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American Idol 2014 Results Tonight May 21 Reveal Caleb Johnson Winner

Posted: May 21st, 2014 in American Idol by LALATE

American Idol 2014 Results Tonight May 21, 2014 5/21/14 Reveal Winner who won Caleb Johnson

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who won American Idol results tonight for May 21 2014, is Caleb Johnson your American Idol 2014 winner, or did Jena Irene win American Idol this evening 5/21/14? The final American Idol results tonight for 5-21-14 have just been announced to news. Your American Idol 2014 winner is Caleb Johnson.

American Idol 2014 results for tonight May 21, 2014 started with Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson coming off a night of performances. If you missed Tuesday night’s telecast, you weren’t around. Idol moved the usual performance telecast from Wednesday to Tuesday. And both Jena and Caleb impressed the judges in their final performance. Jena Irene sang “We Are One”, her then possible coronation song, written by Felicia Barton. Harry told news that the stage performance was just as good as the recorded performance. Jennifer said it was great way to end the season. And Keith told news that he loved the performance. Also last night, Caleb Johnson sang “Maybe I’m Amazed”. Jennifer remarked that she liked it but felt Caleb was holding back.

Later, Caleb Johnson sang “As Long As You Love Me”, his then possible coronation song. Jennifer told news “You gave it everything. You put it all out there.” Keith told news that it ended an amazing night of performances. In advance of tonight’s telecast, many thought that Caleb’s delivery last night of “Dream On” was a season winning performance. Jennifer said “The right song. That may have did it right there.” Harry told news that “when you sing in the lower register you are like a G.T. with too much power.”

Tonight featured Jennifer Lopez taking to the stage and singing First Love. Phillip Phillips and Sam Woolf performed together. Demi Lovato visited the show and delivered Neon Lights. And Caleb Johnson and KISS performed on stage together.

Coming into tonight’s telecast, Caleb had never landed in the bottom three. Jena did once back in early March. Much of this season has followed predictions. Dexter Roberts was eliminated, followed by CJ Harris, Sam Woolf and then Jessica Meuse followed finally by Alex Preston. But tonight, your American Idol 2014 winner was named as Caleb Johnson. For a recap of American Idol click HERE.

Who Won American Idol 2014: Results Tonight May 21 Name Winner

Posted: May 21st, 2014 in American Idol by LALATE

Who Won American Idol 2014: Results Tonight May 21, 2014 Name Winner wins 5/21/14l

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who won American Idol 2014 results tonight for May 21 2014, who is your American Idol 2014 winner, and what were the Idol final results for 5/21/14? Your American Idol winner for 2014 won’t be named on Thursday night as some viewers might be expecting. Rather the winner will be named tonight. The American Idol results tonight for 5-21-14 concludes the season with a two hour telecast, 8 to 10:06 pm EST. The winner will revealed at 10:06 pm EST on Fox. Apparently the show will run six minutes into the next ten o’clock hour.

The wait to learn who won American Idol 2014 won’t be much longer. This season, Idol performances were on Wednesday night and results were on Thursday. The results shows weren’t two hours in length either. Similarly this season, Dancing with the Stars results were announced this season on Monday night, with DWTS cutting itself down to one night per week of programming. But this week, ABC and Fox perhaps thought it would be cute to change all their timeslots for the final week of DWTS and Idol. DWTS named its winner last night, not Monday, during not a two hour telecast but a three hour telecast. Idol, to many viewers’ surprise, moved the usual Wednesday night performance telecast to last night.

Did you miss Idol on Fox last night? Apparently a lot of people did. This timeslot shuffling gave Idol purportedly its worse ratings telecast ever for a finale week. But nevertheless, tonight May 21, 2014 is the final telecast of the season. The winner will be named at 10 pm EST.

So how did the two singers do last night? Jena Irene sang Dog Days Are Over. Keith called it a great song choice. Harry said “One of my favorite parts when you started walking in time then double time”. Next Caleb Johnson sang “Dream On” by Aerosmith. The performance might have won Caleb the season. Jennifer told news “That may have did it right there.” Harry loved the lower register during the song. Later, Jena Irene sang “Can’t Help Falling In Love”. Keith said that her performance carried “the mark of a true artist”. Harry called it simply “beautiful”.

So who will win American Idol results tonight? LALATE will have live reporting as the winner is announced at 10:06 PM. For live results tonight, click HERE.


American Idol Results Last Night 2014: Who Got Eliminated, Winner Predictions

Posted: May 16th, 2014 in American Idol by LALATE

American Idol Results Last Night 2014: Who Got Eliminated may 16 2014, Winner Predictions

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – American Idol results last night 2014 revealed who got eliminated, who made the finals, and who is in the Top 2. The American Idol results for May 15, 2014 came as not much of a surprise for viewers. Many thought Jena Irene would qualify to the finals. Before last night’s telecast, the Idol predictions were split among Alex and Caleb. But most thought Jena would qualify to the finals. But did Caleb or Alex get sent home? In American Idol results last night for 5/15/14, Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson advanced to the finals. Alex Preston was eliminated.

So who will win American Idol 2014, what are the latest American Idol winner predictions, and will there be a surprise? As viewers have known for over ten seasons, American Idol results deliver one way during the season and a different way during the finals. There is a whole history of telecasts in which two singers clearly dominated predictions throughout the season, but in the end the singer dominating predictions looses in the final telecast.

This season, that appears no longer to be the case. Between Jena and Caleb, neither has dominated this season. Jena was in the bottom three once back in March. And while Caleb has never been in the bottom, neither was Alex, last night’s eliminated singer.

In fact, viewer reactions before last night’s results were relatively split between the three remaining singers, with Jena having a slight lead. Even today, most news analysts give Jena the wining prediction, but ever so slightly. Compared to previous seasons, the split between Jena and Caleb is very close. Some will argue that they appeal to different fan bases and that those bases have been relatively equally split this season. The final results telecast will reveal your winner on May 21, 2014. For live results next week click HERE.

American Idol Results Tonight 2014: Who Was Eliminated 5/15/14, Sent Home?

Posted: May 15th, 2014 in American Idol by LALATE

American Idol Results Tonight 2014: Who Made Finals, Got Eliminated 5/15/14 may 15, 2014 elimination top 2

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – American Idol results tonight 2014 have just revealed your Finalists, your Top 2 of the season. Who was eliminated in American Idol results tonight, who got the elimination tonight 5-15-14, and which singers made the Top 2 Finals on American Idol for May 15, 2014? It’s been a great season for American Idol as better performances and stronger singers rose to the top. Such was the case with Caleb, Alex, and Jena. In recent weeks, it appeared likely that these three would reach the Top 3. But in predictions before tonight’s telecast, many thought that Jena would advance and one of the guys would be eliminated. Those predictions were right. In final results tonight, sent home for May 15 was Alex!

American Idol results last night left many thinking that Jena was safe to advance. While the singers had several songs last night, Jena got bigger praise from more judges. But nevertheless, elimination predictions before tonight’s telecast were closer in split then previous weeks. Before tonight’s telecast, some readers commented “I think Alex is the only contestant with a true singing voice. Jena and Caleb are the traditional screamers.” One viewer wrote “What is Alex doing [in the top 3]“. Another remarked ” Caleb, is a rocker. Check out all the successful Rock singers…they all scream. Jena, she’s is 17 years old and sings well beyond her age. Alex, a talent and will have his fans like Jason M has his.”

On Idol results last night, Caleb Johnson sang “Never Tear Us Apart” by INXS. Keith enjoyed it, calling it a “good job” and enjoying the “blues soul thing”. Jennifer called it a “stellar performance”. But Harry was bothered by the song choice. Next Alex Preston sang “Pompeii” by Bastille. Keith thought it was lackluster calling it “shaky” at bits. Jennifer like the percussion. Harry said that it lacked emotion. Then Jena Irene sang “Titanium” by David Guetta and Sia. Keith told news that he liked the vocal and the performance. Jennifer thought it was a bit stiff at first but liked the high notes. Harry loved the song choice.

Then Caleb Johnson sang “Demons” by Imagine Dragons. Jennifer said that “your voice will recover”. Keith said that he was “feeling” for Caleb with “that voice”. And Alex Preston sang “Stay” by Rihanna and Mikky Ekko. Keith called the arrangement a “killer”. Jennifer said it “was all yours”. Harry called it “really strong”.

But in final American Idol result tonight for May 15, sent home was Alex. And going to the finals are Caleb and Jena. For live results next week of the finals on LALATE click HERE.

American Idol Results Tonight 2014 Elimination: Who Was Eliminated May 15?

Posted: May 15th, 2014 in American Idol by LALATE

American Idol Results Tonight 2014 Elimination: Who Was Eliminated May 15 2014

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – American Idol results tonight 2014 reveal your Top 2 Finalists. Who got eliminated on American Idol results tonight May 15 2014, who is heading to the American Idol Finals 2014, and which singer got sent home on in American Idol elimination results for 5/15/14? The anticipation for the Top 2 American Idol finalists has been building for several weeks. Many viewers have always thought that these would be your top three singers. The field between these three Idol finalists and others widened in recent weeks. These three never landed in the bottom in April and most of May. But could there be a shocking elimination result this evening?

American Idol results tonight for 5/15/14 are prompting split predictions. We are less than two hours away from your Top 2 singers being revealed this season. We have watched Dexter Roberts, CJ Harris and Sam Woolf be eliminated in recent weeks. Jessica Meuse was sent to the bottom two twice and was eliminated in her third visit last week. But now we are left with Jena Irene, Caleb Johnson and Alex Preston. Jena was sent to the bottom three once in early March. But with the exception of that one occurrence, none of these three singers have ever been in jeopardy before this month.

So who will get eliminated tonight? Most predictions are really split equally. Last night Jena Irene sang Creep. Keith loved it. Jennifer said that the performance could win Jena the season. And Harry said that the Jena hit a homerun. Then Alex Preston sang “Story of My Life”. Jennifer said it was just as good as Jena. Harry said the performance was perfect. And Keith enjoyed it.

Caleb Johnson sang “Dazed and Confused” by Led Zeppelin. All three judges were blown away. Keith called it “absolutely insane.” Also during the night, Jena Irene sang “Heart Attack” by Demi Lovato. Harry called it very original. Keith said it was perfect because it was in Jena’s range. And Jennifer said that Jena sounded very relaxed in the performance.

Overall, all three singers stunned the judges, earning top praise in American Idol result last night. So who will get sent home tonight? Click HERE for live results as they are announced this evening.

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