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Chile Earthquake Today 2014: Terremoto Strikes Bolivia Border

Chile Earthquake Today 2014: Terremoto Strikes Bolivia Border

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A strong Chile earthquake today 2014 just struck the region. The Chile earthquake today July 23, 2014 began just after 5:39 pm local time. Damage assessment is pending.

Officials tell news that a 5.5 terremoto en Chile hoy just hit. It followed a strong temblor en Peru earlier today. The latest temblor in Chile could also be felt in Bolivia as well. USGS indicates to news, however, that Chile earthquake today was deep. It started roughly seventy-one miles below ground level. As a result the quake could be felt across the immediate vicinity.

USGS indicates to news that the quake was ninety-three miles east of Iquique. It was one hundred fourteen miles west of Colchani, Bolivia as well. Reps tell news that the quake was roughly one hundred miles west of Uyuni, Bolivia and one hundred fifty-three miles north of Calama, Chile.

USGS tells news that “Large intermediate-depth earthquakes (those occurring between depths of approximately 70 and 300 km) are relatively limited in size and spatial extent in South America, and occur within the Nazca plate as a result of internal deformation within the subducting plate.” They add “These earthquakes generally cluster beneath northern Chile and southwestern Bolivia, and to a lesser extent beneath northern Peru and southern Ecuador, with depths between 110 and 130 km. Most of these earthquakes occur adjacent to the bend in the coastline between Peru and Chile. The most recent large intermediate-depth earthquake in this region was the 2005 M7.8 Tarapaca, Chile earthquake.”

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