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ESPN Power Rankings NFL Football 2014 Week 5 Results Revealed Today 9/30

Posted: September 30th, 2014 in Football, Power Rankings by LALATE

ESPN Power Rankings NFL Football 2014 Week 5 Results Revealed Today 9/30

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – The latest ESPN Power Rankings NFL Football for Week 5 results were announced today September 30, 2014. And without much surprise, the Patriots went free falling. The latest ESPN Power Rankings for the NFL football teams featured far bigger rises and falls than in previous weeks. But there was no change in the top three. That remained the Seahawks, Bengals and Broncos, even though only the Bengals are undefeated currently among the three teams.

The ESPN Power Rankings NFL Football featured some teams falling nine even ten positions. The big causality was the Panthers. The team is now 2-2. They dropped ten spots. ESPN explained to news that “The Panthers forced six turnovers in their first two games (started 2-0). They haven’t forced any in the past two games, losing both by a combined 46 points.” The Falcons fell eight spots. And of course the Patriots plummeted. They dropped from seventh to number sixteen. The team is now 2-2.

But which teams were on the rise this week? The Vikings moved up five spots today, citing Bridgewater’s performance. “Teddy Bridgewater was 8-of-12 on passes at least 10 yards downfield Sunday (13.6 yards per attempt).” The Chiefs rose, but only eight spots. The Texans now 3-1 leaped seven spots to number thirteen. “The next three games will be interesting for Houston”, the network commented.

Meantime the 49ers rose seven spots to ninth and the Ravens leaped six spots to seventh. “Steve Smith posted his first multi-TD game since Cam Newton’s debut (2011). Smith has as many multi-TD games with Joe Flacco as he had in three years with Newton.” For the latest Power Rankings click HERE.

Patriots vs Chiefs 2014 Score Ignites Monday Night Football Tonight

Posted: September 29th, 2014 in Chiefs, Football, Patriots by LALATE

Patriots vs Chiefs 2014 Score Ignites Monday Night Football Tonight

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Patriots vs Chiefs 2014 (live score results below) kicks off Monday Night Football this evening 9/29/14. The game heads to ESPN this evening with Tom Brady looking for his third win of the season. But what will be the final score for Monday Night Football tonight September 29, 2014, and can the Chiefs win at home?

Tonight’s Patriots vs Chiefs 2014 game (start time 5:30 pm PST) features the 2-1 Pats taking on the 1-2 Chiefs. The Pats are 1-1 overall and the Chiefs are 0-1 at home. Brady is off to a lackluster start passing this season. He has only a fifty-nine percent completion rate, 632 yards. He has delivered three touchdown passes but with no interceptions. Alex Smith in turn has three interceptions, four touchdown passes. He has delivered a sixty-three percent completion rate with 643 yards.

Ridley leads Pats rushing this season. He and Vereen each have one touchdown run for the Pats this season. Ridley has delivered 176 yards on fifty-two carries. Meantime, Davis has impressed news with his rushing numbes for KC this season. He has three touchdown runs, 214 yards. He has delivered fifty-five caries.

On receiving, Edelman has one touchdown catch, Gronkowski has two, this season. Edelman leads Pats receiving with twenty-two catches, delivering 260 yards. Kelce, in turn, leads Chiefs receiving. He has ten receptions and one touchdown so far this season.

Brady was asked this week about his offensive line by ESPN. Following seven sacks in just three games, Brady told ESPN “We’ve got some new players. We’ve got different things that are happening”. He added “We’re all trying to get used to one another and used to the things we’re doing.” Smith in turn is seeking a big win tonight. He tells ESPN “Momentum’s a funny thing. It’s hard to put your finger on it, but certainly, this helps. This is what you’re looking for, a win on the road, a tough win, I thought.” For live score results tonight click HERE.

Da’Rick Rogers Cut By Colts After DUI Arrest Overnight

Posted: September 29th, 2014 in Colts, Football by LALATE

Da'Rick Rogers Cut By Colts After DUI Arrest Overnight

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Da’Rick Rogers has been cut by the Colts today after a DUI arrest overnight. Da’Rick Rogers was arrested last night for alleged drinking under the influence. The Colts did mule over the news for more than a day. Rather, immediately Monday they cut Rogers from their team.

Da’Rick Rogers was driving Sunday night with cornerback Loucheiz Purifoy as a passenger. Reports claim that at 3:35 am today Rogers was administered a breathalyzer which he purportedly failed. Reports claim that his blood alcohol level came in at 0.08 to .15. He was pulled over after allegedly swerving into the oncoming lane at W. 16th and Indiana St. on the IUPUI campus. FOX 59 reports that “The Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis Police Department pulled over Rogers, 23, at 3:35 a.m. after he was seen driving over the yellow street line near W. 16th and Indiana St. on the IUPUI campus.”

On Monday, coach Chuck Pagano confirmed to news that Rogers was released by The Colts. “It’s a pretty easy place to thrive and to grow… If you can’t make it here, it’s gonna be tough to make it anywhere,” Pagano previously said. “We have released Da’Rick Rogers for conduct detrimental. We’ve released him. Would be inappropriate to speak further on that”, he added Monday.

Saints vs Cowboys 2014 Score Ignites Sunday Football Primetime

Posted: September 28th, 2014 in Football, Saints, cowboys by LALATE

Saints vs Cowboys 2014 Score Ignites Sunday Football Primetime

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Saints vs Cowboys 2014 (live score results below) delivers the NFL Sunday football primetime game tonight 9/28/14. After a limited number of football games today 9/28/14, the action concludes with a big showdown.

Tonight’s Saints vs Cowboys 2014 game (start time 5:30 pm PST) features the 1-2 Saints taking on the 2-1 Cowboys. The Cowboys are 0-1 at home and the Saints are 0-2 on the road. Drew Brees so far this season is off to a strong start. He has five touchdown passes, two interceptions. Tony Romo in turn has four touchdown passes and four interceptions. While Brees has 863 yards passing with a seventy-one percent completion rate, Romo is at 674 yards passing with a sixty-seven percent completion rate.

Ingram leadings Saints rushing so far. He has delivered three touchdown runs this season on twenty-four carries, producing 143 yards. Robinson in turn has one touchdown in thirty-two carries for the Saints. Murray meantime, has three touchdown runs for the Cowboys on seventy-five carries, producing 385 yards so far this season. On receiving, Graham for the Saints has two touchdown catches this season on twenty-four receptions, producing 254 yards. Bryant in turn has two touchdown catches for the Cowboys in twenty receptions, producing 247 yards.

Can the Cowboys have their third win in a row tonight? Jerry Jones think so “We had some clutch performances on both sides of the ball,” Jones told ESPN this week “I was pleased to see, you had redeeming plays, you had guys who had negative plays and all of a sudden, you have got guys that are making the plays that make the difference.” For live score results of this and all other NFL games today click HERE.

Falcons vs Vikings 2014 Score: Teddy Bridgewater Delivers Strong Half

Posted: September 28th, 2014 in Falcons, Football, Vikings by LALATE

Falcons vs Vikings 2014 Score: Teddy Bridgewater Delivers Strong Half

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Falcons vs Vikings 2014 (live score results below) are currently underway in the first half. And already, Teddy Bridgewater has delivered a strong start. One minute remains in the first quarter. And current score is 7-14.

Today’s Falcons vs Vikings 2014 game features the 1-2 Vikings hosting the 2-1 Falcons. The Vikings are 0-1 at home and the Falcons are 0-1 on the road. The game is airing on Fox. Falcons’ Ryan is off to a good start this season. He has seven touchdown passes, three interceptions He has delivered 965 yards passing with a sixty-nine percent completion rate. Bridgewater so far this season has delivered no touchdown passes for the Vikings, no interactions. He has 150 yards with a sixty percent completion rate.

On rushing, Jackson and Rodgers each have one touchdown run this season for the Falcons. Jackson has thirty-seven carries producing 152 yards. For the Vikings, however, Asiata has twenty-seven carries, eighty-one yards and no touchdown runs. Meantime on receiving, Patterson has delivered no touchdown catches or the Vikings yet this season while Jennings has one touchdown in twelve receptions, producing 132 yards. Jones, in turn, has delivered three touchdown catches for the Falcons, producing twenty-three receptions, and three hundred sixty-five yards.

Meantime Falcons coach Mike Smith tells news that he changed his approach to Sunday’s game after Cassel’s recent injury. “We’ve got a challenge in my mind with an athletic quarterback to be able to keep him in the pocket,” Smith said to ESPN on Monday. For live score results of this and all other NFL games today click HERE.

Eagles vs 49ers 2014 Score: Philadelphia Leads in Football 1st Quarter

Posted: September 28th, 2014 in 49ers, Eagles, Football by LALATE

Eagles vs 49ers 2014 Score: Philadelphia Leads in Football 1st Quarter

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Eagles vs 49ers 2014 (live score results below) is currently underway in their NFL Football Sunday battle today 9/28/14. Current score is 7-0. Ten minutes remain in the first quarter. The game is airing on Fox.

Today’s Eagles vs 49ers 2014 football game feature the 1-2 record 49ers hosting the 3-0 Eagles. The 49ers so far this season are 0-1 at home while Philadelphia is 1-0 on the road. Foles is off to a strong start passing for the Eagles this season. He has six touchdown passes and two interceptions, producing 978 yards with a sixty-one completion rate. Kaepernick in turn has delivered four touchdown passes so far this season, with three interceptions, delivering 694 yards and a seventy percent completion rate.

On rushing for the Eagles, McCoy has produced one touchdown rushing so far this season on sixty carries, He has delivered 175 yards. Sporles for the Eagles meantime has produced seventeen carries with two touchdowns and 117 yards. Gore, meantime, for the 49ers has rushed for one touchdown, thirty-five carries, and 139 yards. On receiving, Maclin has delivered three touchdowns for the Eagles, with sixteen catches, producing 296 yards. Crabtree, in run, has two touchdown catches for the 49ers and 187 yards in nineteen receptions.

San Francisco coach Jim Harbaugh said that his team had a slow start this season. But that is over. “We’ve been in this position before where there is an ebb and a flow to the season. We’re in it now .That’s the great challenge for our football team and I have great confidence that we’ll attack it.” For live score results of this and all other NFL games today click HERE.

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