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Phaedra Parks & Apollo Nida Break Up, RHOA Star Single & Dating?

Posted: August 11th, 2014 in Apollo Nida, Phaedra Parks by LALATE

Phaedra Parks & Apollo Nida Break Up, RHOA Star Single and Dating

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida have broke up and Phaedra is very much single and looking to date, if you believe the latest tabloid report from MediaTakeOut. Since RHOA’s 2014 season ended, MediaTakeOut has been gushing about Parks on a regular basis. In fact, Parks’ costar Porsha Stewart referenced a false MediaTakeOut report in the last reunion. But now, the site is back again, applauding Parks’ new looks but claiming that she is single and ready to mingle.

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida have not divorced. But for months, many have believed that the couple have split. Parks allegedly did not attend Apollo’s sentencing, but did go partying on a boat just days before. Nida, in turn, has been deeply critical of Parks’ alleged lack of support during his sentencing phase. Meantime, LALATE exclusively reported recently that the new season will feature Nida confessing that he lied to viewers about Kenya Moore and that Parks continued to state those untrue during press appearances.

But the latest MediaTakeOut report says that Phaedra is now “a single gal in a competitive dating field” and that “she had to step her game”. The site claimed that Phaedra is “single and ready to enter the dating world again”. Parks has yet to comment about the report.

Kenya Moore Gets Apollo Nida Apology Amid Wrong Reports: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: July 29th, 2014 in Apollo Nida, Kenya Moore by LALATE

Kenya Moore Gets Apollo Nida Apology Amid Wrong Reports: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Kenya Moore gets an apology from Apollo Nida over Textgate next season on RHOA, LALATE can exclusively report. But the real twist is how filming went down. A source exclusively tells LALATE that reporting claiming that Kenya solicited the apology from Apollo is wrong. The reporter, a source tells LALATE, tried during filming of the scene to allegedly hear, see, and record what was going on between Kenya and Apollo. And with that came erroneous reports about what really happened.

LALATE’s source reveals that Kenya did not solicit any apology from Apollo Nida, Kenya did not approach Apollo asking for an apology, and in fact Apollo’s first words about the apology prompted a quick, direct answer by Kenya to Apollo. The accusation that is erroneously being putting out there, LALATE’s source reveals, is that Kenya had something to do with getting the apology. It’s not the case.

Rather, it was a unilateral move by Nida. During filming, Nida approached Kenya to offer what he said was an apology. Our source tells LALATE that Kenya gave Apollo an inquisitive reaction, along the lines of something (paraphrasing, not direct quoting) “what are you apologizing for” and “be more specific Apollo”. Kenya felt that Nida’s apology at the point was far too vague.

Nida then opens up. His apology is very clear and very much captured on camera. Apollo is recorded stating that, yes, he lied about TextGate. He allegedly says that he told Phaedra a lie, that he made up a fake story that Kenya wanted to bed him when nothing like that was ever communicated by Kenya. Phaedra then believed her husband and went on a national TV shows tarnishing Kenya Moore’s name, with Phaedra asserting that Kenya tried to sleep with Apollo. The root of the entire problem was Apollo, who took innocent texts and made up a story for his wife. Why did Apollo do it? There is a lot more back story to this as well.


Kenya Moore, Apollo Nida New RHOA Reports Are Both Wrong: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: July 25th, 2014 in Apollo Nida, Kenya Moore, RHOA by LALATE

Kenya Moore, Apollo Nida New RHOA Reports Are Both Wrong: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Two Kenya Moore, Apollo Nida reports out today are wrong, a source tells LALATE exclusively. Straight from The A and MediaTakeOut, are claiming alleged exclusives about a recent Kenya Moore, Apollo Nida filmed scene for the upcoming RHOA season. Yes, Kenya and Apollo did film together, and yes that filming did occur on/around Bar One. But it allegedly did not go down as the two websites are claiming, LALATE’s source reveals.

First, Straight from The A states that Apollo “appeared …. almost like he knew it was a set up”. That description is not accurate. The site also claims “During the evening’s festivities, Apollo reportedly admitted to Kenya that he only told Phaedra that the former beauty queen was pursuing him, in response to Kenya throwing out the fact that he’d texted her.” Our source tells us that the conversation was for more detailed than that. Finally the site claims “It remains to be seen exactly what he lied about”. Our source however indicates that Apollo makes very clear on camera what he lied about, for several years.

Second, MediaTakeOut claims Apollo confessed “because he wanted to get with her”. Our source tells us that was not the confession and Apollo never said that. MediaTakeOut then claims Kenya and Apollo had “some sort of a ‘kiss’”. Again, LALATE’s source tells us that is ridiculously wrong, and that the MediaTakeOut report is allegedly a fictionalized embellishment.

So what did happen? LALATE’s source tells us that during a scene on or around Bar One Apollo Nida approached Kenya Moore, not the other way around. Apollo said to Kenya that wanted to apologize to her. Kenya then said to Nida that his “apology” was too vague.

Nida, at that point, decided to reveal, with specificity. Nida said to Kenya that he wanted to apologize for falsely claiming that Kenya solicited him for relations. Apollo made very clear that he lied to viewers, lied to Phaedra Parks. Nida made very clear that Kenya never solicited him, that he made up the story, that he told the fake story to Phaedra who then proceeded to repeat the false story to others.

LALATE’s source says the exchange happened during filming for RHOA, that at least one Atlanta blogger tried to film the exchange, tried to spy on the conversation, and tried to sell footage of the scene to a popular gossip site.

Phaedra Parks Reaction to Apollo Nida in Prison? RHOA Filming Starts: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: July 16th, 2014 in Apollo Nida, Phaedra Parks, RHOA by LALATE

Phaedra Parks Reaction to Apollo Nida in Prison? RHOA Filming Starts: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Where was Phaedra Parks when Apollo Nida was sentenced in his criminal case, what was Phaedra Parks’ reaction to the sentencing, and what is the reaction from Apollo’s male and female costars on RHOA? LALATE can exclusively report that some, if not all, of those answers will be revealed on the next season of Real Housewives of Atlanta. In a true testament to never missing a beat in reality show developments, BravoTV’s RHOA cameras were in fact in place in Atlanta the day Apollo was sentenced, LALATE can exclusively report. The RHOA cameras were filming in the ATL, with the cast, the day that Apollo Nida was told his prison term.

As LALATE readers already know, cameras were not allowed inside the courtroom for Apollo Nida’s sentencing. Many BravoTV.com fans, however, were surprised that local news was not significantly perched outside the courtroom. And while news cameras might not have captured footage, LALATE can report that RHOA cameras were filming somewhere in the city that same day.

Pickup footage, seen as basically non-full cast scenes, have been filmed since early summer. NeNe Leakes was filmed in Vegas by RHOA producers. And Kandi Burruss may have been filmed in SinCity as well. She visited the city the same day that NeNe confirmed her RHOA Exec Prod had a camera following backstage at her Vegas show. Kandi, in turn, was in Vegas opening her new west coast boutique store.

But LALATE can report that RHOA’s first day of full cast filming began the morning of Apollo’s sentencing. LALATE cannot report where in ATL those Bravo cameras were located. But one or more cast members were very much aware of Apollo’s ruling as it happened, LALATE can add. Apollo has previously told news “I think Phaedra, in a perfect world, should be supportive as a wife should be … But if she chooses to derail from the plan, then that’s what she chooses to do. Whatever’s been thrown at me, I deal with it. I would like to say I would want her to stay around and do what a wife should do. But tomorrow’s not promised.”

RHOA Filming of Apollo Nida Sentencing Starts New BravoTV Season: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: July 8th, 2014 in Apollo Nida, RHOA by LALATE

RHOA Filming of Apollo Nida Sentencing Starts New TV Season: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Filming of the new RHOA Season 2014-15 began today with the Apollo Nida sentencing in a Georgia courtroom, LALATE can exclusively. RHOA cameras were not allowed in Apollo Nida’s courtroom as he was told he would be sent to prison for eight years. But LALATE can exclusively report that filming was in place leading into and after the sentencing. Moreover, LALATE can also exclusively report that RHOA cast members were so in-tune with today’s sentencing that RHOA’s cast knew of Apollo Nida’s fate from the courtroom at least thirty minutes before the news broke outside from broadcast TV.

LALATE can report that ATL filming for the new season of RHOA started today, the same day in which Apollo Nida was sentenced to eight years in prison. Of note, LALATE can also report that B-roll, or pickup footage, has been filmed in June as well outside of the ATL. Footage of NeNe Leakes was recorded in Las Vegas several weeks ago, a detail which RHOA’s executive producer Carlos King hinted in his Instagram feed at the time.

But today, BravoTV and TV news were not allowed to film inside a federal courtroom as Nida was sentenced. But LALATE can report that Bravo TV got footage before and after Apollo Nida’s sentencing. But who was in the courtroom, who was outside, and how soon did other RHOA cast members hear about the Apollo’s sentencing?

LALATE can exclusively that some of the RHOA cast member knew that Apollo Nida had gotten an eight year sentence from the judge roughly 15 to 30 minutes before the new reached broadcast TV. As tweeted live on LALATE today, national news had reporters in the courtroom. Those news reporters then had to exit the courtroom and relay the sentencing via text to their TV segment producers. LALATE can report that, between that period of time, some of the RHOA cast members had already heard or learned of the 8 year ruling from the judge.

Apollo Nida Sentenced to 8 Years in Prison Today

Posted: July 8th, 2014 in Apollo Nida, Phaedra Parks, RHOA by LALATE

Apollo Nida jail sentencing prison

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Is Apollo Nida going to prison, are Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida divorcing, and what happened today to Apollo Nida today in Court July 8, 2014? Apollo Nida has been sentenced to roughly 8 years in prison. Apollo Nida’s sentencing was announced moments ago today July 8, 2014 inside a Georgia courtroom. Apollo Nida was earlier this summer convicted of a conspiracy that involved alleged attempts to defraud the IRS, the Federal Treasury, HUD, local banks, lending institutions, and similar. The conspiracy moreover involved Nida allegedly attempting to establish fake car dealerships, steal personal identification of individuals, fake drivers licenses, and similar. Cameras were not allowed in the courtroom today, LALATE can report. As also exclusively reported earlier today, last second documents were filed even yesterday in the case.

Prosecutors had asserted that Nida must pay back one million dollars in restitution plus $2.3 million dollars he allegedly attempted to defraud persons. And what did Apollo state as the reason for his actions? Nida previously said he was unable to “sustain a lifestyle” depicted on RHOA and that he was frustrated. He said that once he made the money illegally “I got [drawn] in and engulfed and lost sight of things”. Nida allegedly was upset that housewives were purportedly making $600,000 on the show, but he wasn’t.

The alleged victims were not just private banks. Among the alleged victims were the U.S. Treasury, HUD, and the IRS. Prosecutors claimed that with fake drivers licenses, Nida and the conspirators were accused of attempting to “apply for and receive refunds due former homeowners from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development by impersonating the former homeowners”. Another target was the IRS, claim prospectors. The conspiracy allegedly attempted “to file fraudulent United States income tax returns and obtain refunds using stolen identities”.

The government accused Nida of certain acts. “It was a part of the conspiracy, and the manner and means thereof, for defendant APOLLO E. NIDA… and other conspirators… to rent dozens of mailboxes at UPS Stores in the Northern District of Georgia and elsewhere, under various aliases, including many names of identity theft victims.”

The government claimed that the alleged conspiracy allegedly sought to “create documents and websites falsely appearing to have been produced by legitimate auto dealerships, and present them to lenders, in order to obtain loan approvals” and then “to apply for loans in the names of stolen identities for fictitious purchases of vehicles from the purported auto dealerships the conspirators created, or real dealerships the conspirators imitated.” For continuing coverage click HERE.


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