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Jaycee Lee Dugard
  • Jaycee Dugard Oprah!

    Will Jaycee Lee Dugard’s first interview be Oprah? Oprah wants Jaycee Dugard’s exclusive. A Dugard report last weekend has been shot...

    lalateSeptember 14, 2009
  • Dugar Family Doing Well!

    The Dugard Family is doing well, says aunt Tina Dugard today. Jaycee Lee Dugard and daughters are wonderful, says Tina Dugard....

    lalateSeptember 3, 2009
  • Jaycee Dugard Children PHOTOS

    PHOTOS. Here are pictures of Jaycee Lee Dugard’ children today and Dugard 18 years ago. Jaycee Lee Dugard’s daughtersare pictured as...

    lalateSeptember 2, 2009
  • Jaycee Lee Dugard New Photos on Business Cards!

    Jaycee Lee Dugard put new photos of herself on business cards The new Jaycee Dugard photos on business cards shows Dugard...

    lalateSeptember 2, 2009
  • Michaela Garecht PHOTO!

    PHOTO! Here is a picture of Michaela Garecht whose disappearance is part of the Phillip Garrido Jaycee Lee Dugard investigation. Michaela...

    lalateSeptember 1, 2009
  • Katie Callaway Hall YouTube!

    VIDEO! Watch video of Katie Callaway Hall tell Larry King how Phillip Garrido’s 8 hours of kidnapping her was scary enough....

    lalateSeptember 1, 2009
  • Jaycee Dugard Daughters!

    Jaycee Dugard’s daughters – Starlite and Angel Garrido – cried when their father Phillip Garrido was arrested.  Jaycee Dugard (photo above)...

    lalateSeptember 1, 2009
  • What is Stockholm Syndrome?

    What is Stockholm Syndrome? Is Jaycee Lee Dugard’s case an example of Stockholm Syndrome? Is Dugard’s senario like Patty Hearst claimed...

    lalateAugust 31, 2009
  • Allissa Garrido!

    Jaycee Lee Dugard was known as Allissa Garrido, the daughter of Phillip Garrido. Jaycee Lee Dugard as Allissa Garrido acted as...

    lalateAugust 30, 2009
  • themanwhospokewithhismind!

    On his blog Voices Revealed, themanwhospokewithhismind was the username of Phillip Garrido. themanwhospokewithhismind on Voices Revealed is never quite coherent. As...

    lalateAugust 28, 2009