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Tamar Braxton Edges to Kenya Moore: My Tour Manager Wants to Date You

Posted: December 29th, 2014 in Kenya Moore, Tamar Braxton by LALATE

Tamar Braxton Edges to Kenya Moore: My Tour Manager Wants You

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Tamar Braxton says her “tour manager” wants to date Kenya Moore. But Kenya Moore took that comment as an insult. Tamar Braxton was back coming for Kenya Moore last night. But what did Tamar say about Kenya Moore, what did Tamar tweet about Kenya, and what does Tamar’s “tour manager” look like?

Tamar Braxton wrote last night that her tour manger wants to date Kenya Moore. Moore of course dumped her tow-truck driver BF three RHOA seasons ago. But apparently this tour manager doesn’t want Kenya that badly. Once Kenya took the comment as an insult, Braxton deleted the tweet. And then Tamar said she was done with her “charity” work “single” Kenya this year. Tamar wrote to Kenya last night “should come 2my show in Atl & find her a man cause ain’t NO way a cute girl should always be in mess!” She added the hastag “My tour manager is single”. Moore replied “Thanks Tamar but I like to drive my cars not ride them”. Moore added “I’m always nice first but they come for u me for no reason. I’m the queen of shade 2 quick with it.”

Tamar says her “charity” work is not appreciated by Moore. “That was MY last charity effort 4 2014! Back 2my baby & Husband see u guys Jan.3rd @ the FoxATL! But 1st off 2c @NeNeLeakes on Broadway.”

Tamar Braxton New Album Effort 2014 Hits Walmart for Holidays Today

Posted: November 24th, 2014 in Tamar Braxton by LALATE

Tamar Braxton New Album Effort 2014 Hits Walmart for Holidaysl

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – A Tamar Braxton new album effort 2014 hits Walmart today for the Holidays. The Christmas album is not all Tamar tracks. But Braxton delivers one classic track. The Holiday album 2014 is called “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and is an LA Reid Epic Records collaborative effort with some of music’s favorite names.

Tamar Braxton for “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” updates the classic “Sleigh Ride”. Meghan Trainor meantime “wrote and produced the new heartwarming original, I’ll Be Home, herself … Fifth Harmony make the Mariah Carey classic, All I Want For Christmas Is You, totally mistletoe-ready,” says the label in a news statement this week. Also appearing on the album are Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson. Fiona Apple in turn delivers “Frosty The Snowman”, officials tell news.

The album drops today for digital release, iTunes and Walmart. Radio release follows later this week. “L.A. Reid personally curated the tracklisting, creating a cohesive vision. Getting into the spirit of the season, he tapped numerous marquee artists from the roster to participate in this very special and unique seven-song compilation”, ” says EPIC in a news statement this week. “As a result, I’ll Be Home For Christmas is an Epic addition for your holiday collection.”

Kenya Moore, Tamar Braxton Feud Adds Christina Aguilera Too – EXCLUSIVE

Posted: November 23rd, 2014 in Christina Aguilera, Kenya Moore, Tamar Braxton by LALATE

Kenya Moore, Tamar Braxton Feud Adds Christina Aguilera Too - EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – The Kenya Moore, Tamar Braxton feud got yet another round lately when Tamra Braxton took a swing at Kenya Moore’s music. But when Kenya Moore isn’t battling Tamartians, she is also dealing with Christina Aguilera’s fans. So what did Kenya Moore say about Christina Aguilera?

The Kenya Moore Tamar Braxton tensions are percolating once again. On WETV Thursday night, Tamar Braxton on “Tamar and Vince” prepared for her new music video. Meantime, on Bravo Sunday, Kenya Moore and Brandon DeShazer on “RHOA” prepared for their sophomore RHOA music single “Really B-ch”. And while Kenya is honest and admits she does not sing, one particularly line sent Tamartians come to snatch a crown this week.

There is no Kenya Moore, Tamar Braxton love coming to reality TV anytime soon. Tamar on Thursday filmed five scenes in a Hollywood Hills mansion, evoking old French elegance, to add to her music video release. And on Sunday, Brandon hit the piano while Kenya did spoke word.

Kenya Moore and D’Banj Pictures Set 1
Kenya and D’Banj Photo 1
Kenya and D’Banj Photo 2
Kenya and D’Banj Photo 3
Kenya and D’Banj Photo 4

But after RHOA aired, Tamartians came for Kenya like it she was Towanda throwing shade on Vince. Kenya explained why her song has not been released. Keyonce told news “The song is already written. I haven’t laid down the vocals, but I want to do something soon”. So when is Kenya going to lay her vocals down?

Kenya Moore and D’Banj Pictures Set 2
Kenya and D’Banj Photo 5
Kenya and D’Banj Photo 6
Kenya and D’Banj Photo 7
Kenya and D’Banj Photo 8

Meantime, Kenya does not like Xtina. Recently, one fan asked Kenya Moore “thoughts on Xtina?” That was the whole question, not a word moore. But Kenya shot back fast. “She tried it with me once with an old boyfriend so not a fan LOL”. So who was the alleged boyfriend? Quickly Xtina fans came for Kenya. “I’m rooting for you [Kenya], but it was a huge mistake to talk wrong abt Xtina. You just summoned the fury of her fan base!”

Tamar Braxton, Vincent Herbert: Tamar & Vince Battle New Music Video

Posted: November 20th, 2014 in Tamar Braxton, Tamar and Vince, Vincent Herbert by LALATE

Tamar Braxton, Vincent Herbert: Tamar & Vince Battle New Music Video

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert, tonight on Tamar and Vince, battle over the preparation of a new music video. But off camera, the two confronted a different matter this week. The couple deal with a Bossip false report about Gloria Govan.

Tonight, Tamar and Vince returns to WETV for a new episode. The network says of tonight’s episode that “Tamar needs everything to be flawless for her music video.” And immediately, the couple starts arguing. Meantime, this week, the couple battled a false report from Bossip about Gloria Govan. The site claimed allegations against Govan and Herbert. The site further claimed a source stating that “Gloria REALLY wants to get back on reality TV since she’s no longer doing Basketball Wives and Vince was supposed to be helping her with that. She’d been wanting to work with him”.

Not soon after the false report surfaced online, Govan denounced the allegations as untrue. Govan quickly gave a news statement that read “My focus is on my sons and my business ventures. It is sad when the media does not know your business they will make anything up All my relationships are private and that how they will remain.” And as to Vince, Govan specifically said “I have never met that man nor do I know him in any other form.”

Tamar Braxton, Vincent Herbert Battle Gloria Govan Reports

Posted: November 17th, 2014 in Tamar Braxton, Vincent Herbert by LALATE

Tamar Braxton, Vincent Herbert Battle Gloria Govan Reports

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert are battling Gloria Govan reports today after an unrelated Sandra Rose feud over the weekend. Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert are very much in love. But over the weekend, two separate articles claimed alleged marital problems between the couple. Braxton quickly denounced the first. The second she has previously called as false.

First, a Tamra Braxton feud with a blogger Sandra Rose prompted a Twitter feud over the weekend. Rose tweeted a horrific allegations against Braxton’s music executive husband. Braxton called out the tweet as actionable language. The purported tweeted by Sandra Rose was later removed.

Second, website Bossip today is claiming allegations about Gloria Govan and Vincent Herbert. But while the title of their article uses clear language, the body of the article uses vague expressions, leaving the viewers guessing what exactly are the allegations. The article further claims that Herbert is purportedly producing a new show for Govan.

Braxton silenced her critics over the weekend by posing in the above picture with Vincent, in which Tamar’s weave matched Vincent’s fur hoodie. Tamar has been accused recently of launching Twitter tirade and talk show shade to fellow personalities to promote the new season of Tamar and Vince.

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