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About lalate news

lalate (pronounced “L.A. Late”) news ( is America’s fastest growing celebrity news website.

LALATE NEWS’ popularity speaks for itself:

  • The net’s top 500 most visited website daily
  • America’s top 5 most read celebrity news site

“We simply had no idea we would have become such a hit, so fast” is how celebrity news site LALATE explains what has happened to itself literally overnight.

With readers coming over to LALATE in skyrocketing numbers, and celebrities turning to LALATE to break exclusive stories, LALATE is as hot as the stories it breaks.

Launched in October 2007, LALATE pulls in more daily readers than the circulation of most major international print publications.

With MILLIONS of unique readers turning to LALATE ever WEEK, LALATE is the source that most have started to copy.

LALATE currently has more website traffic daily than websites for celebrity TV shows, celebrity magazines, even more that sites for the biggest local TV news stations like New York’s WNBC and Los Angeles’ KNBC.

Name virtually any major leading news website – LALATE’s traffic exceeds it.


LALATE’s popularity growth reflects how LALATE has revolutionized online news reporting in the U.S.

LALATE growth in popularity comes from its style of reporting – accurate, fair, impartial, positive, comprehensive, and breaking.

LALATE reports more news stories daily than any virtually news site online – upwards of 40 to 50 full stories daily. It covers more breath of America’s leading events, from King Solomon’s mines, to the latest celebrity kiss, to live streaming video of the presidential debates, to the brutal killing of a KATV reporter.

2007 – 2009

When launched August 22, 2007, LALATE was ranked top 100,000 website in America. By July, it was already at 5,000.

Through spring, LALATE outscouped its competitors on virtually every major celebrity news story. But by summer, with its breaking news of Diana Bianchi, the death of Bernie Mac, and unmatched online coverage of the Beijing Olympics, LALATE was skyrocketing in reader popularity.

LALATE was ranked 5,000 in U.S. in July, but by September it had risen to top 2,000.

Yet LALATE had something next ready for its readers: the launch of LALATE2.

LALATE2 became LALATE NEWS’ biggest hit of the year – a second version of LALATE featuring cutting edge technology establishing an LALATE community, forums, entertainment destination, and video portal. That video portal would deliver every major news video of the day.

But LALATE2 had not anticipated its biggest test to come: the Presidential Debates.

LALATE was the leading website to deliver streaming video of every Presidential and Vice Presidential Debate, followed up by rebroadcast videos. Attracting several million viewers ever few days, LALATE was one of the most popular news sites to deliver video coverage of the presidential debates. LALATE would deliver record numbers, often 10,000 viewers every 20 minutes.

The Presidential Debates, coupled with its breaking coverage of the Banking Credit Crisis on Wall Street, to Washington’s subsequent Bailout, put LALATE NEWS on the map for hard news reporting, often when celebrities may seem irrelevant during moments of crisis.

2009  represented the fastest growth period for LALATE ever. This was fueled in part by increase exposure and industry coverage.


LALATE in 2009 became one of the net’s most popular news sites with sports coverage. LALATE’s traffic on sports stories, alone, puts it among the top 10 most visited sports news sites online today.

College Football. NFL Football. UFC matches. LALATE hasn’t missed a beat of a major sporting event for 2009. Live scores, injury updates, bowl games. LALATE’s coverge of sports with real, live updated, breaking numbers and video has placed it as one of the most indexed sports sites of 2009.

The result – LALATE would crash its website backbone, twice, in six months!


Readers on Neilsen Rating’s website, HeyNeilsen, reacted in praise. Here are some of what Neilsen fans said about LALATE NEWS.

“LaLate is so refreshing; they report IMPARTIALLY, AND WITHOUT MALICE. Take a LOOK inside the message. They report the facts without vicious and malicious embellishment. I LOVE LaLate”

“I dig it….it’s classy. No egotistical [blogger] trying to make a name for themselves….just real news.”

“Very refreshing. I’m glad I found them. They have their home page for general celebrity news topics then a second LALATE2 board where fans can add their artist and post topics to talk about. videos to watch etc. It’s nice to see a place that’s looking for actual news about what’s going on. A fan gathering place and it is also starting to include new music to watch for. What a refreshing change to the tabloid crap!”

“This site a positive and supportive of all artists. We should applaud them for not going the rout of the ugly tabloids.”

“This is one site that you won’t find any spin. The new video area is pretty good goo.”

“A Breath of Fresh Air. There are far too many media sites who try to get hits by making up complete lies about celebrities for the “shock value.” LaLate has realized that most people want REAL news about people – not manufactured propaganda that tries to tear celebrities down and ruin their careers. I believe that there are still more good people in this world than bad. It’s about time the good people had a site they could visit to get news that doesn’t rely on tabloid journalism.”

“This is a great site. I love that they have facts and don’t publish trash!! I hope they grow and grow!!”

“Entertainment site without the malicious often untrue garbage. that is usually flung toward celebrities.”

“I love this site! They try to give positive news about celebrities, music, movies, TV shows. Things that fans want to hear about. They also seem to pay attention to what people are looking for!”

When tragedy hits, LALATE established itself as place to remember the good in the world. It happened first on the death of Bernie Mac. LALATE ran special coverage of Bernie Mac’s death, which resulted in LALATE’s story being the leading report for people to place their thoughts to Mac’s family. LALATE would follow up that up again this month with unmatched coverage of the tragic death of Jennifer Hudson’s brother, mother, and nephew. When other news sites went home for the weekend, LALATE delivered around the clock comprehensive coverage of the Hudson tragedy, throughout the evening, and all weekend long, and by Monday became one of the leading places for people to pay their condolensenses.

When it comes to the story, LALATE is winning fans on the word, entertaining, fast, exciting stories on more people, often people less reported. LALATE is produced by the family that brought the first television show to the internet in the late 1990s following a tradition of showing including All in the Family, Carol Burnett Show, and the Jackie Gleason Show, a family that has always valued the reader or audience before themselves.

“The news is about the reader, not about us. Our readers are coming to LALATE because they love our stories. Broad, comprehensive, fair, positive, and not salacious. That’s what people want and that’s why America’s have turned to LALATE. ”

Whether its unprecedented coverage of the presidential election, entertainment reporting without negativity, positive support of artists, or a thirst to deliver good and in depth journalism, LALATE has reached top 1,000 website in the U.S. because of something its fans enjoy.

How is LALATE doing it? Faster, better, and broader stories than anyone in the industry, is why everyone is reading LALATE. LALATE has outscouped virtually every major competitor in getting you celebrity breaking stories first.

In fact, the average LALATE story is broken four to six weeks earlier than most celebrity news websites (if they even carry the story), and often 30 to 60 days before celebrity tv shows. And readers have responded, placing LALATE as their choice for getting stories first, not weeks later elsewhere.

But when it comes to the story, LALATE is winning fans on the word, entertaining, fast, and exciting stories. LALATE is produced by the family that brought the first television show to the internet in the late 1990s following a tradition of showing including All in the Family, Carol Burnett Show, and the Jackie Gleason Show.

In a world of photoshop squiggles and hackney language, LALATE has won fans by putting the reader first. “The news is about the reader, not about us. Our readers are coming to LALATE because they love our stories. People remember that.”

LALATE’s demographics prove exactly that. In the 18 to 24 demographic, LALATE nabs a 30% demographic. That’s more than double that of TMZ at 13%. (Quantcast 2/6/2008)

LALATE readers appeals to a $60-100K HH income reader, with 51% of its readers making more than $60,000 year.

LALATE is unique by courting equal popularity among male to female readers, in contrast to sites like with  39% male reader and 61% female reader. ( 2/6/08)

And LALATE has the highest educated readers in the celebrity business, at 22% with a Graduate or Doctorate Degree, compared to sites like at 14%. ( 2/6/08)

From reps for the Jonas Brothers, to Ashlee Simpson, to Ashley Tisdale, to Heidi Montag, to a Super Bowl Celebrity Red Carpet event with 50 Cent and Paris Hilton, industry leaders, magazines, venues, tv shows, and more are turning to LALATE to get their message about major celebrity news, breaking exclusives to the world of entertainment hourly.

“If you thought the first year was a ride, buckle up.”