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Hervey Medellin Family Shocked by Hollywood Murder, Dismembering

Posted: January 23rd, 2012 in Hervey Medellin by LALATE

Hervey Medellin Family Shocked by Hollywood Murder, Dismembering

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The family of Hervey Medellin was shocked by his murder and dismembering. But Hervey Medellin’s family also tell news they were shocked that he was missing, let alone that he had what they call a secret boyfriend. No suspects have yet to be named in the bizarre case.

Hervey Medellin’s niece Christina Serenyo tells local news that she was shocked to hear that Medellin had a boyfriend. But police have yet to confirm if anyone ever reported Medellin missing. The trail to find Medellin’s body parts has sent investigators back to square one, at Medellin’s Hollywood apartment.

Medellin was retired, a former flight attendant with a Mexican airlines. But family members claim that, within those twenty years of employment, Hervey had collected a large selection of expensive artwork. Police and family have not yet told news if any of that artwork is missing.

Christina Serenyo would not detail to news when her family last heard from Hervey. But his boyfriend, who is not a suspect, says that he last saw Hervey in December. Hervey told his boyfriend that he was en route to a vacation in Mexico.

It remains unclear if Medellin ever made it to Mexico. The location of his death is unknown. But neighbors heard a violent fight in Medellin’s apartment days before his death.

Police believe he was murdered in a targeted hit. They additionally believe that the killing did not occur inside the Hollywood apartment building, nor inside Griffith Park where Medellin was found dead.

Police have issued multiple search warrants. But no arrests have been made and no suspects have been identified. A motive for the murder has also not been detailed.

Hervey Medellin, Dismembered Hollywood Resident, Leaves Few Murder Clues

Posted: January 22nd, 2012 in Hervey Medellin by LALATE

Hervey Medellin, Dismembered Hollywood Resident, Leaves Few Murder Clues

HOLLYWOOD (LALATE) – The death of Hervey Medellin, the dismembered Hollywood resident, remains a mystery. Remains of Hervey Medellin (photo above) were scatted in the Hollywood Hills this month, his dismembered head, hands, and feet discarded in dense sections of Griffith Park. But officials confirm to news that Hervey’s death remains a mystery with few murder clues. They have yet to indicate if they have leads at all in the Medellin case.

The location of Hervey Medellin’s murder remains at issue. Officials are unsure where he was murdered. They do not believe he was murdered in his residence nor in Griffith Park.

Yet, Hervey Medellin was screaming in his apartment late at night recently. A neighbor called the sound a scream or shout of terror. Also, Hervey Medellin’s friend Vilma Aguilar tells news that Hervey had recently met a new friend in Griffith Park. Hervey met that friend hiking in the Park and had since remained in contact.

Also at issue remains motive. Hervey Medellin was a retired Mexicana Airlines flight attendant of more than twenty-years. But one friend wonders if Hervey was targeted for his art. Officials would not confirm if art remained missing after the murder. Hervey reportedly had amassed a large collection of expensive art over the years.

Additionally unclear was Hervey’s living arrangement. It remains unclear how and when he was reported missing. One report claims he lived at home with his boyfriend. The neighbor who heard a  large loud altercation in the middle night, however, claims the voice she heard was Hervey’s.

LAPD has focused on belongings inside Hervey’s 6200 block of Delongpre Avenue. On Thursday they towed a silver Honda, believed to be Hervey’s.

Finally, LAPD believes the murder was targeted and not the act of a serial killer. “There’s no reason to believe that this is part of any kind of a series,” LAPD Cmdr. Andy Smith said in a news briefing. “There’s no other evidence to indicate that this is anything besides just a single, individual isolated occurrence.”

Hervey Medellin Photo Released in Hollywood Hills Severed Head, Body Parts Case

Posted: January 21st, 2012 in Hervey Medellin by LALATE

Hervey Medellin Photo Released in Hollywood Hills Severed Head, Body Parts Case

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Hervey Medellin (photo above) has been identified in the Hollywood Hills severed head, body parts case. Hervey Medellin’s severed head, hands, and feet were found by investigators last week in Griffith Park, in the Hollywood Hills near the Hollywood Sign. On Friday morning, his remains were identified. By evening, Medellin’s name was released to news.

Hervey Medellin was reportedly 66 years old and had worked as a Mexicana Airlines flight attendance until he took retirement three years ago. The break in the case came from the discovery of his hands. Investigators confirmed to news that they were able to identify Hervey Medellin based upon fingerprints found on one of the hands.

Yet, the cause of death, location of death, and time of death have yet to be detailed to news. Moreover, officials would not confirm a murder suspect.

Hervey Medellin’s investigation took LAPD to the building in the 6200 block of Delongpre Avenue Thursday evening. There a silver Honda was towed. Officials would not confirm is the Honda was Hervey’s. Moreover, they would not detail to news how many tips, or the nature of the tip(s), that lead to the break in the case on Thursday.

Officials tell new that Hervey was dead for one roughly two days. Officials confirmed that Hervey Medellin’s remains were found blocks from Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s home . It took as many as one hundred police officers to solve the initial phase of the case.

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