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Stassi Schroeder Boyfriend Patrick Meagher: Dating Prompts NY Spinoff?

Posted: February 10th, 2014 in Jax and Stassi, Patrick Meagher, Stassi Schroeder, Vanderpump Rules by LALATE

Stassi Schroeder Boyfriend Patrick Meagher: Dating Prompts NY Spinoff

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Stassi Schroeder and her new boyfriend 2014 Patrick Meagher heat up the Vanderpump Rules finale. Who is Stassi Schroeder dating, who is Stassi’s new boyfriend on Vanderpump Rules, are Stassi and Jax still together, and is Stassi leaving Pump Rules for a new spinoff? LALATE can exclusively report that in 2013, Lisa Vanderpump made moves quietly to expand her producing arm. LALATE can report that Vanderpump obtaining new trademarks to her brand name, and is actively seeking to develop more television shows based upon her existing platforms and commercial properties.

While Lisa Vanderpump has yet to confirm yet a second show in new developments, there are new questions if she is seeking to spinoff Stassi Schroeder in a New York City based reality show for 2014. And if you think it sounds far fetched, there are more possible twists involved. First, one of Vanderpump’s producers on Vanderpump Rules previously successful spun off The Hills to The City over a decade earlier on MTV. Second, in recent months, Bravo has brought in a new development head who comes, not internally from inside Bravo, but rather from The City’s former home, MTV Networks.

Stassi BF Pictures Set 1
Stassi BF Photo 1
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Stassi BF Photo 3
Stassi BF Photo 4

Tonight fans will be asking who is Stassi dating. She says of Jax and his tattoo “when I first saw it, it put pressure on me. I can’t listen to this anymore. It is really sad to hear him cry … that breaks my heart, it makes me sad.” Jax replies “The more she pushed him away, the more it made it harder. I never had a girl saw no to me before.”

Stassi BF Pictures Set 2
Stassi BF Photo 5
Stassi BF Photo 6
Stassi BF Photo 7
Stassi BF Photo 8

Then Cohen asks Stassi who she is dating. In a Kenya Moore like moment, Stassi keeps the question unanswered during the reunion. “I am – I am feeling very happy. I could cry. He is one of the best people I ever met. He is just a fantastic person.” Stassi is dating Patrick Meagher, a Sirius XM show host.

Stassi BF Pictures Set 3
Stassi BF Photo 9
Stassi BF Photo 10
Stassi BF Photo 11
Stassi BF Photo 12

Stassi says she only talks to Katie and her boyfriend and has no communication with the Pump cast anymore. “I don’t talk to him [Jax]. We don’t have any communication…I cut him out of my life,” she tells OK Magazine. When asked about Kristen, Stassi says “I don’t understand her at all; I never will.”

For now, while no spinoff is yet confirmed, Stassi has in fact quit Sur.

Vanderpump Rules: Did Jax and Stassi Lie about Kristen, Tom, Ariana?

Posted: February 3rd, 2014 in Jax and Stassi, Vanderpump Rules by LALATE

Vanderpump Rules: Did Jax and Stassi Lie about Kristen, Real or Fake text messages tom ariana

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Did Jax and Stassi lie about Kristen, Tom and Ariana. Is Vanderpump Rules real or fake? And did what is the shocking lie / secret in the Vanderpump Rules Vandershocked 2014 finale tonight? LALATE can report that tonight’s Vanderpump Rules finale buildup will bare a resemblance to a MTV Hills’ season finale. There will be big surprises that will change the relationship of the cast, and set up the storyline for next season. And if that seems like an accident, think again.

Tonight, fans finally learn if Jax and Stassi lied about Kristen sleeping with Jax. They will learn if Stassi used Kristen’s phone to text message Jax. They will also learn if Kristen deleted those texts from her phone to Jax, if Stassi used a special software to send text messages that were never sent. Also added to the mix will be revelations if Lisa Vanderpump fires Kristen, if Kristen leaves Sur, and if Kristen and Tom breakup or are still dating 2014?

Much of tonight’s episode is based upon bad acting by its cast members and confusion about texting software applications. “You could have deleted the texts?” Tom asks. Kristen says that software is out there but she doesn’t know how to use it to send fake text messages. “I don’t know how to do that.” Tom adds “I don’t know how to do that either.” Tom then says that Jax is not technical enough to figure it out. “It seems really tough for him to go through something like that”. But Tom first believes Kristen and then doesn’t. “Kristen is calm, she looks calmly in the eye. She seems so convincingly”.

Stassi tell news “yesterday I started receiving all these texts from Jax. So I wrote f- up. Moron. … meanwhile he is tweeting another girl. He is crazy.”

Lisa tells viewers that Kristen could be fired from Sur. “Kirsten has been suspended form her job. She has been giving me a demand. It will be a calmer situation if Kristen is removed from the situation.”

Tom shows up the photo shoot late. Lisa is furious. “Seriously why are you late?” He replies “I don’t know. Sorry. I am torn up about what is happening with this Jax and Kristen situation. I still don’t know what to believe. Stassi believes that this rumor is true. I can picture Stassi borrowing Kristen’s phone and sending those texts to Jax.”

So did Stassi borrow Kristen’s phone to send text to Jax on Vanderpump Rules? Stassi fumes to Tom “They had relationship and they the most disturbing part is that she had to cover her mouth!” Tom adds “He said that the did that at my house.” Stassi goes in for the kill. “Do you believe this or not believe this? You gotta believe that I am not going to cover him up. I think that you are in huge denial now. I think Kristen is a disgusting liar.” Jax does the same. He tells Tom “Satisfy your girlfriend we won’t have a problem with this.”

Tom then tells Kristen “I talk to Stassi… she went into more details than Jax did. But Kristen I have tried every way I can to fake those messages. Those messages came from your phone. I think you are lying to me. These text messages came from your phone. I want you to admit it. I want you to admit it to me. Kristen – I know how you act in how you did this in the past. If you want us to move on you need to tell the truth.”

LALATE can report that, of Pump Rule’s multiple executive producers, one of them had no prior history with Bravo until “Vanderpump Rules”. He served as executive and supervising producer on “The Hills”, and their shocking finales, from roughly 2007 to 2009. He also headed the spinoff “The City” from 2009 to 2010.

Vanderpump Rules: Did Jax Sleep with Kristen? Lies Prompt Vandershock

Posted: February 3rd, 2014 in Jax and Stassi, Vanderpump Rules by LALATE

Vanderpump Rules: Did Jax Sleep with Kristen? Lies Prompt Vandershock

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Did Jax sleep with Kristen, did Kristen Doute cheat on Tom Sandoval with Kristen Doute, and did Tom sleep with Ariana? Tonight’s Vanderpump Rules finale reveals a final secret – a major lie – which Bravo is expected to call “Vandershock” # 2. But the shock might not be there.

In the Vanderpump Rules season one finale, Jax Taylor told the Sur staff that he lied, that “Jax Taylor” is not his real name, that he lied to Stassi, and that he cheated on her with a woman in Las Vegas that he got pregnant. He even lied to his psychiatrist, which Bravo probably provided for production only. When Jax confessed his lies during the 2013 finale, Bravo changed the on-screen hashtag from “#PumpRules” to “#Vandershock”. Tonight, get ready for the hashtag change again. And while there are no Vanderpump spoilers online, don’t expect much of the type of shock delivered last season.

LALATE can report that, despite whatever “did Jax sleep with Kristen” storyline being pushed this season, PumpRules is pushing the boundaries of what is real and allegedly fake this season. Some of the storylines have already been based upon fiction, driven by fake bar gossip. Did Tom sleep with Ariana? Not true, both previously told news.

Tonight, Katie and Stassi prepare for Sur’s annual photo shoot. Stassi tells Katie “I need to make this quick with Kristen”. But Katie replies “this is a tough one. Kristen knows all your tricks.” Stassi adds “I know… so I may have to come up with a new plan of attack.”

But what is the attack that Princess Stassi is planning? Ironically, last season the major storyline was whether Jax and Stassi are still together. But now, the full cast of actors have been struggling to earn more on-air screen time. That has resulted in Stassi becoming a supporting person on PumpRules as the Jax-Kristen storyline took center stage.

“Tom talks to Kristen about the text messages that she allegedly sent to Jax”, Bravo says of tonight’s episode. But Tom doesn’t talk. Rather he shouts. “Those text messages came from your phone Kristen!”

Tom tells viewers “reading the text messages on Jax’s phone makes it seem like Kristen and Jax did sleep together. But the only word that matters now is Kirsten’s word.” So he asks Kristen “Did you text him from your phone?” She replies “no, I showed you my phone”.

Despite whatever storyline Bravo pushes in the finale, Kristen Doute and Tom Sandoval have been appearing in public, to promote the show, together in recent weeks, as a couple. Nevertheless, a possible firing, and more lies by Jax and Stassi, the future of Tom and Kristen takes center stage on the hit “reality” show tonight.

Pump Rules: Did Tom Cheat on Kristen with Ariana, Do They Break Up?

Posted: January 13th, 2014 in Jax and Stassi, Vanderpump Rules by LALATE

vanderPump Rules: Did Tom Cheat on Kristen with Ariana, Do They Break Up

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Did Tom cheat on Kristen with Ariana in Las Vegas on Vanderpump Rules, and do Tom and Kristen break up? Tonight the whole Tom cheating storyline gets new ammunition. After a season of guessing if Stassi is still dating Jax, Bravo is trying a new storyline this season. And tonight, that conflict reaches a head while in Cabo. Stassi claims that Jax told her that Tom cheated on Kristen with Ariana in Las Vegas, but a long time ago, and that they two are no longer together. But was Jax lying yet again? Last season fans wondered what is Jax’s real name. Tonight Bravo pushes to learn if the Tom – Ariana rumor from Jax is a lie or not. And if you wondered if Tom and Kristen are still together, you can ask them yourself. They are appearing on WWHL after tonight’s episode.

Kristen still believes that Tom cheated on her with Ariana, after being told that Tom is not, at least currently, sleeping with Ariana. And then Kristen, Lisa Vanderpump’s protagonist this season, telephones her boss from Cabo to tell Lisa to fire Ariana. The reaction is classic Vanderpump.

“You got to forget that. Ariana’s not there”, Lisa says. “Enjoy Stassi’s birthday.” Kristen replies “I would love to. But Jax is ruining that with his big mouth because he is telling Stassi last night that there is truth to the [Tom] cheating rumor.”

Lisa replies “I don’t know anything about that Kristen.” Kirsten remarks “I would like Ariana to not work at Sur anymore… otherwise it is me or Ariana.” Lisa fumes “Kristen is out of her mind … I am her boss. Is she giving me an ultimatum?” Kristen says “I am moving out.”

Vanderpump Rules: Jax & Kristen Rumor Grows, Stassi Leaves Sur?

Posted: December 16th, 2013 in Jax and Stassi, Vanderpump Rules by LALATE

Vanderpump Rules: Jax, Kristen Rumor Causes Stassi To Leave Sur cheating ariana

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Did Jax and Kristen from Vanderpump Rules have a romance in January and does Stassi leave Sur? Tonight Bravo’s Sur drama goes south with more questions than answers, and predictable storylines. Did Jax cheat on Stassi with Kristen, did Tom cheat on Kristen with Ariana, and is the entire episode cheating reality? Earlier this month fans were left guessing if Jax had cancer, which he does not. Then we were left guessing if Tom and Ariana had an affair, which they didn’t. Tonight, it’s a new surprise: Jax and Kristen.

During Monday’s episode, Katie reportedly gets drunk. And during the evening she tells the Sur staff that she heard a rumor that Jax was cheating on Kristen with Stassi. Previously Tom reportedly admitted that he cheated on Kristen with a girl in Las Vegas. But last week, Ariana assured Kristen she did not cheat with Tom. But Katie drops a surprising rumor to the Sur staff that Kristen romanced Jax “back in January”. And Katie’s “source”, ironically, is the rest of the Sur staff. Of course, that rumor is false as well.

Tom tells news that he is tired of the Jax and Stassi storyline. Don’t tell Bravo producers that. “At that point I was pretty much over the Jax and Stassi thing, you can only hear about something so much. Plus Jax changes his mind like changes his socks. I will always try to help Jax out the best I can, but it gets frustrating when one minute Jax is telling me how much in love he is with Stassi, and the next he is showing me a picture of some new girl he just met.”

And Tom is also frustrated with Kristen. “I’m really frustrated with Kristen’s constant scolding. The fact that Kristen pretty much tells anyone with two ears that I cheated on her gets really obnoxious at times.”

Meantime, Kristen is frustrated with Ariana. “The text conversations between Tom and Ariana were upsetting to me because one of the rumors I had heard was that they had done something at Coachella. I thought it was ridiculous and didn’t really entertain it, but when they were (in my opinion) flirting via text and talking about Coachella, it just made my mind reconsider that rumor.”

Tonight on Pump Rules, Katie shows up the morning after she drops the late-night rumor. When Kristen and Stassi asks Katie about the Jax-Kristen story, Katie goes from not remembering it to suddenly crying instantly. For now, the cheat-sheet on the “reality” show is still growing.

Bravo: Does Jax Vanderpump Rules Have Cancer?

Posted: December 2nd, 2013 in Jax and Stassi, Vanderpump Rules by LALATE

Bravo: Does Jax Vanderpump Rules Have Cancer breast back together with stassi

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – Does Jax from Vanderpump Rules have cancer and are Jax and Stassi back together? Jax from Vanderpump Rules has a breast cancer scare tonight on Bravo. And Stassi calls him a liar. So who is telling the truth?

Tonight Jax tells news that he is more upset about Stassi’s reaction than his cancer scare. Jax says that he went to the doctor, who then told him “I don’t know, we are going to run tests, and well give you a call.” Stassi asks him “is this from the supplements?”

But Stassi goes off on Jax. “Three minutes into the confession she is drilling me”, Jax says of her. He says that she fumes ” ‘you are taking those looser pills again.’”

Jax is horrified. “I just got out of my doctor’s office and the first day you are there you are yelling me?” Stassi claims that she is trying to be helpful. But that is far from the truth because she believes that Jax is not being truthful either. “Oh, I am not trying to bring you down… I’m asking for your details”, she tells her friends. But then she tells Bravo in her testimonials that she thinks Jax is faking breast cancer to get her sympathy. “He is fake! He is a liar. He is doing things to get people worked up! You are a bad person Jax. You only ever think of yourself. Right now everyone can see what type of person you are.”

Others disagree. “I went to the doctor to see I have f- cancer and she has no heart… regardless how I feel, when your health is at risk you don’t do this”, Jax tells his friends about Stassi. But Jax’s friends tell him “you need to milk that [cancer scare] with Stassi.”

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