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Hilari Younger, Sandra Rinomato, Ahmed Hassan Exits Leave HGTV Viewers Perplexed: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: August 22nd, 2012 in Ahmed Hassan, Hilari Younger, Sandra Rinomato by LALATE

Hilari Younger, Sandra Rinomato, Ahmed Hassan Exits Leave HGTV Viewers Perplexed: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Hilari Younger, Sandra Rinomato, and Ahmed Hassan all share two things in common. They all have huge HGTV-USA fan bases, and all the three don’t have HGTV-USA shows anymore. If you pooled the petition slips for Sandra and Ahmed to be brought back to HGTV-USA, you’d have enough for Hilari Younger to make into a killer great wallpaper inside a shipping container, and still have room to do the outside front porch. But, apparently, Younger still wouldn’t be given the win by the judges on HGTV Design Star, or All-Stars.

Just weeks ago, most fans contended that either Hilari Younger or Britany Simon deserved to win HGTV Design Star 2012. But neither did. In fact, Younger’s elimination at third place left fans scratching their head.

So then, HGTV brought Hilary Younger back again, just to eliminate her again. But this time, the reaction online was even more overwhelming.

HGTV doesn’t pick its winner via a voting system like American Idol. But perhaps it should. If it did, Britany Simon would have won weeks ago and Hilari would have won last night. In fact, HGTV has since revealed to news that Simon dominated fan support during the 2012 season; for that, Simon is getting an online show debuting this fall on HGTV.COM.

And while HGTV has yet to commented about fan reaction last night, a quick perusal online reveals what many thought of Hilari’s second elimination this summer. “HGTV must find a show for Hilari. With her personality and skills she could easily become another David Bromstad”, wrote one fan. “I agree, Hillary is the best all around. She is so delightful. Bring her back and give her a show!”

Ahmed Hassan Pictures Set 1
Ahmed Hassan Photo 1
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Ahmed Hassan Photo 3
Ahmed Hassan Photo 4

Fans are urging that HGTV adopt a voting system like Idol and get rid of their judging system. “Time to throw out the Judges & choose new ones” responded one fan. Another woke up today in disbelief. “Glad I fell asleep before the winner was announced because I would of kept myself awake after all the screaming I would have done …I thought Hilari should have won.”

Ahmed Hassan Pictures Set 2
Ahmed Hassan Photo 5
Ahmed Hassan Photo 6
Ahmed Hassan Photo 7
Ahmed Hassan Photo 8

The same has been true for Ahmed Hassan. The exit of the amazing host of Yard Crashers shocked LALATE readers months ago. But viewers are still irate to this day that HGTV hasn’t brought him back. Just this weekend, one fan wrote “Another HGTV blunder. The show has lost its zing without Ahmed.” In fact, not a single weekend passes without fans becoming irate about Hassan being let go. “The show is now just a shell of what it was, save it by bringing Ahmed back, or get him a new show. Hurry.”

Finally, for Sandra Rinomato it’s no different. Sandra exited Property Virgins, debuted her new hit show on HGTV-Canada “Buy Herself”. But yet, Buy Herself hasn’t come to USA viewers.

If fans are indication, Hilari Younger, Sandra Rinomato, and Ahmed Hassan could in one evening dominate ratings. But at least for now, their future on HGTV is leaving fans perplexed.

Ahmed Hassan Yard Crashers Replacement Prompts Frustration Among Viewers

Posted: July 21st, 2012 in Ahmed Hassan by LALATE

Ahmed Hassan Yard Crashers Replacement Prompts Frustration Among Viewers

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Ahmed Hassan of Yard Crashers returns to television’s DIY / HGTV today with re-runs of previously taped telecasts. But since Ahmed Hassan confirmed to news that he had been replaced on Yard Crashers, fans have voiced their disdain for the handling of the host’s exit by broadcaster DIY / HGTV.

Next week, fans of HGTV learn who will be the Next Design Star 2012, a process in which viewers were enticed to aid in the selection of a new HGTV host personality. And while viewers today are often used to choose who is the next star to be added to a network, they are never asked to selected who is the next star to be removed from a network.

Fans of Ahmed Hassan hence are outraged,that their beloved host was replaced, unexpectedly, in recent months.

Because of the dynamics of tv syndication programming today, networks rely on viewer patronage of not just new programming but also existing programing. Hundreds of episodes had been taped and continue to air featuring Hassan while new episodes are being broadcasted with a new host, simultaneously.

Hence, HGTV / DIY failure to issue a statement announcing Ahmed’s exit at the time not only confused viewers but also angered them. At the time that LALATE first exclusively broke news that Hassan had been replaced, DIY had still yet to comment about what had happened to Ahmed. And while Ahmed has since given some insight into his exit, the network hasn’t been so transparent.

That transition, as a result, has left a bad taste in many viewers’ mouths. Nearly three hundred negative comments about the network and support for Hassan have been posted here since the confusion erupted.

One viewer wrote “I am on strike from Yard Crashers until they bring back Ahmed”. Another viewer noted that, replacing hosts, doesn’t often work. “I was upset when they replaced Sandra on Property Virgins but this is just too much. I’m sure that most people who watch HGTV or DIY know who Matt is and he’s okay but it’s just that he isn’t Yard Crashers! That’s Ahmed! I have watched 2 of the new shows but Matt just doesn’t have the energy and excitement that Ahmed has…so no go on the new shows.”

Ahmed Hassan Pictures Set 1
Ahmed Hassan Photo 1
Ahmed Hassan Photo 2
Ahmed Hassan Photo 3
Ahmed Hassan Photo 4

As one fan added “I too noticed the Property Virgins and Yard Crashers changes. I will not watch the new Property Virgins for sure. Although I like Matt, I won’t watch the new Yard Crashers either. I believe that they have pretty much branded those shows so no one else will do with fans. HGTV please reconsider these changes as I really learned alot on the programs but no more.”

Ahmed Hassan Pictures Set 2
Ahmed Hassan Photo 5
Ahmed Hassan Photo 6
Ahmed Hassan Photo 7
Ahmed Hassan Photo 8

For clarification, Sandra Rinomato (Property Virgins) chose to leave Property Virgins to pursue her new and exceptionally successful show with the same network, Buy Herself (coming to US audiences soon but currently airing on HGTV – Canada). Hassan, in contrast, was removed from the series.

As one fan wrote “add me to the list of people who will NOT watch the show without Ahmed. Horrible decision.” For more about what happened with Ahmed, click HERE.


Dog the Bounty Hunter Possible New TV Series Prompts Trademark Issue: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: May 24th, 2012 in Ahmed Hassan, Dog the Bounty Hunter by LALATE

Dog the Bounty Hunter Possible New TV Series Prompts Trademark Debate: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – If a new Dog the Bounty Hunter TV series is in development, not for A&E, a trademark issue may exist . Following the recent A&E cancellation of Dog the Bounty Hunter, fans began an online petition effort to bring the show back. But if the show returns to a different network, the trademark issues could be ripe for the development team.

In a news statement this week, the Chapman’s attorney and spokesperson Marty Singer said “We are about to start a new chapter, and an announcement will be made sooner rather than later.” While the statement doesn’t indicate if the “chapter” is a new TV program, fans are hoping the Chapmans return to cable tv soon.

Recently, a fan from Missouri started a petition to “bring back the hit TV series Dog the Bounty hunter that has been inspiring”. The petition HERE has reached nearly four thousand signatures by today.

While the Chapmans haven’t told news if they are contractually free yet to pursue development deals elsewhere, the trademarks at play are problematic. A&E in 2004 obtained a trademark for “Dog the Bounty Hunter” for cable TV programming, LALATE can report. The mark covers “services in the nature of an on-going series of cable television programs featuring the lives of bail bondsmen and women, their families, and their search for fugitives.”

Leland, Duane Lee Pictures Set 1
Leland, Duane Lee Photo 1
Leland, Duane Lee Photo 2
Leland, Duane Lee Photo 3
Leland, Duane Lee Photo 4

Two years ago, Beth Chapman obtained the same mark, but not for television. Chapman’s mark for “Dog the Bounty Hunter” covers products like jewelry, duffle bags, clothing, and bounty hunter services.

Leland, Duane Lee Pictures Set 2
Leland, Duane Lee Photo 5
Leland, Duane Lee Photo 6
Leland, Duane Lee Photo 7
Leland, Duane Lee Photo 8

The Chapmans are not the only reality TV stars to spawn an online petition this spring. As previously reported on LALATE, Ahmed Hassan’s removal from HGTV’s Yard Crashers prompted another petition. To date, that petition HERE has reached nearly seven thousand five hundred signatures. Hassan, in turn, has vowed to return to television and recently has made appearances on various other programs.

Ahmed Hassan Fans Respond to What Happened on Yard Crashers: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: April 28th, 2012 in Ahmed Hassan by LALATE

Ahmed Hassan Fans Respond to What Happened on Yard Crashers: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Ahmed Hassan fans are responding to what happened on Yard Crashers with their own effort to crash-in on the debate. When LALATE first asked weeks ago “what happened to Ahmed Hassan on Yard Crashers”, the landscape between Ahmed, his fans and DYI / HGTV was different. Now fans are not sitting back; and after seasons of watching Hassan crash yards, fans are ready to crash the debate over Ahmed’s exit, with a petition.

There have been statements by Ahmed Hassan, reactions by fans, and silence by broadcaster DYI/HGTV about what really happened. While no joint news statement has ever been issued by the parties, fans have been left to infer what may have happened, how Ahmed thinks of the situation, and what the now former host hopes for the future.

The key word, unfortunately, is “former”. Ahmed Hassan is not the host of Yard Crashers anymore. Weeks ago, LALATE exclusively broke that Hassan was replaced by his network with Matt Blashaw.

At the time, Ahmed and DYI were silent about what happened. After LALATE began reporting about the shocking replacement of Ahmed for Matt, fans were not pleased, voicing their anger in comments through March. Other hosts were not helping provide clarity. Matt Muenster, host of Bath Crashers, told news “Congrats to my friend and fellow Crasher Matt Blashaw on his big Yard Crasher premiere coming up April 2nd! Head over to his page and give him some love.” Muenster made no mention of Ahmed.

Finally, after a series of reports on LALATE, and countless fan comments, Ahmed on April 2 issued a news statement about the matter on Facebook. In it, Ahmed confirmed his exited status, but still didn’t tell viewers why he was out as host of YC. The news statement wrongly appeared to suggest that Ahmed may have wanted to exit the show to devote more time to his family, writing that “2012 will be a time to parent and enjoy my 3 kid” and that 2012 would be devoted for new TV projects.

But soon, it became apparent that Ahmed did not wish to leave as host of Yard Crashers. Seven days later, Ahmed told news that previously shot episodes featuring him had never aired. He said those new or “classic episodes” as Ahmed referred to them would debut in the coming weeks.

For weeks, fan sentiments became more and more enraged. In comments, fans said repeatedly that Ahmed Hassan was their favorite crasher host, and that Ahmed was their biggest reason to turn into HGTV / DIY. Fans were baffled why a host with such a strong fan base would be removed from the network, on a hit show.

After weeks of displeasure with the situation, fans changed it, “crashing in” on the debate on April 16. After a series of LALATE reports and statements by Ahmed about the exit, one fan had enough, launching her own petition. In it, she asked that DYI/HGTV bring Ahmed Hassan back on air.

But how would Ahmed react? Finally it became inferred that Ahmed’s exit was not his desire. Rather, he told news on April 16 that he would support the petition to bring him back on air, on some other show. “Yard Crashers fans are amazing! Winnie Chueng started a petition at Change.org to ask DIY Network to bring Ahmed back to Yard Crashers. I’ve never seen these petitions used in this way, but we definitely appreciate the love!”

Hassan progressively updated fans about the progress. “Thanks for the love, everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. Looks like there are over 2,000 signatures on the petition at change.org.”

An insider tells LALATE this week that Hassan would love to return to HGTV / DYI to a different show, as soon as possible.

Ahmed tells news “I’d like to be shooting shows around the fun and creative work that I do. I’m looking forward to discussions with the Network on what my current interests are.” To sign the petition, click HERE. And to support Ahmed on his Facebook page, click HERE.

Ahmed Hassan Yard Crashers Host Plans Television Return: EXCLUSIVE

Posted: April 15th, 2012 in Ahmed Hassan by LALATE

Ahmed Hassan Yard Crashers Host Plans Television Return: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – What happened to Ahmed Hassan on Yard Crashers? Ahmed Hassan is planning his return to television, already. Ahmed Hassan’s exit from Yard Crashers has been detailed exclusively over LALATE in recent weeks. HGTV said nothing about Hassan’s departure at the time. And Hassan never gave a reason for his departure.

As each details filtered to fans, the reaction was overwhelming. Fans were irate with HGTV for giving no news statement about Hassan’s exist. Threats of boycotts of Yard Crashers, even an online petition drive, started swiftly.

During the fallout, Hassan began to post more often to Facebook. Each post would draw nearly three hundred comments each from fans. Ahmed told fans that he had in fact exited from the show but that previously taped shows which had yet to air would debut in HGTV in the future.

But still there was no clarity. Recent, Ahmed told fans more about his departure. “Last night my business manager and friend Kelley Nayo told me that it was time to say something. So here it is.”

Hassan tells news that he wants to focus on his family this year. “2012 will be a time to parent and enjoy my 3 kids, reconcile with my wife of 18yrs, rebuild Ahmed Hassan Landscape Services (AHLS), build, tweak and perfect www.ahmedhassan.com and travel the country doing trade and home shows where I can connect and share love and laughs with my fans. “

Ahmed says the following year could feature his return to television. “I’m planning for my next television adventure. If you thought Yard Crashers was great, just you wait… I give so much thanks and look forward to 2013.”

Hassan seems happy with his departure. “It’s all about passion and love for life and it’s getting better and better each day.” He added

Ahmed has thanked his fans for their support. “I so love my fans. Thank you all for supporting my individuality and authentic character. You have made me more confident and more audacious than I ever was to begin with. ” Ahmed added that “I chose to become a professional landscaper at the age of 19. Almost 20 years later, I am adored by fans around the world. I will always stay true to the creative spirit within. I will always choose integrity over what’s popular, lucrative or trendy.” To follow Ahmed, click HERE and HERE.

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