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Chrisley and Company Department Store Atlanta? Claims Revealed: EXCLUSIVE

Chrisley and Company Department Store Atlanta? Fake TV Revealed: EXCLUSIVE

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – “Chrisley and Company Department Store” is set to open as the brainchild of Todd Chrisley, the patriarch reveals to Chrisley Knows Best viewers this season. This week’s episode, filmed in 2013, features Todd Chrisley discussing his preparations to now suddenly open “Chrisley and Company Department Store” in Atlanta. Todd takes Chase Chrisley and Savannah Chrisley to New York to prepare for the store’s launch. Nothing is purchased. No renovations are shown. No department store is depicted. So what is Todd’s 2013 claim that he is “opening” a “Chrisley and Company Department Store”? While it may make entertaining reality TV programming, it is actually untrue TV programming.

Todd has been proclaiming since 2010 that “Chrisley and Company Department Store” is opening. For more than three years before Todd filmed Tuesday’s night’s episode, he has been publishing statements that a “Chrisley and Company Department Store” is opening its doors each year. He is specific, asserting that the opening is in the next twelve months.

First in July 2010, Todd Chrisley on his BlogSpot free website wrote “We are proud to announce the planning of Todd Chrisley Stores. Todd Chrisley Department Stores will be located in Beverly Hills California and will consist of high end inventory. Stay tuned for further updates. News and updates about Todd Chrisley stores will be located here or on the official website.”

But a Chrisley and Company Department Store department store didn’t open in Beverly Hills in 2010 and still has not opened. But will it take credit cards when it does? Currently Todd Chrisley, who owns a condominium in Los Angeles, has one notable creditor: the Los Angeles County Tax Assessors Office.

Second, “Chrisley and Company Department Store” Atlanta was set to open in 2011. Todd, on his charity website, told news in 2011 that the department store is opening that year. “Todd Chrisley is thrilled to announce a new department store set to be unveiled in Atlanta in 2011.” How did he describe the store in 2011? His description is the same as used on the show now three years later. “Todd has always been enamored with the world of fashion. The debut store – to be opened in the chic Buckhead area – will reflect not only Todd’s couture fashion sense, but that of the exclusive metro district of Atlanta.”

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While Chrisley may have admitted then, and also on TV in 2013, that he has a “couture fashion sense”, he did not last year have a couture fashion budget. While Todd said one thing on TV during filming, behind the scenes Chrisley admitting to not have a bank account to afford a single couture outfit.

Third, “Chrisley and Company Department Store” are coming to other states as well. “Within five years, new locations in Nashville and Dallas are planned as well.”The Chrisley Department Store will feature luxury items in apparel, cosmetics, skin care, home furnishings, fragrances, and a host of other high-end merchandise.”

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Ironically, Todd is now accused of allegedly transferring asset to allegedly avoid creditors. But in 2011 Todd proclaimed “The Chrisley family is extremely excited to add a luxury retail store to the Chrisley portfolio of assets that will serve the people and community of Atlanta.” And as to that one notable asset, the home shown on Chrisley Knows Best, that is currently being sold as well.

And as to Todd’s commitment to “serve the people and community of Atlanta”, a bankruptcy trustee, moreover, claims that starting in 2010 Todd and/or his company was allegedly sued in six collection cases in just twelve months. Todd now has creditors from Florida to Los Angeles.

A new episode of the purported “reality” show returns next Tuesday. For the truth about Todd’s other tv claims, click HERE.

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