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Hungary vs. Albania 2014 Score Prompts Soccer Friendly Today

Hungary vs. Albania 2014 Score Prompts Soccer Friendly Today live score results

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Hungary vs. Albania 2014 (live score results below) prompts a soccer friendly battle today June 4, 2014. The game kicks off a full schedule of soccer games today. Last night, Mexico vs. Bosnia 2014 final score was a stunning 0-1.

Today’s Hungary vs. Albania 2014 game (start time 11:30 am PST) features two teams neither of which qualified to the World Cup. Both instead are heading to the ECQ this fall. Hungary takes on Northern Ireland followed by Romania and the Faroe Islands. Albania in turn takes on Portugal followed by Denmark and the Serbia. Those games start this September.

Both squads have been inconsistent in recent months. Albania has two draws, two losses and one win in their last five games. Hungary in turn has two wins, two losses and one draw in their last five matches. This game kicks off from Ferenc Stadium in Budapest today.

The teams struggled through their WC qualifiers. Hungary beat Estonia and Andorra but fell to the Dutch. Then in friendly action they fell to Finland and beat Denmark. Albania in turn drawed with Cyprus and fell to the Swiss. Since then they have fumbled through friendly games. They drawed with Belarus, beat Malta, and fell to Romania. For live score results of this and all other friendly games today click HERE.

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