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Chrisley and Company Department Store: Todd Knows Fantasy – EXCLUSIVE

Chrisley and Company Department Store: Todd Knows Fantasy - EXCLUSIVEl

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Where is this Chrisley and Company Department Store Atlanta, and have you found the Chrisley and Company Department Store in Beverly Hills? Keep looking, because you probably won’t find it. Todd Chrisley on Chrisley Knows Best is the self proclaimed “Patriarch of Perfection”. But according to his own documents, his reality TV show may better be called fantasy TV. The Patriarch of Perfection has been the Father of Fibs this first season of Chrisley Knows Best. Todd has detailed to viewers his household belongings. But in court documents, Todd confesses he doesn’t own them. On TV, he says that he will be spending a large sum of his net worth in opening a Chrisley and Company Department Store. But outside the show, Todd claims he doesn’t have any net worth. In fact, Todd claims he has no money. So how does someone go on television making these large than life assurances to viewers, and then go off cameras tell a far different story?

So what is this Chrisley and Company Department Store? LALATE can exclusively reveal that as early as October 2012, roughly one year before filming for the current season of Chrisley Knows Best, the Honorable Karen Specie, US Bankruptcy Judge of the Northern District of Florida, granted a request by a Buckhead LLC to take the deposition of the person most knowledge for Chrisley and Company. One year after that deposition was taken, Todd filmed last week’s new episode in which he proclaimed, yet again, that he was spending “his” money, a large part of his “net worth”, to open what he called a “Chrisley and Company Department Store”.

But what did Todd a court outside the confines of the show in 2012? He said that his interest in Chrisley and Company was worth $0.00. As of 2012, Todd off camera confessed that “Chrisley and Company” has no assets. Last week, viewers saw him travel to New York with his son and daughter to look at possible merchandise to buy. But Todd isn’t shown buying anything. He is also shown meeting with a consultant, over coffee, claiming that he would spend money to open Chrisley and Company Department Store. If it appears like all talk, it is, according to Todd.

Outside the show, Chrisley in documents filed in his bankruptcy, confesses that he does not even own a single household belonging. He claims it is all owned by his wife Julie. Next Todd claims that he does not have any notable net worth. In fact, on November 26, 2012, Counsel for RES GA Buckhead LLC asked to learn where and what is Chrisley and Company. A representative for Chrisley and Company LLC was ordered to appear to provide documents from the “period January 1, 2004 through the present inclusive, including without limitation, monthly bank statements, canceled checks, legible photocopies of negotiated checks, deposit slips, deposit books, check ledgers, and check registers, together with all of the entity’s account management records”.

As previously exclusively reported on LALATE, Todd on his own websites far before the “reality” show debuted proclaimed that he was opening a Chrisley and Company Department Store in specific years, starting in roughly 2010, in various cities. He said that Beverly Hills was among them. And despite his proclamation – both on air and online – that a Chrisley and Company Department Store would be coming, the proclamation was a tale of fiction. The store didn’t open. Todd admitted to not having the money to open the store, and claimed that his ownership stake in Chrisley and Company LLC was worthless. Todd once wrote “In 2010, Chrisley & Co0mpany will debut the Chrisley Department Store in Atlanta, followed by locations in Nashville and Dallas”. In July 2010, Todd told news that he store would open in Beverly Hills. For now a new season of Chrisley Knows Best has been ordered. But don’t expect to see any Chrisley Department Store arriving in Nashville, Dallas, or Beverly Hills anytime soon. For more about Todd Chrisley, his money troubles, and his false claims click HERE.

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