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Tom Sandoval Cheated On Ariana Madix with Miami Chick, says Jax Taylor

Posted: February 23rd, 2015 in Ariana Madix, Jax Taylor, Tom Sandoval by LALATE

Tom Sandoval Cheated On Ariana Madix with Miami Chick, says Jax Taylor

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Did Tom cheat on Ariana, did Tom sleep with Miami Chick, and did Tom Sandoval have an affair? Tonight Jax Taylor says Tom Sandoval cheated on Ariana Madix with Miami Chick. Jax says that Tom Sandoval is a liar and that Tom slept with Miami Chick.

Tom Sandoval is a cheater and Jax Taylor is the voice of reason, so Vanderpump Rules wishes to claim tonight. Kristen Doute is on a vengeance. In the end she does a victory dance. “I’m sick of being called a liar. I am paying for the mistake I paid 2 years ago with this one [Sandoval]. He decided to be honest but everyone has cheated and I’m the one paying for it”, she tell news.

Scheana is exhausted. “Os this why we came? Kristen people think you are crazy because you slept with your bf’s best friend.” Kristen’s friend has had enough. “I don’t want Kristen to look crazy anyone. You know what happened to Miami, why don’t you tell the truth”, she says to Jax. “In end of the day, Jax, you need to be honest.”

Everyone at the table looks at Jax Taylor. Fitting the usual Vanderpump Rules format, Kristen is the protagonist, Jax is the messenger, and the rest is the judge and jury. Finally the jury demands Jax to fess up. And he does. But can we believe Jax Taylor? “I have Kristen breathing down my neck. And I got Sandoval breathing down my neck. There is no win here.” So Jax delivers the news. “Okay. So that girl was with Tom in the room having s-x. She slept with him. She had s-x with him. Do I think it happened? Yes 100%.”

Vanderpump Rules Reunion 2015: Jax Taylor Battles Stassi Schroeder

Posted: February 6th, 2015 in Jax Taylor, Stassi Schroeder, Vanderpump Rules by LALATE

Vanderpump Rules Reunion 2015: Jax Taylor Battles Stassi Schroeder

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – The Vanderpump Rules Reunion 2015 will feature Jax Taylor and Stassi Schroeder (minus her boyfriend) in the best seats, LALATE can exclusively report. The Vanderpump Rules Reunion 2015 reunion is being taped right now. And Jax Taylor is revealing the number of chairs that will be featured in the reunion, and even the sitting arrangement. No word if BravoTV is happy with the IG-spoiler.

The Vanderpump Rules Reunion 2015 is prompting memories of the RHOC 2014 taping. At the time, Vicki Gunvalson was allegedly told to delete an IG pic of the RHOC taping that revealed far more than the typical cast-standing picture. Moments ago, however, Jax Taylor took it a step further. He even photographed virtually the entire seating arrangement for the Pump Rules reunion. BravoTV execs are about to Vandershocked by Jax’s IG’ing today. (Jax, ironically, days earlier IG’d a pic of his new car’s window sticker, which revealed his full complete name. He later deleted the IG pic.)

So who is sitting where during the reunion? On Lisa Vanderpump’s left, the seating arrangement will be Jax, Scheana Marie, Tom Sandoval, and lastly Ariana Madix. Madix will be stage left, or on the right side for TV viewers.

Stassi BF Pictures Set 1
Stassi BF Photo 1
Stassi BF Photo 2
Stassi BF Photo 3
Stassi BF Photo 4

On the left side is actually two rows. The back row (ironically) is Kristen and her boyfriend, hugging those bleacher seats. The front row will feature Tom Schwartz at far stage right, and moving inward toward Lisa is Katie Maloney followed by an empty chair. And who gets the empty chair and stage center, Lisa’s right, opposite to Jax, on Lisa’s left? LALATE believes it is protagonista fashionista Stassi Schroeder. Yes, in an unusual twist, Stassi Schroeder has named one of the two best seats in the house.

Jax Taylor’s Instagram Shocker Battles Stassi Schroeder Boyfriend: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: February 2nd, 2015 in Jax Taylor, Stassi Schroeder by LALATE

Jax Taylor's Instagram Shocker Battles Stassi Schroeder Boyfriend: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – What do Jax Taylor’s Instagram account have in common with Stassi Schroeder’s boyfriend? This season on Vanderpump Rules, you won’t hear often the names “Jason M. Cauchi” or “Patrick Meagher”. Stassi’s boyfriend is Patrick Meagher. And Jax Taylor’s real name is “Jason M. Cauchi” .

Jax deleted a mystery Instagram photo this week, after an LALATE exclusive about it. Why did Jax Taylor delete the Instagram picture, who was in the Instagram picture, and is this yet another twist for the Vandershocked Reunion taping? LALATE can report that, on Instagram, Jax did not reveal a girlfriend but rather something else: his real name.

Stassi BF Pictures Set 1
Stassi BF Photo 1
Stassi BF Photo 2
Stassi BF Photo 3
Stassi BF Photo 4

Jax Taylor posted to Instagram on January 30 an image of his new car’s GM window sticker. The car was special ordered. So when the proud purchase arrived, Jax took an Instagram picture and shared it with fans. On January 30, Jax Instagram the image, and Tweeted it. He wrote “Pretty cool when you have a car built for you.” But the car sticker said “This vehicle was built especially for Jason M. Cauchi.”

Immediately fans were baffled who is Jason M. Cauchi. LALATE quickly ran the story that Jax just intentionally or accidentally confirmed his real name as Jason M. Cauchi. After we ran the story, Jax deleted the tweet, deleted the Instagram image, and deleted any mention of “Jason M. Cauchi”. So why did Jax delete an mention of his real name Jason M. Cauchi? At the time, some fans understood who is Cauchi, others did not. One wrote “That’s your real name?” For now, Jax is still on Instagram. But the Jason M. Cauchi reference is deleted. The reason he deleted his real name remains a mystery.

Jax Taylor Real Name Jason M Cauchi Detailed by Pump Rules Star: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: January 30th, 2015 in Jason Cauchi, Jax Taylor by LALATE

Jax Taylor Real Name Jason M Cauchi Revealed by Pump Rules Star: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – The faux mystery over Jax Taylor’s real name was ended moments ago, LALATE can exclusively report. Jax Taylor’s real name is Jason Cauchi, fans have heard for years since season one of Vanderpump Rules. The real name debated ignited last season’s reunion as well. But moments ago, Jax Taylor turned a few heads by either accidentally or intentionally revealing to fans that his real name is Mr. “Jason M Cauchi”.

Jason M Cauchi just got a new car delivered to him today. The revelation was made on IG in a post that prompted some hilarious IG responses. Jax got a new sports car delivered today, his second car purchase in recent months. And while Jax is not shy to reveal his recent spending habits, he is also not shy to reveal the car’s sticker.

Jax just tweeted an IG image of the car’s sticker tag. He wrote “Pretty cool when you have a car built for you.” But the car sticker says “This vehicle was built especially for Jason M. Cauchi.”

The discussion should have ended right there. But viewers are hilariously baffled by the revelation. Who is Jason M. Cauchi?

Some think that Jax misread the sticker and that the car was built by Jason, not for Jason. No, Jason M. Cauchi does not work for a Detroit manufacturer. One said “That’s your real name?” Some fans think that Jax changed his name from Jax to Jason during the current season. “Yea didn’t they say a few episodes he changed his name.” Others are even created a JaxGate over the switch, claiming that something happened in Miami to have Jax suddenly change his name to Jason this month. Rather Jax Taylor’s real name is Jason M Cauchi. Jax Taylor is a stage name. And don’t think Jax is going anywhere anytime soon. He only gets 15 mpg in the city.

Jax Taylor Vanderpump Rules Ignites WWHL, Monogram Pillow Cases: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: January 26th, 2015 in Jax Taylor, Vanderpump Rules by LALATE

Jax Taylor Vanderpump Rules Gets WWHL & Monogram Pillow Cases: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Jax Taylor of Vanderpump Rules has some exciting news for fans. He is heading to WWHL on March 2, 2015. But the bigger news for Jax might be those hotel monogrammed pillow cases awaiting him in New York. As BravoTV fans have noticed this season, WWHL producers are putting up Bravo personalities up at a NYC hotel that monogram your name on two pillow cases. Last weekend, it was “Kandi” and “Koated” for Kandi Burruss Tucker. Before that, it was “Cynthia” and “Peter” for Cynthia Bailey. And while Pump Rules fans might not think Jax gets excited about pillow cases and living room sets, think again.

Jax Taylor of Pump Rules this season, off camera, has become that hilarious confession of a retail shopper. In just two weeks, Taylor has confessed to being, well, “Jaxed” by not just Target but also by IKEA. The star tells news that his love of everything retail has resulted in him given in faster than a ladies’ man at a San Diego hotel pool party. But we digress.

So what is with Jax and his shopping confessions this month? He tells news “I came to get my parking validated at Target and came out with electronics, pillows, t-shirts…what kind of evil is this place.”

Yes, Jax gave into temptations, not from a bikini girl from San Diego but from “incredibly soft” Target products. “Is it ever possible to go into Target and just get the one thing you came in for? I don’t even need pillows or incredibly soft t shirts”. Days before Jax gave into retail temptations, at IKEA as well. “Back to IKEAUSA this place gets me in trouble went in for a rug, came out with whole new living room set and dishes.”

He also recently told news other retail surprises. “How cool is this new glow in the dark toilet locator strip. Thank you so much I love it” he tweeted just after “Check out my new phone case”. For now, Jax is getting ready for WWHL next month. “This just in I will be doing Bravo WWHL March 2, can’t wait to be back in NYC”. Those pillow cases await him.

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