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RHOBH 2014 Ratings Soft: Kyle Richards, Brandi Glanville Don’t Deliver

Posted: November 20th, 2014 in Brandi Glanville, Kyle Richards by LALATE

RHOBH 2014 Ratings Flop: Kyle Richards, Brandi Glanville Don't Deliver

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – RHOBH 2014’s ratings premiere this week was soft. The show ended last season with a record low viewership. After several seasons of viewers demanding BravoTV to clean the slate and get a new cast, BravoTV opted against that. And this Tuesday, the viewers’ voices were heard, with a dreadful premiere for what BravoTV billed as the best season ever of the show.

RHOBH 2014’s ratings were so poor for the debut that RHOBH did not purportedly even break a 2.0 ceiling. The show which formally aired on the coveted Monday night time slot was moved to Tuesday night. And how did the show do? Kenya Moore took a jab at the show’s “star” Brandi Glanville, re-tweeting today “RHOBH FLOPS ..opens to 1.9 million viewers for @BrandiGlanville while RHOA EPISODE 2 did 3.6 million :) @KenyaMoore STAYS WINNING”.

The ratings debut revealed the show is heading from poor to horrible. Last season’s final drew a dreadful 1.95 ratings share. The finale was a record low. It was the first time in the show’s history that the show ever delivered a finale under a 2.0 ratings share. Season Two, for example, ended with a 3.0 ratings share and the prior season was about the same.

After last season, many viewers blamed BravoTV for re-hiring often boring Kyle and Kim Richards. Some critics assert that Kim Richards has had no storyline for now roughly two seasons. Tuesday’s premiere, however, was carried arguably by two women: Kyle and Brandi Glanville. Kyle got the most air time talking about a white party, miraculously re-friending Lisa Vanderpump, and then inviting guests to her home. By admission, however, cast and producers claim that RHOBH 2014 does start its season slow but purportedly picks up very fast early on.

Lisa and Brandi Still Friends? RHOBH Firings 2014 Expected Soon

Posted: March 31st, 2014 in Brandi Glanville, Lisa Vanderpump by LALATE

Lisa and Brandi Still Friends? RHOBH Firings 2014 Expected Currently

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – Are Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville still friends, and what RHOBH firings 2014 should viewers expect? Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi are no longer friends, and will never again be friends, vows Lisa. Meantime, RHOBH firings are set to be revealed officially in the coming weeks after spirally downhill ratings continue to strike the show.

Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville left viewers guessing if they would ever be friends again after RHOBH Reunion 2014 Part 1 telecast. Brandi told Andy Cohen that she missed Lisa. But Brandi in the same breath delivered a series of allegations that Lisa thought were inexcusable. Since that reunion was filmed, Lisa has spoken repeatedly about Brandi. Meantime, Brandi has unpleasant words to state about Lisa as well.

Lisa tells Life and Style that the friendship is irreparable. “Too many things — too many nasty things — were said. Brandi has created so many lies.” She adds that the relationship “is done. It was done six months ago.”

Meantime, Brandi feels that she is not being credited for helping launch the ratings hit Vanderpump Rules. “I sat down with Scheana for her multiple times to help her show, and I said, ‘I will do whatever you would like,’ and I got tired of it…I think that I fed that b–ch.”

But for Bravo, the problems are far from over. And the focus is not Lisa and Brandi. It is what to do with the rest of the cast.

RHOBH has been one of the few RH shows to not improve their ratings for two seasons. While even ratings troubled RHOC and RHONY have improved in the last two years, RHOBH has fallen dramatically in year to date ratings.

Viewers have expressed an resounding distain for the show’s current cast makeup. And while Bravo has yet to identify firings, LALATE has exclusreported that you should expect two to three cast members not invited back as full housewives after the season. Among the top candidates to be downgraded to not invited back are Kim, Carlton and Yolanda. A show that falls season to season in the ratings virtually retains its current cast. RHOBH won’t be the exception.


Kenya Moore Celebrity Apprentice: Brandi Glanville Gets Separated: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: March 25th, 2014 in Brandi Glanville, Kenya Moore by LALATE

Kenya Moore Celebrity Apprentice: Brandi Glanville Gets Separated: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Kenya Moore’s Celebrity Apprentice filming started today. And Brandi Glanville was separated from Kenya Moore. No word if Kenya Moore’s African Prince boyfriend showed up. Who is Kenya dating (photos below)?

Kenya Moore and Brandi Glanville’s negative comments toward once another started on Bravo last year. Now on another NBC property, the two are united for Celebrity Apprentice. But in their first public filming appearance, Kenya Moore and Brandi Glanville appear to have been kept far apart by producers, while still on the apparent same team.

Kenya Moore’s Celebrity Apprentice filming started today alongside Keshia Knight Pulliam and Vivicia Fox. Vivicia wore jeans and high top tennis shoes, and Pullinam dressed casual for filming. Moore however pulled in knee-high boots. Moore ironically later switched from a short dress into tight black pants and heels. And who else tried that look today during filming? Ironically, it was Brandi.

Kenya Moore and BF D’Banj Pictures Set 1
Kenya and D’Banj Photo 1
Kenya and D’Banj Photo 2
Kenya and D’Banj Photo 3
Kenya and D’Banj Photo 4

Glanville, while pulling out a red carpet, dressed in high heels and tight pants like Kenya. And while Brandi may have dressed like Kenya, and been part of the same team, social media photos of the day and videos show the pair were separated.

Brandi has said of Kenya “I am sorry but I just don’t care nor do I respect the opinion of a grown … woman who flirts, texts, and tries to sleep with another woman’s husband. Once she finds some self respect maybe I will learn to care about what she thinks.”

Kenya and D’Banj Pictures Set 2
Kenya and D’Banj Photo 5
Kenya and D’Banj Photo 6
Kenya and D’Banj Photo 7
Kenya and D’Banj Photo 8

Last season on RHOBH, Brandi said “You’re a black person…all my black friends can’t swim.” That prompted Kenya to reply “Brandi cannot be more ignorant.”

RHOBH Reunion: Are Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump Still Friends?

Posted: March 24th, 2014 in Brandi Glanville, Lisa Vanderpump by LALATE

RHOBH Reunion: Are Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump Still Friends?

BEVERLY HILLS (LALATE) – Are Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump still friends? That is what Andy Cohen wants to learn in tonight’s RHOBH Reunion 2014 Part 2. Brandi Glanville leads the anti-Lisa Vanderpump battle in tonight’s Reunion Part 2. And ironically, when Ken Todd joins the discussion, Brandi tells news that she misses her friendship with Ken and Lisa.

The Lisa Vanderpump – Brandi Glanville feud leaves many guessing how real, fake, or staging it really is. But since filming has wrapped, and since the RHOBH Reunion was taped, Brandi and Lisa have made it clear to fans that they do not get along anymore. Therein rests the peculiar twists between the two. Both tell viewers tonight, with Ken added to the mix, that they miss their friendship. Yet without missing a beat, they are ready to throw accusations at both of each other.

Since filming wrapped, Yolanda Foster has told news that she does not consider Lisa nor Brandi a friend either. “I often wondered in the past 18 months while I was sick at home why Lisa (who calls me her good friend) only came to visit me once — but on the other hand never seemed to miss a star-studded event going on in our life,” Yolanda tells news. “This incident only again confirmed my longtime suspicion that Lisa is an extremely strategic player and just another Hollywood friend to me.”

Foster was asked by Cohen if Brandi is a friend. But Yolanda recently said that Lisa and Brandi are only friends when the camera is rolling. As to Lisa, Yolanda remarks “This absolutely does NOT make her a bad person or any less fabulous but it just puts her in a different compartment in my heart. I really gave her the benefit of the doubt because I wanted to believe that she was the friend she says she was but like my line goes: ‘Don’t tell me you are my friend, act like one.’”

Lisa Vanderpump, Scheana Marie Timeline Revealed in Brandi Glanville Claim

Posted: March 17th, 2014 in Brandi Glanville, Lisa Vanderpump, Scheana Marie by LALATE

Lisa Vanderpump Scheana Marie Timeline Supports Brandi Glanville Claim

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – The Lisa Vanderpump, Scheana Marie timeline is more consistent with Brandi Glanville’s claims that those of Vanderpump, new evidence now suggests. At issue, however, remains the date at which Lisa Vanderpump hired Scheana Marie to work at Villa Blanca. Tonight, the Scheana Marie timeline is the centerpiece of a feud between Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville. But LALATE has uncovered more evidence that casts a clearer picture on who was where, and when, during critical months in 2009. And the evidence appears to support Glanville’s claims that Lisa knew exactly who Scheana Marie was of that infamous 2011 RHOBH scene.

The battleground is set for tonight’s reunion. Brandi Glanville’s claim is that Lisa Vanderpump knew, as of 2011, that Scheana Marie was the former mistress of Brandi’s now ex husband Eddie Cibrian. Brandi further claims that Lisa allegedly chose to insert Scheana Marie into a RHOBH Sur episode filming to create tensions with Brandi, and launch a spinoff show Vanderpump Rules. Vanderpump Rules, since its earliest incarnation in Bravo PR announcements, featured Lisa describing the establishment as a place that you would bring your mistress. The question, however, is whether Vanderpump brought Eddie’s former mistress into RHOBH filming to create tensions with Brandi, and then later claim that it was all an accident.

Lisa emphatically claims that, first, she did not know that Scheana Marie was Eddie’s mistress as of that date. Second, Lisa also claims that no one at Villa Blanca nor Sur at anytime had heard of Scheana Marie being Eddie’s former mistress.

Scheana Marie Jancan Old Photos with Male Celebs
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 5
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 6
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 7
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 8

According to LA Eater, around March 2009, Vanderpump opened Villa Blanca. That same month, one of the largest celebrity news stories of the spring was broke by US Magazine, entitled “Married LeAnn Rimes Having Steamy Affair With .. Costar”. The story broke around March 17, 2009 headlined national celebrity news into at least fall 2009.

Scheana was also dating Eddie in March. But by October 2009, Scheana was appearing on Access Hollywood telling news what transpired. “When did you have an idea that he was not only seeing you and not only still married, but now was seeing LeAnn Rimes?” Access Hollywood asked Scheana in October 2009. “Well, in March, when the whole video thing of them at dinner came out. I’m like, ‘Seriously?’ Like I was just with you two weeks ago, and I mean you can’t deny pictures, you can’t deny a video,” Marie said.

Scheana Marie Jancan Old Myspace Pictures Set 1
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 1
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 2
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 3
Scheana Marie Jancan Photo 4

Vanderpump claims that she never saw the Access Hollywood interview or any of the countless news stories from 2009 until 2011.

Scheana told Access Hollywood that she started dating Eddie in 2006. But when her mom told her that Eddie was married to Brandi and that Brandi was pregnant, Scheana broke up with Eddie. Months later, according to Scheana, she and Eddie began dating once again.

By May 2009, Scheana was no longer dating Eddie. She was dating John Mayer. And that story headlined national news at the time, with references back to the Eddie-Scheana mistress story. And Scheana was talking to the press about John Mayer as well. “I love his personality . . . he’s funny. . . . He can be, like, a dork,” she told YoungHollywood.com at the time. The New York Daily News later claimed Mayer allegedly broke up with Scheanna after talking to the news media about their relationship.

It remains unclear what Vanderpump knew. But the claim that her entire staff of actors / waiters at two restaurants never saw any of these nationally broadcast stories about Scheana and Eddie remains in dispute.

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