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Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2014 Results Tonight: Boxing Fight Winner Needs Stamina

Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2014 Results Tonight: Winner Seeks Fight Stamina who won the fight tonight april 12, 2014 live

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – Who won the Pacquiao vs. Bradley fight tonight, who is the winner of the Pacman boxing fight this evening, and what were the Pacquiao vs. Bradley final results? Two years ago, the answer depended on which judge you posed that question to. Pacquiao vs. Bradley I fight results went to the cards. And when those final cards were revealed, two judges gave it to Bradley. Fans were shocked. Allegedly even Bradley was surprised too. Bob Arum claimed at the time that, before the Pacquiao vs. Bradley I fight results were announced, Bradley told Arum that Pacman won. And while there might be another debate about who won the Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2014 fight tonight, news analysts expect that the winner will need an unprecedented amount of stamina to deliver twelve winning rounds.

In advance of Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2014 results tonight April 12, 2014 (live results below), the question is whether Pacman can still win in the ring against Bradley. In 2013, Manny told ESPN that the key is stamina. “I feel very good. My stamina and my quickness and power are there, and I am very excited about that.” He asserted that a break after the Pacquiao vs. Bradley I fight helped him. “The year off has been good, and I am very excited to get back into the ring and fight and to do it for the fans. I feel very fresh, strong and fast.”

Trainer Freddie Roach claimed in 2013 that Manny didn’t get beat in Pacquiao vs. Bradley I because of stamina but because of the wrong moves. Roach told ESPN last year that Manny was allegedly ahead in the cards against Bradley last time before his trouble erupted. “Manny was fighting one of the best fights he has fought in a long time at the time he fell into the punch. If Manny had waited one second more, Manny was going to win that fight by knockout.”

But was stamina an issue in that Bradley I fight? No said Roach. He told ESPN “Nothing carried over. Manny has looked great in training. I know people are skeptical about him, but knockouts are what they are. Manny Pacquiao is a realist. He understands it is part of the sport.”

In 2013, Roach said that Pacman is far from retiring. “If I see he is slowing down and slipping in the fight, I will be the first one to tell him. We have an agreement that I will tell him that and he will retire. I don’t see him slipping in the gym at this moment, and he’s doing really well.”

But what role will Bradley’s stamina play into tonight’s results? Recently, ESPN’s Dan Rafael noted a change in Pacman’s conditioning. “Bradley has been obsessed since the Pacquiao fight with earning the respect from fans and media he was denied afterward. It led Bradley to change his style and fight in an unnatural brawl in March (2013) against Ruslan Provodnikov, who nearly knocked him out multiple times, dropped him in the 12th round and left him with a concussion, from which he was feeling the effects for at least two months after the fight.”

Before tonight’s fight, Pacquiao told Jeff Powell that he is conditioned to win. “I believe I can go on for another couple of years at least….I’m not only hungry but I still have the same speed and boxing skill and I intend to continue to continue my journey…Winners always think positive. I am positive I will set the record straight against Bradley.” For live round by round results of tonight’s Pacquiao vs. Bradley fight, watch the live header score card above that will be updated round by round. The final results tonight will be posted HERE.

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