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American Idol 2014 Results Last Night April 10: Who Was Sent Home?

American Idol 2014 Results Last Night April 10: Who Was Sent Home

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – American Idol 2014 results last night April 10, 2014 were revealed. But who was sent home on American Idol last night, who got the elimination, and was there another surprise? For the last three weeks, the focus of American Idol elimination predictions have been CJ Harris and Sam Woolf. With the judges using their only save on Sam last week, viewers wondered if CJ and Sam could head back to the bottom three this week again. In the end, Sam did not visit the Bottom Two for American Idol results last night. The Bottom Two rather was CJ Harris once again and Malaya Watson. And in final results, Malaya was sent home.

For now, American Idol results 2014 leave fans guessing how many times can CJ Harris land in the bottom and not get eliminated. Malaya Watson was eliminated last night. But now, going into next week’s Idol results, CJ Harris and Sam Woolf will be tied with the most visits to the bottom three, namely three times. Dexter Roberts and Jena Irene, in turn, have visited only once.

Strangely, the judges this week gave Jessica Meuse and Jenna Irene the most critical remarks. But Jessica didn’t visit the bottom last night and hasn’t visited it once yet. For now, there are six weeks left in the competition, seven remaining contestants, and no remaining judges saves. For more about American Idol results this week click HERE.

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