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Jaycee Lee Dugard
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  • Michaela Garecht PHOTO!

    PHOTO! Here is a picture of Michaela Garecht whose disappearance is part of the Phillip Garrido Jaycee Lee Dugard investigation. Michaela...

    lalateSeptember 1, 2009
  • Katie Callaway Hall YouTube!

    VIDEO! Watch video of Katie Callaway Hall tell Larry King how Phillip Garrido’s 8 hours of kidnapping her was scary enough....

    lalateSeptember 1, 2009
  • Jaycee Dugard Daughters!

    Jaycee Dugard’s daughters – Starlite and Angel Garrido – cried when their father Phillip Garrido was arrested.  Jaycee Dugard (photo above)...

    lalateSeptember 1, 2009
  • What is Stockholm Syndrome?

    What is Stockholm Syndrome? Is Jaycee Lee Dugard’s case an example of Stockholm Syndrome? Is Dugard’s senario like Patty Hearst claimed...

    lalateAugust 31, 2009
  • Allissa Garrido!

    Jaycee Lee Dugard was known as Allissa Garrido, the daughter of Phillip Garrido. Jaycee Lee Dugard as Allissa Garrido acted as...

    lalateAugust 30, 2009
  • themanwhospokewithhismind!

    On his blog Voices Revealed, themanwhospokewithhismind was the username of Phillip Garrido. themanwhospokewithhismind on Voices Revealed is never quite coherent. As...

    lalateAugust 28, 2009