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Lou Ferrigno Not Dead 2014: Fake Car Crash Story Strikes Today

Lou Ferrigno Not Dead 2014: Fake Car Crash Story Strikes Today

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Lou Ferrigno is not dead 2014. A fake Lou Ferrigno car crash RIP death story today was published by a hoax website. The site is using the template of a popular USA news site, and adding a bizarre Spanish domain to the title. Lou Ferrigno has not been in a car crash.

Lou Ferrigno has not died today. A fake website, however, published an article entitled “Lou Ferrigno killed in out accident”. It then adds the false claim “Reports say belong Lou Ferrigno was killed in a multi-vehicle crash between Santa Barbara and Goleta.” It then uses a popular US news site and adds a “” domain to it, and adds that to the hoax claim. That US site did not publish any such fabricated claim.

The latest Lou Ferrigno faked death story is not the work of MediaFetcher aka Global Associated. But that website today is delivering two other fake celebrity death crash stories. First, Mediafetcher is delivering a fake story today entitled “Piers Morgan Dies In Queensland Australia Car Crash”. Morgan has not been in a crash and is not dead. Second, Mediafetcher is telling readers the false claim today that “Eddie Murphy Dies In Snowboard Accident”. Eddie Murphy is alive and he has not been snowboarding, nor has Adam Sandler.

Funny Eddie Murphy Pictures Set 1
Eddie Murphy Photo 1
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What do Sandler and Murphy have in common? Both have been the victims of a snowboarding accident reports by Global over the years. The culprit website uses a preexisting news template, chooses one of several pre-written fake death reports, and dynamically changes the person’s name and the date.

Funny Eddie Murphy Pictures Set 1
Eddie Murphy Photo 5
Eddie Murphy Photo 6
Eddie Murphy Photo 7
Eddie Murphy Photo 8

As reported in 2012 on LALATE, “So if you visit the website tomorrow, the date will be changed”. Global takes fake locations and fake events. The location of these death reports is usually either “Zermatt”, “Kitzbühel Austria”, or “Interstate 80?. The causes listed are either snowboarding, hiking, skiing, or car accidents. Nevertheless, Eddie Murphy is alive, as are Lou Ferrigno and Adam Sandler.

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