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The Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Juan Pablo Picks Winner Nikki Ferrell?

Posted: January 7th, 2014 in Juan Pablo,Nikki Ferrell,Spoilers,The Bachelor by LALATE

who wins The Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Juan Pablo Picks Winner Nikki Ferrell

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Bachelor 2014 Spoilers claims Juan Pablo picks winner Nikki Ferrell in the finale. Who wins The Bachelor 2014, who does Juan Pablo pick, is The Bachelor 2014 winner actually Nikki Ferrell (photos below), and is RealitySteve wrong again? This season of The Bachelor the show takes a dramatically different course than previous seasons. Two years ago, The Bachelor Spoilers were not as pervasive. There was the focus on The Bachelor, Ben Flajnik, and less on the potential winner, Courtney Robertson. In fact, seen as the show’s villain at the time, Robertson was polarizing viewers. While RealitySteve Bachelor Spoilers were claiming in 2012 that the winner would be Courtney Robertson, many viewers were skeptical since her personality did not appear to match that of Bachelor Ben Flajnik. Eventually, she would win, remain with Ben, and then break up.

But after correctly predicting Sean Lowe’s winner, the landscape for RealitySteve changed. Following not one but two lawsuits, RealitySteve predicted that Desiree Hartsock, the Bachelorette 2013, would pick Brooks Forester. The match seemed so unlikely. Even members of the Hartsock family fumed against Steve, calling his spoilers fabricated and allegedly fueled by self motivation. As the season came to a near end, the hope of Brooks Forester winning seemed even less likely. But RealitySteve relished in the attention and gloated how he was the talk of Twitter coming into the finale. And then, suddenly, everything changed. RealitySteve’s spoilers were proven wrong. Brooks Forester did not win. And RealitySteve had lots of explaining to do.

Nikki Ferrell Pictures Set 1
Nikki Ferrell Photo 1
Nikki Ferrell Photo 2
Nikki Ferrell Photo 3
Nikki Ferrell Photo 4

Suddenly, critics and fans began to question how and why RealitySteve was wrong. After attracting a year of attention, and traffic, for something completely inaccurate, RealitySteve had little explanation for his error. Some skeptics thought that he was set up by a fake source by producers, after two previous attempts in court to stop RealitySteve’s spoilers. He denied the same.

Nikki Ferrell Pictures Set 2
Nikki Ferrell Photo 5

Nikki Ferrell Photo 6

Nikki Ferrell Photo 7

Nikki Ferrell Photo 8

This time around, RealitySteve’s target is less the show’s producers and more its star, Juan Pablo. His accusations against the star this season are surprising. He claims that Juan Pablo allegedly is focused more on fame and less on finding love. As fans have learned, the Bachelor has become a big career change for its stars. Sean Lowe will next star in a wedding special this year.

Nikki Ferrell Pictures Set 3
Nikki Ferrell Photo 9
Nikki Ferrell Photo 10
Nikki Ferrell Photo 11
Nikki Ferrell Photo 12

But for Juan Pablo, don’t expect a wedding or an engagement. RealitySteve claims that Juan Pablo allegedly has zero interest in the women that are cast into the show. And while he chooses a winner, allegedly Nikki Ferrell, Juan Pablo allegedly has no interest in marrying her. With that, Juan Pablo does not give her a ring, allegedly does not get engage to Nikki Ferrell, and leaves many guessing the future of the franchise.

Nikki Ferrell Pictures Set 4
Nikki Ferrell Photo 13
Nikki Ferrell Photo 14
Nikki Ferrell Photo 15
Nikki Ferrell Photo 16

For now, RealitySteve is telling news that he is completely positive that his The Bachelor 2014 Spoilers are correct. But when the show premiered this week however there were far less attention on Juan Pablo and much more on Nikki Ferrell, with her name plastered across the internet as the proclaimed winner, so according to RealitySteve. Nevertheless, the real mystery is how Nikki will be shown by producers on camera, and if she will become the Courtney Robertson of 2014. Despite attempts at different approaches by the franchise, Robertson’s antics and behavior became so polarizing that she lifted the show into stellar ratings at the time.

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