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Nicaragua Earthquake 2014: 6.6 Terremoto Hoy Hits Managua Area April 11

Nicaragua Earthquake 2014: 6.6 Terremoto Hoy Hits Near Managua April 11

ST LOUIS (LALATE) – A massive 6.6 Nicaragua earthquake today 2014 has just hit, following a previous LALATE report about another quake in the nation. The terremoto en Nicaragua hoy April 11, 2014, a 6.6 temblor, hit moments ago. It followed a strong quake yesterday and a lighter quake reported on LALATE earlier this Friday.

The Nicaragua earthquake today 2014 began just after 2:29 PM local time. USGS indicates to news that the terremoto en Nicaragua hoy 4-11-14 registered a 6.6 magnitude, far in excess of the 6.1 magnitude quake that was reported on yesterday. Today’s temblor for 4/11/14, however, had a bigger depth and slightly different epicenter.

USGS tells news that the latest terremoto was seven miles east of Nadaime. It was twelve miles south of Diriomo. It started fifteen miles east of Jinotepe and thirty-five miles south of Managua. USGS reports to news about the type of plate formation in this area. “The southern Caribbean plate boundary with the South America plate strikes east-west across Trinidad and western Venezuela at a relative rate of approximately 20 mm/yr. This boundary is characterized by major transform faults, including the Central Range Fault and the Boconó-San Sebastian-El Pilar Faults, and shallow seismicity.”

Today is perhaps the biggest quake since 1967, reps tell news. “Since 1900, the largest earthquakes to occur in this region were the October 29, 1900 M7.7 Caracas earthquake, and the July 29, 1967 M6.5 earthquake near this same region. Further to the west, a broad zone of compressive deformation trends southwestward across western Venezuela and central Columbia.”

USGS also tell news “The plate boundary is not well defined across northwestern South America, but deformation transitions from being dominated by Caribbean/South America convergence in the east to Nazca/South America convergence in the west.” They note that “the transition zone between subduction on the eastern and western margins of the Caribbean plate is characterized by diffuse seismicity involving low- to intermediate-magnitude (M<6.0) earthquakes of shallow to intermediate depth.”

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