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Kandi Burruss RHOA Shade Spy for Phaedra Parks Against Kenya Moore? EXCLUSIVE

Posted: September 22nd, 2014 in Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore, Phaedra Parks by LALATE

Kandi Burruss RHOA Shade Spy for Phaedra Parks Against Kenya Moore? EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Is Kandi Burruss the voice of reason, or the voice of treason, on the next season of RHOA? LALATE can report that followers of the show have been questioning if Kandi Burruss has moved from her neutral position on RHOA next season to becoming more aligned for Phaedra Parks and an against Kenya Moore. In fact some fans in recent weeks have noticed peculiar body language in images between Moore and Burruss, with several fans asking if Kandi is a Phaedra Parks’ shade “spy” next season on the show, against Kenya.

Days ago, Kenya Moore shared on Instagram an image taking by Kandi. In the caption, Kandi wrote “I had a great time at the #KitheBrewster fashion show! Thanks Cynthia Bailey for inviting me! This was my first time going to a Fashion Week show! Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey looked gorgeous in red!” But fans weren’t feeling Kandi’s body language. One wrote “This is the second photo Kandi was in with Kenya, and Kandi didn’t put her arms around her for the pic…. Kenya why bother with  [her]? Smh.” Another took issue with Kandi’s embracing of Cynthia but not Kenya. “Kandi is not partaking in this special event with Kenya, as everyone can see. Kandi does not have her arm around Kenya as she does on Cynthia, so sad. As Kenya might have realized by now, Kandi is not her friend. Hope she keep her distance.”

Another IG picture this week featured Kandi with Kenya and the women. But Kandi is seated away from Kenya with Claudia in between. The body language prompted more fans to take issue with Kandi. One fan wrote “Kandi [I] love you but you … a spy”. Fans understand that Kandi has been the voice of reason for several seasons, and Kenya Moore has always praised Kandi. But fans are suspect of Burruss in recent months. “From all the reports it’s two sides with Claudia, Kenya and Cynthia against Nene, Porscha and Phaedra with Kandi and Demetria in the middle!” One fan remarked ” How does Phaedra feel about you consorting with the enemy Kandi?”.

Kenya Moore New Book, New Film: RHOA Star Reveals Details – EXCLUSIVE

Posted: September 20th, 2014 in Kenya Moore by LALATE

 Kenya Moore New Book, New Film: Housewives Reveals Details: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – A new Kenya Moore book and film are in the works, LALATE can exclusively report. Kenya Moore recently filmed Celebrity Apprentice. But Moore suggested to fans this month that no debut date has yet been set for CB. She is currently filming the 2014-15 season of RHOA as well, with footage taking her and her co-stars outside of Georgia several times. But a new Kenya Moore book and film are in the works as well.

Kenya Moore revealed to her fans this month that she is working on a new film, consistent with previous indications about the same. But the big surprise came last night when Moore indicated yet another project: a book. When asked “when you doing a new book?” Kenya replied to her “TeamTwirl” “it’s written just waiting on release date”. Moore in recent months has filmed Celebrity Apprentice, RHOA, prepared her next feature film role, and continued efforts to roll out her new hair care line, “Moore Hair Care”, for a February 2015 release date. But the book was a complete shock to her fans.

When asked “what’s your inspiration for staying so strong through adversity”, Moore replied “knowing it makes you stronger”. Last week, Moore refused to answered who she thought should not be invited back to RHOA after this season is over. But she did say that she would like more diversity in the show’s cast.

As first reported on LALATE, Claudia Jordan is joining RHOA next season. Jordan is half Italian and half African America. While Jordan is two years younger than Moore, she competed in the Miss USA competition four years after Moore.

Kenya Moore: NeNe Leakes is Out on a RHOA Island by Herself

Posted: September 11th, 2014 in Kenya Moore, NeNe Leakes by LALATE

Kenya Moore: NeNe Leakes is out on a RHOA Island by Herself

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Kenya Moore won’t be joining Bachelor in Paradise next season. But Moore tells news that NeNe Leakes, in Kenya’s opinion, has sailed her RHOA ship to an deserted island. And Moore says it’s not exactly paradise.

Kenya Moore tells Gregory E. Miller that NeNe Leakes, in Kenya’s opinion, is out on an island by herself. “How are the new ladies this season on Atlanta?” Miller asks. “Well I cannot confirm nor deny that we have new ladies”, Kenya says with a smile and a laugh. But when Miller asks “Can you tell me how you are doing with your relationship with Nene?” Kenya’s smile is vacated. “I don’t have a relationship with Nene!” So where is Nene this day? Kenya says “She is on an island by herself somewhere. Her attitude. Ne-Ne — is on an island — by herself — with her attitude.”

The more that Moore was fed questions, the more she came for Leakes. But the real twirl factor came when Miller asked “What do you think about Nene being the wicked stepmother in Cinderella?” Kenya didn’t pause a second and jabs “I think it’s perfect casting!” Kenya Moore returns this fall to RHOA with Leakes. Also returning is Cynthia Bailey who Leakes previously said should not invited back by Bravo. Bravo rehired Bailey who has since gotten even closer to Moore.

Kenya Moore Pregnant Plans: Pregnancy Test Expected Post IVF – EXCLUSIVE

Posted: September 8th, 2014 in Kenya Moore by LALATE

Kenya Moore Pregnant Plans: Pregnancy Test Expected Post IVF - EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Is Kenya Moore pregnant, is Kenya going to have a baby, and when would Kenya Moore’s possible pregnancy begin? Kenya Moore began the path to possibly become pregnant back in June. LALATE can report that, based upon average IVF timelines, Kenya Moore could find out this month if IVF treatment was successful and whether she could possibly soon become pregnant. This morning, Kenya tweeted a cryptic message that said that she was awaiting life changing news.

Kenya Moore previously told news that her first IVF session was on June 2, 2014. It is believed to have occurred in California or New York. Moore thanked Team Twirl fans at the time for their support. Without mentioning IVF in her words, Kenya said “Thank you for all the well wishes and prayers. This process has been difficult but I keep faith in knowing that God has his own plans 4 me.” Today Moore asked for those followers to pray for her again.

Kenya first gave a glimpse of a possible IVF timeline to Andy Cohen on WWHL last spring. Moore said because of her age she opted for IVF. “For me, I don’t have a lot of time to try the natural way.” Moore shared the date on national television stating “I know I am ready. June 2!”

Is Kenya Moore’s donor in fact her African Prince? Moore told Cohen “I have a donor. I have always known who is my donor.” Andy asked Kenya if she had a donor before she visited the donor bank last season on RHOA. She replied “I wanted to make sure that the person and I want the same thing.” Cohen pressed further. Moore was asked if the donor is her African Prince. She said viewers would “have to find out”

IVF timelines vary greatly. Moore has not confirmed since that interview if she is still on IVF. But presuming she is, Moore might have undergone treatment to boost natural monthly hormone cycle, ovulation induction is which the egg supply is boosted, and egg collection under ultrasound guidance. While timelines differ, roughly sixty-seven days could pass. It is currently roughly ninety days since Moore’s June 2 IVF start date announced to Cohen. This morning, Moore tweeted the message “on my way to a very important meeting that can and will change my life. Aunt Lori by my side. I can’t lose w her #pray4me.” For continuing coverage click HERE.

Kenya Moore’s Bye Felicia Inspires Trademark after RHOA Reunion: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: September 1st, 2014 in Kenya Moore by LALATE

Kenya Moore's Bye Felicia Inspires Trademark after RHOA Reunionl

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Kenya Moore’s “Bye Felicia” remark dominated the RHOA Reunion in spring 2014. And now, after Moore said “Bye Felicia” to NeNe Leakes, the remark is saying “hello” to the U.S Trademark Office. LALATE can exclusively report that, right after the RHOA Reunion aired, someone registered the mark. And no, it’s not NeNe Leakes nor Kenya Moore.

The RHOA Reunion was taped in March 2014 and then aired thereafter. Coming into the reunion, Moore was actively tweeting the expression. Moore, of course, did not originate the expression. But during the RHOA Reunion, when Kenya had enough with NeNe Leakes, she toss her hand up and said to Leakes “Bye Felicia”. The expression then got a BravoTV resurgence when Carmon, Kandi Burruss’ friend, dealt it to a fellow bridesmaid during Kandi’s wedding spinoff.

However, LALATE can report that just after Moore delivered “Bye Felicia” during the RHOA reunion, someone registered the expression for trademark protection. The applicant is an Arizona resident seeking to deliver shirts, pants, and shorts carrying the expression Bye Felicia. You can “Twirl on that” (not registered) “ish” (registered).

In February, Moore tweeted “fans my blog is up. Isn’t it funny that some girls only post to sell their ish or dog u? #byefelicia”. And some RHOA fans used ByeFelicia in reference to other cast members last season. One viewer in January tweeted to Kandi “You can shout at Kenya but you can’t get Mama Joyce [and Todd] together? #ByeFelicia”. Another wrote “Nene should have told Kenya #byefelicia. Exit that way Bloop”.

Kenya Moore, Kordell Stewart Not Dating, RHOA Visits Puerto Rico: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: August 27th, 2014 in Kenya Moore, Kordell Stewart, RHOA by LALATE

Kenya Moore, Kordell Stewart Not Dating, RHOA Visits Puerto Rico: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – A fake Kenya Moore, Kordell Stewart dating story surfaced today in MediaTakeOut. Luckily, RHOA’s stars are not vacationing where cellphone reception is down.  Expect them to jab back at this false MTO tale. LALATE can report that not only are Kenya Moore & Kordell Stewart not dating, but Peter Thomas is not bankrupt and Cynthia Bailey is not pregnant, two other false reports from MediaTakeOut this month.

Kenya Moore posed for pictures with Cynthia Bailey and Claudia Jordan last night. And Porsha Stewart and her group posed in separate pictures as well. LALATE can report that the women are vacationing in a coastal town this week, filming a RHOA vacation. Walls, bays, and waterways posted by the cast on IG suggest that the town might be Puerto Rico.

But in recent weeks, Kenya Moore & Cynthia Bailey have been on the receiving end of false reports by MediaTakeOut, while Phaedra Parks and Porsha Stewart have been on the receiving end of glowing compliments from the same site. MTO has been posted several stories praising Phaedra Parks current “look”, but also claiming that Bailey is looking larger and exhibiting a baby bump in her midsection.

The latest false MTO report takes the Sports One opening, at which RHOA cast were there, and from that grows a fake tale. Of note, some RHOA readers will remember that MTO once notably ran a picture of Kenya Moore’s “boyfriend”, carrying a duffle bag, and claiming that it was stuffed with oil “money”. The guy in the picture was Brandon DeShazer. A new season of RHOA debuts on Bravo this fall. For more on what is happening in RHOA this fall click HERE.

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