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Kenya Moore Dog Velvet Dead: Terrier Found Near Death, Dies at Hospital

Kenya Moore Dog Velvet Dead: Terrier Left Near Death, Dies at Hospital what happened how did she

LOS ANGELES (LALATE EXCLUSIVE) – Kenya Moore’s dog Velvet is dead, the RHOA star revealed. What happened to Kenya Moore’s dog Velvet and how did Kenya’s dog died? Kenya Moore’s dog Velvet was left near death after being mauled by another dog. Kenya rushed Velvet to an Atlanta dog hospital where Velvet died in Kenya Moore’s hands, Moore revealed to RHOA viewers last night.

Fears that Kenya Moore’s dog Velvet may have died dominated RHOA predictions before last night’s telecast, LALATE can exclusively report. One week earlier, Bravo viewers were left guessing if perhaps Velvet may be dead after a preview surfaced for RHOA with Kenya Moore crying. “Why is Kenya Moore crying”, “did Kenya Moore’s dog Velvet die”, asked viewers a week earlier, LALATE can report. The confusion was amplified by Bravo editing, LALATE can also exclusively report. Bravo typically to prepare viewers for a shocker reveal sometimes runs was often called B roll film, extra scene footage that they producers had of that party, to prepare for a looming revelation about that person or pet.

Kenya Moore’s Dog Velvet Pictures Set 1
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A week earlier, Bravo aired a baby-training session conducted at Moore’s home with a care helper and friend Marlo Hampton. It appears now that the purpose for Bravo airing that footage was, not because of the baby training, but to prepare viewers for the shocking death of Velvet, LALATE can report. The scene featured an adorable exchange between Kenya and Velvet. In the scene, Velvet gives a precious look, making Kenya question why Velvet is getting sensitive that evening about a baby training session.

The footage amplified the family situation between Kenya and her dog. LALATE has previously exclusively revealed that Moore sold in 2013 her Los Angeles home, where she lived with Velvet before joining Bravo. Moore then moved from her rented mansion to her current townhouse, viewers then saw.

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In advance of last night’s telecast, Moore’s went silent on social media. Typically on Fridays Kenya has 10 Questions session with her fans, called Team Twirl. Kenya however went silent on social media absent references to Celebrity Apprentice. And then, as the new episode began to air on Bravo last night, Moore said that she would be absent for social media for the next two episodes.

The reveal Sunday that Kenya Moore’s dog Velvet was dead was a complete shock to viewers and news.

This one had no advance warning, no news reports, and no social media suggestions leading up to the telecast. It remains unclear still today how late in the filming for the current season that Velvet may have died. As LALATE exclusively reported from a 2013 Tamra Barney interview, Bravo sometimes will film important footage for Housewives shows just days before air date. In this case, it still unknown if the attack was in recent weeks, or several months ago. With filming wrapped in 2014, it is believed to have been quite recent.

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Moore was found by aunt Laurie in tears. Kenya said she was in her house, she had let Velvet out of the house. And then she heard Velvet screaming in despair. Velvet’s body was dangling in the mouth of another dog.

“It happened so fast. I let her outside and then I heard her screaming. I ran outside. She was on the other side of the gate. The dog had her in its mouth, dangling her.” Moore rushed Velvet to the hospital. And then Velvet died as Kenya held her, the RHOA star revealed. Moore is currently filming Celebrity Apprentice opposite Brandi Glanville. Brandi, during her last season of RHOBH, learned that her dog Chica was mauled by coyotes after Chica was let out of the house.

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