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Boxing Results Pacman and Bradley: Who Won The Pacquiao Fight Last Night?

Boxing Results Pacman and Bradley: Who Won The Pacquiao Fight Last Night

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – Boxing results 2014 last night featured stellar rounds between Pacman and Bradley. But who won the Pacquiao fight last night, who was the winner of the Pacquiao vs. Bradley fight for April 12, 2014 ? By unanimous decision, Manny Pacquiao won last night’s fight, reclaiming the WBO Welterweight title belt. So when is that Pacquiao vs. Mayweather 2015 fight? For now, the future of Pacquiao Mayweather seems as dead as ever.

Boxing results last night for the Pacquiao vs. Bradley fight April 12, 2014 featured Bradley winning some of the middle rounds. But the real key, as predicted by LALATE on Saturday, was stamina. Pacquiao real came on strong in later rounds as Pacman tried for a knockout. Final boxing results went to the cards after twelve rounds. Two judges gave it 116-112 to Pacman, the other judge ruled it 118-110 for Pacquiao.

Last night’s results for Pacquiao vs. Bradley II were far different than the previous meeting of these two boxers. Pacquiao ended strong and really dominated the later rounds. There was no dispute that Manny Pacquiao won last night’s fight. For the sport itself, it was one of the most exciting, best balanced fights in years. After years of Manny and Floyd Mayweather of being accused of picking lackluster opponents, this was a great fight. Bradley clearly won the third and fifth rounds last night. But by later rounds, the fight just got away from Bradley. Bradley failed to pick up critical rounds toward the end.

After the fight, Bradley told news “I have no excuses. Pacquiao was the better man tonight.” He said that Pacman was a difficult open to get to. “He never ducks an opponent”. When asked about Bradley after the fight, Pacman told ESPN “He gave me a good fight. He’s not that easy. I listened to my corner about keeping my hands up and timing. He threw a lot of punches. He threw wide, wide, wide hooks. I got hit one time and said it’s not good to be careless.”

And what did Freddie Roach think of Pacman’s performance? Roach told ESPN “Manny was a little sloppy tonight but I was happy with his performance. It looked like Bradley was going for a one-punch home run.” For more about last night’s fight, click HERE.

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