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Tour de France 2014 Standings Today - General Classification, Stage Winner and More

Tour De France Standings Live Results Today - GC, Points Classification, King of the Mountain, Stage Winners

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Shannon Beador Divorce - Do David and Shannon Beador Divorce

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Who Wins the Bachelorette 2014 | RealitySteve Bachelorette Spoilers | Who Does Andi Dorfman Pick

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Cowboys Training Camp 2014 Oxnard Schedule Prompts Practice Start Time

Posted: July 22nd, 2014 in Football, cowboys by LALATE

Cowboys Training Camp 2014 Oxnard Schedule Prompts Live Practice for Fans

OXNARD (LALATE) – The Cowboys Training Camp 2014 Oxnard, California schedule starts live practice for fans beginning this week. Start day on the Cowboys Training Camp 2014 this year is Thursday July 24, 2014, officials tell news. Last year, the schedule was far less defined with fewer mentions of practices. Now there are proposed practice sessions virtually every day. But where is it located in Oxnard, what is the address on the Training Camp, what is the start time are the practices, and is it free?

Los Angeles to Santa Barbara residents are in luck because the annual Cowboys Training Camp 2014 returns to Oxnard, California near the water once again. It’s one of the best annual outings for families and friends, free, and open to all members of the public. And of course, it becomes the centerpiece of NFL news reports. Generally this camp is the first of the NFL pre-season. And because of its proximity to the broadcast hub of Los Angeles, all the major networks dispatch field reporters for telecasts, injury updates, and live interviews. In fact, ESPN last year set up a full weekly broadcast booth on the edge of the training facility’s field for around the clock broadcast feeds about the NFL.

The Cowboys Training Camp 2014 practice schedule features daily practice scrimmage roughly every 3:45 pm PST. This week, the first practice is Thursday at that time. Friday continues with the same. And then Saturday is the “Cowboys Training Camp 2014 Opening Ceremonies” to be held at 2:30 PM PST. The facility is located at City of Oxnard Fields next to the Marriott Residence Inn, 2101 West Vineyard Ave., Oxnard, CA 93036. Attendance is free. For more click HERE and HERE.

Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns NFL Draft 2014 Results Revealed

Posted: May 8th, 2014 in Browns, Draft, Football, Johnny Manziel by LALATE

Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns NFL Draft 2014 Results Revealed

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns NFL Draft 2014 result has just been revealed. What happened to Johnny Manziel in the NFL Draft, did Johnny Football go first round, and how much money is Johnny Manziel going to get paid? Tonight’s NFL Draft 2014 Results left Manziel looking anxious and frustrated backstage. He did not become the number one quarterback pick tonight. But eventually, the Cleveland Browns drafted Manziel this evening during the first round at pick number 22.

A Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns draft pick tonight May 8, 2014 at first round, number 22, ended an evening of Manziel-mania. After player prospect introductions were announced, Johnny Manziel got some claps and some boos. Before tonight’s telecast, Johnny Manziel told news that he didn’t care where he gets drafted so long as he plays. In a statement to ESPN he said “Whether it’s (pick) 1 to 200, I just want to play.”

Roger Goodell told news that he was fascinated by the frenzy that Manziel was bringing to the draft this year. He told ESPN “Johnny Football!. I think he represents so much passion for the game, so much excitement. If he brings that to the NFL, that would be a great thing for us and I think a great thing for the fans. He’s a wonderful young man.” Goodell also told news “I had a chance to spend some time with him this morning. He’s obviously focused and determined to be successful. I wouldn’t count him out, that’s for sure.”

Manziel said that it was important for teams to understand what he offers. “For me that doesn’t factor in.” He added “Obviously, I don’t get to choose where I go today but also it’s what’s best for the team and that’s what kind of guy that I am.” Manziel said that he is not worried about sitting on the bench for a year. “I went to [Texas] A&M, redshirted, and sat behind [Ryan] Tannehill and learned a lot”. He added “There’s guys that been in the league and know a lot more than I know going in. If I need to sit and learn from them for a year or whatever the case may be, then I’m openly willing to do that if that’s what’s best for the team. That’s all I care about.” For other NFL Draft results tonight click HERE.



NFL Draft 2014 Results Tonight: Jaguars Select Blake Bortles

Posted: May 8th, 2014 in Draft, Football by LALATE

NFL Draft 2014 Results Tonight may 8, 2014 5/8/14 football

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The NFL Draft 2014 Results tonight for First Round Picks have gotten underway. The NFL Draft 2014 Results started tonight May 8, 2014 with First Round picks, and the overall draft pick, being revealed to news. Second round results will continue tomorrow. But what happened to Johnny Manziel, which team selected him, and was another quarterback picked over Johnny Manziel?

Tonight’s NFL Draft 2014 Results for First Round revealed the Texans picking Jadeveon Clowney as the first overall pick. Then the Rams, at the second overall pick, selected Greg Robinson. But the early shocker tonight was that Johnny Manziel was not the first quarterback to be drafted tonight. Rather going third was Blake Bortles to the Jaguars.  The Bills selected Sammy Watkins fourth overall tonight. Live draft results are still underway at the fifth pick.

Before tonight’s results, the General Manager of the Houston Texans, Rick Smith, told ESPN News that he had already made his decision. Smith said that the Texans would not trade their number one position and had already made up the mind. “I know the order of our board. If we select first, it’s a unique opportunity to be the first pick. If we do select there, I know who we feel good about there. If we move, then obviously there are variables that come into play at that point.”

But when asked about trading down, owner Bob McNair left open the possibility. “Maybe we’ll trade down and still get a quarterback that can do the job and get an outstanding defensive player. It’s an exciting time. Everything’s a moving target. Lot of different pieces.” Nevertheless, the Texans did not trade down tonight.

When player prospects were introduced tonight, Johnny Manziel dominated the “sounds” from inside Radio City Music Hall. Some sounds were applauds, some were boos. Johnny Manziel told ESPN this week that teams need to understand what he has to offer. “I see there’s room for me to improve, but to say I’m just a backyard-football quarterback, I don’t think you do what I did in college and do some of those things [with that style].” Manziel added “I don’t think that’s extremely fair. I hear it, but for me, I know it’s all about my work ethic and my will to get better. That’s very alive and inside me.”

When asked if he was cooperative during team meetings, Johnny Manziel said he was. “[Teams] have been getting to know me on a more personal level, and I’ve answered every question, anything they’ve wanted to hear from me — so there’s nothing for me to hide”. He also responded to criticism. “I don’t think it’s wrong of me to enjoy my life and have fun. But throughout this whole process, I’ve continued to work hard and do that thing I need to do to become a better player.” For continuing live coverage tonight, click HERE.

NFL Draft 2014 Results First Round Today: Texans Pick Jadeveon Clowney?

Posted: May 8th, 2014 in Draft, Football by LALATE

NFL Draft 2014 Results First Round Today: Texans Pick Jadeveon Clowney?

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – NFL Draft 2014 results tonight May 8, 2014 are prompting focus on Jadeveon Clowney. Who will be the NFL Draft 2014 First Round Results tonight, will Mel Kiper 2014 Mock Draft predictions be correct, what is the start time on the NFL Draft, and how can you watch tonight’s NFL Draft? Insiders tell news today that your NFL Draft 2014 First Round Results won’t have many surprises. Most are anticipating that Jadeveon Clowney will go first round. The Texans will pick Jadeveon Clowney, analysts expect. But what happened to Johnny Manziel, Blake Bortles, Teddy Bridgewater, Khalil Mack, and Greg Robinson?

The NFL Draft 2014 First Round Results start tonight on ESPN live and on the NFL Network. Start time on the NFL Draft for 5/8/14 is 5 pm PST. This year’s ESPN Mel Kiper 2014 Mock Draft and Todd McShay’s Final Mock Draft look exactly the same at number one and two. Both are predicting NFL Draft 2014 results tonight to start with Jadeveon Clowney as the number one overall draft pick. Jadeveon Clowney will likely get picked by the Houston Texans following their season of a 2-14 record. The South Carolina DE stands at 6′5” and 266 lbs.

McShay tell news that there is no surprise at number one. “Clowney has been the No. 1 player on my board throughout the entire draft process, and I think he’s the likely choice for the Texans at No. 1 overall Thursday night.” While recent predictions suggested a possible last season trade, McShay says no. “You can’t rule out a trade here, but unless they get a great deal to move down (and possibly target UCF QB Blake Bortles), I think they’ll stay put and take Clowney”.

But will the Texans trade down? Kiper does not rule it out either but says it is unlikely. “If they aren’t able to get enough value in return, however, they go with Clowney, choosing him over Khalil Mack.”

Then NFL Draft 2014 results will send Greg Robinson to St Louis at number two overall in the Draft, claims both NFL analysts. Kiper says “This is another trade-down possibility. But if they stay, I think Robinson fits a pretty good balance equation of major talent”. But what will happen to Johnny Manziel? McShay is not to look for Manziel in the top three of the first round tonight. “I’m not buying the Rams’ supposed interest in Johnny Manziel at the No. 2 spot.” For live results as they are announced tonight click HERE.

Seahawks vs. Broncos 2014 Score Shocks Super Bowl Third Quarter Today

Posted: February 2nd, 2014 in Broncos, Football, Seahawks, Super Bowl by LALATE

Seahawks vs. Broncos 2014 Score Shocks Superbowl Third Quarter Today live score results channel today game

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Tonight’s Seahawks vs. Broncos 2014 football game (live score results below) just entered in third quarter. But Peyton Manning has yet to score. With fourteen minutes left in the third quarter, current score in tonight’s Super Bowl for February 2, 2014 is 29-0. The Seahawks vs. Broncos score at halftime, moreover, was 22-0.

Sunday’s Seahawks vs. Broncos 2014 game is currently prompting shock for Super Bowl fans. Denver which entered tonight with the same regular season record as Seattle has yet to score. And while they entered halftime down twenty-two points, they have come back from bigger deficits this season. But a twenty-nine point deficit is now striking Denver this evening.

The Seahawks were 13-3 overall and 6-2 on the road during the regular season. The Broncos had the same regular season record and were 7- on the road.

But the key tonight has been Seattle’s defense. They have not allowed Peyton Manning to score an effective runs or passing for Denver’s offense Wilson has passed for ninety-four yards so far tonight. He has completed nine of fourteen attempts with no touchdowns and no interceptions. Seattle scored a touchdown with Lynch, rushing seventeen yards on eleven carries.

But in the first quarter, Knowshon Moreno scored on a Denver fumble recovery. Later in the first quarter, Seattle’s Steven Hauschka hit two field goals. Then in the second quarter, after Lynch’s one yard run, Malcolm Smith scored on a 69 yard touchdown return. Moments ago, Percy Harvin did much the same, with an eighty-seven yard kickoff return.

Manning so far has only passed for one hundred four yards. He has completed seventeen of twenty-four attempts,. His top rusher Moreno has only delivered seventeen yards on five carries. And Thomas, the team’s top receiver tonight, has a mere forty-seven yards on four seven receptions so far. For live score results tonight click HERE.

Pro Bowl 2014 Football Game: Channel, Start Time Prompts Line Up Today

Posted: January 26th, 2014 in Football by LALATE

Pro Bowl 2014 Football Game: Channel, Start Time Prompts Line Up Today

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – What channel is the Pro Bowl 2014 game on today January 26, what is the start time on the Pro Bowl football game, and which players will lead the Pro Bowl lineup? The NFL Pro Bowl 2014 football action gets underway later today. As fans await Super Bowl Sunday, the NFL delivers, per tradition, Pro Bowl action at the conclusion of the playoffs. Nevertheless, some football fans are being left a bit confused with changes in the format of the game for this Sunday.

The Pro Bowl 2014 channel tonight is NBC, officials tell news. Start time on the game is 7:30 PM ET, 4:30 PM PST. The game can be seen via live streaming video on NFL.com/live, officials tell news, direct from Aloha Stadium in Honolulu, Hawaii. Today’s 1-26-14 game will have a halftime show of Fall Out Boy.

But for today, there are no kickoffs. Possession is determined by a coin toss at the beginning of the game.

The Pro Bowl 2014 lineup is divided between Team Rice and Team Sanders. Tonight’s captains are Drew Brees and Robert Quinn, on the one hand, and Jamaal Charles and J.J. Watt, on the other hand. Officials tell news that Team Rice’s quarterbacks will be Drew Brees, Alex Smith and Philip Rivers. Meantime Team Sanders’ quarterbacks will be Cam Newton, Nick Foles and Andrew Luck.

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