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American Idol 2014 Results Elimination Tonight Reveal Top 7 April 10

American Idol 2014 Results Elimination Tonight Reveal Top 7 April 10, 2014

LOS ANGELES (LALATE) – American Idol 2014 elimination results tonight April 10, 2014 finally reveal your Top 7. Who was eliminated on American Idol tonight 4/10/14, will Sam Woolf get sent home tonight, or will someone else be dealt a shocker this evening? Last Friday, fans wondered who was eliminated from the Thursday night telecast. Sam Woolf was eliminated, only to be saved by the judges. The judges get only one save per season. And they used it on Sam. In previous seasons, the judges save was used on singers that had not landed in the Bottom 3. But before last week, Woolf had visited the bottom three more than any other singer. So was Sam saved last week only to be soon eliminated thereafter? Fans will find out tonight during this evening’s results telecast.

The latest American Idol 2014 elimination results tonight follows a telecast with impressive Top 8 singers. Last week, CJ Harris dominated American Idol 2014 elimination predictions. Tonight CJ Harris is again dominating those predictions. Even though Harris was not eliminated last week, how did he and Sam Woolf do last night? Sam Woolf sang “Time After Time” on Thursday. Jennifer said that Sam did a “great job”, Keith enjoyed it. And Harry said that Sam that he is getting better week to week.

What happened to CJ Harris on “Free Fallin”? Harry enjoyed the connection. Jennifer said that CJ is a unique contestant that makes you root for. And Keith said that CH has a “survivor tone”.
With that, both Sam and CJ look safe for tonight. But are they?

The real focus tonight, however, might be Jessica. Last night, Jessica Meuse sang “Call Me”. Jennifer didn’t think the song was right for Jessica. Harry agreed, thinking that Jennifer was out of context. And Keith said that the delivery was off. So will Jessica Meuse get eliminated tonight? For American Idol results tonight as they are announced, click HERE.

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