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Brandi Glanville Petition to Remove Star from RHOBH Surges Again: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: January 22nd, 2015 in Brandi Glanville, RHOBH by LALATE

Brandi Glanville Petition to Remove Star from RHOBH Surges Again: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – A Brandi Glanville petition to remove the star from RHOBH dominated news in 2014. But that same petition is exponentially growing overnight, nearly a year after it was created, LALATE can report. Petition creator Lori Chase garnered more than roughly 4,500 signatures as of March 2014. But now LALATE can report, that following new conduct by Glanville on and off the NBC Universal show “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”, Glanville is the subject once again of a movement to oust her from the franchise.

In 2014, Lori Chase launched her Brandi Glanville petition drive for NBC Universal. Chase told news that Glanville should have no part of the NBC Universal family after comments Glanville made about then co-star Joyce Giraud and swimming. The petition ran up to roughly 4500 signatures in 2014, and prompted Glanville to respond “Dear random people or person who has time 2 make up a petition about me a-thanks for keeping me in the news B-don’t we have whales to save?”.

Giraud left the show, and Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson joined. This season, Lisa has called Brandi “Cuckoo “, and Eilenn says that Brandi needs a thesaurus. Meantime, Kyle Richards has told news that Brandi turns on everyone on RHOBH, and Lisa Vanderpump has agreed.

Glanville, however, this season has thrown wine on Eileen Davidson, tore a branch from Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant tree, and got in a scuffle with Kyle Richards. While such conduct is not atypical for a Housewife show, the conduct outside the program has magnified the situation. Recently Glanville made repeated false comments Joanna Krupa and Kenya Moore’s bodies. Glanville threw wine on Jeff Lewis during an appearance on WWHL. The encounter was dubbed “most awkward WWHL ever” by the network. It left host Andy Cohen sleepless, by his admission, overnight. Glanville later told news that it was a prank she staged for humor.

And yet, some of Glanville’s word choices this season have left many network stars shocked. Glanville has offered to pleasure Lisa Vanderpump, prompting Kenya Moore to tweet that she was unaware that NBC/Bravo allowed you to use the “p” word during a housewife cable telecast. Critics claim Glanville, who is neither married nor lives in Beverly Hills, has been dirtying the network’s image by going from “against the grain” to what Rinna calls the land of “Cuckoo LaRue”. Glanville herself last episode said that, if she did not act this way, there would be nothing in the show to talk about.

Now Chase’s petition, however, is resonating to critics. The petition has grown quickly in recent days to now reach 8226 supporting Chase’s request. Chase writes “Please remove Brandi Glanville from ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ immediately.”

LALATE can, however, report that the biggest gauge of viewer reactions was scratched by BravoTV in 2014: the commenting system on BravoTV.com. For years, not a single HW reunion passed without Andy Cohen stating “we got a lot of comments on BravoTV.com about this”. But in Spring 2014, BravoTV removed all commenting from cast members’ articles. If Bravo had kept those comments, one would be able to better gauge viewer sentiments pro or con to Glanville in the wake of her recent antics.

Brandi Glanville Wine Toss at Jeff Lewis Left Andy Cohen Sleepless

Posted: January 20th, 2015 in Andy Cohen, Brandi Glanville, Jeff Lewis by LALATE

Brandi Glanville Wins Toss at Jeff Lewis: Twitter Doesn't Believe Prank

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Brandi Glanville’s win toss at Jeff Lewis during a recent WWHL taping left Lewis in horror, Brandi crying, and Andy Cohen shocked. After the toss, Glanville and Lewis, neither of which are actors, continued to fume; Lewis apologizing and Glanville still cried. When the taping was over, Brandi posed with Jeff Lewis and told “fans” it was a prank. Now Glanville admits that viewers still do not believe her claim that it was a prank.

Brandi Glanville’s wine toss at Jeff Lewis on WWHL headlined BravoTV.com’s homepage for over a day, with Bravo calling it the most “awkward” taping ever. Nowhere did Bravo call it funny, humorous or great entertainment. But apparently Brandi thinks it was.

Glanville – who has circulated lies about her co-stars over the last year – assures news that she is telling the truth this time. She says that she prank Andy Cohen for a laugh. Glanville did not have Cohen laughing nor Bravo web production which called the entire taping awkward.

Even if the toss was fake, Glanville now admits that viewers did not find it funny. The toss happened the week that BravoTV aired Brandi tossing wine (not for prank) at her co-star on RHOBH. Brandi did not apologize to viewers. Rather she called her own viewers “crazy”. “These people on twitter are crazy”. She added “We were just trying to prank Andy and be funny – Do something different and I have been getting hate for a week on Twitter.”

What was Andy Cohen’s reaction? Cohen later told news that he could not sleep that night after the taping. Glanville did issue an apology to Cohen. “Andy I’m sorry we pranked you. That’s only the second time in my life I’ve ever thrown wine”. Glanville – who has falsely claimed that Kenya Moore’s body is fake and that Moore has an NBC contract provision prohibiting her from being filmed eating – assures news that she faked the scene. Glanville last week was at the Golden Globes. No word what acting roles she is up for next.


Celebrity Apprentice Winner 2015: Who Wins Celebrity Apprentice Results

Posted: January 19th, 2015 in Brandi Glanville, Celebrity Apprentice, Kenya Moore by LALATE

Celebrity Apprentice Winner 2015: Who Wins Celebrity Apprentice Results

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Who wins Celebrity Apprentice 2015, who is the Celebrity Apprentice winner, and are there any good Celebrity Apprentice spoilers online? LALATE can exclusively report that Brandi Glanville does not win Celebrity Apprentice, and that Brandi is not the Celebrity Apprentice 2015 winner. In fact, that the root of Brandi’s distain for Kenya Moore since filming Celebrity Apprentice last year is that Kenya Moore watched Brandi get fired, LALATE can also report. And while LALATE does not know who wins Celebrity Apprentice 2015, we do know that it is not Brandi Glanville. Moreover, LALATE can exclusively report that Kenya Moore gets very far into the competition, to the displeasure of Glanville.

Tonight the hunt for Celebrity Apprentice winner 2015 continues. Brandi, Vivica A Fox and Kenya Moore return. But fans should expect a massive (unsuccessful) alliance between Brandi, Vivica and Leeza Gibbons to get Moore booted. Glanville moreover is purportedly unhappy this month with spoilers from LALATE suggesting that that she does not win the show.

Meantime, back on RHOBH, tensions are flying off-camera. Yet another dispute is underway purportedly between Lisa Rinna and Brandi Glanville. That feud started as Lisa called Brandi “Cuckoo LaRue”. In her recent BravoTV blog post, Lisa wrote “I have to say, I guess it’s really not that odd that Brandi invited her friends over to watch her ex-husband’s reality show, because she’s Cuckoo LaRue.”

This season on RHOBH, Lisa has witnessed Brandi tell Lisa Vanderpump that she would offer her “services”, Brandi tear down an old olive branch, and Brandi toss a glass of wine in a co-star’s face. Meantime, in promoting Celebrity Apprentice, Brandi has falsely claimed the Kenya Moore’s body is fake. Brandi even falsely told news that Kenya had a NBC contract provision prohibited Donald Trump from filming Kenya eating on camera.

Tonight the casts return and it’s feast for famine. So far the show is doing well in the ratings. Last week, it finished third in its time slot but just right behind the Bachelor. Celebrity Apprentice pulled in a 1.7 ratings share while The Bachelor was a 1.8 ratings share in the 18-49 demographic. Overall, Bachelor was a 6.48 while Celebrity Apprentice was a 5.85. And while Brandi does not survive firing by the Donald, will she survive another season of RHOBH?

Celebrity Apprentice 2015 Winner Spoilers: Brandi Glanville Doesn’t Win

Posted: January 13th, 2015 in Brandi Glanville, Celebrity Apprentice, Kenya Moore by LALATE

Celebrity Apprentice 2015 Winner Spoilers: Brandi Glanville Doesn't Win

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Celebrity Apprentice 2015 winner spoilers by LALATE several weeks ago revealed that Kenya Moore will get to (at least) the near final episodes. But who wins Celebrity Apprentice 2015, who is the Celebrity Apprentice winner, and what happens to Brandi Glanville? LALATE previously exclusively reported that, one of the real reason that Brandi Glanville hates Kenya Moore so much is that Kenya gets either nearly to the finals or to the finals, and that Brandi is sent packing for Encino much earlier in the season. Last RHOBH season, Brandi Glanville made RHOBH fans raise an eyebrow when Brandi told news that she spent $25 online to (incorrectly) “learn” that Lisa Vanderpump went “bankrupt” in “Calabasas”. It was all false. But this season, Brandi Glanville’s “skill set” has a new target: Kenya Moore.

Why is even Brandi Glanville on Celebrity Apprentice? Kenya Moore last night was tweeting up a storm. Kenya dished the tea into why NBC allegedly higher Brandi Glanville for CA. Moore claims that only reason NBC Universal hired Brandi for Celebrity Apprentice was to clash with Kenya. Of Brandi, Kenya tweeted “She was a good as she can be”. Kenya retweeted “I guess Brandi forget that she’s on Celebrity Apprentice not housewives. This is not Bravo.”

Another fan wrote “Kenya seems to be keeping her composure and being awesome. Brandi Glanville is being rude.” Kenya wrote “How is Ian Ziering being position giving Brandi anxiety? This chick is so n00ty for no reason”. One fan wrote “Brandi made a huge mistake. Brandi’s just jealous that she isn’t gone with the wind fabulous.” Kenya later wrote “Brandi is losing all day long by mean comments and attacks… Brandi checked out and it wasn’t fair. It was not ALL about money it was about being a team player.”

So why is Brandi on the show? Kenya tell news “Brandi only goal was to use me for attention but as u can see it is only making her look worse “. One fan wrote “Brandi’s sole purpose is to talk about Kenya Moore.” Moore replied “I’ve been trying to tell all of you that.” Kenya Moore graduate * laude from college. NBC makes no mention of any educational background for Brandi.

Eileen Davidson, Lisa Rinna: Brandi Glanville Drunk in 2 RHOBH Scenes

Posted: January 7th, 2015 in Brandi Glanville, Eileen Davidson, Lisa Rinna, RHOBH by LALATE

Eileen Davidson, Lisa Rinna: Brandi Glanville Drunk in 2 RHOBH Scenes

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna now say that Brandi Glanville was drunk in at least two scenes so far this RHOBH season. And Brandi does not dispute the same. BravoTV released a new extended RHOBH clip today, which Lisa tweeted to fans to watch. The scene is additional footage from the Yolanda Foster dinner party.

Eileen Davidson and Lisa Rinna confront Brandi Glanville about her drinking at Foster’s home. In the scene in the garden/pool area, Brandi Glanville is drinking once again. Earlier in the episode, Brandi threw white wine on Davidson. At Foster’s party, Brandi is holding a glass of white wine again.

Brandi’s words are slurred at Yolanda’s party, Eileen claims in her confessional. In reference to the scene at Yolanda’s house, Davidson claims “Brandi Glanville is a sloppy drunk”. Eileen impersonates Brandi stating as her “[You're] really sx- and I love you!”

Then during the scene, Lisa asks Brandi about the hotel scene from earlier in the episode. Alongside a Santa Monica beachfront hotel, Brandi at a dinner table throws white wine at Davidson. Rina asks Brandi about that scene. “Were you drunk?” Brandi replies “yes”. When Brandi tries to give an excuse for it, Rina won’t have it. “You were just drunk”. Back at Yolanda’s party, Brandi’s words include unusual statements. “I kind of teleprompter’d into Days of Life zone. I was like omg I love these people. You have to understand you are my high school life.”

Eileen looks baffled. Rina is not happy. “If you do that again I will jump you”, Rina tells Glanville. Brandi then states “I will — you. You are 12 pounds”. Rina replies “I am little but you don’t want to mess with me.” It remains unclear what Joyce from last season thinks about this season. Last season, Joyce had strong opinions of Brandi’s conduct on the show.

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