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Porsha Stewart Boyfriend Norris Cole Gave Rolls to Rival Kenya Moore? EXCLUSIVE

Posted: July 17th, 2014 in Kenya Moore, Norris Cole, Porsha Stewart by LALATE

Porsha Stewart Boyfriend Norris Gave Rolls to Rival Kenya Moore Bentley?

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Did Porsha Stewart’s boyfriend Norris Cole of the Miami Heat give Porsha a new Rolls Royce to rival Kenya Moore’s Bentley next season on RHOA? Norris Cole of the Miami Heat has yet to comment on LALATE’s exclusive asking if he Porsha Stewart’s new boyfriend. LALATE first reported indications that Porsha’s new boyfriend might be Norris Cole of the Miami Heat. But now, LALATE can also report that next season of the Housewives might turn out to be more like VelocityTV. Yes, Porsha is expected to be driving a Rolls Royce from her mystery NBA Prince, while Kenya Moore will be driving a Bentley from her mystery African Prince. Watch out, because Bravo is about to be gone with the autostrada fabulous, okay.

Kenya Moore is still not identifying her African Prince. Porsha Stewart, however, took real issue with that Moore-mystery last season. This season, Stewart has promised viewers that she will not reveal her boyfriend until cameras start rolling, and she gets her paycheck. But when they coins are delivered, she assures fans that she won’t be hiding her man any longer. But if Porsha doesn’t reveal secret Prince, who is gonna check her boo? In a recent interview, Andy Cohen asked Porsha if a TMZ report about her dating an African dictator were true. Porsha said the TMZ report was false. But Stewart said that she had a serious boyfriend. After that interview she told news “If I’m signed again with Housewives, then of course I’ll share the situation, but til then, you’ll have to wait and see.”

Last season, Kenya Moore debuted her stunning new Bentley. Porsha also took issue with Moore’s new ride. So Andy Cohen recently asked Porsha if her boyfriend had given her a brand new Rolls Royce. After a series of answers, Porsha confirmed to Cohen that her boyfriend has gifted her a new Rolls Royce. “I really haven’t said yet who I’m dating… there is someone special. I’m not ready to say yet…. But, I can tell you this, I’m loved.”

Kenya Moore’s Perfect BravoTV Boyfriend is Shep Rose, Jax Taylor? EXCLUSIVE

Posted: July 16th, 2014 in Jax Taylor, Kenya Moore, Shep Rose by LALATE

Kenya Moore's Perfect BravoTV Boyfriend Could be Shep or Jax? EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – If Kenya Moore had a dream BravoTV boyfriend, who would it be? While Kenya Moore is still dating her African Prince boyfriend, today she told fans what type of men she is most physically attracted to. Unfortunately, if you are Luis D. Ortiz, it was a day of devastating news. You should probably stop reading right now.

Kenya Moore tell fans today “I realize physically I like tall handsome men with big heads, prominent noses and athletic bodies…Weird”. So which single BravoTV personality could make checklist? By all accounts, perhaps the single Shep Rose (Southern Charm) and Jax Taylor (Vanderpump Rules) might be the frontrunners. Earlier this year, GG from Shahs said that she too “dated” Jax briefly. She said that Jax told Andy Cohen “little bit more than he should have” during a WWHL Clubhouse appearance.

Ironically, Shep in turn was asked by Cohen in the Southern Charm reunion if he was “down with the swirl”. Shep turned to Cohen, baffled, and said he did not know what that was, and had never heard that expression. When Cohen explained, Shep said that he has dated African American women. Also during the season, Shep said “I have a couple trust funds out there” but adds he does not do manual labor. Shep did not indicate if any of the trust funds are invested in African oil.



Kenya Moore’s Scepter Gets Hope with Dr Heavenly’s Mug: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: July 15th, 2014 in Dr Heavenly Kimes, Kenya Moore by LALATE

Kenya Moore's Scepter Gets Hope with Dr Heavenly's Mug: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Kenya Moore’s scepter, fan and megaphone might have new hope, LALATE can report. And the person (or thing) to thank is Dr Heavenly’s Mug. This season on Married to Medicine, Dr Heavenly’s Mug has made more appearances that Phaedra Parks with Apollo Nida this month. But ironically, just weeks ago, Andy Cohen told news that he and Bravo TV had instituted a “no prop” policy into Bravo TV reunions. As Heavenly would say “Well Daddy, what do you think” about Kenya’s scepter getting a reprise?

Kenya Moore has fanned, twirled, scepter-ized, and megaphon-ed Bravo TV reunions in the last two years. Kenya has defended her scepter, or spelled “septer” if you are someone else. But after the RHOA Reunion, LALATE first exclusively reported that a non-prop policy could be instituted to Bravo TV. Later, Cohen said he liked the props but would have to ban them. As to the horn, Cohen “It seemed to be a device that she was using for humor. How long would I have let her keep it? Probably about another minute.”

As the debate continued over the scepter, Moore actually posted an image of the prop to her Instagram to depict how light it was, and how no person could feel any threat from such a harmless prop. Later she appeared at the BET Awards at it. And Kandi Burruss would then use Moore’s own scepter to promote her upcoming spinoff show.

But while Bravo TV has said “no props” will be allowed back into reunions, on Sunday night, Dr Heavenly’s mug was front and center. And the mug appears to last the entire reunion filming. So has Dr Heavenly’s mug now bridged new hope for Kenya Moore’s props to return to reunion? You can twirl on that, Daddy!

Kenya Moore Spinoff Twirls to Bravo, Along with New Movie Role? EXCLUSIVE

Posted: July 8th, 2014 in Kenya Moore by LALATE

Kenya Moore Spinoff Twirls to Bravo, Along with New Movie Role? EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – A Kenya Moore spinoff could be coming to BravoTv, along with a new film role for the RHOA star, LALATE can exclusively report. The last time LALATE reported on a RH star (Tamra Judge) getting their own spinoff, per their own words, our story became the subject of an AskAndy BravoTv segment hosted by Andy Cohen and Daryn Carp. Well Andy might want to be on alert because LALATE can report that Moore is now giving hints of a spinoff as well.

Kenya Moore was asked moments ago “are you thinking about doing a fashion line, is there any truth about a spin off, and are you a Lindsay Lohan fan?” Moore responded “Yes to all of the above”. Moore was then asked if she is going to return to films. One fan asked Moore “have you ever recently thought about producing a new film? Possibly staring in one?” Kenya replied “yep! On its way.” Months ago, LALATE reported exclusively that, while Moore is set to get a pay raise in her new RHOA 2014-15 contract, she is likely to get the same spinoff provision afforded to other cast members, currently.

The peculiar response today was when Moore was about television. “When are u going to be back on TV?” The fan added “you give Bravo life.” Moore replied “the million dollar question”. But in another comment, Moore said that filming for the new season of RHOA started today.

Kandi Burruss Manager’s Kenya Moore Remark Prompts Reaction: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: July 5th, 2014 in Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore by LALATE

Kandi Burruss Manager's Kenya Moore Remark Prompts Reaction: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Kandi Burruss’ manager Don Juan posted a comment about Kenya Moore’s attempt to conceive on Instagram today. His remark prompted immediate debate among RHOA fans. Don Juan told fans that he likes Kenya Moore. But Moore, whose own struggle to have a baby has brought her to tears during the last RHOA season, and has led her to use IVF as an alternative, was the subject of what Don Juan thought was a funny comment today. Others disagreed.

During the second World Cup game today, Kandi Burruss’ manager posted to Instagram an image that featured cuts and pastes of different images. In the right is Kenya from BravoTV footage. In the bottom, is a comment about a current “sale” item. At the top is meme-like print which reads “Good News Kenya. It’s a sale on –”.

Don Juan remarked “I love Kenya Moore but at this point add some thousands behind it and be guaranteed a nice …. intelligent healthy child! Lol”. One RHOA viewer remarked ” come on man..poor taste.whateva”. Another wrote “very poor taste and not funny, disgusting.” Others found the comment funny. Moore and Burruss have yet to remark on Don Juan’s attempt at “comedy”.

Moore started IVF on June 2. Moore said because of her age she opted for IVF. She told Andy Cohen previously “For me, I don’t have a lot of time to try the natural way.” Moore shared the date on national television stating “I know I am ready. June 2!” Bravo has previously said that Kenya and her African Prince were trying to have a baby the natural way.

Kenya Moore, Married to Medicine Star Visit Prompts Bentley Twirl: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: July 4th, 2014 in Kenya Moore, Married to Medicine by LALATE

Kenya Moore, Married to Medicine Star Visit Prompts Bentley Twirl: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Kenya Moore, a visit to a Married to Medicine spot, and a stop by Atlanta police all happened within a matter of minutes on social media today in Atlanta. If you were watching the World Cup, you might have missed Kenya, Lisa Nicole, a Bentley, and Atlanta Police Department all make social media appearances. If you think RHOA is ready to start filming, you are so right.

Kenya Moore jetted from LAX to the ATL this week, LALATE can report. And shortly within stopping into town, she visited Lisa Nicole’s new store. As first reported exclusively on LALATE today, the Married to Medicine star is opening her own store ironically in the same building that Reco Chapple’s second store is located. Shortly after LALATE wrote exclusive details about Lisa’s store opening next week, the Married to Medicine star then tweeted that Kenya Moore had just visited her store as well. Moore, ironically wearing the same color of green that she was wearing dining in Los Angeles on Tuesday, visited Lisa Nicole’s shop where the pair posed for pictures. People in chariots carrying tomatoes were nowhere to be seen.

Then, as the World Cup action continued again, social media featured several people posting pictures of purportedly Kenya Moore’s Bentley parked along the shoulder of what appears to be an Atlanta highway. One tweeted that allegedly Moore was allegedly getting a ticket. It remained unclear if Moore was going with the wind way too fabulous fast. But at least the Bentley looked good. And no, there was no African Prince in the passenger seat. Ironically, one person tweeted on social media that Kenya’s license plate bids homage to her RHOA personality. Twirl on that.

Moments thereafter, Moore announced her return to the ATL with confirmation that the a PD had stopped her. No word if the cop mistakenly thought he was pulling over Beyonce.

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