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Lisa Nicole Cloud Breast Cancer? Jabs at Mariah Huq Anger Viewers

Lisa Nicole Cloud Breast Cancer? Mariah Huq Insults Anger Viewers

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Does Lisa Nicole Cloud have breast cancer? Lisa Nicole Cloud left Married to Medicine fans last week guessing if she has breast cancer. And while is usually an extension for stars like Lisa Nicole Cloud to empower viewers about issues in the show, Lisa Nicole is now under fire herself. Cloud in her latest post got a mere six comments from disinterested viewers. But viewers had one overriding remark for Lisa Nicole, namely why spend so much time insulting Mariah Huq and so little time talking about her own storyline.

Lisa Nicole Cloud devotes a mere two paragraphs of a four page post about breast cancer, her storyline, this week. The remainder of all those pages is devoting to going after Mariah Huq. Lisa writes “In closing, I want to comment on the scene with Darren and I. Watching this scene I am reminded how important it is to keep things in perspective. Our priority in our family is God, family, and then career. I thank God for my husband. He is probably one of the only people who understands what to say to slow me down. He is the head of our family and when he talks, as much as I try to fight it, I LISTEN! I do want to be here for my children and my husband. ”

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She adds “This week I shared a very personal journey with you. I chose to share this journey because I want to empower and inspire women to be diligent in their monthly breast exams. Early detection is KEY! Cancer does not discriminate and it shows its ugly head when you least expect it. Do me a favor if you are woman reading this blog, give yourself your monthly breast exam TODAY!”Those comments were the full extent of Lisa Nicole Cloud’s remarks about breast cancer. The remainder was devoted to going after Mariah Huq. But why?

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Fans were furious. “Way to go on the attack on Mariah. There must be more to your relationship with her, because I haven’t seen both of you together on the show, yet, you have been negative towards her on every one of your blogs. I am not a fan of Mariah, but her issues with Quad are not yours to fight”, wrote one viewer.

Another remarked “you would think that you would spend more time with uplifting women and educating us on breast cancer and the importance of exams and such. With such a difficult topic, you decide to talk c–p about Mariah?” In the end, fans were left remarking “You seem desperate to start drama. I hope this is your last season.”

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