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Kandi Burruss Ski Trip Backlash, Asks if NeNe Leakes’ Walkout Fake

Posted: May 11th, 2015 in Kandi Burruss,NeNe Leakes by LALATE

Kandi Burruss Ski Trip Backlash, Asks if NeNe Leakes Walkout Fake

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Kandi Burruss’ Ski Trip is facing a massive backlash this Sunday after Kandi Burruss’ conduct during the RHOA Reunion Part 3 last Sunday. Burruss refused to get up off the sofa to comfort NeNe Leakes initially. Burruss only got up once Kenya Moore told the RHOA star to get up because “NeNe is hurting”. Then after Leakes walked off the set, Burruss is heard telling co-stars that NeNe Leakes’s walkout might be fake and staged.

Kandi Burruss wants fans to watch “Ski Trip” this Sunday, a three part mini-series badged as three additional episodes of RHOA, not a real spinoff. But now many are wondering if backlash from Sunday’s telecast could hurt Burruss. Before the Part 3 reunion, LALATE reported that Leakes called Burruss “sad”, and her “new jealous hater”. Initially, the reaction to Leakes’ comments was filled with confusion, with fans unclear why Leakes was so upset with Kandi after the Reunion.

But during Part 3’s telecast last night, fans saw a side of Kandi toward Nene never before seen. Moore told Burruss to get up and hug Leakes because she was “hurting”. Burruss initially refused Kenya’s request but then got up.

Yet Kandi’s comments about NeNe got far worse after Leakes walked off the set. Kandi still with a live mic tells her co-stars that she is not sure if the entire walk-off was staged or faked by Leakes. When NeNe returned to the set, she thanked each of her co-stars minus Burruss. LALATE believes that Leakes was very aware post-walk off that Kandi called her exit possibly staged and faked. As reported earlier on LALATE, many fans have praised Leakes’ willingness, even slightly, to show her vulnerable side and reveal issues about her mother that have bothered her to this day.

Kenya Moore to Kandi Burruss: Get off the Sofa! NeNe Leakes’ Hurting

Posted: May 10th, 2015 in Kandi Burruss,Kenya Moore by LALATE

Kenya Moore to Kandi Burruss: Get off the Sofa! NeNe Leakes' Hurting

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Kenya Moore has a message to Kandi Burruss tonight: get off the sofa. Kenya Moore leaps to her feet when NeNe Leakes breaks down in tears. Moore in fact follows Cynthia Bailey who runs to Leakes’ side during the RHOA Reunion. But if you watch carefully, Kandi Burruss does not even flitch, remaining planted right in her spot on the sofa and not moving.

Why does Kandi Burruss refuse to get off the sofa to comfort NeNe? If you listen carefully during the RHOA Reunion tonight, Kandi and Claudia Jordan do not get up when NeNe Leakes “is hurting”. Bailey gets up and rushes over to NeNe to join Porsha Williams and Phaedra Parks as they conform NeNe. Kenya Moore then gets up and moves over to the hug-fest underway.

But then, Kenya’s microphone picks her up looking back and talking to Kandi. Burruss is not moving, not getting up. And when Kenya Moore tells Kandi to get up, Burruss is very reluctant to do any comforting for NeNe Leakes. Kenya says “Kandi come on! She is hurting!” Kandi gets up reluctantly and says “yes but I don’t …”.

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Since this taping, Leakes has called Kandi her “new jealous hater”. One fan added “I think they are trying to force NeNe Leakes to quit [RHOA]“, prompting NeNe to reply “I will always work 4 Bravo! I can’t say that 4 everyone”. And later one fan wrote “Kandi is completely obsessed with trying to trash NeNe Leakes. Envy is a putrid emotion.” Leakes replied “She sad on the inside”.

NeNe Leakes Mother? Kandi Burruss Refuses to Comfort Co-Star

Posted: May 5th, 2015 in Kandi Burruss,NeNe Leakes by LALATE

NeNe Leakes Mother? Kandi Burruss Refuses to Comfort Co-Star

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – NeNe Leakes’ mother revelation prompts the RHOA star to break down in tears in Sunday’s final RHOA Reunion episode. But one co-star doesn’t apparently care about the tears. A BravoTV preview released today reveals that all except two RHOA co-stars get to their feet to confront NeNe Leakes as she cries about her mother. The hold-outs are Kandi Burruss and Claudia Jordan. But the real shocker is Kandi Burruss who refuses to get off her sofa until told to do so.

The NeNe Leakes-Mother-Kandi Burruss moment is made more obvious by Kenya Moore. Leakes comes to her feet crying excessive about her mom. NeNe continually whispers that she cannot talk about her mother. Shaking and crying, Leakes gets comfort from Dr Jeff, Phaedra Parks, Cynthia Bailey, and Porsha Williams first. Bailey in fact rushes over to NeNe.

Next Kenya Moore joins the group and tries to comfort NeNe. But in a shocking moment, Kenya looks back and realizes Kandi and Claudia and sitting on their sofa and not moving. Moore turns to Kandi and pleads with the Burruss to get off the sofa and come over and comfort NeNe. Burruss refuses. Moore asks again. Kenya says “Kandi come on! She is hurting!” Kandi gets up reluctantly and says “yes but I don’t …” And then Burruss finally consents reluctantly. Earlier this season, when Phaedra Parks stormed out of a dinner after hearing allegations about Mr. Chocolate,  Kandi did not get open as well. Parks later slammed Kandi for not getting up and comforting her in time of need.

Kandi Burruss Ski Trip Under Fire as Fake RHOA “Spinoff”: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: April 19th, 2015 in Kandi Burruss,RHOA by LALATE

Kandi Burruss Ski Trip Under Fire as Fake Spinoff Series: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Kandi Burruss’ Ski Trip is under fire just days after the project was announced this week. Kandi Burruss is telling fans that her project, which she refers to as “Kandis Ski Trip”, is a television spinoff. And while Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker, the shows’ producers, were already under fire for allegedly faking marital trouble to create faux reality TV storylines, the entire project is under fire for promoting itself as a television spinoff series. But is it?

Kandi Burruss would like fans to believe that her project is called Kandi’s Ski Trip. But the project is called “Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi’s Skip Trip”. A quick flip of the remote control reveals that BravoTV has programmed the project to be tagged for cable operators like Dish and DirectTV as “Real Housewives of Atlanta”. So if you go to TIVO the show, it comes up on your remote as Real Housewives of Atlanta first.

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While Burruss may wish to label the show as a spinoff, it is not a true television spinoff either. A true spinoff stands alone with its own differing title, that is not title the same as the original show for cable operators, in the same time slot, as an extension of an ongoing series’ current season.

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Next the show is not a series but a special. While fans tend to more forgiving of Bravo personalities who use the term “series” for their wedding specials, a mere three episode project traditionally, according to Bravo TV’s own history, is a “special”, not a series. Two or three episode projects from BravoTV and other cable operators have always been called specials, not series. Ironically, in one IG post this week, Burruss called the show a “special”, not a series. In contrast, NeNe Leakes’ upcoming spinoff series is far more than three episodes, is not being reported to cable operators as a “Real Housewives of Atlanta” show, is not airing as an extension of the Real Housewives of Atlanta 2015 season, and is not a three episode special.

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Kandi’s Skip Trip: Kandi Burruss Spinoff Lands Only 3 Episodes

Posted: April 16th, 2015 in Kandi Burruss by LALATE

Kandi's Skip Trip: Kandi Burruss Spinoff Lands Only 3 Episodes

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUISVE) – “Kandi’s Skip Trip” is the latest Kandi Burruss Spinoff, but it will be only for three episode. Kandi’s Skip Trip replaces the “Meet the Tuckers” spinoff first exclusively reported on LALATE last winter. At the time, LALATE exclusively reported that Kandi, Todd Tucker, Aunt Bertha, and Mama Joyce would be heading to a spinoff called “Meet the Tuckers”. Rather BravoTV opted against the title and rebadged it “Kandi’s Skip Trip”.

In Kandi’s Skip Trip, Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker take a ski trip with both parts of their blended families. Along comes Carmen and other. Mama Joyce accuses Carmen and Todd Tucker of cheating before he got married, Todd Tucker’s family has tensions with Mama Joyce and her family, while Aunt Bertha delivers the humor to cut through hte tensions.

The trailer for the pilot is relatively sedate compared to the over the top trailer the Tucker-Burruss group had for their wedding spinoff. But BravoTV is set to badge (and synch) this spinoff as really more RHOA episodes for programming purposes. The show will be slotted into the RHOA timeslot and appear as an extension of RHOA season.

The network reports the full title is “The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Kandi’s Ski Trip, debuting Sunday, May 17 at 8pm ET/PT. “With so many moving pieces and the recent loss of Todd’s mother Sharon, Kandi and Todd decide to plan a Burruss-Tucker family ski trip to Colorado for a much-deserved vacation. They face many of the same problems other newlywed couples encounter from struggling to blend their families to trying to get pregnant. Since exchanging vows, Todd has been traveling nonstop to Los Angeles for the production of his new show, while Kandi continues to run her empire at full speed in Atlanta. As both sides of the family come together to hit the slopes, Kandi and Todd do everything in their power to get their relatives on the same page. Will the chilly getaway provide the rest and relaxation everyone needs, or will having their families all under one roof be too close for comfort?”

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