATE can tell you more about what will erupt next Monday.

The Vivica Fox Tweet on The Apprentice, and exclusive details about the “PhoneGate”, have been known about LALATE since it happened. But as cast has told news, it remained a mystery for months if the episode would even air. Last night, fans learned that the episode is not only airing but is also going to be a huge part of the season’s conclusion. Now LALATE can exclusively report that fans of CA should expect to see Donald, Vivica, Kenya and Phone Gate during the Super Bowl. Since NBC has the Super Bowl this year, expect to see promos about this “Phone Gate” during the Super Bowl commercials for Celebrity Apprentice.

Vivica A Fox Cellphone Tweets
Vivica A Fox Cellphone Tweet 1
Vivica A Fox Cellphone Tweet 2
Vivica A Fox Cellphone Tweet 3

So what happened? LALATE can exclusively report that a Vivica A Fox tweet during The Apprentice taping was sent out from Vivica’s Twitter account. LALATE can also report that the tweet read that Vivica was battling menopause. What is Vivica Fox’s age? Fox is 50. Later thereafter, another tweet was sent out stating that the prior tweet was sent by Kenya Moore through Vivica’s Twitter account without Vivica’s permission. Vivica then wrote that Kenya is a “trick” and wrote “game on”.

So what happened behind the scenes? LALATE can report that during filming of CA lots of items were missing and reappearing all the time, almost to the point of comedic suspicion. Clipboards used by cast would come and go. And then there was Vivica’s phone. LALATE can report that Vivica’s handset was purportedly so old that no one would ever “steal” the phone. The word “steal” here means to take and keep. So did Kenya steal Vivica’s phone, aka take and keep it? Absolutely not.

But did someone pick up Vivica’s phone, send the menopause tweet, and then proceed with their challenge? LALATE believes that on Monday fans will learn that Kenya Moore borrowed Vivica’s phone, Kenya sent the tweet to win the completion, and then went on her day leaving the phone for Vivica. No one stole Vivica’s phone on the show, but someone borrowed it to send a tweet.

Donald asks Vivica next week in the boardroom “Vivica did you tweet that out?” She replies “absolutely not! My phone was stolen.” Donald asks “who do you think stole it?” Vivica points at Kenya “That one!” Donald replies “we really have reached a new low.”


Claudia Jordan: Kenya Moore “Twirls into a Tornado” For Food

Posted: January 27th, 2015 in Claudia Jordan, Kenya Moore by LALATE

Claudia Jordan: Kenya Moore Twirls into a Tornado For Food

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Claudia Jordan tell news that Kenya Moore loves to eat. In fact, Jordan in one of her most hilarious descriptions this RHOA season tell news today that her friend Kenya turns “twirl[s] into a tornado” for food. Jordan on Sunday, however, admitted that she is getting a food-divorce from Waffle House as well. Jordan delivers the insight in her latest BravoTV comments. Last Sunday, Jordan, Moore and Cynthia Bailey take a girlfriends Team Pretty road trip to Sports One Charlotte. The scene ends with many massive plates of food in front of the beauty ladies. So who is eating all that food?

Claudia Jordan has no beef with Kenya or Cynthia. But Claudia admits that one of her co-stars loves some beef, some fries, and some more, all depicted in the hilarious RHOA scene from Sunday. After the trio arrives in Charlotte following a five hour car drive, Kenya says she is hungry. Then the group sits at a counter. And if viewers look carefully, there are plates and plates of food for just three beautiful models.

Claudia hilarious tell news today “I will say this though — I thought we would never get there. I mean a 3 hour road trip ended up being closer to 5 hours! First we could not miss a Kenya Moore feeding, because anyone that is friends with her knows that Twirl turns into tornado if she does not get her food, LOL! But I can’t be mad, because the Chick-fil-A was pretty good!”

Ironically, earlier this season, LALATE reported about a non-friend of Moore who claimed the RHOA star has a NBC contract provision precluding her from being filmed eating on camera. That claim has since been disproved with Moore, yes eating, with Claudia in an early RHOA cooking class scene this season. And Claudia loves to eat as well. As reported Sunday on LALATE, Jordan, after showing off her amazing abs, got in a Twitter debate with fans over who has the best chicken and waffles in the U.S.

Kenya Moore Didn’t Steal Vivica A Fox Cellphone for Menopause Tweet: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: January 26th, 2015 in Celebrity Apprentice, Kenya Moore, Vivica A Fox by LALATE

Kenya Moore Didn't Steal Vivica A Fox Cellphone for Menopause Tweet: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Did Kenya Moore “steal” Vivica A Fox’s cellphone for a menopause tweet, did Kenya Moore send a twitter message from Vivica A Fox’s cellphone about menopause, and what happened to Vivica’s cellphone on Celebrity Apprentice 2015? Recently Kenya Moore told Andy Cohen that she does not know if the Vivica A Fox’s cellphone allegations will even air on Celebrity Apprentice this season. But if they do, LALATE can exclusively tell you what happened behind the scenes. While editing can always make one star look better or worse, LALATE can exclusive report whether Kenya Moore sent a Twitter text message from Vivica A Fox’s cellphone about menopause, whether Kenya “stole” Vivica’s phone, and what happened to Vivica’s cellphone.

First, LALATE can exclusively report that Kenya Moore did not “steal” Vivica A Fox’s cellphone during taping on Celebrity Apprentice. But Kenya may have borrowed the phone. The allegation by Vivica is that Kenya “stole” Fox’s phone. But LALATE can report that during taping of Celebrity Apprentice lots of production and personal belongings were disappearing and then reappearing. Production binders and clipboards used by cast members, critical for doing challenges, would be there, and then disappear. It was not a situation unique to two cast members but across the entire production. And it remains unclear if that was a production twist to make the challenges even more difficult. But did Kenya take and never return Fox’s cellphone? No she did not. In fact, LALATE can also detail that Vivica A Fox’s cellphone is allegedly so old that it is highly likely anyone would ever steal it on a show where the finalists’ salaries are six figures.

Vivica A Fox Cellphone Tweets
Vivica A Fox Cellphone Tweet 1
Vivica A Fox Cellphone Tweet 2
Vivica A Fox Cellphone Tweet 3

Second, LALATE can also report that Kenya Moore may have sent that tweet about Vivica A Fox from Fox’s cellphone. The original tweet on April 16, 2014 from Vivica’s Twitter account read “This menopause id killing me. I can’t think straight. im acting a d–m foll half the time 50 just isn’t s-y”. Three hours later, Vivica’s twitter acount read “FYI! My last tweet was in response to me making it clear that I do believe 100 percent that Kenya STOLE my phone! trick Chick ;(“. The account added “was trying to hold my tongue ya’ll but I can’t stand a lying trick! game on trick”. For more spoilers about this season, and who wins, click HERE.

Kenya Moore Surges Celebrity Apprentice to Live Reunion Special: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: January 25th, 2015 in Celebrity Apprentice, Kenya Moore by LALATE

Kenya Moore Surges Celebrity Apprentice to Reunion Special: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Kenya Moore and Celebrity Apprentice are doing so well in the ratings that NBC has ordered more episodes, LALATE can exclusively report. The shocking revelation came late last week from Donald Trump who said that NBC wants to extend the show which was taped in 2014. LALATE believes however that NBC has ordered a two hour live reunion special that will air over two episodes in the coming weeks.

Kenya Moore and the cast of Celebrity Apprentice 2015 return this Monday for another episode. And while these episodes were filmed over a few weeks back in 2014, Trump says NBC wants more episodes for this season. And what will the network do? Trump tell news “Just been informed by NBC–they want to extend the run of the Apprentice NBC by two shows because it is doing so well.”

Getting together the entire cast for several weeks of shooting is not possible. So rather Trump suggest a live format is being pursued. “Two hours live.” Trump in the past has filmed live reunion shows. Hence it’s likely that NBC wants the entire cast to come back for a two part reunion show.

But Trump is not the deliverer of all good news today. He also tweeted “Word is that NBC News is firing sleepy eyes Chuck Todd in that his ratings on Meet the Press are setting record lows. He’s a real l–ser!”.

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