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Tamra Judge, Eddie Judge of RHOC Consider 2nd CUT Fitness OC

Posted: April 14th, 2014 in Eddie Judge,Tamra Judge by LALATE

Tamra Judge, Eddie Judge of RHOC Consider 2nd Cut Fitness OC

ORANGE COUNTY (LALATE) – Tamra Judge (formerly Tamra Barney) and Eddie Judge are considering opening their second Cut Fitness OC location, the couple tells news. A year ago, then Tamra Barney spoke exclusively to LALATE about preparation for opening Cut Fitness. Now the couple are married and are already set to expand their business venture.

Before the new season of Real Housewives of Orange County, Tamra turned to fans for assistance. “Where would you like to see our next @cutfitoc open? San Clemente -Costa Mesa-Huntington Beach- Dana Point-etc.?” As reported on LALATE back over a year ago, Tamra first turned to fans for help naming her project.

So, how does Tamra stay in shape and look so good? Tamra reveals to LALATE exclusively her love of Les Mills’ BodyPump, a barbell class designed to strengthen and sculpt the entire body. With Bodypump, Barney mixes “squats, presses, lifts, and curls.” It is a “unique formula of weight repetitions and fun cardio choreography that creates a ….workout … to build long and lean bodies, sculpt and shape without the bulk.”

But even though she is the boss at CUT, how is it going to work every day and be surrounded by great looking certified instructors? Tamra laughs “They all look so good. All have hot bodies. Sometimes it is too much.”

Tamra Barney Hot Pictures
Tamra Barney Photo 1
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Tamra Barney Photo 3
Tamra Barney Photo 4

In April last year, Tamra told news updates on her children not shown on camera. “Sidney is going to high school next year [2014] and that scares me. Spencer is in middle school and has the biggest heart. I love my kids more than anything and sometimes wish you could get a glimpse into that part of my life. But their privacy is more important to us.” As to her son Ryan, Tamra recently told news “Ryan’s getting married!”

Eddie Judge Demands Alexis Bellino Uninvited from Tamra Barney Wedding

Posted: September 9th, 2013 in Alexis Bellino,Eddie Judge,Tamra Barney by LALATE

Eddie Judge Demands Alexis Bellino Uninvited from Tamra Barney Wedding

ORANGE COUNTY (LALATE) – Eddie Judge demands that Tamra Barney uninvite Alexis Bellino to their wedding tonight. Last week, questions about who is Eddie Judge’s first wife, and did Bravo pay for Tamra Barney’s wedding, dominated Bravo. This week, fans will be left guessing if Alexis Bellino and Gretchen Rossi are in Tamra Barney’s wedding.

Eddie Judge is furious that Tamra has invited Alexis Bellino to their wedding. Last season, Alexis and Jim Bellino threatened to sue Tamra. This season, Tamra claims that Alexis has been “very sweet” to her. When Tamra tells Eddie that Alexis is going to be in the wedding, he gets enraged. Tamra tells him to just stay away from her in the wedding. He replies that maybe he should stay away from the wedding as well. Eddie finally tells Tamra to uninvite Alexis. And after initial reluctance, Tamra agrees. But by all accounts, Alexis, Gretchen, and the entire RHOC cast are in the wedding.

The wedding special is produced by the same team behind Vanderpump Rules and RHOBH. Tonight, each scene has conflict, and people constantly being “furious” about something scene by scene. Whether it’s Tamra angry, or Eddie, or their family, there is a lot of drama in just an hour. The over-the-top conflict is apparently working for the show which debuted to massive ratings last week.

Eddie Judge First Wife? Plus Tamra’s OC Wedding Cut: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: September 3rd, 2013 in Eddie Judge,Tamra Barney,Tamras OC Wedding by LALATE

 Eddie Judge First Wife? Plus the OC Wedding Cut: EXCLUSIVE

ORANGE COUNTY (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Who is Eddie Judge’s first wife? Eddie Judge has a first wife, he revealed in a stunning surprise on Tamra’s OC Wedding last night. But was the revelation planned by producers?

Eddie Judge told viewers last night that he has been married before. Judge said little about his first wife. He admitted that the two eloped in Las Vegas and never had a wedding. During a hilarious exchange with Tamra Barney, Judge said that he has only been to one wedding in his entire life. So he doesn’t know what to expect this time around.

Meantime, during one scene last night, Barney checks into a Las Vegas hotel and identifies herself as “Tamra Barney” while standing next to Eddie. Bravo cuts from the exchange momentarily. So what did Bravo cut away?

Tamra told LALATE exclusively earlier this year that Eddie is not a fan of hotel check-ins that may end in “welcome Mr. and Mrs. Barney”. “Eddie said that I am ABSOLUTELY changing my name”, Tamra told LALATE. Tamra noted that Eddie has said “ ‘If we check into one more hotel and I’m addressed as Mr. Barney’ [I’m not going to be happy]”. She added “Changing my name is a big struggle to me because it’s my kids name. I am considering hyphening it. We’ll see what happens.”

Eddie Judge First Marriage Revealed in Tamra’s OC Wedding

Posted: September 2nd, 2013 in Eddie Judge,Tamra Barney,Tamras OC Wedding by LALATE

Eddie Judge First Marriage Revealed in Tamra's OC Wedding

ORANGE COUNTY (LALATE) – Who was Eddie Judge previously married to, who is Eddie Judge’s first wife, what does Eddie do for a living, and are Eddie and Tamra still together? Eddie Judge is divorced, he reveals on the debut of Tamra’s OC Wedding tonight. Eddie reveals that he had a shotgun wedding with his first wife. It’s a surprise revelation for RHOC fans.

Little has been told about Eddie Judge’s personal and professional life over the years on RHOC. So will that change with Tamra’s OC Wedding? “This is not a shotgun wedding”, Tamra tells Eddie while working out at CUT Fitness. “This is a true wedding of love and celebration. I want to make this big.”

Eddie is concerned about money as he and Tamra build CUT Fitness. “We need the money to build our life.” Barney says she is not about spending money. “That is not who I am. The setting is pretty.” Eddie replies “we have both been married before”. But Tamra corrects him to note that she has been married twice before, not once. “Twice for me!”

So what happened to Eddie’s first wife? “My first wedding was quite smile. We want to Vegas. Got married in a little chapel. It wasn’t even Elvis.” Eddie laughs. Eddie tells news tonight  “Elvis wasn’t available.”

Tamra Barney, Eddie Judge Wedding Plans Excite RHOC Fans: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: April 28th, 2012 in Eddie Judge,Tamra Barney by LALATE

Tamra Barney, Eddie Judge Wedding Plans Heat Up for RHOC Fans: EXCLUSIVE

ORANGE COUNTY (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Tamra Barney’s wedding plans with Eddie Judge are heating up. Tamra Barney is planning a wedding, but may seek a wedding planner’s help, she revealed to news moments ago. Barney who has been battling the flu indicates to news and fans that she is anxious to plan her wedding, but might need help.

On Friday night, Barney told fans that she was “in bed for 4 days of the weirdest flu I have ever had. Achy, weak and now bad stomach cramps.” But when she woke up Saturday morning, she had one thing on her mind. “I woke up today thinking….I need to plan a wedding”.

And while Barney was aching from her flu on Friday, on Saturday she was overwhelmed by wedding plans. “I started searching the net..destination vs. home, wedding dresses, venues, wedding expos….Overwhelming, I need a wedding planner.”

In Orange County, and especially Southern California, Costco is a large part of many families’ daily lives. So Barney recently joked to Bravo that she might get married in Costco. “We often joke that we will get married at Costco.”

Barney reveals that Costco was the backdrop for her engagement ring push. “Eddie and I are big Costco fans and go together once a week. Everyone knows that the jewelry is right when you walk in. For the past year, I would look and try on the rings, and he would always drag me away telling me if I didn’t stop he would actually buy me a Costco ring one day.” She added “I told him I wouldn’t have it any other way. Guess what? He did!”

Barney has previously told news that she and Eddie have spoken to Bravo about televising their wedding. Tamra initially reveals that talks include having the wedding within the confines of RHOC next season, not as a spinoff.

If broadcasted within RHOC, the wedding would draw record ratings for Bravo, LALATE can report. Barney’s relationship with Eddie has resonated exceptionally with fans this season in key demographics.

For example, Barney helped jump RHOC 18-49 demographic ratings this week to 1.311 million viewers, a forty-four percent increase in that demographic from just four weeks ago, LALATE can report. This week, Tamra lifted overall ratings to 1.924 million viewers.

Tamra Barney Hot Pictures
Tamra Barney Photo 1

Tamra Barney Photo 2

Tamra Barney Photo 3

Tamra Barney Photo 4

But Tamra has a long history of being able to pull in massive numbers for Bravo on RHOC, especially in younger demographics. For example, in 2011, Real Housewives of OC typically drew an approximate 1.5 ratings share. But in last year’s finale in which Tamra took on Jeana Keough, Barney lifted RHOC to an unprecedented 2.88 ratings share. The 2011 season finale drew the highest rated episode of the season and a seventeen percent increase in viewership over the previous year.

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