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CUT Fitness OC, Tamra Barney Invite to Bellino Almost Declined

Posted: April 29th, 2013 in CUT Fitness by LALATE

CUT Fitness OC, Tamra Barney Invite to Bellino Almost Declined

ORANGE COUNTY (LALATE) – A CUT Fitness OC invite to Alexis Bellino last week on RHOC was almost turned down. Bellino tells news that she didn’t want to go to CUT Fitness OC for the feud that erupted last week. And now she admits that she was ignorant in agreeing to go.

Bellino tells news that it took nearly one hour of sweet talking by Vicki Gunvalson for her to agree to go. In her BravoTv.com blog, Bellino says “First off, the night Vicki asked me to go to Tamra’s party it took her over 45 minutes to convince me to go. Tamra had spread horrible rumors about Jim and I.”

Alexis Bellino also addresses the Tamra Barney legal disputes referenced in the show. “The rumors and hateful gossip had gotten so bad that Jim and I pursued our legal rights and realized we had a case in the matter, but Tamra shut up once I made this known (read my past blogs for details). So I felt Tamra was extending the olive branch when she said I could come to her party.”

But Bellino says that Vicki encouraged her to go. “The clincher for why I said yes to going to the party was that during our conversation Vicki looked at me with tears in her eyes and said she felt like she was on a desert island the night at Heather’s clambake. Vicki said she felt isolated.” She added “That struck a cord with me because that was how I felt last year. So, I put her feelings ahead of my better judgment and I said I would go.”

CUT Fitness OC: Tamra Barney Cuts Alexis Bellino Out of Party

Posted: April 22nd, 2013 in Alexis Bellino, CUT Fitness, Tamra Barney by LALATE

CUT Fitness OC: Tamra Barney Cuts Alexis Bellino Out of Party

ORANGE COUNTY (LALATE) – Is CUT Fitness open yet, and where is Tamra Barney’s CUT Fitness OC located? Tonight on RHOC, CUT Fitness OC has yet to open, but it is already cutting out one of its first visitors: Alexis Bellino. The CUT Fitness OC house warming party turns into a heated battle.

Alexis Bellino, with a new haircut by the same fake engagement ring, visits Tamra Barney’s CUT Fitness OC tonight. But why is Alexis there? At the time of filming, many of her costars were surprised that she returned to RHOC, let alone that she was invited back on the show by producers. Soon, Gretchen Rossi, Heather Dubrow and Tamra Barney are telling Alexis to “get out”. Of course, Alexis is ready with her RHOC catch phrase of 2013: “bullying”. If you tell Bellino that you don’t like her, get ready to be called a “bully”, claims Heather Dubrow.

“Stop with the bullying”, Alexis fumes. “Here it goes again.” Alexis Bellino doesn’t want confrontation inside an empty CUT Fitness warehouse. Rather, she wants it to happen inside a restaurant around dozens of people. “Lets not do this do here. … we don’t need to do this and ruining your party.” When Gretchen Rossi asks Alexis why she is even there, Alexis replies “this doesn’t involve you Gretchen. I am not going to do this here. I am not going to sit up and get ganged up with you.”

Tamra Barney Pictures
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Before going to CUT Fitness, Alexis said “I don’t know where I stand with these women. I don’t  know if a friendship is something or anything that I want. If Vicki wants me to go, and Tamra is saying to go and leave the drama at home, maybe there is a chance.”

Tamra Barney Details RHOC 2013 Balance on Raising Kids

Posted: April 15th, 2013 in CUT Fitness, Tamra Barney by LALATE

Tamra Barney Details RHOC Balance on Raising Kids

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Tamra Barney on RHOC hasn’t shown her kids since her divorce from Simon. Barney has previously told news about the decision not to show her children on camera. This week, Tamra detailed to news more about her parenting life outside of RHOC.

Recently Barney told LALATE exclusively that one facet of her life clearly not depicted on TV is her life with her children. This week, Barney told news more about the life. “You will not see my kids this season, as usual. But wanted to let you know they are doing great and have really adjusted to the changes that came their way.”

Barney ended last season resolving her differences with Jeana Keough. One season earlier, Barney confronted Jeana about her Simon comments. This month, told news more about her life since her divorce. “Simon continues to be a wonderful father and we live walking distance apart. Sophia is still my sassy one and is in second grade.”

Gretchen Rossi and Slade Pictures
Gretchen Rossi and Slade Photo 1
Gretchen Rossi and Slade Photo 2
Gretchen Rossi and Slade Photo 3

She added “Sidney is going to high school next year and that scares me. Spencer is in middle school and has the biggest heart. I love my kids more than anything and sometimes wish you could get a glimpse into that part of my life. But their privacy is more important to us.”

For now, Barney continues to focus on Cut Fitness OC, first exclusively detailed on LALATE. “CutFitness continues to grow and we could not be happier. I love what I am doing and wouldn’t change it.”

Gretchen Rossi Hot Pictures
Gretchen Rossi Photo 1
Gretchen Rossi Photo 2
Gretchen Rossi Photo 3
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Meantime, Tamra is quickly trying to improve her relationship with Vicki. But as Tamra told LALATE recently, the situation gets worse before it gets better.

“My talk with Vicki in the wine cellar came straight from my heart. I never wanted to hurt Vicki or try and break her and Brooks up. I want her to be happy with who ever she is dating.” She added “Truth is I probably would have never voiced my opinion about Brooks if he had not started that fight about the evil eye. I don’t want to dwell on the past or use my weekly blog to tear my cast members down, too much of that happens on the show already. Thats why you guys watch!”

Tamra Barney Hot Pictures
Tamra Barney Photo 1
Tamra Barney Photo 2
Tamra Barney Photo 3
Tamra Barney Photo 4

She also told news “My hope for Vicki is she finds the happiness she deserves. I will support her in whatever path she takes. It doesn’t mean we will never get into another fight again, Friends fight.”

Tamra Barney CUT Fitness Opens to RHOC Fans: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: February 28th, 2013 in CUT Fitness, Tamra Barney by LALATE

Tamra Barney CUT Fitness Opens to RHOC Fans: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Tamra Barney CUT Fitness OC this weekend brings the RHOC star closer to her fans. Tamra Barney and Eddie Judge recently opened CUT Fitness to Orange County fans and residents in Rancho Santa Margarita. Imagine having a Housewife put you through a physical endurance workout that makes an reunion telecast seem like child’s play. That’s the excitement that Tamra will deliver this weekend to Southern California fans of Real Housewives of Orange County.

Bravo started Thursday morning rebroadcasting old original episodes of the original Real Housewives show, RHOC. At the time, there wasn’t HD. Vicki’s daughter was 18 years old. And the entire means in which a reality show was shot appeared totally different than today’s entries.

But Tamra Barney recently laughed with LALATE about how her life has changed over the years because of reality TV. Tamra told LALATE that her kids, when remembering something in the past, sometimes refer to “years” as “seasons”.

LALATE asked Tamra recently how different is it now running a fitness facility. She admitted it’s a lot of work, but she loves it. This morning she dished more about her plans for Saturday. “So excited to announce some of our vendors for the Grand Opening this Saturday! They’ll be there handing out goodies and give to our raffle! So much good stuff you’ll want to check back to hear!” Of course, Tamra, while staying in shape, has been in three states in less than five days, doing appearances for RHOC.

Tamra reveals that CUT Fitness will open its doors this Saturday at 8:30 am for BodyPump. Tamra first told LALATE that she will soon be certified in BodyPump. The grand opening however will kick off with festivities at 12:30. “We will have food, deserts, wine tasting, demo classes, photo opportunities [and more]“, she tells news.

Tamra told LALATE that she first envisioned doing CUT Fitness. But she admits after some brainstorming, Eddie encouraged her to enlarge her vision. As a result, fans this Saturday will be surprised how big CUT Fitness really is. As Tamra tells LALATE, the upcoming season of RHOC, kicking off April 1, will show her through the development of CUT. But it won’t show how much she has achieved in the last few weeks. That’s because principal filming on the upcoming season of RHOC ended several months ago. So, in the spirit of reality television, the only way to find out how the RHOC upcoming season featuring CUT ends is to actually go see Tamra inside battling cardio and calories, instead of Housewives, this Saturday. For more click HERE.

Tamra Barney Becoming First BodyPump Real Housewife: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: February 20th, 2013 in CUT Fitness, Tamra Barney by LALATE

Tamra Barney Becoming First BodyPump Housewife: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Tamra Barney is becoming the first BodyPump Real Housewife. For years fans have watched Tamra put her body to the test on Real Housewives of Orange County. There have been mud-runs and Costa Rica zip lines. And course surviving a reunion show can drop a few hundred calories as well.

But now, Tamra is taking fitness to the next level in the real OC, becoming a BodyPump certified instructor. In the new season of Real Housewives of Orange County, viewers will watch as Tamra Barney opens her new fitness facility, CUT Fitness OC. But recently Barney told LALATE that she wanted another change in her life, to become certified in BodyPump as well.

A Tuesday with Tamra can begin with BodyPump as early as 8:30 am, even while working on RHOC. But Tamra tells LALATE, that within in a few weeks, she too will be certified in Bodypump.

So, how does Tamra stay in shape and look so good? Tamra reveals to news her love of Les Mills’ BodyPump, a barbell class designed to strengthen and sculpt the entire body. With Bodypump, Barney mixes “squats, presses, lifts, and curls.” It is a “unique formula of weight repetitions and fun cardio choreography that creates a ….workout … to build long and lean bodies, sculpt and shape without the bulk.”

But even though she is the boss at CUT, how is it going to work everyday and be surrounded by great looking certified instructors? Tamra laughs “They all look so good. All have hot bodies. Sometimes it is too much.” The new season of RHOC debuts April 1 on Bravo.

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