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Frankie Rosello, Alexia Echevarria Son, Joins RHOM Season 3 Debut

Posted: August 12th, 2013 in Alexia Echevarria,Frankie Echevarria,Frankie Rosello by LALATE

 Frankie Rosello, Alexia Echevarria Son, Joins RHOM Season 3 Debut

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Frankie Rosello, Alexia Echevarria’s son, joins the RHOM season three debut tonight. Alexia brings Frankie (mistakenly thought as “Frankie Echevarria”) to meet her mom. But quickly viewers learn that Frankie has been enjoying time with his grandmother in recent months. Meantime, the latest health updates 2013 on Frankie are being detailed by Alexia to news this week.

Alexia’s mother tells viewers “oh Frankie likes to stay with me all the time.” But she hilariously says that Frankie doesn’t let her do some things. “But he doesn’t let me to smoke. He doesn’t let me play disco music. I don’t like that”.

Alexia says her mom has been “been married and divorce four times.” Her mom then says “the best part about men is that they have a … complex. We [women] were all ready born [without male anatomy] so we don’t have that problem.”

Frankie was injured in 2011 at age 13 in a car accident. Alexia tweeted at the time “Frankie’s pelvic surgery went well today thanks to God and all your prayers. He is stable and getting stronger day by day.” She added “your prayers are helping Frankie and our family be strong! Much love.”

Alexia told WetPaint this month “Yes, my sons are my life. And last season, my story was not told. You saw bits and pieces, but viewers didn’t see my whole journey. Frankie is progressing every day and I really want to show viewers this miracle.” Frankie is Alexia’s son with ex husband Pedro Rosello.

Alexia Echevarria Covers Frankie Echevarria, Husband in RHOM Reunion

Posted: January 3rd, 2013 in Alexia Echevarria,Frankie Echevarria,Herman Echevarria by LALATE

 Alexia Echevarria Covers Frankie Echevarria, Husband in RHOM Reunion

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Alexia Echevarria details Frankie Echevarria’s recovery and battles allegations against her husband Herman Echevarria on tonight’s Real Housewives of Miami Reunion part two. Alexia Echevarria is asked about Frankie being referenced by Karent Sierra during taping. And Alexia, always outspoken, has a few words for Andy Cohen.

Cohen asks Alexia Echevarria during tonight’s RHOM part two telecast “At the venue party, Karent brought up Frankie and that really upset you.” Alexia tells Cohen “I didn’t like that she brought it up. I had been seeing her for two months and she didn’t bring up Frankie.”

After Karent tries to respond, Alexia replies “You never asked me for Frankie. You never told me that I have been praying for you, praying for your family.”

Rodolfo Jimenez Kissing Pictures
Rodolfo Jimenez Photo 1
Rodolfo Jimenez Photo 2
Rodolfo Jimenez Photo 3
Rodolfo Jimenez Photo 4

Karent tries to get a word in by stating “I had to remind you”. Echevarria disagrees. “You had never said that to me. If you were so concerned about my son, you had my number, you had my text.”

Then she takes it up a notch. “I appreciate that Karent. Say everything you want to say. Now its my turn. So sh-t up. Now you are going to sh-t up. You are going to sh-t up because I am going to speak too.”

Joanna Krupa Pictures Set 1
Joanna Krupa Photo 1
Joanna Krupa Photo 2
Joanna Krupa Photo 3
Joanna Krupa Photo 4

Alexia Echevarria’s appearance on camera has been often contradictory this season. Her obssession to reveal the TV Notas kissing photos of Rodolfo was seen as an ambush against Karent, and not supportive. Alexia continually called the Karent-Rodolfo relationship fake, even though they had dated for more than a year.

And yet, while Alexia was fascinated on camera about Karent’s life, she didn’t like the same attention on her own life. “People are obsessed with my life these days”, she wrote days ago on Twitter.

Joanna Krupa Pictures Set 2
Joanna Krupa Photo 5
Joanna Krupa Photo 6
Joanna Krupa Photo 7
Joanna Krupa Photo 8

But many feels that the allegations spun against cast members this season were far out of bounds, even for Bravo standards. Among them, were Joanna Krupa’s outrageous remarks about Herman Echevarria. Alexia previously told news “I was hurt and disgusted, but not surprised or offended about the comment, because it was coming from them and we live in Miami.”

Despite the heated exchange by the women this season, Alexia remains a fan favorite on the show. She also thanks fans for their loving support off camera. “I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your prayers & well wishes”.

Alexia Echevarria, Husband Rumors on RHOM Prompt Ana Quincoces Defense

Posted: December 20th, 2012 in Alexia Echevarria,Ana Quincoces,Frankie Echevarria,Herman Echevarria by LALATE

Alexia Echevarria, Husband Rumors Prompt Ana Quincoces Defense

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Rumors about Alexia Echevarria and husband Herman Echevarria’s marriage said by Joanna Krupa on RHOM prompted swift defense from from Ana Quincoces this week. Alexia Echevarria revealed this season that her son Frankie Echevarria is improving after his car accident. But this month, Krupa levied horrific rumors against Alexia Echevarria and husband Herman Echevarria. But since that telecast has aired, Krupa has not withdrawn those remarks.

Krupa tells news this week that Alexia, allegedly, didn’t want to help co-star Karent Sierra with the Rodolfo cheating revelations. Rather Krupa claims that Alexia sought to ambush Karent on camera and watch her “demise”. “You can see it in her eyes when she told her about it. If she cared even a little about Karent she would have left it behind in Miami and found a better time to bring it up.”

This season, Alexia has claimed that the Karent – Rodolfo relationship was faked for cameras, an assertion that Karent denies. So Krupa then said a false rumor that Alexia and Herman’s relationship is fake. So why did Krupa say that?

She tells news that she tried to prove a point. “Alexia shouldn’t be upset about with me about the rumor relating to her husband. She can dish it out, but she can’t take it? I was just making a point.” Krupa doesn’t explain her point. But she strangely adds “Plus I love gays. Tons of my friends are gay, so what’s the big deal?”

Ana was furious by Krupa’s remarks. “I will refrain from commenting about some of the vicious insinuations made regarding Alexia’s husband as they are so ridiculous and mean spirited they do not merit more [mention].”

Earlier this season, Alexia thanked fans for their support about her son’s recovery. She said thank you to “all of the fans of the show for your prayers, love, and support this past year. Your love and support made it easier for me to make the decision to come back, along with the fact that God blessed us with Frankie’s miraculous recovery.”

Frankie Echevarria Update: Alexia Echevarria Thanks Fans for Support

Posted: September 21st, 2012 in Alexia Echevarria,Frankie Echevarria by LALATE

Frankie Echevarria Update: Alexia Echevarria Thanks Fans for Support

CORAL GABLES (LALATE) – Frankie Echevarria, Alexia Echevarria’s son, was involved in a serious car crash accident in 2011. Frankie Echevarria is doing well now, Alexia tells news. Alexia this week again thanks for fans for their support.

Alexia Echevarria for many remains the most loved Real Housewives of Miami cast member. But last summer, tragedy struck her family after son Frankie Echevarria was involved in a serious car crash. At the time, Alexia told news that “Frankie’s pelvic surgery went well today thanks to God and all your prayers.” She added “He is stable and getting stronger day by day.”

Yesterday she told news “I haven’t watched REAL TV in a year. I am so touched and humbled by your love and positive comments. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! They keep me going and give me the strength I need.”

She tells news this month that Frankie’s recovery is going well and he is undergoing different types of therapy. The beloved star sent thanks to “all of the fans of the show for your prayers, love, and support this past year. Your love and support made it easier for me to make the decision to come back, along with the fact that God blessed us with Frankie’s miraculous recovery.”

In her BravoTV.com blog she adds “My reality and my life this time around is very different from Season 1, and for that matter very different from the other ladies’ lives in Season 2.”

She said that Frankie’s therapies are going well. “I couldn’t see the girls as much, because my day-to-day routine is filled with, first and foremost, Frankie’s therapies — physical, occupational, and speech in the mornings; aqua therapy and music therapy in the afternoons; all while trying to integrate myself back into the magazine and my life at home with Peter and Herman. I had been totally withdrawn and consumed for six months while at the hospital with Frankie and at the rehabilitation facility in Atlanta.” She adds “Life is not about how fast you run or how high you climb, but how well you bounce.” To send your love, follow Alexia HERE.

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