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Jax Taylor Girlfriend 2014 Battles Stassi Schroeder Boyfriend Story

Posted: February 24th, 2014 in Jax Taylor, Patrick Meagher, Stassi Schroeder, Vanderpump Rules by LALATE

Jax Taylor Girlfriend, Dating Battles Stassi Schroeder Boyfriend Story

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who is Jax Taylor’s girlfiend 2014, who is Jax dating on Vanderpump Rules, and is Jax and her girlfriend still together? Previously, Stassi Schroeder boyfriend Patrick Meagher stunned the Vanderpump Rules Reunion. Tonight, Vanderpump Rules reveals that Jax has a new girlfiend. And how did he meet her? On Twitter, he tells news.

Jax Taylor’s girlfriend and Stassi Schroeder’s boyfriend Patrick Meagher have something in common. They both fell in love with their Vanderpump Rules stars over Twitter. Patrick Meagher is the host of a Sirius XM show. A fan of the show, Stassi reached out to Patrick after her split with Jax. The two connected via Twitter, began dating and later found true love.

Tonight Bravo is back with more Vanderpump Rules. After #vandershocked moments like “are Tom and Ariana dating”, did “Tom and Kristen breakup” and “did Stassi quit Sur”, tonight the focus is on Jax.

The women of Sur are shooting their photoshoot. One tells news that Jax has a new “FB” status. For Jax, at least this time, FB refers to Facebook. The new status indicates that Jax is in a relationship. “Today Jax put that he is in a relationship. His Facebook says in a relationship” says a server. “Going to therapy all the day, and your therapist is telling you stop dating a girl that you never met? Stop texting 60 girls at the same time, so how has he changed?” fumes Stassi.

Stassi BF Pictures Set 1
Stassi BF Photo 1
Stassi BF Photo 2
Stassi BF Photo 3
Stassi BF Photo 4

Jax is relentless. “Why do you care what do I do? Does this affect you life?” Jax tells viewers that his new girlfriend was found online. “I was chatting back and forth with a girl I met on Twitter. Who cares. Honestly. Yeah I do make the rules. I make them, you don’t. So zip it. You aren’t gonna win this battle Stassi.”

Stassi BF Pictures Set 2
Stassi BF Photo 5
Stassi BF Photo 6
Stassi BF Photo 7
Stassi BF Photo 8

The question is which “girlfriend” Jax is referring to. GG from Shahs of Sunset claimed that she began dating Jax after meeting him on Twitter as well. For now, Jax is dating a 23 year old named Carmen. “I gave her a key to my apartment,” Jax tells OK! Magazine. “And it’s changed already. Came home the other day, and [my apartment] was, like, all redone.”

Stassi BF Pictures Set 3
Stassi BF Photo 9
Stassi BF Photo 10
Stassi BF Photo 11
Stassi BF Photo 12

Jax tells news that he gave his “girlfriend” the key to his apartment because she lives far away. “Just ’cause she was coming over, ’cause she lived in Palmdale, and I’m like, ‘Oh, y’know, it’s just easier if you have a key ’cause I’m never home’.”

Jax Cheated on Stassi Reveals Vanderpump Rules Vandershocked Finale

Posted: February 25th, 2013 in Jax Taylor, Stassi Schroeder, Sur, Vanderpump Rules by LALATE

 Jax Cheated on Stassi in Vanderpump Rules Vandershocked Finale

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Jax Taylor cheated on Stassi Schroeder, he revealed in the Vanderpump Rules Vandershocked confession finale. Jax cheated on Stassi and lied about it to her, the staff of Sur, and his friends. Tonight, he approaches Lisa Vanderpump, asks to quit Sur and then admits his bombshell confession to Stassi. Earlier “Jax Taylor” says that’s not his real name. So what is real name? He says it’s “Jason”.

Jax tells Stassi tonight “A month before everything happened I did go to Vegas and have relations with someone else. I’m sorry.” Stassi breaks down and cries. “You have spent the pass two months to me lying when you were the piece of … the whole time. I knew you were cheating. Why, was it worth it? Look where u are at now, you are miserable. What did I do to you, what did I do? You are an — … you are an –“.

Frank has said that Jax cheated on Stassi in Las Vegas and got a girl pregnant. But tonight, the lies comes out.

Stassi adds “you just lied and lied and lied.” Jax said this season “I never cheated. I am being set up, I did not get pregnant in Las Vegas four months ago.” Stassi says “you are not a new man, you are the same person you always were. I don’t care if you are having a bad time, there is no excuse. There is no excuse. I lost my friends for months because of you. Everyone believed you. I sat there waiting for you to admit.”

Jax says “I am sorry, there is no excuse. I am going to disappear. Y0u will never see me again. You will never hear from me again. I will never call you again.”

Scheana Marie, Eddie Cibrian Ex Mistress, Prompts Jax Dispute

Posted: January 21st, 2013 in Eddie Cibrian, Jax Taylor, Scheana Marie, Stassi Schroeder by LALATE

Scheana Marie Eddie Cibrian Ex Mistress Prompts Jax Dispute

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Former Eddie Cibrian mistress Scheana Marie ignited a Stassi Schroeder and Jax Taylor dispute on Vanderpump Rules last Monday. But Stassi tells news that, in her opinion, it was Jax’s fault. Today, the break-up controversy is far from over.

This month on Vanderpump Rules, the Sur Lounge staff gets a float in the West Hollywood Parade. But while on the float, Stassi Schroeder watches in horror as Eddie Cibrian ex-mistress Scheana Marie applies suntan lotion to the bare chest of male model Jax Taylor. But was Scheana trying to get into bed with Jax?

Stassi tells news today that Jax allegedly set up the suntan lotion scene to get Stassi upset. And Stassi says it worked. Scheana, however, claims that she was not in on Jax’s purported caper.

Scheana Marie Jancan Pictures Set 1
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 1
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 2
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 3
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 4

Stassi says she spoke to her co-worker before the suntan lotion scene. “After Scheana and I spoke, and I made it clear that I did have several insecurities with Jax, she assured me she would never cross that line with me.” But the float drama changed all that. “Next thing I know, she’s up on a float, dancing with him, and rubbing sunscreen all over him. I mean, really? She claimed she wanted to show me that I could trust her and then she just kind of proved me right.”

Scheana Marie Jancan Pictures Set 2
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 5
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 6
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 7
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 8

But was Stassi quick to judge the situation before asking the former mistress her side of the story? Stassi says “yes”. She tells BravoTV.com “She has since explained to me that he had asked her to do that and she didn’t want to be rude.” Stassi claims Jax was behind the scene. “I was more angry with Jax to be honest, because he used that to throw in my face, knowing it would fire me up.”

And while Stassi and Jax may have broken up, Stassi is getting more clarity with Scheana. “I appreciated her apologizing to me; I think she’s just a flirty girl who doesn’t mean any actual harm, but her actions often come off a little too strong.” Unlike other Bravo shows, Vanderpump Rules doe not have designated each cast member blogs. So far now, we don’t know Jax’s side of the story.

Stassi Schroeder Battles Scheana Marie, Eddie Cibrian Mistress

Posted: January 14th, 2013 in Jax Taylor, Scheana Marie, Stassi Schroeder by LALATE

Stassi Schroeder Battles Scheana Marie, Eddie Cibrian Mistress

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – Stassi Schroeder again battles Scheana Marie, Eddie Cibrian’s former mistress, in tonight’s Vanderpump Rules. Stassi Schroeder tells news that she doesn’t see herself as the villain on Vanderpump Rules. But after The Hills inspired reality show posted strong ratings numbers for Bravo last week, Stassi’s anger is far from over.

Stassi Schroeder tells news this week that she has since apologized. “I’m the first to admit that I’m a bit of a handful to deal with. I probably should find that filter that’s lost somewhere inside me, haha. I was out-of-line, and I’ve apologized since.”

But while she admits she has apologized, the apology purportedly was to Lisa, not to Scheana. She tell BravoTv.com “I think she is one of those few people who understands me, and has always looked out for me. She’s saved my a- many many times, and I’m thankful for that.” LALATE over the years has shown Marie posing in pictures with Shemar Moore, Mike Tyson, and other then single celebrities.

Scheana Marie Jancan Pictures Set 1
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 1
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 2
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 3
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 4

The question is whether anyone else at Sur understands her. Jax Taylor tells BravoTV that he and Stassi were close during filming. “It was great you know. We were living together. Everything was going smooth.” But that changed swiftly. “But towards that time, it was kind of just fizzling out. We kind of just weren’t getting along any more.”

Scheana Marie Jancan Pictures Set 2
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 5
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 6
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 7
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 8

Scheana is unhappy by her introduction at Sur. She tells news “When I first started at SUR, Stassi immediately labeled me the “homewrecker,” as we all know. That really hurt in the beginning because she didn’t know me or anything about my life and was so quick to judge without letting me explain myself.”

Scheana thinks that the other women at Sur felt guarded about her. “I think she was so against me initially because she saw me as a threat to her relationship (not knowing I was in a happy one of my own).” But she says she never got her own chance to explain herself. “But all I wanted from Stassi was a chance to explain myself because I knew if I told her everything she would understand. “

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