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Teresa Giudice Sentencing Date Won’t Feature a Joe Giudice Divorce

Posted: September 14th, 2014 in Joe Giudice, Teresa Giudice by LALATE

Teresa Giudice Sentencing Date Won't Feature a Joe Giudice Divorce Twist

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Teresa Giudice Sentencing Date won’t follow a Joe Giudice divorce petition. The looming sentencing date for Teresa Guidice and Joe Giudice has been rolled over. But that is not because of marital trouble. The Giudices in recent days battled false allegations that they are heading to divorce court as well. However, the couple sent a strong message to gossip sites this week. There is no pending Teresa Giudice divorce anything now, or in the future. In fact, the couple says that they have grown closer together in recent months.

Footage leading up to the Teresa Giudice Sentencing Date was aired last Sunday on BravoTV. The network has been scrambling as prosecutors and the Giudices have been changing the sentencing hearing. It was set to occur before this RHONJ season. Then it was set for this month. Now it will occur toward the end of the season’s run. In an ideal world, the Giudices would presumably like the sentencing hearing to occur after the entire RHONJ season is over so that it does not roll into footage for the season, the reunion, or WWHL specials.

But this week, the couple was not happy with false divorce claims. “There is no truth to the rumors that my clients Joe and Teresa Giudice are having any marital issues,” said family attorney Wendy Feldman in a statement to news. “In fact, their legal issues have brought them closer together. They remain devoted to each other and their four beautiful daughters.” For now, the sentencing date originally set for September 23 has now been rolled over to October 2, 2014 before by U.S. District Judge Esther Salas.

For several seasons, the couple has battle false divorce claims. In 2011, Jacqueline Laurita battled Teresa over the same. After Laurita warned Teresa about a fake mistress story hitting press, Laurita claimed that Joe threatened her and her husband, Chris. She claimed she “wanted to give you both a heads up to be prepared before” the story broke. But Laurita claimed Teresa then blamed her and Chris for the story coming out.

“Don’t shoot the messenger” Laurita fumed back at Teresa. She added that the pictures were going to be released by “Erin”; Laurita was furious that, rather than thanking her for the advance notice, Teresa and Joe allegedly blamed her and Chris for the story’s release. In her message to Teresa, Laurita warned Joe “not to threaten my husband.” She urged “I didn’t take or release those pictures”. For further coverage of Teresa’s case, click HERE.

Joe Gorga Says He’s Michelangelo, Joe Giudice Says He’s Smart Like God

Posted: September 14th, 2014 in Joe Giudice, Joe Gorga by LALATE

Joe Gorga Says He's Michelangelo, Joe Giudice Says He's Smart Like God

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice are back with their modesty tonight on BravoTV. In 2012, Joe Giudice bragged that he has the “best brain” next to “God”. Tonight, Joe Gorga claims that he is the Michelangelo of New Jersey, and that if you look up history books about Rome, you will see his work in those books.

The oh-so-modest Joe Gorga is ready to look at his new house plans this week. And he has big plans. But first, Joe Gorga flaunts his net worth for viewers and tells them how everyone sees him as a great artist of Jersey. In tonight’s episode, which Bravo actually calls “Joe Gorga, the Michelangelo of New Jersey”, Melissa’s husband shares his “resume”.

Gorga says “A Joe Gorga house is impeccable. When you open those history books, and you look at Rome, that is what I built. I have that gift. I am the Michelangelo of New Jersey”. Tonight he is reviewing plans for his new house featuring $3.8 million in construction consists and $250K in the pool construction.

In 2012 on RHONJ, Joe Giudice said, next to God, he is the smartest person around. In a Giudice voice, Chris Manzo said Joe would also tell the guys “I’ll tell you the truth, the best brain in the world is God. God’s got the best brain. And then, then there’s me.” That season, Joe was arrested for using a fake driver’s license. The guys told him “I just thought he was [not smart]. It’s not something you do when you’re 40 years old and have a family.”

Teresa Giudice Sentencing Date Changed: Joe Giudice Faces Prison?

Posted: September 7th, 2014 in Joe Giudice, Teresa Giudice by LALATE

Teresa Giudice Sentencing Date Changed: Joe Giudice Faces Prison

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – The Teresa Giudice sentencing date has been changed again. But will Joe Giudice go to prison, is Joe facing deportation, and what is the latest news update on the Teresa Giudice criminal case? Tonight BravoTV airs the episode in which Teresa and Joe plead guilty in their criminal case. The original Teresa Giudice sentencing date set for July, before the start of the RHONJ season. That date was then changed because of the passing of Joe Giudice’s father. Then the second sentencing date was set for September 23, as reported last week on LALATE. That date has now been changed again. The latest news update reveals that the new Teresa Giudice sentencing date is October 2, 2014 before by U.S. District Judge Esther Salas.

Tonight’s scene features Teresa Giudice and Joe heading to court. As reported exclusively on LALATE at the time, the two were set to head to trial in February 24, 2014. At the time, they faced a 39 count indictment. But as depicted in tonight’s episode, Teresa and Joe pled guilty.

Many of Teresa’s businesses at issue in this criminal case are the ones shown on Bravo. Prosecutors claimed in documents obtained exclusively by LALATE that “Defendants never disclosed the TG Fabulicious business, the TF Fabulicious Bank Account, the TG Fabulicious intellectual property, the Name Brand business, the Name Brand Bank Account, the 1601 Maple Avenue business, the 1601 Maple Avenue Bank Account, the Turbo Fuel business, the Turbo Fuel Bank Account, the Rental Property Lease, the Rental Protect Income, Teresa Giudice’s true income, and their anticipate increase in income.”

Joe, prosecutors claim, misstated his assets during the bankruptcy and misstated his Bravo income. What did Joe and Teresa do? There are far different allegations against Joe then against Teresa. The government asserts that, years before joining Bravo, Teresa allegedly committed loan fraud, allegedly fabricating income, W2 statements, and more to get home loans that should not have been given. When she was in bankruptcy, she and Joe allegedly did not disclose other assets.

So are they heading to prison? Under the plea deal, Teresa Giudice faces 21 to 27 months, or no time (probation). Joe faces between three to four years. Each pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, and three counts of bankruptcy fraud, along with concealing assets. Joe also admitted to failing to file a tax return, for the year ending 2004.

Bravo says of tonight’s episode “Teresa Giudice and her husband make a legal decision that will decide their fate and change their lives forever. As news spreads about a possible plea deal in Teresa’s court case, Dina and Melissa plan a surprise getaway to cheer their friend up in her most desperate time. Meanwhile, Amber and Nicole’s fragile reconciliation takes an unwanted detour when Amber starts texting nasty insults to Nicole’s boyfriend Bobby. Teresa and her husband Joe make a legal decision that will decide their fate and change their lives forever.”

Teresa Giudice Sentencing Date Won’t Feature RHONJ Cameras in Court

Posted: August 31st, 2014 in Joe Giudice, RHONJ, Teresa Giudice by LALATE

Teresa Giudice Sentencing Date Won't Feature RHONJ Cameras in Court

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – The Teresa Giudice sentencing date won’t feature RHONJ cameras in court, LALATE can exclusively report. But when Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice’s sentencing date occurs, RHONJ cameras will be there, outside. On tonight’s episode, viewers will see footage of Teresa Giudice and Joe arriving at a federal courthouse and entering a plea deal in their criminal fraud case. The video footage is limited to arrival at the courthouse and exiting. That scope of filming is what fans should expect this September as well, LALATE can report.

The Teresa Giudice sentencing date was changed in recent months due to the passing of Joe Giudice’s father. The original date was July 2014. Now it is set for September 23, 2014. The change of the sentencing date dramatically changes its impact on the RHONJ storyline. On tonight’s episode, viewers learn that Joe and Teresa are pleading guilty. But viewers are left guessing if Teresa Giudice is going to prison, is Joe Giudice going to prison, if Joe will be deported, and what will happen to their children. A July hearing date would have answered all that before tonight’s episode aired.

Rather, when RHONJ returns tonight, viewers are brought up to date with the criminal case. No major substantive changes in the criminal fraud case have happened since this episode was filmed. So what happened to Teresa and Joe, what did they do? Viewers are told tonight that Teresa and Joe Giudice “admitted to a federal judge that they committed mortgage fraud and bankruptcy fraud. I want to read a statement made by Teresa Giudice. ‘Today I took responsibility for a series of mistakes I made.’”

Teresa then tells viewers that “we are going through rough times. And we are going to make it through.” She adds “before this, I knew nothing about our legal system. But through all this, it has made Joe and I stronger.” She adds “I know deep in my heart that Joe and I are good people and I will make what needs to be right.”

Meantime, Teresa tells fans on BravoTV that she is enjoying fan support this month. “I really do love meeting you all and getting to know you!” She adds “Be sure to check out the new Fabellini website at www.fabellini.net. We have peach and raspberry flavors both imported from Italy. Follow me on Twitter or Facebook for my appearances, and visit my website for my information about my cookbooks, Fabulicious Desserts and Coffees, and so much more. Love, love, love to you all!” For more click HERE.

Teresa Giudice Sentencing Date To Be Filmed for RHONJ Finale

Posted: August 24th, 2014 in Joe Giudice, Teresa Giudice by LALATE

Teresa Giudice Sentencing Date To Be Filmed for RHONJ Finale

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Teresa Giudice’s sentencing date will be filmed for RHONJ’s finale, LALATE can report. In recent days, reports about Teresa Giudice’s sentencing have claimed that BravoTV cameras may film the court proceeding for Teresa and Joe Giudice. Nothing could be further from the truth. Cameras won’t be allowed in the courtroom when Teresa Giudice’s sentencing is announced. But NBC News cameras are expected to record the couple arriving and leaving from the courthouse. That footage is then expected to be incorporated into the BravoTV RHONJ season finale.

The Teresa Giudice sentencing date is set for next month. It was originally set to occur before the RHONJ season debut. An original July sentencing date would have changed the impact and buildup to the season finale. But now, the new Teresa Giudice sentencing date of September 23, 2014 is expected to be filmed and edited for the season finale. How BravoTV incorporates that footage could follow two possible roadmaps, LALATE can report.

RHONJ may air the footage as an extended extra thirty minutes “update” segment right after the season finale. It could also be paired with a WWHL one-on-one with Teresa and Andy Cohen. Cohen is expected to also address the sentencing during the RHONJ reunion.

Recently, Teresa told news how important it is for Gia to have Joe in her life day to day. “How funny was Joe and Gia’s talk? I love that they have such a great relationship. It’s important for girls to have a strong father figure in their lives. Gia is a daddy’s girl just like I was, and still am! Their heart-to-heart talk was so cute.” Teresa also told news “I can’t believe Gia admitted to her dad that she’s kissed a boy! Ah marone! I don’t even want to think about it. Joe’s so funny: “Next time that kid comes here, I’m gonna kick his a–.” He’s kidding of course, but any boy that wants to date any of our daughters better realize they have to go through me and Joe first!”

For now, Teresa is thanking her fans. “I loved meeting you all at my Fabellini signing this week! I seriously have the most beautiful fans in the world! I wish I could meet every single one of you!…I would love, love, love to see you!” For more click HERE.

Teresa Giudice Sentencing Date: Joe Giudice Battles Jim Marchese Tirade

Posted: August 17th, 2014 in Jim Marchese, Joe Giudice, Teresa Giudice by LALATE

Teresa Giudice Sentencing Date: Joe Giudice Battles Jim Marchese Tirade

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – The Teresa Giudice sentencing date, and Joe Giudice’s reaction to Jim Marchese, may have left some viewers confused on RHONJ this month. Jim Marchese discussed the “prosecution of Joe Giudice” on camera. But by the time the episode aired, the case was already in the sentencing stage.

Teresa Giudice’s sentencing date was not mentioned in the Jim Marchese tirade on RHONJ this month. At the time the scene was filmed, prosecutors were still going after Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice. The pair had not yet pled guilty to the allegations. No plea deal was in place. So when Jim (hands in his pockets) Marchese goes into a tirade about his buddies in the prosecutor’s office, both Teresa and Joe’s cases were still very much up in the air.

Since filming wrapped, Teresa Giudice and Joe Giudice pled guilty. A sentencing date was originally set for early summer 2014. But following the death of Joe’s father, the date was rolled over. While Teresa and Joe were originally to be sentenced on July 8, the new Teresa and Joe Giudice sentencing date is September 23, 2014. For more click HERE.

Meantime, one issue remaining up in the air as well is the future of RHONJ. The show’s ratings have been in free fall. RHONJ is produced by the same company that does RHONY which also took a nose dive in ratings last season. So far this season, fans have enraged by the addition of Amber and Jim Marchese to the show. On BravoTV.com this month, virtually all the comments about Jim have been negative. One viewer wrote “Who asked [Jim] to become Joe’s BFF? Love how he called Joey a dumb F–k then made a beeline for the door. His wife is tougher than he is. He should stick to cheesy commercials.” Another viewer wrote “Who would have thought I could like Joe Gorga after last season?” And many have found find Jim to be even worse than Amber. “And yes Amber’s husband is a j–rk. Mr High and Mighty … thinks he is above these characters. Did he think this through before signing on to do the reality show? Looks his eyes were closed when the wallet opened up.”

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