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Cindy Mort PHOTO!

Posted: September 11th, 2009 in Cindy Mort, Cydney Bernard, Jodie Foster by LALATE

Cindy Mort PHOTO

PHOTO! Here is a picture of Cindy Mort (aka Cynthia Mort); did Cindy Mort leave Jodie Foster for Amanda Demme (Ted Demme’s window) after Cydney Bernard was allegedly left by Foster for Mort? And Lindsay Lohan – does she fit into this story?

Yes, get your pencil and paper out because you need a flow chart to follow what the Enquirer is now claiming. In 2008, the same publication claimed the following:

“The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively that the Oscar winner’s new love is brunette Cindy Mort, a producer and screenwriter she met on the set of her 2007 film The Brave One.”

Foster reportedly had 14 year relationship with Bernard.


Now the Enquirer is back  claiming the following new allegations:

“As The ENQUIRER revealed in June 2008, the Silence of the Lambs star fell for a new girlfriend – and abruptly dropped Cydney Bernard, her devoted live-in love of 14 years.

“The two-time Oscar winner had met her new romantic interest, writer-producer Cindy Mort, while filming The Brave One in 2006.

“But now in a classic case of what goes around comes around, Cindy has reignited a romance with a previous gal pal, Amanda Demme, The ENQUIRER has learned.

“Amanda is a well-known Hollywood club promoter and the widow of film director Ted Demme. She’s also been romantically linked to Lindsay Lohan.”

No comment by Mort or Foster to the report. You decide.

Cindy Mort Pictures?

Posted: May 22nd, 2008 in Cindy Mort, Cydney Bernard, Jodie Foster by LALATE

Cindy Mort

Cindy Mort pictures are hitting the net again.

Cindy Mort (Cynthia Mort) is the friend of Jodie Foster that the National Enquirer is claiming is more than just friends. The paper claims Cindy Mort is Jodie Foster’s “new girlfriend”. “The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively that the Oscar winner’s new love is brunette Cindy Mort, a producer and screenwriter she met on the set of her 2007 film The Brave One.”

Do you believe it? You decide for yourself.

Foster has had a 14 year relationship and family with Cydney Bernard.

No comment has yet come out from any of the three women since the story hit roughly Wednesday.

Hopefully everything gets worked out okay. Foster is one of LALATE’s favorite actors ever to hit the screen and Mort has done some wonderful tv shows.

Below are some pictures of what sites are widely reporting are photos of Cindy Mort.



Cindy Mort Jodie Foster Cydney Bernard

Posted: May 21st, 2008 in Cindy Mort, Cydney Bernard, Cythia Mort, Jodie Foster by LALATE

Cindy Mort

Cindy Mort and Jodie Foster? What about Jodie Foster and Cydney Bernard?Cindy Mort is headline news today. Why?

Cydney Bernard is the partner of Jodie Foster for 14 years. But the National Enquirer is now claiming that, while Foster and Bernard still live together as a family, something else has happened.

The National Enquirer allegeds that Foster met Cynthia Mort in 2007 and are currently seeing each other.

Do you believe the Enquirer?

As explained by one site, “Oscar winning actress Jodie Foster had another woman lined up when she and her partner of 14 years, Cydney Bernard called it quits. Foster, 45, met and fell for screenwriter Cynthia Mort, 51, on the set of the vigilante flick, The Brave One in 2007 and has been seeing her ever since, according to a report by The National Enquirer. News of Foster’s split from Bernard, 54, rocked the industry and now the Enquirer has reported in an “exclusive” that the couple is still living uncomfortably under the same roof, although the relationship has been “shattered.” “

No word or response from Mort, Foster, or Bernard.

Mort is reportedly screenwriter and producer from shows Will and Grace and Roseanne. Reportedly she previous was a partner with thirtysomething’s Melanie Mayron.

Still developing …

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