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Biggest Loser
  • Biggest Loser Protein Powder – Biggest Loser Diet!

    Here is the Biggest Loser Protein Powder, part of the Biggest Loser Diet plan. The Biggest Loser Protein Powder comes with...

    lalateSeptember 22, 2009
  • Who Won Biggest Loser Season 7?

    Who won Biggest Loser Season 7 tonight? HELEN is your winner of Biggest Loser Couples 2 (Season 7)! Helen loser 54.47%...

    lalateMay 13, 2009
  • Curtis Stone Recipes!

    RECIPES! Here are Curtis Stone Recipes. Curtis Stone of Take Home Chef stops by BIGGEST LOSER tonight. Curtis Stone’s Take Home...

    lalateJanuary 27, 2009
  • Erik Chopin Gains Weight!

    PHOTO! Erik Chopin gains weight is the surprise to many. Erik Copin has gained weight back (picture below) after winning season...

    lalateJanuary 19, 2009
  • Dave Sanov!

    Dave Sanov and wife Alison Sweeney of Biggest Loser, Days of Lives (photo above) have a new baby girl. Dave Sanov...

    lalateJanuary 13, 2009
  • Shanon Thomas MUG SHOT!

    PHOTO! Here is the Biggest Loser Mug Shot of 2009! Here’s the skinny on Shanon Thomas of Biggest Loser and this...

    lalateJanuary 9, 2009
  • Michelle Aguilar PHOTOS!

    PICTURES! Here are the amazing before and after photos of Biggest Loser Winner Michelle Aguilar! Last night LALATE broke Michelle Aguilar...

    lalateDecember 17, 2008
  • Biggest Loser Winner 6 Michelle Aguilar!

    Who was the Biggest Loser 6 Winner? Michelle Aguilar tonight became Biggest Loser 6’s winner! Biggest Loser 7 returns in January....

    lalateDecember 16, 2008
  • Biggest Loser Trainer Arrested Mugshot!

    MUG SHOT! Here’s the mugshot photo of the Biggest Loser Trainer arrested. Anthony Badalamenti was the Biggest Loser contestant’s trainer off...

    lalateNovember 12, 2008
  • Biggest Loser Recipes!

    Want the Biggest Loser Recipes from the hit tv show? Here are the Biggest Loser Recipes, over 125 recipes in over...

    lalateSeptember 23, 2008