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Usher Lemme See featuring Rick Ross Debuts on Off-Broadway

Posted: April 30th, 2012 in Usher by LALATE

Usher Lemme See featuring Rick Ross Draws Fan, Critics Praise

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Usher’s Lemme See, his new single off Looking for Myself, is drawing fans and critics praise today. In Lemme See aka Let Me See, Usher with the help of Rick Ross heats up powerful soaring vocals and strong lyrics. A recent performance of the song on Off-Broadway, as well, drew strong praise from New York theatre news critics.

In Lemme See, Usher teams up with Jim Jonsin for production. The song paired Usher’s writing skills with Eric Bellinger, and Lundon “Da Bridge” Knighten. This week, Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club debuted the single. Following his recent success with Climax, Usher teams up with Rick Ross.

But in one notable lyric, Ross references the Trayvon Martin controversy. “Chanel hoodie on, looking like Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman don’t want it” Ross states.

Usher also sings on the track “You’ve been saying all night long that you couldn’t wait to get me all alone. What you gon’ do .. Don’t talk about it, be about it. Let me see.”

Rolling Stone reports that a recent performance of Off-Broadway’s “Fuerza Bruta” featured Lemme See. During that single’s performance, Usher boasted “acrobats raced along a silver curtain 30 feet above the ground”, Rolling Stone tells news.

Usher has previously told news that this album is about taking risks. Of Climax, Usher said to news that “If you take no risk, you stand to gain nothing in life. Dare to be different. I don’t look like you, I don’t walk like you, I don’t dance like you, I don’t move like you or talk like you.” He added “That doesn’t make me odd, that makes me who I am. I want people to feel that essence of growth, this album is very consistent in the aspect of being eclectic.”

Tiger Woods, Usher Not Dead – Dominican Republic Fake Death Reports Run Wild

Posted: November 11th, 2011 in Tiger Woods, Usher by LALATE

Tiger Woods, Usher Not Dead - Dominican Republic Fake Death Reports Run Wild

CORAL GABLES (LALATE) – Usher and Tiger Wood are not dead. False death reports for Usher and Tiger Woods concerning the Dominican Republic surfaced online today November 11, 2011. But the fabricated stories are deriving from two different methods / sources. Fans of the signer and golfer are furious at the fake reports.

First, singer Usher Raymond is not dead. A false report today reads “Pop Star Usher Raymond found dead in a Vegas Hotel. Detail haven’t’ been released”. The false death report is being dispersed by a tasteless trick used online in recent weeks. In front of the words “Pop Star Usher”, certain persons are adding “RT@” and  a popular national news site. The insinuation is that the sentence beginning with “Pop Star Usher” was initially tweeted by the news site and is now being re-tweeted by the user.

Rachel Uchitel Pictures (Set 1)
Rachel Uchitel Photo 1
Rachel Uchitel Photo 2
Rachel Uchitel Photo 3
Rachel Uchitel Photo 4

The fabricated use of a “RT” in front of a fake celebrity death began being used this fall. Its use, however, has become more widespread in recent weeks. Now nearly twenty to thirty percent of fake celebrity death reports online are promulgated through the re-tweet scheme. The most common use is the RT plus RIP written like “RT@ … RIP Usher Raymond”.

Fans, however, are furious by the fake reports. “Oh my god” wrote one reader while another wrote “I won’t believe it.” Other fans want to know the source of the fabricated tweets. “There’s a rumor about Usher being found dead? … This better not be true I’m going to track down who started this rumor.”

Rachel Uchitel Pictures (Set 2)
Rachel Uchitel Photo 5
Rachel Uchitel Photo 6
Rachel Uchitel Photo 7
Rachel Uchitel Photo 8
Rachel Uchitel Photo 9

For Tiger Woods, the source is a notable website that consistently fabricates fake death reports. If it’s not David Guetta or Adam Sandler, it’s David Beckham and even Tamra Barney.

The fake Tiger Woods death report reads today “Pro golfer Tiger Woods was found unresponsive in his luxury vacation rental house near the Roko Ki golf resort in the Dominican Republic earlier today”. The fabricated report adds that Woods “later [was] pronounced dead from what appears to be natural causes.”

Jamie Jungers Pictures
Jamie Jungers Photo 1
Jamie Jungers Photo 2
Jamie Jungers Photo 3
Jamie Jungers Photo 4

Today’s report bares some uniqueness, however. The source of the fake death report usually lists celebrities dead on “Route 80″ in a “car crash” or “snowboarding” in “Zermatt, Switzerland”. The addition of the Dominican Republic and the “Roko Ki” golf course papers to suggest that the death author is pursuing more elaborate stories to further stump fans.

Grace Miguel, Usher Girlfriend, Urges Firings: Report

Posted: April 11th, 2011 in Grace Miguel, Usher by LALATE

Grace Miguel, Usher Girlfriend, Urges Firings

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Usher’s girlfriend Grace Miguel (photo below) has reportedly urged the firing of Usher’s staff including Mark Cheatham of CAA, claims news. Grace Miguel and Usher heated up news from the New York Post two years ago. Today, a new report is back claiming that Usher’s now girlfriend is urging firing of his staffers.

In 2009, the Post claimed that Usher was spotted with a “mystery woman” at the Malibu County Market. While Usher was married at the time, he reportedly “wasn’t wearing his wedding band” claimed the paper in its report. The paper identified the woman as “Def Jam staffer Grace Miguel.” The two were then photographed at the posh Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood days later.


Usher went on to divorce wife Tameka Foster. But now the Post claims that Miguel – who the paper now refers to as an “executive” (no longer a “staffer”) and Usher’s “co-manager and stylist” – is “urging” Usher to fire “his staff including stylists, choreographers and tour managers and replace them with her people, an insider says.”

Mark Cheatham of CAA tells the Post he is unaware of the firing, but the paper claims that CAA no longer lists Usher as a client. Cheatham introduced Usher to Justin Bieber.

Usher, Tameka Foster Raymond TAPE Scandal Erupts

Posted: March 14th, 2011 in Tameka Foster, Usher by LALATE

Usher, Tameka Foster Raymond TAPE Scandal Erupts

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A tape between Usher and ex wife Tameka Foster Raymond has surfaced; Usher has yet to comment but Tameka Foster Raymond tells news she would not “sanction” the tape “being out”. The tape is reportedly real, claims TMZ.

This is the latest in troubles between Usher and Tameka Foster Raymond. In fall 2008, the couple made news with allegations of a pending divorce. At the same time that Usher’s marriage was slowing falling apart, he was also meeting with Scooter Braun and moving sign Justin Bieber. In May 2008, Benny Medina, Usher’s then rep, told news that “Usher and Tameka are currently traveling in Europe together as a family on his promotional tour.” Usher fumed about allegations over his marriage.

In July 2008, he posed for pictures with his first son, baby Usher V, for Essence Magazine. He told the publication “They think that [our marriage] was forced. I’ve heard a lot of comments like, “Oh, she trapped him” he told the publication. “He got a baby by her, and then she’s married and she’s set for life. No. She wasn’t pregnant when I asked her to marry me.

“There’s some sort of huge conspiracy over this, the fact that I made these choices in my life” he added. “No I grew older. As a man, I have to take responsibility and take a hold of my life. I’m accountable for what happens to my life now.”

Months in February 2009, drama unfolded. Tameka Foster was in Brazil having plastic surgery when Usher set to attend the Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy bash. Medical problems erupted in Brazil. Usher told news at the time that he was dealing with a “serious injury in the family” and heading to Brazil.

Davis announced that Usher Raymond would not be attendance and had to cancel due to a “serious injury in the family”. By weekend, Usher’s reps issued the following statement to news;

“Tameka Foster is in stable condition after suffering complications from routine surgery in Brazil. Her husband, Usher, is with her at the hospital. No further details will be released, and the family requests privacy at this difficult time.”

Later Yahoo News reported that “The Brazilian news website G1 reported that Foster was rushed to the Sirio-Libanes Hospital’s intensive care unit last Friday after a medical emergency during a liposuction operation. She had suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest as she was being anesthetized for the cosmetic surgery, it said. Foster had reportedly been put into an induced coma for 24 hours and was now recovering.”

By June 2009, In Touch exclusively broke the couple were set to divorce. That same month, Foster said that she was a “faithful wife and loving mother” and would comment further. Foster hired divorce attorney Randy Kessler whose previous clients have included T.I., Evander Holyfield, and Mack 10 (in the T-Boz divorce).

Jermaine Dupri Usher Controversy

Posted: June 4th, 2010 in Jermaine Dupri, Usher by LALATE

Jermaine Dupri Usher Controversy

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Jermaine Dupri’s comments about Usher in Vibe Magazine are sparking controversy. Jermaine Dupri says Usher didn’t treat him right after the team’s last album, nor did Mariah Carey.

Dupri contends to Vibe Magazine that if he, as a producer, gave Usher and Carey their biggest albums in recent memory, than he would at least deserve a phone call telling him if he is, or isn’t, then doing their new album too. Dupri says Usher and Carey were “disrespectful” after he gave them their biggest selling albums in the last 5 years; Dupri says neither Usher nor Carey called him and told him if he was going to producer their followup album, leaving him guessing. Dupri says no artist in that circumstance should leave the producer of their hit album hanging and guessing.

“Well, I didn’t really want to be executive producer of Usher’s projects after Confession. Me as a producer, it’s kind of hard for me to go back into people’s projects when I gave you your biggest album ever…you sold more records than any other artist in this decade based on that album and now I have to ask you am I the executive producer of your next album?” [Emphasis added.]

“That seems disrespectful to me. Obviously, I’m looking at something different than everyone is looking at it whether it’s the label, the artist, management… whoever it is. I’ve had this same conversation with L.A. Reid, because I’m doing Mariah Carey’s album right now. And on her last album, I didn’t have one song on there. But I did Emancipation of Mimi and she sold more records than she sold in the last five years.”

Dupri calls it a “game” and that if he delivers an artist a monster hit album they can have the courtesy to call him and tell him if he is in, or out, for the next album.

“What part of the game makes y’all not call me? But I’m not going to keep sticking my neck out. But I don’t feel like I’m supposed to ask to produce anymore. People are supposed to come to me and tell me that I’m the executive producer. That’s why I get more kicks working with younger artists.”

Grace Miguel Usher!

Posted: April 28th, 2010 in Grace Miguel, Usher by LALATE

Grace Miguel usher

PHOTO! Are Usher and Grace Miguel dating? Usher responds to Grace Miguel engagement and pregnancy rumors. In June 2009 LALATE broke reports that Usher might be dating Grace Miguel of Def Jam.

But this week, the net went into tailspin after suggestions that she was pregnant and engaged. Usher responds now that the two are not expecting a child and are not engaged.

In 2009, the first reports surfaced as Grace Miguel and Usher were photographed here in Los Angeles at trendy Malibu Country Market.

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